it was with apprehension that Harry Potter approached the gate of the new Dursley Home. He was thinking that they probablt didn't care that he had told them by muggle post that he was going to come back for the last days of summer. Which considering what had been between them was a bit of a hole in his plan. but at least he could consider going to the Weasleys if this didn't work out. he knew also that Professor McGonagall had told him to be careful these days because of his record around these people. though it would be brutally likwly that things hadn't changed. it was with shock that he watched Aunt Petunia race to the front door to welcome him into their home with anticipaton.

his Uncle was just in the hall when he was ushered in the room. this was a much better welcome than he ever had received before at the home of his only living relatives. it was just shocking and kind of heart warming too. it was just as he was headed towards the large sitting room that he noticed something different. There were actually other people sitting on the couch that he thought had been dead for years.

there was his Dad, (James Potter) , his Mom, (Lilly Potter) and most important was Sirius Black. they of course were smiling at him with pure joy at the sight of him. Aunt Petunia explained that a member of the Ministry had looked at s charm that could bring a small number of people back from the dead. it had been decided to reward Mr.Potter for doing what was considered impossible so they had asked the wizards who were loyal to Harry Potter to come together to try the spell to see if it was legit. it turnes out to bring back three people and those were the people who had located the Dursleys and told them they wanted to see him. that was the main resoan they wanted to bring him here for a good time and covince him to go stay with his parents at Sirius Blacks House or somewhere that they would be able to live together.

at this point James stood up and walked over to his starstruck son and spoke softly," Hey its okay it is really us. We thoguht you would be surprised. Just know that we are very proud of you and want to be in your life as long as we can untill we pass on years and years from now." Harry Potter was just so close to actual tears that he walked into his fathers arms and gave him a hug.

thats when he heard his alarm and reaized he had started fantaziing this for weks since summer had begun. it was just when the dursleys had told he could stay with the weasleys if he wanted to they were not going to worry about it. they said they wanted nothing further to do with him thank you.


so that summer he went to the Weasleys' house which he was certainly not going to be a bother. when he got an idea. "Mr.Weasley, would it be okay if me and Ginny got married earlier than planned? it will get better for us if it were done before we went back to school?" Mr.Weasley thoughtfully spoke in reply," Yes I think thst you should Marry Ginny before hand that way you'll never be truly seperated." with that he went to go tell Mrs.Weasley the good news. it was a great surprise when Fred and Geroge produed the perfect ruby ring that they wanted hime to give to Giinny. they also produced a ring with dimonds rubys and saphires set in the band. they said this was the ring for the wedding. he gladly took the offering from his future brothers and smiled at the thought.

it was going to be hard put to arrange. he wanted a small wedding he said just family and friends. he was wanting to not otushine any of the others with a big wedding. they planned it for the day before Harry's eighteenth birthday. witht that he took the first ring and went to find Ginny who happened to be sitting in the kitchen with a tearful Mrs.Weasley. he approached her with care and bent to one knee and spoke as clearly as possible condiering the nerves. he said,"Ginny Weasley will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" The tension in the room was thick as everyone waited for her answer. she answered with tear filled eyes,  "Yes, Harry Potter, I will Marry you and become your wife."

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