It was with a heavy heart that all the inhabitants of Hogwarts school to get through all the funerals themselves. it was even harder that they had to try and get their lives staightened out. it was definitely a drag for Harry James Potter, the one who had conquered the Dark Lord, it would take some time to undo the memory of losing Remus and Tonks themselves. as it was Harry Potter the boy with the brillant green eyes ( and well you know what he looks like), who admitted that it was a relief that Voldemort was gone those that had been Death Eaters had been either captured as well or on the run. some had alreay run during the last part of the Battle of Hogwarts. there were some amongst those that had helped save their beloved school who didn't know what truely happened that day but Harry kept repeating that even their deceased Headmaster knew that it was important to remember why these things had happened and whose to blame in all these disaterous moments.

he would have been proud of the way most of the students that had been under his tutlege had stood up and fought for their school as one force. it had said that they truely were loyal to the school where they lived and learned and laughed. it was heart warming to know that they had not given him to the Dark Lord at that terrible moment in the Great Hall when he first had showed his face to Professor Snape himself.  who had proven himself greatly forgiven since he had saved that memory for just the right time. it had not been that easy to keep up with all that had gone on but it surely made things come to better days to come.

one thing that is certain it will be in their memories what they needed to do now that it was certainly over. but it was not the war they had to face now. they had to face rebuilding the wizarding world itself and help get families together and back in good health. it was that the wiarding hospital had been over run by countless paitents in need of care, it was hard to take in that number as well as those that had died. it was just the ones that were still alive that could be helped back towards what they had before.

it had been just yesterday evening when Harry had gotten a chance to speak to Ginny Weasley to tell her he was planning to Marry her someday but first they had to date for a while to pleae her brothers unless they were okay with the idea. it wasn't all her brothers it was just Ron. also Ron was planning to accopmany Hermornie Granger in the search for her parents but she said she had forgotten that her parnets hadn't a clue they were there except for what they thought they were thinking and that she should leave well enough alone and live alone now. then ron stated that they would get their own place close to family as soon as they could. it was just that he wanted Mr. Weasley's permission first after they finished at Hogwarts.

after that he went to look for Professor Mcgonagall to ask her if he could come back to Hogwarts in order to get his N.E.W.T.S. When he found her she was sitting in the Great Hall resting. he went quietly towards her, cleared his throat when he reached her and said," Professor?" As she responded to his voice her face lit up like a candle. she was so greatful that he had done what he had done. She gained her composure and answered, "What is it that i can help you with , Potter?" He said clearly, "Can I come back to Hogwarts to finish my education, I want to at least do that before any decision making? Would that be okay?" Professor McGonagall spoke with clear joy in her voice, "Yes, I think you should. I will be able to help you catch up with the work and make sure what ever it is you want to be comes to being."

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