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I think I deserve some sort of compensation. I mean I do it all out of the goodness of my heart but – does it always have to involve such extremes. I do appreciate that I’m perceived as reliable and a comfort and a problem solver in dire circumstances. However being born into such a big Family – I’m relied on a lot. Mediator for my parents ridiculous squabbles, Shoulder for Lucy’s tiresome complaining of Alex, Dominique’s exhausting troubling love life, James and Jordan’s on again/off again arrangement, Fred’s path of broken hearts and stalkers, Reliever for Uncle George and Uncle Percy’s tension, Ear for Lily’s sibling rivalry, Molly’s obnoxiousness, Victorie and Teddys childcare, Louis detention friend, Chases best friend, Grandma Mollys sous Chef, Grandpa Arthurs muggle conversationalist and tasting assistant, Max’s morning madness buddy, and Albus well when does Al not have something going on.

And Hugo – well he doesn’t give me much trouble. Normally we just chill out. Like cool siblings.

Well and then there’s Malfoy… Enough said.

Anyway. Many cousins, big family, the best friends, complex enemies – Life gets complicated. And Rose Weasley apparently has all the answers.

“We need your help” Malfoy spoke.

And he said it with such concern and seriousness – I swallowed my snarky comeback.

“What’s happened?” I replied with wide eyes.

“Its Al – he left this in my dorm” James handed me a crumpled piece of Parchment. Albus not unlike his brother, is not the tidiest of sorts – actually neither is Lily, must be a Potter family trait. Definitely not Weasley, I mean I’m just a welcoming and inviting sort of person, if all my jumpers and tops want to join the party with my jeans and skirts on my bed – what kind of person would reject to that? And the parchment laying around – well I have to have something to read and write my brilliant ideas on don’t I? Yes I’m glad we settled that.

Anyway back to reality – The ominous note.

I took one more look at James’ and Malfoy’s troubled expressions and unfolded it. The creases were wearing thin – obviously been opened a thousand times – even though it’s only about 20 minutes old.


I’ve gone to find Chase. Things are bad. I’ll explain later.

Don’t tell Scorp or Rose.


“That’s it?” I objected to the hastily, equivocal offending letter.

“Weird that’s exactly what Scorp said” James observed. He received a scowl from Malfoy and myself.

I stood and started pacing. James was still casually munching on the fudge and Malfoy was smirking at one of my Treacle Traffic Posters – bloody brilliant band. I went to one of their concerts in summer last year – unfortunately Malfoy was present – Luckily I had Lily, James and Al for backup. That was a great day, except for the end. But I try and block that part out.

Anyway – right. Stressing.

“He didn’t say where he was going?” I specified – eyeing the pair of them.

“No, I just walked in and found it on my nightstand” James clarifies.

“And what time was that?” I asked.

“20 minutes ago” Malfoy answered for James. Obviously already asked that question.

“Do you think they’re still in the castle?” James questions.

“No” We both speak in unison.

“Hogsmeade” We both speak again. He needs to stop doing that.

“I forgot how good you two are” James observes with a smirk at the pair of us.

I decided because we’re cousins, I’m going to let that slide. Just this once.

“Why did he say not to tell us? And why did you decide to do the complete opposite?” I gesture between Malfoy and myself.

James at least has the decency to look sheepish. Al and himself are actually really good mates, as well as brothers “Well Malfoy was with me when I found the note and then he insisted on telling you”

I turned on Malfoy. How interesting.

“Well, Well, Well” I comment to Malfoy’s angry expression directed at James.

Malfoy never learns - There’s no secrets between cousins. But when we do find Al – I will be having a stern talking to him – Malfoy I can understand, but me we’re like best buds – we tell each other everything.

“Well let’s go then” I propositioned.

“Where?” James questioned me with a confused expression, but Malfoy had already handed me my coat – my favourite one actually, and started walking out of the dormitory.

“To find Ace!” I exclaimed.

And off we go!


“Merlin its freezing!” James chants again.

