Thia ia what he had been waiting for the day he and his Aunt and Uncle left the house for Diagon Alley they had reasonably had a good last few weeks of summer. They had advised not to tell Aunt Marge anytime soon that Harry was in fact a wizard for his uncle couldn't bare it just yet. It was with less strain than usual that Harry willingly helped around the house which was quite a help to the family he had gotten to know real well on how they liked things. He didn't complain when Aunt Petunia said he needed to do his own laundry sometime before they headed off to Diagon Alley and King's Cross the next day. For he was by far old enough to do it himself and didn't need her to do it this time thought she might do it with him to make sure he got everything done to his liking as long as his clothes got clean. She secretly knew he hated laundry so she and her nephew worked on it a load or two at a time together in great effort to make there time together last with less cross words and anger between them over what now seemed silly.

Harry seemed all to willing to let things go and he did evrything that was asked of him and that was something. He wanted this arrangement to work if they were to live together for at least a little while . Harry had been told that he could come a visit for the holidays this year if he had a mind to. It would be wonderful as long as he kept his behaviour accordingly. Also his Uncle had told him of his wish for him to get a job teaching and not fighting anyone else. For he feared it would harm Harry more in his mind than need be. He had thought about all the things that could have gone wrong this change of heart they would have missed. As well as what could have happened to the world of magic and muggle alike if the dark lord had won. It was he said a relief to see and talk to his nephew again he said he was very proud of his bravery. It showed him how much he truely cared for his nephew.

It was the next morning when he woke that he found a present from his Aunt that he hadn't expected. Harry opened his eyes stared at the bright green package on his bedside table: it was a wedding present, he took the package woke Ginny with a little shake and said,"This is so unexpected that they would give us this" She smiled and told him to open it. Harry did just that inside the pretty packaging was a Brand new Gold and Ruby studded watch set, engraved with the words, love is inside and flaming forever, never let it go. To his way of thinking he had gone straight to the hear t of why he had  decided to give the Dursleys a second chance to be apart of his life.

He hopped out of bed just then and proceeded to get dressed and ready for the day. He told his wife she needed to be up to for they were going to Diagon Alley today and then on to Hogwarts. He had told her they had inherited quite a great deal of money from his family. The Gringotts goblins had  said that if he said it was all in the planning he could have it and he did just that. He didn't laugh but he knew it was just that funny.

He then strarted packing wht he already had and helped his uncle who had come into the room with the trunks . He believed that if they got their early they would be able to get ther rest quickly and get to the train on time. Seriously Harry thought he should probably go to Ollivander's and get a better wand to use for the years to come for he really didn't want Draco's. So they got into his uncle's sporty number and drove of towards London. BY the time they got their his Aunt and Dudley were waiting for them.

Harry provided that he knew they were outside the Leaky Cauldron led the way throught the pub. it was as dark and gloomy as ever it had been, and now you could see the relief on old Tom's face as Harry walked in. Tom hailed him and pointed towrad a table, and there low and behold was Hagrid who wasn't surprised to see him. " Hullo 'arry 'ow y' duin?" Hagrid asked timidly glaning at the Dursleys who were actually smiling up at him in greeting. Harry answered his greeting by saying, " Hello to you too Hagrid, I am just great thanks ... um would you like to come with us through Diagon Alley for old times sake?" He really hoped he would , Hagrid teared up and said he would like to go with um. He said goodbye for now to the pub keeper and paid for his drink. Then he led them to the back where the entrance to Diagon Alley was hidden behind a brick wall. Hagrid did the honors and shocked the Dursleys when the gateway revealed itself. There it was a recovering but doing better Diagon Alley. He could see a lot of the shops mainly all of them had reopened in time for the school year. He finally walked to the bank where they took the cart to his vault and got his money and Ginny's as well enough for a long while.

Then they went back to the shops where they bought everything and then Harry did two other things . First he went into the Owl Emporium to buy a new owl, he found a beautiful brown owl that was perfect he bought him . /he cristened him PhoenixFeathers . Then he went to see Ollivander, who had spotted him in the Bookshop of Flourish and Blotts. He went inside and there waiting was the elderly white haired man whom had given him his first wand. He asked timidly, " Could you provide me with a better wand. Please I don't want Draco's." Mr. Ollivander smile slightly and nodded queitly and commenced with the long process. Then he produced a wand of Birch and Unicorn Hair Twelve and a quarter inches and pliant. fifteen galloens and six sikcles. Harry paid him and left the shop. Feeling better he went to find the others who were waiting just outside.

after that they headed to the Kings Cross station. For the ride to hogwarts.

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