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Sirius sat across from James at the Potter dining table, laughing along as Mrs Potter explained a particularly heated retelling of one of her run in’s with a Gringotts goblin. 

‘And he tried to get me to open a second vault, saying there was too much in ours. And I just sat him down and gave him a right yelling to.’ Mrs Potter continued, as she served up dinner to the two boys, ‘I said, now listen here Ricbert, or whatever the bloody hell your name is. Do you mean to tell me that a magical facility, with the sole purpose of holding magical currency, cannot find a way to perhaps enlarge our vault?! Or are you just trying to get me to pay twice the amount of bi-annual fees!?’

The idea of little Mrs Potter having a row with a goblin was too much for either of the boys to handle and Sirius smacked his fists down on the table, howling with laughter, while James snorted so hard he fell out of his chair.

‘Oh, James. Do try and keep your backside in the seat.’

‘What did he say? Was he scared out of his wits?’ Sirius enquired, lifting his head from the table and reaching for the potatoes.

‘Well of course he was!’ Mrs Potter flashed him a grin, ‘you don’t piss off the main benefactors of your bank, Sirius. I can tell you now, our account is certainly among the tops of the tops of Gringotts. And Ricbert found himself otherwise reassigned after that whole ordeal.’ 

Mrs Potter had the most satisfied look on her face. After her words, when James clawed his way back into his seat, he was once again thrown out of it from the ridiculous way he flailed his arms from his jolted laughter and struggles to take breaths of fresh air.

‘James, honestly.’ Mrs Potter gave out a little chuckle at his show, but quickly turned on Sirius, ‘How’s Ali going at school, Sirius? I can’t believe you both managed to snag Head Girls.’ Mrs Potter shook her head in wonderment, with a perfectly enthralled smile at bothher son’s seemingly impeccable taste in women. 

‘She’s fighting everyone, no doubt. I can see it now. She can give the prefect’s detentions this year. She’ll be in heaven.’ Sirius barked out a short laugh, picturing Ali reprimanding an entire room full of students she’d pulled up for crimes against the school.

‘I don’t know, mate. Since losing her mum, don’t you think she’s gotten a little more lax? Like, maybe she’s running around after hours getting into trouble with all those sexy seventh year boys Hogwarts has to offer?’ James resurfaced with a devilish grin. 

‘Shut up, James. Eat your potatoes, you git.’ Sirius glared at him, readying a spoon full of peas to fling in his direction.

‘Boys!’ Mrs Potter chastised reaching out and stopping Sirius, ‘you’re both wrong. She’ll have her nose buried in one of those books she was reading over the summer, no doubt.’ 

‘What books?’ Sirius resigned his loaded weapon back to his plate and James and Sirius both looked to Mrs Potter for an answer.

She grinned, ‘one of those romance novels. Didn’t you notice what she was reading? Those books… well…’ Mrs Potter covered her mouth with a loosely closed fist as her mind wandered off to exactly the books she was thinking about. They were certainly of the adultcontext. She expected when she met Ali, that the reason she was reading them in front of everyone was because the boys never paid close attention to anything that wasn’t prank related. None of them would have noticed. Probably not even Remus. But Mrs Potter picked up on it right away.

‘What? What’s she reading? Weren’t they textbooks?’ Sirius looked concerned.

Mrs Potter just giggled, ‘eat your peas, Sirius. You both have a big night ahead of you.’

The boys instantly forgot about Mrs Potter’s proclamation and ate the dinner she had made for them, while carrying on about whether or not Mrs Potter would have been more like James, or more like Sirius at school. Sirius was convinced Mrs Potter was a beauty at school and boys used to chase after her. So she was definitely like him. James was unconvinced and said no girls chased after him at school and he was just delusional. That his mother would have been an upstanding student having only just missed out on being Head Girl herself. Mrs Potter scoffed at that and told them she wasn’t anything close to prefect material and that they should hurry up and finish their vegetables before they were needed on Order patrol.

