Chapter 3: School starting and regrets

Draco’s P.OV

For some reason I was nervous as hell as I walked downstairs with scorpious, he was now wearing a red Gryffindor jump (which was my idea) and was ready for dinner. Granger was walking next to me quietly thinking to herself, I noticed she did that a lot, it was almost like she was hiding something. Something that was bothering her immensely. We had decided it would be best if we showed up to dinner together, that way it would be clear that we were working together as parents.

The hall hushed as we walked in. Every single pair of eyes was on us, and then slowly the muttering began. I had expected this and realised how hard it must have been for Granger when she was doing this on her own. I turned to her and smiled ignoring the whispers of “Oh my god he’s going to kiss her!” and “Oh god how can she stand that close to him”.

“I’ll see you later Hermione, there’s a seat next to Ginny by the way.” She nodded looking gobsmacked that I used her name and dreamily wondered over to Ginny who had the biggest grin on her face. My eyes moved across to Potter and Weasel who were both scowling at me. They were obviously such crap friends to her, I bet she’s been there through everything for her but they run at the first mistake she makes. I smiled at them and nod, chuckling at how angry it made them look. Then I made my way with scorpious over to a beaming Blaise and Pansy.

They both love kids, as weird as that sounds coming from a bunch of scary old slytherins. “Oh he’s so gorgeous!” Pansy cooed as I popped scorpious on the bench next to me wrapping a protecting arm around his back. Blaise chuckled as Scorpious instantly started banged everything he could touch. I cut up some chicken into tiny squares, grabbed some bread and placed a bottle of milk in front of him. Scorpious instantly went for the milk smiling widely, while I attempted to eat one handed.

“So I thought we couldn’t meet the little guy until tonight?” Blaise said barely taking his eyes off of him. “So did I until, Gr-Hermione asked me to take him for dinner time. I think it’s her way of apologising for something that happened earlier” Blaise and Pansy nodded, knowing that I would explain when we were alone. After a few minutes of silently watching Scorpious munch on some chicken occasionally going to throw a piece, Blaise spoke again.

“His eyes, who does he get those from?” Blaise muttered pointedly.

“Apparently Granger’s family had purple eyes or something, not something you see very often.”  He nodded and we all finished eating in silence. After a little while scorpious began to fidget a little, clearly bored with eating dinner. “I’ve got to get him back to the common room so do you two want to come back with me?” They both nodded eagerly and got up. “Can you guys wait in the entrance hall while I go and get Hermione”

Again all eyes were on me as I wondered along to the Gryffindor table smiling at scorpious. I stopped right behind Hermione who slowly turned clear conscious of all the eyes watching her. “Hey Hermione, I’m just taking scorpious back to the common room, would you like to come?” Hermione looked at a smiling Ginny and the rest of her scowling housemates and nodded. “Sure” she whispered quietly, getting up and saying goodbye to Ginny. The moment we left the hall the full sound of chatter echoed around the entrance hall. We walked over to where Blaise and Pansy were at the bottom of the stairs.

Once we got back to the common room we spent hours just talking and laughing about our favourite memories and happily avoiding the topic of the war. It was surprising how well Granger got on with Pansy and Blaise. Eventually Pansy moved onto the topic of Hermione and I.

“So, how did you two end up… you know?” she asked awkwardly, Hermione and I looked at each other awkwardly as if debating which one of us should answer.

“Well, I was wondering about the castle late at night, worrying about the stupid task Voldemort had given me and I found Granger crying in one of the towers. She didn’t want to talk much but eventually she confessed to me that she had seen weasel kissing Brown and well…”

“One thing kind of led to another.” Hermione finished for me.

“Did you ever regret it?” Blaise asked suddenly looking at us both. I glared at him, to be honest it was something I had wondered myself but also something that I would have never asked. I looked carefully at Hermione.

“Well, I didn’t really regret it, especially when I got to hold scorpious for the first time, but I was worried about Draco telling anyone before I had the chance to and for a short while, when I thought he was nothing but a heartless deatheater, I thought he had done it to spite Ron and Harry…” She whispered a little uneasily, I looked at her concerned.

“I’d never do something like that out of spite, I hope you know that. Everything I do is for a reason.” Suddenly this moment was feeling very personal, she nodded shyly and we sat in silence for a few moments before Pansy pipped up, “Where was he during the war?” Hermione smiled at her shifting the subject.

“He stayed with Draco’s aunt Andromeda shortly after he was born. Handing him over to her was the hardest thing I ever had t do but it was also the only way I could ensure his safety.” She replied thoughtfully. 

“We’re both here now and that’s all that matters.” I sighed wrapping an arm around her shoulders which she stiffened at initially before settling into it. Blaise shot me a very curious look, one that I chose to ignore.

“Anyway guys I’m off to bed it’s getting late.” Hermione excused herself gracefully. Blaise and Pansy both got up to leave as well. “Hey Hermione” Pansy called out, Hermione turned looking shocked, “Yes?”

“We should hang out again sometime soon” Hermione gave a bright smile and nodded before turning and going to her room. I saw Blaise and Pansy out and headed to my room, after all school started again tomorrow.

