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Ginny Potter appeared out of nowhere holding an old Diet Coke can, next to Hermione Weasley. Her ginger hair wasn't as shiny as it had once been, but, differently from Hermione's, she still had it mostly red. But, a single white flash of hair in the middle of her head betrayed her age. You don't get to 54 years old, 33 years of marriage, 4 kids and 7 grandchildren (not counting the rest of her dysfunctional family) without, at least, a stroke of white hair. 

She and Hermione were coming back from Australia. The latter had some important business to attend in the country and insisted that Ginny needed the break from England. Ginny needed a lot of convincing, specially from her children who, despite needing her to their bones, agreed with their aunt that she should get away. Teddy even agreed it would be safer. 

And so, Ginny spent the last five days getting some sun in the Australian beaches while her best friend did some important negotiating at their Ministry. The Granger's were more than happy to fuss around Ginny, making her think that Rose and Hugo would have probably ended up very spoiled if their two sets of grandparents lived an apparition away. Because Merlin knows how her Mother spoiled her grandchildren. Even Molly II. 

Ginny needed a couple of moments to adjust to the lighting in the International Arrivals of the Portkey Office at the Department of Magical Transportation in the British Ministry of Magic. And it was no surprise to see Bernard Bennett waiting for them, next to the Immigration Official, instead of her brother Percy who was the Head of the Department for decades. 

"Missed me much, did you?" Asked Ginny with her best smile, before hugging one of her husband's best friends. 

"Cried myself to sleep everyday!" Ben answered, just as amused, although there was some truth in that. "Hermione, how wonderful it is to see you!" He added, hugging the bushy haired woman next. 

"Good to see you too, Ben!" She smiled, while she gave hers and Ginny's documents to be checked. "But why do I have the feeling you are here on a second agenda other than to greet us?" 

Ben brought his hand to his heart, pretending to be offended. "Why, that makes my heart break." Hermione rolled her eyes at him, before thanking the Official and exiting the room with Ginny and Ben following suit. 

Ginny was immediately pulled out of the floor by a couple of very strong arms and she felt being hugged by one of her favourite people in the world. 

"Teddy, my sweet boy!" Said Ginny, smiling dearly to her godson, although he was far from being a boy anymore. Indeed he was now a respected man, husband and father, closing to his forties. "Tobias, good to see you!"

"You too, aunt Gin! Have a nice trip, did you?" Tobias gave her and Hermione a quick hug. 

“Yeah, I did, sweetie.” Ginny confirmed with a nod. “I take you enjoyed the days off being my babysitter?”

“Come on, Mum.” Teddy rolled his eyes. “We love taking care of you. It’s our job and honour, you know that.”

“Yeah, yeah, you love it because I end up taking care of the kids too.” Ginny eyed them suspiciously. The two young Aurors exchanged a guilty look that made her laugh. It was nice to be able to laugh a bit. “You’re lucky I love them all dearly.”

“Well, Remus is dying to see you.” Teddy told her. “And Dora has made it to Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team.”

“She did?” Ginny repeated, clapping her hands together. “That’s wonderful.”

“Well,” interrupted Ben. “I guess that you are in good hands.” He looked at his god/stepson who nodded in response. “I should be going back to the Office, the Finnigan’s and the others are expecting us for a meeting.”

“Us?” Hermione repeated, with a brow lifted.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you?” Ben smiled to Hermione. “We have some new data concerning…” The man sighed deeply and turned his expression to the saddest possible. “You know.” Completed Ben, looking apologetically to Ginny who gave him her best reassuring smile. “We need to discuss it with you.”

“Can’t I just have a shower?” Hermione begged. For as much as she was dying to know what Ben was talking about, it had been some exhausting few days for her. 

“Sorry, the Finnigan’s must go out in mission soon.” He explained. “We need you, Minister.” 

Hermione Weasley had been elected Minister for Magic only a few years before. Kingsley was out of office for years already and the new Minister wasn't very liked. With it, Hermione decided to run against him. Although Gregory Hurter did everything he could to undermine her, Hermione Weasley was elected with over 80% of the votes. Rose and Hugo were very much in panic for the fact their mother was now the most important witch in Britain, but they soon got used to it. But the rest of the family never really got around that Hermione was the Minister and, thankfully for her, they treated her all the same.

