The house was a disaster zone. When Ginny Potter walked inside, she could barely see the floor. She only went out for a couple of hours and left the children with Harry. Having three kids was taking a toll on them. When they had Lily Luna four years ago, they became outnumbered, and the house started to get crazy. It was always a beautiful mess.

Today, however, it looked like a storm blew through the house. On top of that, it was extremely quiet. As she stepped through the door she climbed over the coat rack that had somehow toppled over. "Probably James and Albus rough housing" she thought. And that was only the beginning of the chaos. Out of the foyer and into the kitchen was a sight she'd never seen before. White powder was everywhere. The whole kitchen floor, counters, and some cupboards were covered with the white powder. Upon further inspection as she walked fully into the kitchen she noticed the paper bag that displayed "flour" hanging out of the garbage bin. Just looking down at the floor, Ginny noticed something that made her smile. It was four pairs of footprints. The smallest pair was often just a little in front of the largest pair, and for a moment the littlest pair would disappear while the largest pair kept on moving. The other two sets of footprints were close in size, but a mother can tell the difference. They ran after the largest pair. They ran in circles. They chased after each other. For a split second, Ginny could see the scene playing out in front of her. Harry playing with Lily, Albus and James running after their father. She smiled to herself and decided to go look for them.

She had to pass through the living room to make it into the back of the house where the bedrooms were. The living room was built like a fortress. There were blankets everywhere and pillows stacked up around the room. The cushions from the couches had been piled high and place haphazardly between the couch and the side chair. The furniture had been moved a bit closer together and she wondered if the kids had played that muggle game, Lava, Harry was always jabbering on about. It seemed so. Stepping around the mess she finally made it to the hallway. She poked her head in the first bedroom, Albus'. No one was in there. She moved across the hall to the guest bedroom; she highly doubted they would be in there but she decided to look anyway. Nothing. The room next to the guest room was Lily Luna's. They weren't in there either. The last room on this stretch of the hallway across from Lily Luna's before it turned a corner was James' room. She peaked her head in there, and like the others before, nothing. That left only one place for her messy husband and messy children to be, in her and Harry's bedroom.

She quietly opened the door to find a sight that made her heart melt. Snuggled up on the bed were the four people she loved most in the world, all sleeping. Lying in the middle, anchoring them all together was her husband. His hair was jet black with large flecks of white, she assumed was from the flour. His glasses were askew on his face, his eyes shut tight. He was lying on his back with his left arm wrapped around their firstborn. James had fire red hair like his mother and glasses like his father. He had some freckles but not many and Ginny could barely see them because he was covered head to foot in flour. Lately, James had been showing signs of his growing independence but it was a sweet thing to see him snuggled up to his father the way he was. Harry's right arm was under his head but that didn't stop their youngest son, Albus, to lay with his back against Harry's side. His jet black hair was white with flour. His clothes covered in the powder. Albus looked up to his father more than anyone in the world. Ginny loved watching them interact, even now while they slept she could tell how much Albus loved being around his father. The sight that made her heart soar was seeing Lily Luna lying on top of her father's chest. She hadn't done that since she was an infant and to see her lying on her stomach, her head on his chest, and arms out to the side made tears coms to Ginny's eyes. Lily Luna looked exactly like her grandmother namesake, except for the eyes. She had her mother's eyes. And she definitely had her Daddy's heart. Like all the others she was covered head to toe in flour.

Ginny went and grabbed her camera. This moment was too precious to let it go unremembered. The sound of the camera clicking woke Harry up, but he didn't move. His eyes found hers and a sleepy smile formed on his face. She walked over to the side of the bed where Albus was lying and crawled in next to her son. She leaned over as Harry grabbed her gently behind her neck with the arm that was initially behind his head and pulled her to him. He brushed his lips against hers in the sweetest of kisses.

"Hey," she said. "The house a wreck." She was only making a statement and Harry recognized that. He smiled softly.

"I missed you. I always miss you when you leave. But we had a lot of fun today." He sleepily smiled to her. She lay down on her side facing her family and smiled.

"That's great. We can get to the house later." She put one arm under her head and watched Harry fall back asleep. She closed her eyes to fall asleep, smiling, and thinking that her life was was extremely sweet. It was a beautiful mess.

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