*******Next day*******

Hermione’s P.O.V

I was so glad to have Draco’s help this morning as by the time I was ready he had already dressed, fed and delivered Scorpious to Madame Pomefry. If he hadn’t been there I probably would have been late.

It was such a relief to be back at school, I could concentrate all my energy on school and Scorpious and ignore all the constant whispers and glares I was receiving from the rest of the school. On the way to class, Draco and I had agreed that, Draco would have scorpious in the mornings and I would spend lunch with him and then take him with me to the library, until dinner when I would hand him back to Draco who would take him for the evening so I could get my school stuff done and then we would both put him into bed. 

Right now I was playing with him as  I walked to the library. Once I sat down I put a muffliato spell around us so we wouldn’t disrupt anyone, then I charmed his little Lion to play with him while I started some of my homework, it took slightly longer to do since I had to keep stopping to keep Scorpious entertained but seeing his smile made it worthwhile.

I was shocked to see that Draco wasn’t at dinner, it was the first day and he was already messing with the schedule! So I sat and fed Scorpious before I heard a whisper of excitement behind me.

“Finally got what was coming to him… stupid deatheater.” I froze, they had to be talking about Draco. Was this why he wasn’t at dinner? Without eating a bite I stood up scooping scorpious into my arms and hurried out of the hall. I pulled out my wand and mumbled a spell before saying “Find Draco” and felt the familiar tug. It was in a deserted corridor on the second floor that I finally found him in a heap on the ground.  Iplaced scorpious on the floor and conjured up some reigns so he couldn’t hurt himself and knelt down to Draco. He was bloody and bruised and quite clearly out cold. I levitated his body behind me and walked slowly so Scorpious could totter for a bit. Once we reached the stairs I hoisted him onto my hip and made sure to hold Draco still before heading to the 6th floor where our common room was. I was concerned for Draco he must have taken quite the beating, something which I never thought I’d say.

Once in the common room I placed Scorpious in his –play pen with his lion and levitated Draco over the sofa. I knelt beside him and took in his peaceful features. He’s even gorgeous when he’s asleep… wait what am I thinking?!  I began to heal some of his injuries starting with the cuts. I did a quick revealing spell which showed that his wrist was smashed up badly. I healed it as well as I could before placing it in a tight Brace. Once he was left with only a few of the deeper bruises and his Braced wrist I pulled him out of his ‘sleep’. He groaned as he awoke slowly looking around.

His silver eyes met my chocolate ones and we stared in silence for a second before his smiled, a true honest smile, before whispering a “Thank you”

“What happened Draco?” I asked sighing at the state he’d gotten himself in.

“Boot, he came for a fight, not a magical one a muggle one.” He replied shortly. I looked at his black eye and bruised cheek bone (His ribs were bruised worse than either).

“Surely you’ve fought without a wand before?” I asked shocked to think he might not have been in a ‘muggle fight’ before.

“I didn’t fight back” Again his response was short but I quickly gathered there was something he wasn’t telling me. I eyed him to which he looked away lifting himself to a sitting position with his one good arm before clutching his head.

“Why not? You always fight back” He studied his brace in silence for a few moments quickly discovering that his wrist would not move.

“He needed someone to take his anger out on, clearly I was that someone.” Suddenly it all made sense. Not fighting back was Draco’s way of punishing himself for the guilt he still harboured over the war.  For the first time in  my life I pitied Draco Malfoy, finally understanding that he had suffered just as much as the rest of us, if not more.

“You don’t have to blame yourself for everything you know. You didn’t deserve this.” I replied looking directly into his silver orbs.  He didn’t reply just led back down, holding his wrist and slowly drifted off to sleep. I knew that one day he would be ready to talk about the war, but like Harry, his day had not come yet.

I took Scorpious off to bed and finished my own homework before slipping into bed and falling into an uneasy sleeping. A sleep riddled with dreams of the father of my son and all the horrors he had suffered.

******* 2AM******

I was awoken by shout of pain, and hurried into Scorpious’ room before realising the shouts had come from downstairs. I hurried down my staircase and by the light of the fading flames, saw Draco tossing in his sleep.

“No, please, I don’t want to do this.”

“Mum! Please stop hurting her, I’ll do anything, just stop hurting her.”

“Please be okay mother, you’ll be okay, we’ll get through this.”

I shuddered at his words and gently shook him awake. “Draco wake up, it’s okay, it’s over now.” He stared at me in silence his breathing heavy. “Come on let’s get you to bed.” I whispered helping him up  to his room. Soon he was tucked into bed and was beginning to drift off, when I got up to leave.

“Please… don’t go… just stay with me.” I turned and sat on the windowsill next to his bed.

“I’m not going anywhere it’s okay Draco get some sleep.” I saw the silhouette of his head nodding slightly before his breathing became steady once more. I led across the window seat with its many pillows and felt myself drifting off into a deep sleep.

What did he suffer during the war? I thought to myself as I drifted off, I knew one thing for sure, while I didn’t know now, I would find out and I would help him overcome his nightmares.




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