Hermione sighed. She knew she had to go. “Sure, no problem.” 

When she turned back to Ginny, Hermione saw how that little conversation had taken her best friend exactly to the same place she was before they went to Australia. And she had wanted to die just there. How could she even hesitate going with Ben, when he probably had some important information about, well… that. It had been already one month, but the words just simply didn't leave their mouths. It was too horrible to even think. 

Tobias cleared his throat. “We should go then?”

Ginny nodded, said her goodbyes to Hermione and Bernard and followed the boys to the Apparition Point. Teddy had been insisting it would be safer that she only side-Apparated with one of them, so when they got to the Potter Cottage, she had to take another few moments to adjust her head again. It was never fun to Apparate, but to side-Apparate was even worse. 

Mrs. Potter smiled at the sight of her house. She had been living there for over 30 years and she couldn’t have asked for a better place to share her life with her husband and to raise her children. 

Tobias stood in the porch as he always did when they were in the Potter Cottage, while Teddy entered the house together with Ginny, being immediately greeted by Flory, her loyal domestic elf. 

“Mistress!” The little pink elf enchanted, once she had come through the door. “Master Teddy.”

“Hello, Flory.” Ginny greeted.

“Flory make lunch?” Flory offered. “Master James and Master Albus drop by and say they come for dinner.”

“Oh” Said Ginny. “Thanks, but I’m going to lay down for a bit. But I’d appreciate if you cooked dinner.”

“Anything for my Mistress.” Replied Flory, happily. “What must I make?”

Ginny exchanged a glance with Teddy before turning back her attention to Flory. “Make Harry’s favourite.” Flory hesitated for a split second to her order, but nodded even so and turned around to her duties.

“Are you sure?” Asked Teddy, once they had arrived at the master bedroom, in the third floor of the house. Ginny had taken a miniature suitcase from her pocket and enlarged it to its original size over the bed. 

“What, darling?” 

“Dad’s favourite?” Teddy repeated, looking to his godmother with his eyes watered.

Ginny looked up and her lungs were suddenly out of breath once she saw Teddy’s painful eyes. Before she knew it, tears were already running down her cheeks and she was holding Teddy tight. 

“I’m sorry.” She only said. 

Ginny cried and Teddy cried. That was a ritual they were dangerously getting used to. But the tiredness of the trip got the best of Ginny and soon, Teddy tucked her into her bed and left her to sleep, standing in guard on the stairs that went to the master bedroom. 

Normally, Teddy and Tobias hated surveillance and ‘babysitting’ jobs, but for Ginny, they both did it as it was the most important mission in the world.



The Auror Office went silent once Minister Weasley entered through the door, next to Ben. A few ‘hey, Hermione’ and ‘Afternoon, Minister’ were heard before both of them found themselves in one of the conference rooms. The Finnigan’s - all four of them - were chatting between themselves (John was telling he was planning on asking Lucy to marry him) while Kelly and Wallace were bickering with one another (they both had received a letter from Hogwarts saying her son and his daughter had been caught out of bed after curfew) and Hewes and Colby were quietly discussing something.

“Hermione!” Susan smiled once she saw her long-time friend entering the room. “How was Australia?”

“Exhausting.” Admitted Hermione. 

“Who would have thought being Minister was so hard, hah?” Seamus joked. 

“Yeah, who would have thought? Kingsley made it look so easy.” 

“Guys,” Ben called out. “Hall, Moore, could you please stop arguing? Your kids are snogging each other, get over it!”

“What?” Kristen laughed. “Seriously?”

Kelly shot a killing glare to Bernard while Wallace said, probably a curse, under his breath. 

“Ok, Hermione is tired from her trip, can we do this already?” Susan asked from them. The Minister gave her friend a thankful smile and sat down next to Ben and gave a quick hug to John (her godson). 

“So,” Seamus started. “We may have some new information on the killer.” Hermione nodded to the information and let him continue. “Dylan and I were talking the other day, revising the circumstances of the day. It must be someone close to us, for as much as it hurts us to admit. No one else knew he was taking the day off to spend it with her. Only family knew. Of course, it was a meaningless information.”

“Exactly.” Matthew agreed. “It’s such an non-important information. It’s not like it was a secret, but still.” 

“I still think there’s something to do with X.O.” Susan put in. “I mean, it’s no coincidence that he escaped just the previous week when they were transferring him to Australia.” 

