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You act so innocent now
But you lied so soon
When I met you in the summer

- Summer, Calvin Harris





I was in an extremely bad mood.


Shielding my eyes with one hand against the blazing sun and holding my bike with the other, I tried to estimate how long it would take me to get back to the house. If I would be able to actually ride my bike,  it would probably take me 15 minutes, 20 tops. I glanced at the flat tire on my rusty looking front wheel and sighed miserably. On foot, it would take me more than double. The frown on my already unhappy face deepened and I swore not so silently and not so under my breath.If I could just use my wand and magically repair the stupid flat …


“No,” I told myself firmly, “the Ministry already sent you a warning owl. One more illegal spell, and you’ll find yourself facing the entire Wizengamot in a hearing.” 


I sighed again, and, not seeing any other option, set for the house on foot.

I kept an eye on the plastic bag that was dangling from the handlebar. In it was a giant, with magical long-lasting fireworks equipped, cake. It had written “Happy birthday Julie!” in emerald letters all over it. Julie is not my name, in case you were wondering. I usually do not carry around a cake for my own birthday.


Julie Hastings is my cousin, and she would turn 17 tomorrow. She had been looking forward to her birthday for over a month, because she finally would be allowed to use magic out of school.


My father and me were  staying with her, her parents and her brother Max until we found our own place, and I had decided to order a cake at Merryweather's. It is the nearest magical bakery, just about 5 miles away from Fletchling, the village in the English countryside where the Hastings live. Merryweather's does not deliver, so I had taken the old rusty bike out of the barn behind the house and had gone for a ride.


I wasn’t really allowed to leave the Hastings’ land because there were still some things to be settled, regarding the problem that was my mother, but Max was covering for me. The plan had been to be back before anyone (meaning my father) noticed I had been gone.


               “There goes your brilliant little plan… . I knew I should have bloody flown there instead”, I thought, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.


Mid-August, and according to the weather reports, the heat wave that had been raging on for the past two weeks would end this night with an enormous thunderstorm. I could feel  it approaching. Not only was the air heavy with the sweet smell of the honeysuckle that was growing near the sides of the tarmac road, the atmosphere felt too warm and clammy, I could literally feel  its weight pressing on me.


I looked at my watch. Normal magical teenagers get one for their seventeenth birthday, but Dad gave me mine a couple of years ago. The little stars and moon around its edge told me it was almost half past 7 pm. I really needed to be home before that storm arrived, so I quickened my pace, passing under a beautiful weeping willow.


And then, out of the blue, a boy jumped out of the tree.


I was so surprised, I almost dropped my bike. Thank Merlin I didn’t, because the consequences for the birthday cake would have been disastrous. The boy was about my age, which is 16, maybe a few years older. He was wearing a loose striped shirt, and his blonde hair was sticking up in a nonchalant way.  I thought I saw the corners of his mouth twitch at my unusual clumsiness, but his face grew smooth again in no time.


               “I’m sorry, did I startle you?” he said in a cool voice.


              “Startle me? You fucking nearly scared me to death!”


Luckily, I didn’t say that out loud, but it took a great deal  of self-control not to.  


Instead I narrowed my eyes at him, and replied :


               “I’m not used to people jumping out of thin air, ” trying, and of course failing, to imitate his cool tone.


               “What were you doing up there?” I asked while gesturing towards the willow’s thick branches above our heads.


He shrugged.


              “Just some thinking.”


              “Oh” .


An awkward silence fell.


              “Well, I best get going.” I said, and wanted to take off again.


I had already  passed him when he opened his mouth again.


               “Do you need help fixing that flat tire?” he asked in that cool voice of his.


I stopped. Great! Weird startling Muggle boy knew how to fix my bike!


              “Oh, do you know how to? That’d be brilliant!”


              “Of course”, he said, “let me take a look”.


He kneeled beside my bicycle and focused on the flat tire.