Malfoy and I just roll our eyes. However he throws James back the Gryffindor scarf he was wearing. Huh… Maybe chivalry isn’t dead it just comes in the unrecognizable form of a 6 foot tall male with bad hair. Okay his hair is actually kind of nice, not that I’ve noticed… He has a harem of fan girls to inform every one of its silky masculine goodness – How to style like Sexy Scorpy. Yuck. I think there was even an article in Witch Weekly once – I had him autograph it – in front of everyone. I’m kind like that.


We’ve been trudging through the underground tunnels to Hogsmeade. It’s been an adventure to say the least.

Although, James is really starting to test my patience. We’ve constructed a few justifications for Ace’s sudden disappearance. They do fight a lot. But it’s never really bad enough to warrant a search party, or a drunken night in Hogsmeade – well except for Max’s birthday last month – but most of us were drunk that night. We only have two more weeks till Christmas – everybody begins to get restless before the holidays, especially when it’s the season to be jolly. But Ace always seems to stay sane and keep the rest of us on the right track. I kind of hate them for that sometimes. Having someone really get you, and not just put up with you because you’re family, or stuck in a dormitory together for seven years. But then again – I don’t really believe in love. But Ace, or my parents, or Grandpa and Grandma Weasley, or even Uncle Harry and Aunty Ginny – all make it look easy and real. Ah ignorance is bliss I suppose. I’m not going to shatter their illusion, but I’m not going to be foolish and be jinxed with the same spell.

“Watch your feet, the ground has ahhh..” I inform from the lead, and then the ground.

Damn the stupid old Castle. How about a touch of maintenance every now and again? Huh? Just a coat of paint, an exterminator spell for the rats and other unknown creatures lurking in the shadows, and maybe weather proofing – so us responsible students don’t slip and slide before our late night mischief is managed. Forget the polishing of the abundant of armour suits stationed around the corridors. This is where the real mess is at.

“Thank you for that enlightening demonstration of what happens when you have your nose so far in the air, you cannot see straight”

My knight in shining armour everyone. Scorpius Malfoy. The real prince charming.

James just laughed. Well so much for the overprotective cousin.

“Just help me up” I glared at the arrogant prat from the ground. He smiled back. The tosser.

And of course. He did.


“Come on, we’re nearly there now” Malfoy pulled me to my feet, then took the lead.

A little further on, the lights of Hogsmeade glimmered into view. Thank Merlin.

I’m muddy, tired, determined, worried for Ace, and a little hungry. I knew we should have brought the fudge with us, James and I protested, but Malfoy insisted we had eaten enough. The Bloody Tyrant.

“I think we should split up – James you take Hogshead, I’ll take Quaffes and Rose you hit Triple P – use the glass spell to communicate.

We nodded and went our separate ways.

I tugged my coat a little tighter. The pebbled sidewalk completely covered with snowy icicles, shop fronts dark, the only light from the upstairs homes – with families enjoying a toasty warm evening. It’s nearly 11.30pm now. Hogshead is an old bar if you want a dark corner and no questions asked. The Quaffes is a sports bar – watch quidditch every day and party like a player all night. The guys love the place. I’m more of a triple P fan – Pessimistic Party People. It’s a laugh. Every night is like - an end of the World Party. You can dance, drink and it’s full of drama, drama, drama. Last time I was there, there was a full on showdown over a wink from the bartender and who was the supposed target. Dom still swears I jinxed her hair purple that night – but it was packed and could have been anybody. I wonder what happened to him, I never did call him back. Oops.

The fluorescent lights flashed into view, and the bouncers at the door, hungrily eager to pounce on any underage idiot stupid enough to stand in line, or jinx there ID. Luckily, as a George Weasley rite of passage and cousins close friends, turning 16, and sometimes earlier if clever enough - is the revelation of secret back doors of drinking habitats. And I worked out this one – a very long time ago.

I slipped round the side of the previous building – Suki’s Silk Suits for Selebrations. And they call me crazy. Pull the latch to the basement, and follow the stupid and very recognizable W glow stickers, which lead to a wall and I walk straight through it, to a tunnel under the road. That, I have to admit is pretty genius. Apparently Teddy and Victorie actually created this entrance. The sneaky buggers.

The dark but very vibrant atmosphere greets me through the side door off the stage. It’s a mad house. And I can’t help but smile at the euphoric expressions and horrendous dance moves. Ah. The Triple P.