Xavier Olson had been a British enemy many many years before. He had threatened the Potters and killed Robins, Bernard's former partner and best friend. And once he was captured (with a little help of fetus Albus), he was given several lifetimes of Azkaban. But, it was found that he had also committed some crimes in Australia and so the country asked if they could take X.O. to their own hands. Harry didn’t see why it wasn't a good idea. That way, that creep would be very far away from his family and friends. 

But something went wrong and he escaped right under their noses. That was the sort of business Hermione went to deal with in Australia. She could have sent Bernard to do it, but she wanted to handle this problem herself. She needed it. 

“So, basically, we have nothing again?” Hermione sadly concluded, with a sigh.

“Not nothing.” John disagreed. “The muggle police department have finished their ballistics with the gun that was used. They came up with no-one, of course, as we know it was a wizard or witch.”

“It was wizard.” Ben interrupted. “She said so.” 

“But she could be wrong.” Wallace supported. “It was a very traumatic experience.”

“It was a wizard.” Repeated Ben and they all nodded. 

“Fine,” John agreed. “Anyway, we know it was the bullet the cause of death. It had to be a wizard with muggle knowledge.” 

“Wow, bro.” Dylan rolled his eyes. “That really is helpful.” He ironically added.

“Boys.” Susan scolded. 

Hermione was almost breaking from disappointment. One month of investigation and the best Aurors in the world had nothing. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to look in Ron’s pleading eyes and say it once again that they still had nothing. 

“I have an idea.” Kelly announced.

“Shot.” Ordered Ben.

“The muggles have the killer’s handprints, don’t they, darling?” She asked to Dylan, hers and Wallace’s godson. The young man nodded. “Well, it might take awhile and it would be embarrassing and most possibly end on nothing, but we could try to match it with the wizarding population. If the muggles can do it, so can we, right?”

“That’s a very good idea, Kelly.” Praised Hermione. 

“We have considered that it could be someone close to you all, no?” Kristen wondered. “That’s where we should start.”

Ben nodded in agreement. 

“Great.” Hermione placed herself on her feet on a sudden movement. “I think you don’t need me anymore. I’ll going home and I’ll be in my office tomorrow.” 

The Aurors all said their goodbyes to the Minister (John was the only one who got up and hugged her) and she left hurriedly. It was always an emotional roller-coaster to attend the investigation’s meetings, but she would feel a lot worse if she kept ignorant from it. 

The worse part of being the Minister was probably that everyone had something to say to her. Normally she wouldn't mind, but at that exact moment, all she wanted was to get home, take a shower and get a good sleep. Possibly, she could invite her daughter and son and their families to dinner. Ron would like that. Yeah, that was a very good idea. 



“Nana!” Little two-year-old Leonard screamed, once Ginny had opened the front door to her eldest son. James placed his youngest son on the floor and the little boy ran to his grandmother’s open arms. 

“There’s my boy.” Ginny kissed his cheek before she hugged him tight. “Is it possible that you have grown up since last week?” The redheaded boy giggled before running off to probably find something to play. He knew his grandmother always lied out toys in the living room when they came over. 

“Hi, Mum.” James greeted, hugging her tight. 

“Jimmy, I missed you.” Ginny admitted. “And Lizzie, what a marvellous belly.” 

Lizzie was six-months pregnant to a girl this time around. She shined just like any pregnant woman and blushed to her mother-in-law’s praising. And then, she looked down to her eldest son, Alfred. 

“Thanks, Gin. And Alfie, aren’t you saying hello to Nana Potter?” Lizzie insisted. 

“Hi, Nana.” The five-year-old boy quietly said. 

Ginny smiled fondly to him and kneeled to be on his eyes' level. “Hello. You know, Maya is already inside. Don't you want to see her?” The boy’s eyes shined and he went off running to meet his cousin.

“Al and Gwen are already here, then?” James assumed. Maya was Albus’s four-year-old daughter. 

“Yes, they are in the kitchen together with Teddy and Vic. Come, come.” Ginny waved them inside and before she closed the door, she turned to talk with Tobias, still sitting out on the porch. “Sweetie, come inside. Ellie arrived just before James, by Floo.”

