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If you would’ve told me a year ago that I’d be waking up on New Year’s Day naked in Fred Weasley’s arms, I probably would’ve laughed and then promptly projectile vomited everywhere. Instead, I felt weirdly content and stupidly happy.


I had never really been one of those girls that had given much thought to my first time. I didn’t need rose petals on the bed or hundreds of flickering candles. I just needed someone I felt safe with. Someone I felt comfortable with. I had never had that before but I did with Weasley.


There were times where I had come close to having sex before. There were a couple of instances with my ex, Adam, where I thought I was going to but then backed out at the last minute. Even before in the heat of the moment with Weasley I had considered it. Thinking back though, I was glad I didn’t. I wasn’t ready. After everything that happened recently and now knowing that Weasley would be there for me no matter what, I was happy I waited. Even though it wasn’t necessarily romantic or planned, it was still perfect.


Or it was perfect until the door burst open and a rather shrill voice squealed, “I KNEW IT!” far too early in the morning. My head popped up so fast that I almost gave myself whiplash. Sydney was standing before us, looking positively gleeful, and I instantly knew that we were in deep, deep shit.


There was absolutely no denying what she was currently seeing. Our clothes were scattered across the floor and we had both jumped apart so fast that you’d think we’d been electrocuted… Not suspicious at all.


“I suspected something was going on between you two for months but now this proves it,” Sydney grinned and shut the door behind her. The girl was probably the sweetest person alive but when it came to proving herself right there was no one more self satisfied.


“Syd, you can’t tell anyone, please!” I begged and Weasley groaned while I sat up, making sure the sheet was covering me. If it had been anyone else besides Sydney I would’ve had about nine cardiac arrests at this point but she took things to the grave and I knew I could trust her with my life.


“Of course I’m not going to tell anyone but good luck when Roxy finds out,” Sydney warned with a little quirk of her eyebrow as she sat down in the armchair at the corner of my bed.


“Roxanne can’t find out, alright?” Weasley said, his voice rough from sleep, as he sat up too. His eyes narrowed suddenly at her. “Is that a hickey on your neck?”


Sydney immediately went bright red and my mouth dropped open as I spotted the mark. “Sydney!” I gasped in surprise as she clamped a hand down on her neck to hide it.


“Please tell me that’s from James,” Weasley said, his face brightening.

“James? What? No!” Sydney said before she blush deepened even further. “It sort of, kind of might be from Albus though.” She muttered sheepishly and I nearly choked on my own spit.


“Al!?” Weasley and I practically shouted in unison.


Shhh!” She hissed, waving her hands frantically. “He’s like a bedroom down!”


“Did you stay in his bedroom?” I questioned immediately, about ready to burst at the turn of events.


“Yes, but we didn’t sleep together or anything. Well we did but not like sleep sleep if you know what I mean.” After last night, I certainly knew what she meant.


“But what about James!” Weasley stammered and I looked at him curiously. Sydney looked confused.


“What about James?” She asked and now it was his turn to go a shade of red.


“Nevermind,” He said quickly. I narrowed my eyes at him before turning my attention back to my blonde friend that was just full of surprises.


“Is Al a good kisser?” I asked her with a smirk and I was honestly interested in the answer. “I’ve always wondered.”


“Oh no, you are not allowed to ask me about Albus after you two have been shagging!” She exclaimed, wagging a finger at the two of us as if she was scolding her children.


“You were the one stupid enough to end up with a hickey on your neck!” I countered.


“You two didn’t even lock the door!”


“Okay, fair point.” Weasley said after he exchanged a glance with me. “But for the record we haven’t been shagging.”


“Yeah, Weasley did the big deflowering last night.” I joked and laughed when Sydney wrinkled her nose at the usage of the work deflowering.


“Very funny.” Weasley snorted. “That wasn’t your virginity.”


I raised an eyebrow. “What? Was I so good that you thought I was more experienced?” I teased, not understanding the puzzled expression on his face that suddenly turned serious.


“No, honestly, Dessie. That wasn’t actually your virginity, was it?”


“Of course it was,” I responded easily and his deep brown eyes widened immensely.


“What about Davies?” He sputtered. The confusion on both of our faces was evident as was the uncomfort on Sydney’s at being there for the current conversation.


“What about him?”  


“You shagged him first, didn’t you--” Weasley started to say but was cut off my the sound of someone knocking on the door and jiggling the knob.


“Why the fuck is this door locked?” I don’t think I’ve ever seen three people freeze as quickly as we did at the sound of Roxy’s voice. I suffered internally from about twelve spontaneous aneurysms followed by all of my organs exploding simultaneously before springing into action.


I started ferociously whacking Weasley until he spastically rolled off the bed in a jumbled, frantic mess of limbs and sheets. He was sure to cover up his bits from Sydney although he didn’t have to considering she already had a hand slapped over her eyes as she silently screamed obscenities. He grabbed what clothes he could and dashed in the closet seconds before Rox realized she could use her wand to let herself in.


Her hair that was neatly and intricately styled the night before was tossed up in one of her signature messy buns and she had traded in her dress for one of Lily’s sports bras and a pair of James’ athletic shorts. My heart was beating so fast in my chest that I thought it might burst out but I tried my very best to look natural. Sydney was gripping so tightly on the arms of her chair that I could see the whites of her knuckles.