The band is… interesting… I thought the Hoods were playing tonight (Tuesday nights in Hogsmeade are apparently a happening time). But it doesn’t sound like the Hoods. I push my way through the throngs of sweaty, loud and drunk peeps to glimpse at the Band.


Holy Harpies!!

Great Gordric!!

Merlins fluorescent moustache!!!

Voldy’s Pink Fluffy Slippers…


Centre stage is Ace…

Singing, shirtless and sounding seriously shit.

How am I going to handle this?

I need a drink.


They are completely sloshed. Both of them.

In the last 3 minutes and 27 seconds I have learnt…

They’re band is called Ace (Gross). Apparently they are a new hit crew, been on tour for 3 months around America. Feature in The Winx girl group’s new single The Darkness. Both hate Pumpkin Pasties. Have a Men’s clothing line in the works, and a fragrance already on sale at Potent Pipers called Fierce. Their relationship status is unknown and also apparently their names – but the green eyed boy has been previously affiliated with The Hoods lead singer Riley Stems (Al wishes) – which is how they got this gig. However no one has actually noticed how dreadful they sound – It’s like Mrs Norris Jr’s Lullaby. Harsh, but true.

I have also learnt… People are idiots and will believe anything.


“Can I buy you a drink, pretty girl?”

“Pretty girl, seriously?” I turn and give the guy the look. After spending 15 minutes trying to get Al or Chase’s attention - with no luck, I decided to hang near the bar and wait for the brother and best friend to arrive to haul them off stage.

“A Witchy Whizz Perhaps?” This guy cannot take a hint.

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that”

“Feisty pretty thing aren’t you”

“Something we can agree on”

Ew. Apparently this guy has deluded himself into thinking I’m interested. His leaning forward. Gross.

His hand is reaching out.

“Do you wanna have some fun?” he places his hand on my waist, and starts to slide it downwards.

“Generally yes. However in this particular circumstance – I object to the place, the time and irrevocably the uninvited hand reaching for my arse” I’m gripping my wand in one hand and snatch his hand away with the other.

“Bitch” his faced twisted into a ferocious scowl.

“Finally. You’re catching on” I deadpanned and backed away and was once again swallowed by the sea of drunken party goers.

I sent James and Malfoy the signal – however neither had turned up just yet. James is probably having a pint with some old fellow, listening to him barrage on about stories of his glory days and what young’ns get up to these days. Malfoy was probably watching the highlights from the Puddlemore United Game on the weekend. Whilst I’m here suffocating, getting hit on by drunken idiots, getting trampled, elbowed, shoved, and burnt by the idiot who was showing off with his wand (Not a euphemism), whilst developing a hearing problem from the tone deaf duo.

I forgot how out of control the Triple P can be sometimes. The lights are giving me a headache. The music is deafening and the groping couples make me want to burn my eyes out. What happened to my soft, warm and kind bed I’ve been dreaming about all day?

I’m about to just head to the stage and stun Ace and drag them back to the castle, when a hand grabs my wrist and pulls me over to the edge of the dance floor.

I’m about to go all Weasley on his arse. This guy just cannot take no for an answer. Until the familiar scent, scruffy blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and the hideous Harpies Sweater greet me.


This is probably the first time ever I have been so glad to see him.

I was actually so relieved I must have been drunk – (Without even touching a drink), it’s just been such a long and crazy day. And Ace is crazy and I know I come across brave and bitchy – but I read the prophet, I know about the late night assaults and the tragedies of a dark alleyway.

So I did something I never thought in a million years, I would ever do.

I reached out.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. He was here and I needed someone.

Thankfully he didn’t say anything, as soon as the shock wore off (Your nemesis suddenly throwing herself at you – so about 1 second) he just wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer and rested his chin on my head.

I was safe - With Malfoy.

That just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?


After about a minute or two. I came back to my senses – but I still didn’t pull away. I didn’t want too. He was warm, his hoodie was soft, I could feel his heart beating (about a million miles a second – mine was too) I could feel his toned muscles, he smelled like snow and fudge (two of my favourite things). He was familiar and I just felt like I fit there. Perfectly.