“Thanks, aunt Gin, but I must stay here.” Tobias politely declined. Ginny buffed and grabbed his arm, urging him inside and closing the door behind her. 

"I know you're only doing your job, but there's a limit." She added on their way to the kitchen.

Ellie Maxwell smiled widely to her husband, once they entered the room. Victoire Lupin was nursing Eleanor, Albus's eight-month-old daughter, while Teddy was nowhere to be seen. Lizzie was sat next to Gwen who was talking about something that Eleanor did that day.

"Where's Teddy?" Asked Ginny once she had served everyone a cup of tea. 

"He's outside with Remus and Neal." Victoire explained. "You know how they love the pitch."

Ginny smiled. "Who doesn't?" 

"I heard Moses complain how his grandparents didn't have a Quidditch pitch." Gwen shared. Moses was Rose's and Scorpius's son and Gwen's and Albus's godson. "He's so cute."

"I still don't understand how both Moses and Lisa got Malfoy's genetics." Albus commented. "I mean, come on Weasley's genes." Indeed, they were both blondes with grey eyes. You couldn't even say that Rose was their mother except for their noses that were exactly like hers. 

James laughed. "Yeah, because those genes are really strong on you, Al." His brother was the walking copy of their father. And that realisation made they all go quiet for a moment. 

"Mummy!" Maya yelled, cutting the uncomfortable silence and coming into the kitchen. "Alfie doesn't want to play chess!" She cried. 

"Well, why don't you play something else?" Albus suggested, caressing his daughter's head. 

James and Lizzie exchanged a glance before the latter spoke. "Maya, dear, he's only scared that you'll beat him."

"Oh." The girl said.

"Yeah, love," James continued. "You're no match to him. But don't tell him I said that."

"Oh, then I guess we can play something else." Maya smiled and went running back to the living room. "Alfie, wanna play catch?" She added screaming. 

"Thanks, bro!" Albus smiled to his brother. That made Ginny smile. When younger, the two Potter boys were always bickering with one another. It was wonderful to see them all grown up and responsible. 

"That's it for today, boys!" Said Teddy, coming into the kitchen with Remus and Neal following suit with their brooms in hand. 

"Come on, Dad, a little bit more!" Remus begged.

"Yeah, uncle Teddy, please!" Neal echoed. 

"Kids!" Victoire and Ellie scolded at the same time. "You're Dad is tired. I'll play with you tomorrow, ok?" Victoire added. Her son and godson smiled widely to that promise. Vic was, after all, a former professional Quidditch player. 

"Why don't you two go freshen yourselves up in Teddy's old room?" Ginny suggested. The two boys nodded and went off to the other room. 

"Thanks, honey!" Sighed Teddy while he sat next to Vic and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Why haven't Lily come too?"

"Alena is a bit sick." Gwen explained. "And Evan is too." 

"Yeah, Evan didn't even showed up to work today." Albus confirmed.

"Oh," said Ginny. "That's unfortunate." 

"And how was Australia, Mum?" James wondered. 

"Very nice. The Granger's are really sweet." Ginny looked over the table and took a moment to appreciate her family. All her boys were married, with kids. Her little girl was too married and pregnant of her second child. How time had gone by? It seemed like Teddy had said his first word only the other day. Ginny lost herself in her thoughts and when she came back to the present, the conversation was on James's management of Chudley Cannons. 

"Uncle Ron came by the other day to see practices with Moses." James was telling them. "And insisted on playing a bit. Moses was very pleased, as you may imagine. That boy breaths Quidditch."

"You all do." Ginny put in. "You all were flying before you could barely walk." 

"That's true." Vic agreed with a smile. "Remember when you and I were teaching Jim, Fred and Dom how to fly?" She said, looking to her husband. 

"We badly wanted someone else to play with." Teddy remembered. "Mum was always pregnant and Dad too busy."

Ginny looked down, blushing. "Sorry for that." 

"Don't, Mum." Assured Teddy. "You guys played with us whenever you could."

Flory suddenly appeared and announced dinner. It took them a whole ten minutes to get the children to sit down at the table. Dinner progressed with the kids joyously talking while their parents discussed work or family gossip. Ginny found out that Dom and Tristian went to Rome for a second honeymoon, Molly II was pregnant (the father was still unknown) and Roxanne had been promoted in her job. 

