Chapter 1

The red steam engine sits peacefully in the middle of the hectic station with children and parents running, yelling, laughing and chattering all around. I sit on one of the many benches just silently waiting for others to arrive. To be honest I didn’t know who I was waiting for. Harry Ron and Ginny were coming back for 7th year after the war but I hadn’t spoken to them all summer.

I, Hermione Granger had changed significantly over the past 4 months (since the end of the war). For one my hair was now slightly darker and fell in smooth curls down to my waist. I looked more tanned and was skinny, taller and more confident.  As well as that I’d been made head-girl this year, which means I get to have my own dorm! My parents had died shortly after the war, a car accident or something, so I had inherited their house, where I had been staying all summer with my son.  Oh that’s the other thing that’s new about me. I have a beautiful son, he is 1 year and 2 months old.  I had hidden him while I was away fighting the war as it was the only way that I could ensure he would be safe.  He was also the reason that I hadn’t seen my friends all summer; they didn’t react well when they discovered that I had given birth before we left to fight the war.

Soon enough I would have to face the whole school, I could only hide my son for so long, but I was ready for the truth to finally come out. Currently my little boy had a glamour charm on him making him look just like me; there were a few people I had to tell about him before I could take it off.

“Hermione!” The yell snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see a flash of red hair before I was gently enveloped in a hug.

“Oh hi Ginny” I said trying to sound positive.  Apparently she was ignoring the harsh words she had shouted when she first discovered about my little boy.  

“How are you?! Sorry I haven’t been in contact, I was an awful friend, especially when you really needed me!” she blurted quickly

“It’s okay I understand you were shocked. I take it the other two haven’t come around yet?” Ginny sighed and shook her head slightly. Her head turned to my son and she smiled.

“He’s so cute! I take it he has a glamour charm on because he definitely didn’t look like this when I met him” she chuckled as he reached out a tugged her hair. “Har Har” They both laughed at the baby’s attempt to speak.

“Does the father know?” it was my turn to look guilty and shake my head now. “He needs to know Hermione, and Harry and Ron will come around soon I just don’t think they want to understand how it all happened.” I nodded in understanding.

The whistles began to blow as the steam chocked from the engine. Ginny and I leapt onto the train as it prepared to move. “Are you and Harry still dating?” I asked, Ginny smirked and nodded proudly.

“We’ve never been in a better place, it’s been amazing!” I nodded sadly, feeling incredibly disconnected from my best friend of 7 years.

“Why don’t you go and find him? I’ve got to get to the head’s compartment soon anyway.” I lied quickly. If I told the truth I didn’t need to go to the head’s compartment until we were a lot closer to Hogwarts. Ginny beamed at me, “Are you sure? And I knew you would be head girl!” I smiled and nodded and watched her head off to find Harry and Ron, secretly wishing I could go with her.

“Come on baby, looks like it’s just you and me for now.” I muttered to my son whose wide eyes blinked at me innocently before he giggled. I smiled; he always made me smile no matter what mood I was in.  It didn’t take long to get to the head’s compartment since I was close to the front of the train anyway.  Someone was already sat in there before I opened the door.

The head boy was sat quietly reading so I took a moment to study. He definitely seemed different; his normal hard eyes were softer but looked tormented in a way. His old confidence appeared hidden, and he seemed to be enjoying simply being alone.  He looked up as I slid open the door and a shadow of his former smirk returned. “Hello Granger, and whose the little guy?” his silvery eyes sliding across to the boy in my arms. I was shocked by his pleasant tone but decided not to question it.

“Oh hi Malfoy, this is my son Scorpious”  I replied popping our bags on the seat and setting Scorpious on the floor so he could stand, he stood still for a second before bouncing on his tiny feet in excitement.

“How old is he?” Malfoy questioned as I sat down allowing him to stand holding my knees a little longer.

“14 months” I replied watching as his eyes widened and he muttered something to himself before looking down at the ring on his finger. He looked back at me.

“He’s mine isn’t he?” He spoke at last, I considered lying to him but quickly realised there was no point and nodded. “It all makes sense now!” I looked at him confused he caught my eye and opened his mouth.

“My ring use to be a plain pearl because it’s my birthstone but recently it’s been getting more and more ruby stones in it which is his birthstone!” all I could do was nod in response looking at him in shock.  Why was he being so nice?

“Hey Scorp” he smiled looking down at the little boy before holding his tiny hand and leading him over to his lap before scooping him up and sitting him on his knee before bouncing him up and down. I smiled and watched as they both looked happier than I had ever seen either of them.

“Why is he under a glamour charm?” Malfoy asked suddenly, looking up from Scorpious, while waving his wand revealing Scorpious’ real appearance that was very much like Draco with blonde locks and relatively pale skin. His eyes, however were a startling purple. 

“How did you know?” 

“Babies eyes have a blue rim around them if they are under the glamour charm” he replied simply now gently rocking scorpious to sleep.

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone who the father was for a while” I replied looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I understand I mean with the war and all… I’m really sorry by the way, my father made me say all of those things, which I know is no excuse for my actions but I wish I could make up for it all.” He spoke as though his life depended on it.  I sighed realising how much pain was behind his normally cold eyes.

“How about for this year we try and let go of all the pain and hurt and try and focus on all the positive that have happened, like that little guy in your arms?” I replied making my final decision, he looked at me clearly shocked and agreed silently.

The rest of the journey went peacefully with Scorpious finally asleep I was able to sit back and appreciated the fact that Draco Malfoy really had changed and was more than willing to be a good father.

I decided to avoid mentioning my other secret for now since I really needed to do a bit more research before I shared that information.  During the feast Madame Pomefry looked after scorpious and I picked him up before Professor McGonagall led us to the head’s dorm, warning us that House unity would be crucial and that she expected us to get on. Draco was still holding scorpious for me as we walked through and saw our amazing common room…

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