And that's when I completely and utterly broke down in tears . 

Angie's face was a , in a different circumstance hilarious, mixture of confusion and worry.

"Draco... Hey Draco! What's gotten into you? Are you alright?" Angie asked worriedly, patting my back awkwardly. Merlin bless her beautiful awkwardness. 

It was just all these emotions I had crept up over these months, coming out at once. It was 3 years since The Battle of Hogwarts now. 

Those 3 years hadn't been well to either me or my family. 

After the Battle, Dad had been thrown into Azkaban for actively helping Voldemort and being a Death Eater. This had caused poor Mum to fall into depression, having to loose her Husband again, and this time, for pretty much forever. 

The tides had turned, in that I was the one who had to take care of my mother now. But then the Ministry came, and took it all... They took pretty much all of our possessions and in a sudden turn of events, I was poor. 

I, Draco Lucius Malfoy, was now poor.  

So, I tried applying for jobs but nobody wanted to hire me. After all, I was the Son of a notorious Death Eater. Who would like to be affiliated with that now that the War was over? Heck, countless people had lost dear ones to Voldemort and his Death Eaters during the War. 

Feeling very alone, I reached out to my friends. However, it wasn't like I had either Crabbe or Goyle at my sides anymore, so I had to reach further. I owled Blaise, but he had pissed off on a World Trip. He could've kept in contact with me if he tried, but it quickly became evident that he too, didn't like to be affiliated with a Death Eater's Son anymore. 

Patty had pissed of to Eastern Europe to become a pornstar. Admittedly, I never liked her all that much anyway. 

So there I was, all alone, and what was there left for me to do? 

One thing I knew was that if I ever wanted to reintegrate to Wizarding Society, I had to force respect. I wanted to go study Magical Law and become the absolute best in my class at it, so people simply had to start hiring me once I had my degree. I figured my only escape was go immigrate to North America. I figured that, there, I wouldn't be so notorious; I could have a normal life and support my Mum through getting a job on the weekends. 

I was wrong. 

You see, this whole War that had been going on hadn't just bypassed other countries. They weren't idiots, they knew that bad stuff had been going on here. They simply had left a quiet eye, not doing anything but simply eyeing the situation, to avoid becoming Voldemorts next victim. 

Besides, pretty much during the whole time, Voldemort had operated primarily behind the shadows; most countries weren't even convinced he was alive and that he was after all the weird happenings. So even in North America, everybody knew of me and my past. And that's how I started getting bullied and made fun of at school. 

I, Draco Lucius Malfoy got bullied and made fun of. 

And if that wasn't enough, I was still poor as hell. 

Funny how things can flip around, isn't it?  

Well, since I had pretty much nothing left at this point, I gave my heart to studying. I'm not even exaggerating. It was just all I did. 

It paid of though; I quickly became the best of my class and now I'm on my way to graduate with honours. 

The problem that I had been having for months though, was money. I didn't have an income, and we all know University isn't cheap. So I was quickly running out, and I was caring for two people here. 

It didn't take long before I admitted to the only option I had left if I wanted my mother and I to survive. As humiliating and absolutely despicable as it felt for me, I knew I had to apply for a Muggle Job. 

I knew that atleast Muggle Workgivers wouldn't be so biased and I was right; I quickly got a job here at Tando's. 

One thing you should know about me is that I was always raised into believing us Wizards are like Gods and Muggles are like insects. Tiny, unimportant, and frail. But as I started working amongst these Muggles, I couldn't help noticing that I wasn't different at all. 

Except for some Cultural differences (Including questioning faces whenever I yelled out something similar to "Merlin's [blank]!") I was exactly the same, you couldn't tell the difference. 

I couldn't tell the difference. 

As I said... Its amazing how your life can turn around, just like that. 

The Tando's I work at is a cramped, easily overlooked little place near New York, squeezed in between 2 way bigger shops. We hardly get any visitors and we barely earn any money. 

Even still, the small group that I work with is incredibly close. Its honestly nothing like I've ever seen before; you would think that they have been close friends ever since primary school even though they're colleges. 

I remember the first time that I met Angie, skinny, skinny Angie with her short thick purple hair, full red lips and oh so warm smile under her bright blue eyes. 

The first time i walked into the store she eyed my with a childlike curiosity, and asked me, looking me right in the eye: "Who are you?" as soon as I had passed the counter. 