The night ended way too fast and soon James and Lizzie excused themselves, taking asleep Alfie and Leonard in their arms. Albus and Gwen were the next to leave, after Maya had literally ran herself to exhaustion while Eleanor was also sleeping in her father's arms. 

"Boys." Ginny called once the older couples were left. "I'll be fine tonight. You should go home." 

"Mum, no." Teddy refused. "It's my turn to stay tonight." Ginny sighed loudly. "I promise I'll get some sleep." 

"Teddy... Please." Ginny begged. All she wanted was a bit of peace and quiet. Victoire was eyeing her husband and aunt very closely while Tobias and Ellie went after the boys. 

"Love, why don't you at least go home to have a shower and then you come back?" Victoire suggested. Teddy was opening his mouth to protest but she didn't let him. "I'll be here with aunt Gin. I believe I can look out for the fort for an hour or so." 

"Fine." Teddy angrily said under his breath. "I'll just put Remus down to sleep, have a shower and I'll be back." Teddy rolled his eyes before placing a kiss on both Vic's and Ginny's foreheads. "Tobias! Remus!" He called out, going to the kitchen to Floo home with his son. 

Once the Maxwell's, Teddy and Remus were gone, Ginny turned to look at her eldest niece, eying her suspiciously. She watched Victoire sigh and drop herself on the nearest couch. Ginny followed her and sat on the opposite armchair.

"Is there something you wish to tell me?" Asked Ginny. And before she knew it, Victoire was crying her eyes out. Her aunt immediately rose from her seat to go to her side and hug her tight. "Shh, it's ok, Vicky. What's going on?" 

"I'm so sorry, aunt Gin." Vic sobbed. "It's not fair, but I don't know what to do anymore." 

"Vic, darling, you're not making any sense at all." 

"Teddy... I just have no idea what to do with him. I've known him all my life, even better than I know myself and I feel helpless. He's not the same, aunt Gin. He can hide it well around Remus or the family, but he's broken." Vic admitted. Ginny kept holding her to her chest, stroking her platinum blonde hair on a motherly way. "I thought I would never have to deal with this, because, well, his parents died when he was one-month-old, but it's worse. I thought I wouldn't have to see him grief, but I was wrong." 

"Oh, Vic." Ginny only said. Her heart was breaking for what seemed the millionth time during that last month. Victoire sobbed even harder on her chest, but started to retrieve so she could look at her aunt's chocolate brown eyes. 

"And, there's something I was meaning to tell Teddy, but I haven't come around to tell him. I'm scared of how he'll react." Vic concluded. 

"What is it, Victoire?" Pressed Ginny. 

"I'm pregnant, aunt Gin." Vic confessed. "I- I don't know how, I just am." 

Ginny brought her hands to her mouth with the surprise. After Remus (who was already nine years old), the Lupin's didn't have another child and everyone thought they had enough of children for a lifetime with being the eldest of so many cousins. So the news of Vic's new pregnancy was surprising to say the least. 

"That's wonderful, my love." 

"Is it?" Wondered Vic. A moment of silence followed her speech, as the two Weasley women looked at each other. Pain and grief clearly running through both of their eyes. "I miss him too, you know." She finally ended the silence.

"I know you do." Ginny nodded. 

"I still think he'll be at my games." Vic carried on. "Or that he'll come over to play with Dora and Remus. And- and each time I remember he isn't- I-"

"Shh." Ginny brought Victoire closer to her again and hugged her. 

"It's so unfair. And- and I was only his niece." Victoire cried. She wondered from where so many tears were coming from. But soon, the girl noticed how incredibly ridiculous she was being and started to giggle. "I'm so sorry, aunt Gin."

"Why, for what?" 

Vic nervously laughed. "Here I am, crying my eyes out because I lost my favourite uncle, while you lost your husband. You're so strong, I admire you dearly, auntie." 

Ginny tried to smile as a few shy tears ran down her cheek. 

"I- I'm not that strong." Ginny looked down and blushed. "I- I can't even look at Albus for too long. My own son's image kills me inside as he's so alike his father. And Lily and her golden heart, just like Harry's. James and his kindness but naughtiness, just like him." Ginny let out a sob before she continued. "And I can't even imagine what Teddy's feeling. He just keeps on losing the people he loves and I had to watch that since ever he was born." 

"Aunt Gin..."