“I still hate you” I defended. However I was starting to feel like it sounded more of a lie than truth.

He laughed. I could feel the vibrations rumble from his chest to his throat. “I know” He sounded amused, but a little something else as well. I closed my eyes. He pulled me closer. The circus of drunken festivities partied on around us.

So I’m just chilling hugging my enemy at midnight – like it’s a normal Tuesday night. The life of Rose Weasley. I’m trying not to freak out to much yet. I can do that later – in the comforts of my bed – with that bucket of fudge I’ve been lusting after (You mean the one Malfoy bought you on the weekend – because you were feeling sad) Details – and I shouldn’t dwell too much on them.

We’re not even acquaintances, let alone friends – or anything more. We can’t stand each other. We can hardly survive a few seconds together without feuding. However, I can’t forget the fact that he is always there for me, a great sparring partner, keeps up with me in conversations, Intelligent, is fiercely loyal, and well a great hugger, and he isn’t horrible to look at either. Maybe. Argh. No Rose.

Remember third year.

Whoosh like a bucket load of ice water – I jumped out of his arms, flailing and nearly tripping over my feet.

A strong arm grabbed my shoulder and steadied me.

“Thanks” I mumbled without looking up.

“No worries Rosie – now please explain to me what on earth that noise is and why my brother and his boyfriend are on stage wearing nothing but a pair of ripped jeans?”

I looked up.

James. I smiled. The frustration was blazing from his eyes. But the amusement of the situation wasn’t lost him. I could just imagine the potential mocking he was storing away for future use.

Right. Back on Mission. Back in the game. Roger Roger.

“I believe it’s the cause of one too many Dragon Tail shots, some emotional turmoil, a room full of rowdy and gullible teenagers and the side effects of being in love” I finished with a grin looking at James.

Malfoy came up beside me. We were avoiding eye contact. But I could still sense he was a little irritated. “Symons is here” he spoke tightly.

I just initiated a hug between myself and my nemesis. My cousin and best friend are on stage singing a duet of Celestina Warbecks “Pot full of love” (Which yes I will be mocking them about later) and going through some sort of emotional breakdown, James looks like his half-drunk/half snowman, a party goer just threw up – oh and of course the girl who currently hates my guts turned up.

“Gotta love the Triple P” I comment defeated.


“James you take Al, I’ll take Chase and Malfoy guess who?” I gave him a smirk.

“You can’t be serious” He looked at me horrified.

“Serious as James Sirius Potter. Now move” I gave him a shove. Our sentimental moment gone and probably lost forever. Oh well… I’ll just buy some cats.

I grin at my own mental instability, and follow James to the stage.

Our very own Ace are currently performing a disgusting display of tonsil hockey. The crowd is wild. I wonder if this is how Voldemort got started – a room full of idiotic teenagers willing to agree or believe anything, as long as there’s a drink in their hand and a beat to jiggle, wiggle and shuffle.

“I knew it. The way they were looking at each other – so adorable! I do hope Riley isn’t too cut up” I heard a girl squeal.

Well at least there’s some truth to the tone deaf duo.

We bound up the stairs and catch Al’s eye. Finally.

“JAMES” Albus screeched excitedly from the stage. Chase was just laughing uncontrollably.

What the hell is going on with these two? I thought Al was going to save Chase. Looks to me like he found him, tried, failed, begged, failed again and had a drink. The rest is history.

“Yeah. I am way too young to deal with whatever the fuck this is” James grumbled from beside me.

Amen to that.


With a little coercing involving some Peppermint wands, a toffee quill and piggy back we were finally heading out of the Triple P.

We hadn’t seen Malfoy since he left to deal with Symons. I’m sure we can all guess what’s keeping him. Good luck to them.

I’m not bitter – I’m just a bitch.

“Chase your walking so slow – move on move on”

“Rooossssiiieee yourrr tooo hheeeaavvyy” Chase slurs. Yes I was the one with the Piggy back and yes I may have gotten a toffee quill and a peppermint wand too. Hey - I deserve it. It’s hell being Rose Weasley.