‘Boys! Before you go. I’ve made you all something!’ Mrs Potter said as James and Sirius playfully slapped one another in the entrance hall, getting ready to disapparate. Mrs Potter hurried off up the stairs and Sirius lashed out, grabbing James in a head vice and pulling him down into the side of his body while James cried out pitifully.

‘Okay! Okay, you win!’

‘Say it.’ Sirius growled, glaring down at the back of James’s head.

‘Alright! You’re the prettiest! You!’ James squealed.

‘Say it with feeling, you dirty stag!’

‘Sirius Black is the prettiest boy to ever live! The heavens look down upon his face for guidance through dark periods of history!’ James cried out, trying to shimmy backwards out of the head lock Sirius had him in.

‘Wow,’ Sirius said, letting him free, ‘that was kind of poetic, Prongs. Thank you.’ Sirius touched a hand to his heart in mock adoration. Mrs Potter was already half way down the stairs, shaking her head at the both of them. 

‘I made these. Not just for you two. I have one for Peter and Remus, as well. I didn’t know how on board the girls would be for it, but if they like them I can make more.’ Mrs Potter had two scarlet coloured t-shirts in her hands. As she got to the bottom, she spread one out to show them the front. It had a golden phoenix emblazoned across the front.

‘Mrs P! You’ve outdone yourself! I love it!’ Sirius launched forward grabbing one from her straight away. James wasn’t far behind, shoving him out of the way to get the remaining one.

‘These are fantastic! I love it when we’re matching!’ James declared as Sirius ripped his black shirt over his head without any kind of shyness towards the notion of being half naked before James’s mother. 

‘Fits perfect!’ Sirius nodded his approval after pulling the shirt over his head.

‘We look dashing.’ James agreed, after undressing and pulling his on, also. 

‘Oh I love them.’ Mrs Potter jostled happily on the last stair, where she looked over the boys with a weathered smile, crows-feet forming at her eyes and smile lines heavy on her cheeks.

‘We love you!’ Sirius grabbed a hold of the tiny little lady, hugging her tight as James joined in. Mrs Potter giggled away happily as she was tall enough to hug them both without reaching up, situated on the last step. Once James and Sirius had let her go, they started shoving each other and arguing over who looked better. Mrs Potter just sighed heavily, although it was nice having so much life around the house again.

‘You boys be careful. I don’t want to hear any reckless stories about you two riding that bikeagain.’ Mrs Potter warned, pointing a finger at the two of them as they shoved each other making their way back to the middle of the little entrance hall.

‘Yes, ma’am!’ James saluted.

‘I actually got rid of the bike. It was a terrible example to set for kids. Death contraption, really. I mean, splinching is far less gruesome than bike crashes.’ Sirius nodded away making a show of what it would be like to turn up splinched, leaving half your body behind. James was laughing again. Mrs Potter sighed at them.

‘Just go.’ She rolled her eyes as Sirius joined James in laughter, then took a hold of his messy haired counterpart, disapparating them and leaving Mrs Potter with a wide grin on her old face. 

The boys’ apparated back in London, in Sirius’s flat. Sirius had his footing right away, but James stumbled. Without much furniture about the place and nothing for him to grab a hold of, he crumpled in a heap on the floor. Sirius just cackled at his misfortune and less than graceful footing while discarding his black shirt on the floor below.

‘Not so quick on your feet, as you are on a broom, are you Prongs.’

‘Ugh, Padfoot. How old are these?’ James asked, lifting up the pair of pants that had cushioned his landing.

‘I don’t have all the answers, Prongs. Some things are better left unknown, in my opinion.’ With that, James promptly flung the pants out of his hand and they hit the dusty old vertical piano that sat up against the long wall overlooking the streets of London below.

‘Mate, you need to get a decorator in or something. This place really is abysmal looking.’ James looked around. Sirius’s flat was quite big, and quite old, and very muggle. Its hard wood floors had long since been polished. Instead of shining and feeling as if you could slide over them in your socks, it felt more likely you’d get a splinter not wearing shoes on them. The flat was mostly one large open room. All the walls were bricked in various shades of reds and it was fitted with muggle lighting. The fixtures and wires could all be seen on the high ceilings overhead giving the empty flat an industrial, unfinished look. The wall opposite the front door was the one overlooking the streets below and was filled with large windows and opened out to a small, iron grated balcony. 