"I can't- I wake and roll around to hug him and- and he's not there." Continued Ginny, ignoring Vic's sigh. "And the worse thing is that I don't even know who did this to me. Why? What have I done to deserve it? What have Teddy done? What have my children done? Why did he take Harry from me? Whoever he is..." 

"What's going on?" Teddy's voice suddenly filled the room, making both Ginny and Victoire slung their heads to the hall's direction, only to see Teddy standing there, his hair wet and messy. He ran to their feet as soon as he saw the two women crying. 

"Oh, Teddy." Sighed Ginny, bringing him close for a hug and kissing his head. "Go home with your wife."

"What? No, I won't leave you alone with a killer on the lose." Teddy protested. 

Ginny and Vic exchanged a glance before the eldest woman talked. "I'll go to the Finnigan's. I'm sure Susan and Seamus won't mind I sleep over for a night. You need to be with Victoire." Teddy was about to protest. "Fine, I'll go to the Bennett's. Can't get much safer than at the Head Auror's house, can I?" 

"Ok." Teddy finally agreed. "But I'm taking you there." 

"Deal." Ginny managed to softly smile while she cleaned her tears. "Why won't you go to Remus, Vic? Teddy will be right there." The girl nodded, kissed her aunt's cheek and left for the kitchen's Floo. Ginny and Teddy went to the front door instead to Apparate. 

"What was that all about?" Asked Teddy. 

"You'll find out soon enough." Ginny promised. Teddy nodded (he knew better than to force his godmother to tell him anything) and he caught her arm to Apparate, but before he could turn on his heels, she called him out. "Wait!" 


"How are you doing, darling?" Ginny wanted to know, which made Teddy sarcastically laugh. 

"Mum, it's 11 o'clock, we are outside the house and you want to know how I am?" Ginny nodded and looked at him meaningfully. Teddy buffed and let go of her arm. "How am I? Bad, that's how I am. I seem to be caught on a time-loop where I find out everyday that my godfather was killed. Killed by a fucking muggle weapon. No Killing Curse for the Chosen One, no, he had to go Muggle style. I bet his uncle found that entertaining. And to know that whoever killed him is not only out there, but can also kill you? How am I? Shitty as hell, that's how I am!" 

Teddy was yelling into the darkness, with his back turned to Ginny. He wouldn't have dared to curse and stare at her at the same time. His shoulders were shaking and he realised he hadn't said any of that to anyone, not even to Victoire, who he had said everything for the last 35 years of his life. Slowly, he turned around to face Ginny. 

She wasn't crying anymore, she was looking at him just like a mother, and only a mother, could. Ginny got closer and held him to her chest, stroking his hair just like she had done to Vic earlier. 

"Happy you took that out of your chest?" She quietly asked. Teddy sort of nodded, not sure 'Happy' would be the word to best describe the feeling. "Now, young man, you're going home to your wife, because she needs you now. And I'll be right here, where I belong. You forget that I may be old-"

"You're not-"

"I may be old," pressed Ginny. "But I did fight a war. I can defend myself enough to get you. Now, go." Teddy looked at her confused. She pressed his arm. "I love you, Teddy. Now, go." He nodded and turned on his heels, desapparating in front of her. 

Ginny grabbed her shoulders, suddenly feeling cold. She went back inside, locking every door and every window. It was very unlikely someone could get past the protective wards at the Potter Cottage, but it made her feel safer. Teddy was right after all, Harry's killer could want to hurt her too. Wasn't that how it always worked?  

After a warm shower and putting on her pyjamas, she decided to get to bed. It had been quite a long day. Another long day without him. Ginny sighed, not letting herself cry anymore. Not that day, at least. 

"You promised we would go together." She mumbled to the empty room. "You broke your promise." She swallowed. No more crying for the day. "But I love you even though you didn't keep the promise, Harry. I love you so much!" 

To hell, with not crying.

A/N: I can already feel all the hating from you guys! hahaha Yes, I killed Harry Potter. I ask for your forgiveness in advance. But, all in all, I hope you enjoyed this beginning of BA. As you may imagine, there's a lot of explaining to do and investigation to be done. And drama, as always...

As for the rest of the family which has considerably explanded, don't worry in getting the hang of everyone at once, not even I know who is which: I have a list. I'll be posting on my blog more about that and you may understand a little bit better. 

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