              “It is just the air valve that got a bit loose”, he looked up at me.


He had piercing blue eyes, and after a couple of seconds, I looked away.  I suddenly wished I had taken a jacket or sweater with me. Despite the heat, I was feeling quite cold wearing only a thin summer dress and my favourite Greek looking golden sandals.


            “Easily repaired.”


He chuckled and focused on the tire again. Then I noticed something. He had a wand in his hand. To an ordinary Muggle, it might have looked like a small and very smooth twig, but I saw it for what it was. A wand.


               “Alright”, I thought, “weird startling Muggle boy isn’t a Muggle at all. You’ve got yourself a wizard fixing the stupid thing”.


He pointed his wand nonchalantly at my tire, whilst pretending to fix the valve with his other hand.


             “There,” he said, “all fixed”, whilst the tire was almost invisibly blowing up itself.


             “Oh, that’s great, thank you so much!”


I wished I could wipe that smug look off of  his face and tell him that I was a witch myself, but of course I couldn’t go about telling random strangers who I was. It would only draw unnecessary attention to my Dad and me, which was about the last thing we needed. So I pretended to be the very grateful Muggle he obviously thought I was. I really was grateful though. He’d saved me a very unpleasant walk through a probably very unpleasant storm.


             “Thank you, really. I would have had to walk all the way to Fletchling if it weren’t for you.” I said in a more genuine tone.


             “It’s a good thing you don’t have to, with this storm coming.”


             “Yes, I best get going, or I might still be in it”, I said, plastering a polite smile on my face.


             “Well, good-bye then”


             “Bye, and thanks again”.


I mounted my bike and headed for the village, resisting the urge to look back at the boy, who had been, now I thought about it, rather handsome.







In exactly one minute, Julie Hastings would be an adult. In exactly one minute, the world of unlimited magic would open its firmly locked to minors doors.


Julie was sitting cross-legged on her perfectly made bed, listening to the heavy raindrops hitting her window, and staring at the vintage clock on the opposite wall. Her 12 inch hawthorn wand was in her hand, ready to perform, even though she wasn’t sure with which spell she would inaugurate her newly acquired magical freedom. Contemplating using her first official spell outside of school to record the vocals to the new song her best friend Daniel had written, she heard two short knocks on her bedroom door.


Julie pulled the elastic from her ponytail, and then draped her now loose wavy blonde hair over her left shoulder before saying:  “come in”.


The door opened, just as the clock sprang to midnight, and two people stepped into her room, both grinning broadly. Her younger brother Max and her ridiculously long-legged cousin Elisa, with a truly enormous cake in between them.


              “Surprise”, they whispered simultaneously.


Julie couldn’t help but smile. Elisa and Max started whisper-singing Happy Birthday, but Julie elegantly jumped up and threw her arms around the pair of them before they could finish.


              “Urghhh, let go of me” Max whispered, trying to wrestle his way out of his sister’s surprisingly strong embrace.


              “Thank you thank you thank you” Julie said, hugging her surprise visitors even tighter. 


              “Candles. Your hair.” Elisa was able to blurt out while trying to free herself as well.


Julie let go of her family quickly, going through her blonde locks with her fingers. Satisfied to see that it was still full, wavy and beautiful, she took a step back to take a good look at the cake.


             "Merryweather's Magical Mouth-watering Macaroon-cake at midnight” Elisa said, “what do you think?”

              “A lot of M’s there,” Julie laughed, “but it looks positively delicious.”


            “Let’s dig in then!” Max said impatiently.


            “How did you manage to get hold of it?” Julie asked after blowing out the candles, “with your indefinite house-arrest”, she gestured towards her cousin with a perfectly manicured index finger  “and you being… you”, she gestured  towards her brother.


            “Oi, I'll have you  …” Max started loudly, but Elisa quickly silenced him.


            “Shhhh, mind the parents!”  she whispered while putting a finger to her lips, "even though I'm fairly certain they can't hear us over this storm, we best not underestimate Dad." 