Thankfully, Roxanne seemed oblivious to anything out of the ordinary. “What the hell? You two have a slumber party without me?” She raised an eyebrow at me when she noted my lack of clothes. “Why are you naked, Des?” Her eyes shifted from me to Sydney. “You both disappeared pretty early last night. Something I should know about?”


I let out a laugh that couldn’t have sounded more awkward even if I had tried. “Apparently when I’m drunk I don’t like clothes.” I invented quickly. “Syd came in to check on me this morning.” Sydney nodded quickly, unable to speak but confirming my story.


“What a shame.” Roxy said with a sad shrug. “You two would make a cute couple.” She tugged on a black piece of fabric that was hung on the post of my bed and I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing. “Why do you have a tie in here?”


I probably could’ve come up with a better response to her question but in the moment of panic all I could manage was to shout, “SYDNEY MADE OUT WITH AL!”


“Dessie!” Sydney yelped indignantly and threw a pillow at my face. Her face was back to being the shade of a tomato while Roxy looked delighted.


“Way to go!” She cheered, giving Sydney a congratulatory pat on the head that she tried and failed to jerk away from. “Was he any good?”


“He’s your cousin!” Sydney reminded her, looking disgusted at the question, while I was just thankful that Roxanne’s attention was diverted.


“I’m not going to go and snog him, for Merlin’s sake! I just wanted to know if you had a decent time with it,” Roxy said with an eyeroll. Sydney avoided looking at either of us.


“He was perfectly…adequate.” She said carefully, looking humiliated to be talking about it. Sydney had never been one to kiss and tell. After she had her first snog at the end of fifth year she didn’t tell us about it for months. We only ever found out because when we got back from summer holidays the bloke she snogged  asked her out incessantly to the point where she got so uncomfortable with it that James, Logan, and Weasley threatened to hex him to oblivion if he didn’t leave her alone.  


“Adequate?” Roxy scoffed. “That’s all the info I get?”


“Well, what about you? Did you hook up with anyone last night?” Sydney asked, desperately trying to take the attention away from herself.


“Besides Logan snogging the life out of me at midnight, no.” Roxy sighed and then threw herself down on the bed with a groan. “I’m in such a dry spell right now and it’s miserable. I’m about to start auctioning off my body to Slytherins if I don’t get someone to shag me soon.”


I had completely forgotten that Weasley was in the room until I heard light retching sounds from the inside of the closet. I began hacking up a lung to try and cover up his overly dramatic reaction to hearing that his sister wanted to get laid. It fortunately worked and Roxy didn’t notice a thing. I, on the other hand, became extremely aware that he was hiding in there completely naked and wanted to get his very protective, strong, and scary twin the hell out of the room.


“Ow!” I cried suddenly and clutched my shoulder, trying my best to fake pain. Roxy turned her head to me, looking immediately concerned.


“You alright, Des?” She asked, sounding worried. The guilt of using my injury to lie to her hit me like a truck but it had to be done.


“I just got a sharp pain in my shoulder.” I lied and tried to not look at Sydney’s disapproving stare. “I just need to go down and get my potions and it’ll be fine.”


“Let me go get them--”


“No!” I said too quickly and she looked at me funny. “Ginny probably made breakfast so I’ll just get dressed and meet you both down there, okay?”


They both nodded and Roxy still looked worried but walked out with another word. The second the door was shut behind them, I flopped down on the bed and heaved a massive sigh of relief. Weasley poked his head out from the closet.


“Why do I feel like we just got away with murder?” He asked as he emerged fully while tugging on his pants.


“We sort of did considering if Rox would’ve seen you she would’ve actually killed us both.”


He had the audacity to grin at that as if it was remotely funny. “I think she would’ve spared me. I don’t think she’d have it in her to kill her only brother.”


“I think you’re overestimating your worth.” I told him with a snort. “Besides, why go on with your life without me? Who else would want to snog an ugly mug like yours?” I teased with a playful smirk as he made his way over to me.


“Lucky I found someone with such low standards, I guess.” His lips lightly brushed against my own and the fact that he was still shirtless made it very difficult to push him away.


“Lucky is right.” I affirmed and pointed to the door. “Now get out of here before your sister comes back and skins me alive.”


“Oh c’mon, I don’t think she’d go as far to skin you alive. She’d probably just decapitate you and then feed your head to the giant squid…” He grinned again and I scowled at him. “No more than that though.”


“You are really not funny.” I said with a pout.


“So now I’m ugly and I’m not funny? I really don’t seem to have a lot going for me.” He had a playful twinkle in his eyes and it made it slightly difficult to breathe. “It’s a wonder why you shagged me last night.”


“Momentary lapse in judgement.”


“You want to have another momentary lapse in judgement?” I sighed as I came to the conclusion that it would be him, not his sister, that would be the death of me before I pulled his face back to my own.

Hiiiii! So super big apologize that this is so so short but I wrote it last night and knew that if I waited to make it longer that it would take me half a decade. I figured I’d try to get at least something out to you all. This was a filler but, hey, at least it was fluffy, am I right? I’ve been doing a lot of plotting for the rest of this story and I’m really excited about what’s to come so stick around. In the meantime, please leave a review to let me know if you guys actually still even like this story and what you thought of the chapter. I appreciate any sort of feedback that I get! Love you all xx


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