Harry Potter recalled roughly how to get to King's Cross Station, with enough sense to let his uncle drive as fast ass possible without getting a ticket! The traffic was light enough this morning that they got there within forty-five minutes to spare. They quickly gathered the trunks and pets, loaded them onto two trolleys,and locked the car.

As they walked through the crowded station of muggle travellers, Harry told the Dursleys that there was a specific way to get onto the platform. That they also had to do it without other muggles noticing what it was that they were doing.

Harry's Aunt Petunia informed him calmly that she well remembered how to get onto Platforms Nine and three quarters, and that in his letter the new Minister of Magic had written that they specfically had acess to the platform without worry, and woulf meet another student who would be waiting for them at the Barrier. He had actually volunteered to do so.

She told him kindly that he was to write to her and his uncle as much as he could or wanted, for they wanted to be informed on the daily life at Hogwarts school. It was a fact now that they had changed their views toward him since he had left to fight the Dark Lord,last year at this time.

They quickened their pace as PhoenixFeather, Harry's brown owl, started to hoot with impatience. He wanted to get to their destination now! Thank you very much!

It was now with thirty minutes to go that they spotted Draco Malfoy and his mother Narcissa Malfoy apparently waiting for their arrival at the Barrier. Draco, looked disleveled and Narcissa , nervous that they were going to be told to buzz off, by Harry. But, Draco straightened as Harry and his family came up beside them and said clearly, "Let me help you and your..., er .., family get through the Barrier. Now , M'am , you and your fine husband go arm in arm with Ginny and my mother. While Harry and I take a trolley as my friend Crabbe already gone ahead with mine with the help of another family member of mine." With that he and Harry, ( Harry grudgingly), took a hold of a trolley and waited for the Dursleys to got  ahead of them with Ginny and Mrs.Malfoy. Then after they had successfully gone through the Barrier they themselves took the trolleys at a steady run without really thinking about it, as they melted through it and found them standing beside a dumbstruck Uncle Vernon. This was his first time staring st the Scarlet Engine that was the Hogwarts Express. Draco, lead them to a handy carriage where Crabbe waited with an equally dumbsruck look to equl Uncle Vernon's. He looked rather confused at they attitude between Harry and Draco, but with a look he accepted it and helped heave the luggage onto the train.

That was when it was time to ssay goodbye and promise to write as often as possible. Then they jumped aboard shut the doors, waved as the train started getting ready to pull out.

----------------- Time Goes By--------------------------------------------------------------------------

 They , that is to say Harry, Ginny and Draco and Crabbe were seated in a compartment to themselves for the first time since they had started to Hogwarts in their first year. Their beloved train was heading through sheep studded countryside when the old witch with the sweets cart came up to there open compartment door asking if they wanted anything sweet. For the first time He, Draco bought sweets enough for each of them with the help of Harry and together they split it between the four of them. Draco telling Crabbe to put his on the  other side of him so that his wouldn't mix with Ginny's.  However before he had ripped open a Choclate Frog and taken a big bite , Draco spoke with clear geniuine honesty, "My mother wants me to join the Order of the Phoenis because just in case another nutter like the Dark Lord tries to recruit me as a follower. I wanted you to know that the member of my family is not at all happy with the situation he's been put in. My Father has been told that he can gain back his freedom if he proves he is done with the old ways. He gave them his word. AS Soon as he got word that you had arrived he Apparated before he could or had to speak to you personally. He is having a lot of issues these days but he also wants me in the Order . To protect myself from further harm. Is that enough to tell you that he approves of us being friend this year?" He had said this very fast as if it had been on his mind all day. He seemed to feel better now that that was out in the open, Harry had to admit it was not at all what he was expecting. Of course he had hoped that Draco had changed to but that was a feeble hope at the time. He didn't know what to say really at this point.

He knew he probably should get Professors Mcgonagall and Snape in on the decision and that was what he told Draco for now because it was really up to them for they were leading now well at least their Headmistress was. He and Drsco now and for now had settled their differences and they started talking about the anitcipated arrival at Hogwarts and who they were likely to see.

He knew of course that somewhere Ron was sharing a car with Hermonie and neither of them would understand this little arrangement but it was pleasant for the time being. Ron had been persuaded to return since he needed his N.E.W.T.s as well and that they needed this last chance. They told Harry they would see him at Hogwarts for they wanted to be alone to talk. So they were that along the train as they were still going and that Hermonie had been picked for Head Girl and Draco Malfoy was Head Boy. Out of that they needed to give each Prefect the new passwords and everything they needed this time to themselves. But hhe wasn't to worry about that they would see him at the Gryffindor table.

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