She then turned to Julie.


               “There is nothing wrong with Max, and I’m not grounded. I’m just…” but Elisa did not know how else to put not being allowed to leave the house under any circumstances.


               “Being held home for safe-keeping?” Max offered helpfully while eagerly cutting the cake.


                “Yes, being held home for safekeeping. I like that. But to answer your question, I took the old bike to Merryweather's , and Max covered for me.”


               “Hmm, simple but efficient,” Julie nodded approvingly while scraping a bit of icing off  of the piece Max had just handed her.


She licked it off her finger before continuing.


               “Which reminds me E…” she grinned at Elisa and then graciously got up to fetch something that was lying on her desk.


She tossed it at her cousin, and Elisa effortlessly caught it. Max nodded approvingly at his cousin’s usual almost superhuman swiftness. Elisa ignored him and looked at the tiny object that was now in her hand. A crystal vial, and in it  a single long and wavy blonde hair.


               “It’s Isa’s. You know her, my cousin from my father’s side of the family?  She was here last Christmas, but now she’s back in Oklahoma, so she obviously can’t make it to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. But with this,” Julie nodded at the vial “and a little help of your father’s inexhaustible supply of Polyjuice Potion, you can…”


              “Seriously, how can one Muggle-man own that much Polyjuice Potion,” Max side-commented.


Elisa looked away from the vial and up at her cousin.


            “Max will cover for you,” Julie continued.


            “You are going to have a very serious case of unreasonable teenage dramaqueen-itis tomorrow, which unfortunately includes  not wanting to see anyone, especially your Dad,” Max chimed in again, with a very serious and very fake look on his face.


           “Even though he’ll probably have to work late again, so he won’t notice you’re gone during the day anyway,” he continued in a more genuine tone. 


            “So you and I, my dearest Elisabeth, can go on a shopping spree and meet up with my other friends in London to celebrate my freshly acquired adulthood.”


            “Simple,...” Elisa said, while balling her right hand into a fist and reaching out to Julie.


          “...but efficient,” Julie completed, while bumping her own fist to Elisa’s.





Most people find storms frightening, but I never really understood why.


I like how they wash away the old, how you can almost smell the freshness of the new the morning after. Tonight’s storm would be no different. Lying in bed with my eyes closed, I could picture its force cleansing the roads of all dust and dirt, and washing away the heat and dullness of the past few weeks.


I had been stuck in the Hastings’ house for too long, its walls were starting to close in on me.


So naturally, I was looking forward to going to London with Jules tomorrow. The plan was to go shopping in the Muggle part of the city first, then pass through the Leaky Cauldron to get to Diagon Alley and meet up with some of Julie’s Hogwarts friends. All under the pretense of being Isabelle Hastings of course.


Doing all of this behind my father’s back made me slightly uncomfortable. He had sacrificed practically everything for me. His friends, his job, his home,... All  but his sister Victoria, which is aunt Tori to me, and Mum to Julie and Max. But that was all about to change. For both of us.


After the Ministry finally arrested my psychopathic mother last June, my Dad and I have been taking our lives back, step by step. First, we sold the house in Northern France we’ve been living , or should I say hiding, in since I was one and a half years old. We temporarily moved in with the Hastings,  until we find a new home in England for ourselves. Then, Dad got his old job back as a surgeon in the Muggle hospital of Charing Cross, even though his old colleagues and friends don’t recognize him, due to the  powerful memory blocks the Department of Mystification had to  put on them more than 14 years ago. And in September, after being home-schooled by a Ministry of Magic appointed teacher named Monsieur Meunier for the past 5 years, I would finally start at Hogwarts.


“Hogwarts”, I said out loud. The word was full of promise, of finally taking my place in magical society instead of hiding from it. 




AN: Hey, everyone! This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction, and I really hope you enjoyed the first chapter :). Let me know what you think! 



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