James was half carrying Al – he was nearly asleep on his shoulder. Chase was beginning to sway. We were walking up the main street – Al had the invisibility cloak – which is going to make sneaking into the castle a lot easier. We were just passing Honeydukes when I hear yelling.

“Don’t call her that!” A furious male spoke.

“Well she is. And you’re a fool – she’s never going to love you! You’re never going to be happy like we were and could be” Queue in the hysterical female.

“WE were never anything. I’m sorry. I never asked you to Hogsmeade, you just invited yourself and I didn’t want to be an arse. I don’t like you. I never have. I’m sorry but it’s the truth” And finally the ugly truth. I vaguely recognised the voices.

I’d jumped off Chase’s back, James and Al were having a rest stop. It’s going to be a long walk back. I wanted to investigate further, so I slipped around the side of the building – to face the voices and witness everything.

“Why her? What’s she got that I don’t?” Symons asked, tears streaming down her face. I nearly felt sorry for her. Well I can only hope a waterproof Mascara and brains – not that I know who this she is. I’m not going to lie though – I am a little eager to find out. For reconnaissance and espionage purposes only of course.

Malfoy was about to open his mouth and answer, when I fell right into the middle of it. Literally. Slid from the side of the building. Malfoy had been hesitantly awkwardly patting Symons shoulder. Yeah I wouldn’t want to get too close either. She looks like a biter.

Chase must have followed me and accidently shoved me. The drunken idiot. Boy are those two going to pay tomorrow. He was still giggling (yes giggling) from the side of the building.

“Toffee quill anyone?” I smiled from the ground. Malfoy just rolled his eyes and Symons actually looked pleased to see me. I know. Shit she’s scary sometimes.

“A habit for eavesdropping and terrible balance?” Malfoy answered and quirked an eyebrow at the reddening Symons.

I struggled to my feet. It’s not like there was any offers of a hand up. I know we’re all enemies but whatever happened to the good old days, when hate was only evident through intelligent poetic words hidden behind smiles and corsets.

“She’ll break your heart” Symons was looking dead straight at Malfoy.

“Probably” Malfoy was looking dead straight at me.

And Me – I was dead straight confused. “I’m sorry who are we talking about?” I interrupted, eyeing both of them.

Symons gave me one more of her special scary dark smiles. Then raised her arm and punched me.

Yep. The Hufflepuff punched me. Square in the eye.

And I went down.

It’s been a long night, there’s only so much a girl can handle.

I heard her mutter “that’s for the bad hair day, Weasley” Before everything went black.

Drama Drama Drama.


Pain. The pain is unbearable.

Punch. Well that explains the pain.

Wet. It must be snowing.

Ace. Tomorrow’s problem.

James. Fudge. Friend.

Symons. Symons is a dipshit.

She. Is apparently Rose Weasley.

Scorpius Malfoy. Definitely not my prince charming.

The Triple P. Never. Again. Where dreams go to die.

“You do know I can hear everything you’re saying right?” I faintly hear someone remark.

“Shhhhh” I mumble and try and get my bearings. Dark. Oh my eyes are closed.

I manage to crack open one eye – the other is taking a night off.

“Scorp?” I ask the blurry figure, I reach out. He grasps my hand.

“You haven’t called me that in a long time” he mumbled regretfully. We were sitting on a bench, well he was sitting, and I was nestled in his arms. I close my eyes again. Could tonight be anymore horrifying or traumatic?

“James?” I remember. It all came crashing back. The letter, Albus and Chase, the singing, the hug and Symons.

“Back at the castle – Al and Chase are sleeping it off” He assures me.

They’re going to have a wicked hangover tomorrow. I shudder to think what caused the late night bender.

“Rose…” Scorpius began softly. Even though I couldn’t see him. I can feel the intensity radiating from him. I knew where this was headed. And I’m running in the opposite direction.

“Don’t… I’m so tired. Just… Take me home” Our hands were interlocked, but I pulled mine away. I can’t do this. It’s too much. Too soon.

He sighed. Pulled me closer, and stood up. The familiar and comforting scent hit me. Soon we began walking, my hands on his chest and cradled in his arms.

I was safe, but completely lost.

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