It was almost funny; I still could have been a customer at this point. It just showed how not used they are to actual customers here. And yet, their not too dandy circumstances never seems to bother them. For some reason, its like they really love this place and wouldn't trade it for any other store, even if they would be paid better. 

I looked around, frowning like I smelled something nasty (wait, I believe I actually did) as I eyed the messyness of this little shop before answering. 

"I'm the new employee." 

Even though I was not much taller than her, I looked down at her with a hint of disgust.I'm not sure if she didn't notice or just chose to ignore my heinous look. 

"Nice to meet you!" She said, sticking her hand out and smiling warmly as her huge blue eyes pierced themselves in mine.

"Yeah, whatever..." I muttered looking the other way. Her hand stayed in the air, as if she was giving me a chance to change my words. "So can I start Wednesday?" I asked her, looking at her again. 

She didn't immediately answer: her hand slowly dropped as she looked at me with a mix of disbelief and disgust on her face. 

"Wednesday is fine," she grunted. 

And so I started working here. The whole staff completely ignored me (Angie had probably told them I was a huge jerk or something like that) and I convinced myself I liked it better that way. They were Muggles after all, right? 

Things went their way for a couple of months, as I either worked or studied. There was hardly any time for sleeping. There were times I almost forgot what I was doing it all for... Until I looked at the picture of my Mum, hanging above my desk.  

Eventually, Christmas came and that's when I realized something awful. I would spend this Christmas completely and utterly alone. I would only receive a Christmas card from Mum... At best. I wasn't counting on that one though, Mum had become an entirely different person since her depression. The fire was lit, but the cauldron was empty. 

And now, the day just before Christmas break, out of nowhere, Angie came up to me with a determined look while I was cleaning some last things before we would close. 

I looked at her curiously, because she never usually even acknowledged my presense. 

"Draco!" She said, and I started thinking about whether I had done something wrong, until she started blushing and looked another away. 

"Will you... Will you come spend Christmas Eve with us this year?" 

I felt all color leave my face.


Was she taking a piss...? 

"Yeah you! I said 'Draco', didn't I?" she snapped annoyed, but she was still blushing.  

"B-but..." My voice shook. 

It stayed completely silent for a few seconds. 

And then I started crying.

She looked at me completely flabbergasted, as I collapsed in tears, my hands trying to cover my face, and shook horribly. I couldn't stop. I just stood there, hyperventilating and trying to use all my power to stop myself, but nothing worked. And then I heard footsteps as the rest of our colleges had come to see what all the fuss was about. Angie was still looking at me disbelievingly, and I was certain there were atleast 10 different eyes full on staring at me. 

And then, I felt a tight embrace. Angie sat me down on a couple of boxes (kicking a few empty bottles on the ground away) and patted me on the back. 

"Draco... Hey Draco! What's gotten into you? Are you alright?" she asked me, worriedly. I nodded weakly and tried saying 'Sorry' but all that left my lips was an inaudible puff. And then, she hugged me again and I felt so embarassed and humiliated I could die.  

But before I could do anything, suddenly the whole staff was there, and they were all embracing me. I heard tall, bony Rick with his blond curly hair that nearly falls over his eyes say: "Its going to be alright buddy, whatever it is." 

Overweight, short and dark skinned Solange smiled at me warmly with her full lips and said: "You know that we're there for you if you need anything, right?" 

And then Angie punched my shoulder playfully and grinned at me: "Tomorrow, 1 O' Clock, here?"  

I nodded dimly. 

"That's settled then. Now man up Draco. Its already past closing time."  

I nodded dimly again as they all escorted me out of the shop. 

As I arrived home, I noticed I had received mail. As I opened it, it seemed that Mum had sent me a Christmas card. 

Things were looking up. 

The End

A/N: My second story and first one-shot! It's a companion piece to AWV, so in other words it fits inside AWV's story/universe. Moreover, a shorter and less detailed version of this one-shot is featured in chapter 12 of AWV, but I do expand more on what happened to Draco AFTER this one-shot in there.

He actually ends up moving back to England and being appointed to a big Ministry Case involving a Magical Religious Cult in Iceland he has to take on with a whole team working under him, his partner being none other than Hermione Granger. How will this new and improved Draco and Hermione work together? The short version is mentioned in AWV, I do however plan to write an entire chapter fic eventually depicting how everything goes. And characters from this fic (So including Angie!! Will make an appearance there too ! ) Anyways, please leave your thoughts!



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