It was two days after the proposal that Harry and Ginny were to be married and there was alot still to do to prepare even for a small gathering. It had been decided to have it at the Burrow. It was the most likely that the backyard could handle another quick wedding like they had during the time right before the War. It was about time to get this done, Harry thought to himself as he picked out not only clothes for the wedding but little things he knew he would need for his seventh and final year at Hogwarts including several books he had to replace. It was shocking however when out of the blue that Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon showed up via Mr. Weasley on the afternoon of the first day of prepping that he actually felt glad to see them.

They told him that Dudley hadn't felt like coming this day for he quite remembered the last time he ran into the Weasleys. So he was visiting Aunt Marge at her house during the whole occassion. But they themselves wanted to be here to see their old charge get married since he was Petunia's sister's son and all. Which considering who was talking was a great compliment. So they were settled into the first bedroom that had been stripped of anything magical or strange for that purpose. And since they had had enough of being kept from knowing about the magic. The ministry had told him that these two were the exception since they were his family.

In the last few hours that day Harry told his Aunt and Uncle what he had dreamed about the other night. They told him it was probably to be expected. They also said that they had changed their minds about not letting him stay witht them because they could see now how it was for the new part of the faily and gruanteed Harry that the Potters' most likely had some kind of property in the wizarding world that he could possibly have for his family. The miinister KIngsley Shacklebolt had told them to tell him to go to Gringgotts and find out. They also told him that his Aunt would be taking him with his uncle in tow to diagon alley because even though she hadn't admitted it she was sure she knew where it was located still becasue of the years she went with her parents and lilly. One thing was pressing to get out and they determinely told him that they were very proud now to say that the late headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore had trusted them with him at that time in their lives when they could still be there even though they didn't quite understand the importance of his stay there until much later.

it was rather heart warming to know that they were going to be ther he told them he would except their offer cause he kneew they had hit the problem on the nose with the comment about the house the new part of their family as they had put it had to live in . With all the people that could have been invited to a much bigger gathering it was a bit of a relief not to have to shower the Dursleys with the magic they were allowed to know about now.

It was ten in the morning when the had the service, it was touching to see alll the previous Hogwarts Staff in attendance and few other guest like the Weasleys and the Longbottooms and the Lovegoods. It was in a beautiful summer sunset setting with the color scheme to bring light into their young life. The two of them were in creams and tans, the bridesmaids Fleur and Luna were in light yellow and white and the maid of honor Hermione was in a light gold silk. It was Mr. Ron weasley who got to give his sister away to his best friend. It was Aunt petunia that was the Matron of honor and Uncle Vernon and Charlie stood next to Harry. The minister conducting the ceromony was actually a shock Professor Snape had valiantly made it known that he would do the ceremony. It was with simply written vows that they took before family friends and each other that tied the knot . Harry looked Ginny in her deep brown eyes and spoke these words: I take thee know my Ginny, to be my lover and my frined forever, to be my wife forever and for always. In the depths of my heart our love will never grow old and it shall never fade. I will give you what you need and want in a relationship. I will love and protect your body mind and soul from all things that may come against us as we go throuhgout the years you will never have to want for anything for I can and will provide , in sickness and in health, for better for worse poor or rich untill eternity takes us we will have strong love like those who loved us for who we were and who we will and have come to be. I love the Ginny. " Ginny repeated a similar vow and then the master of cermonines severus snape said to them each in turn the valued question that would bind them as one flesh,and they eacha answered I do.

With that they walked to the center ailse kissed and threw the flowers yellow roses. It was a beatiful sermon after that and drinks all around . Before to long the two love birds said they wanted to visit with Aunt Petunia and Ucle Vernon for the rest of the summer . So Mr. Weasley drove the four of them back to the Dursleys new address and parted ways with harry's new father in law. Once in the house they talked about how beautiful Harry's choice of words were and how happy it would have made Lily.

Before it got to late Harry and Ginny were shown to a guest room well furnished and went to bed for the night for in the morning they had to start getting ready for hogwarts again.Really it was a good start to a new life to be loved by this family. It was going to be a wonderful start to the school year harry thought.

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