There was only very few pieces of furnishings around. There was a table with four chairs that James and Sirius had transfigured from an old broken setting they found out in a dumpster. They were both proud of that find. The flat had come with a few bits and pieces. The old piano, that Sirius hadn’t touched. A “fridge”, which Lily had explained was the muggle way of keeping food fresh. The fact that muggles couldn’t put cooling charms on things still baffled both James and Sirius, but Sirius had been delighted by it and kept it. The contents of the fridge, though, were about as exciting as the surrounding furniture. Other than that there was an old rug in what probably could have been a lounge room area of the large open room, but no such furniture had been purchased to set it up. Instead it sat taking up the right hand back corner of the place, just looked sad and desolate.

‘We should get you a couch.’ James added, walking over to the area and mapping out in his head where they could put it.

‘I’m never here. I don’t see the point.’ Sirius shrugged, making his way over to where the kitchen corner was and making his way up the little set of stairs that sat suspended over where the fridge was situated against the left wall. 

There wasn’t really an upstairs area. It was just a half level where Sirius’s bed was. The only furniture they had bought. There was a little ledge blocking off the bedroom from the eyes of those below, and over the bannister was, probably, every item of clothing Sirius owned. James knew for a fact that even with the only piece of furniture up there being a bed, the place was shockingly untidy. There was also a nicely sized bathroom up there that had a free standing bath tub with little silver feet keeping it off the floor. James and Sirius had named it Samson Von Tubbington. 

‘Alright, I’m ready.’ Sirius sounded, floating down the stairs in a fluid kind of rhythm. He had donned a black leather jacket over his shirt and grinned at James once he was on the lower level of the flat, standing before him.

‘Is that a muggle jacket?’

‘Saw it in a magazine. Thought it looked cool.’ Sirius shrugged.

‘How are we supposed to fight Death Eaters when we’re beating women off you? Did you ever think of that?!’ James mock-exasperated, stamping a foot down and making his way off to the front door.

‘I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t think you’d mind.’ Sirius cooed, following off behind him.

‘Of course you didn’t. Never think of anyone but yourself, do you, Sirius.’ James pretended to cry as he flung open the front door and barged out into the hall of Sirius’s building. When Sirius had first moved in, James was his most regular visitor. The fact that he was always mucking around with James every time he seemed to leave the flat, had caught the attention of Sirius’s neighbours.

In particular, it had caught the attention of Sirius’s next door neighbour. The old building wasn’t glamourous, but it was in quite a nice area around Chelsea, close to the River Thames. And considering the size of the flats, it only allowed two to a floor. And Sirius’s neighbour was a very old woman and she made it very apparent from their first encounter that she did not approve of young hooligans moving in across from her. She had also made it very apparent that she did not approve of boys acting so flamboyant. And that was when Sirius and James made it their mission to make the old lady as uncomfortable as possible.

Of course James’s loud yelling had reached the other side of the landing, it was a large space but the doors were only separated by the stairs leading down to the other levels of the three storey walk up. Her door cracked open and her sour face appeared in the opening, right on schedule.

‘Aw, baby. Don’t be like that.’ Sirius played along, loving this game.

‘No. I’ve had it up to here with your roughish, manliness. You and your insolent good looks. You smell like sandalwood and sweat. How am I supposed to believe you when you go out and you say you’re not meeting up with other boys? How could anyone resist you?!’ James threw his hands down by his sides, knocking his glasses askew and whimpering.

It was quite apparent Sirius was trying not to laugh. But he kept it together, ‘Baby.’ He reached out fixing James glasses, then with a flash of his eyes in his neighbours direction to make sure she was still present, he leant in and placed a kiss to James’s cheek, ‘I hate it when you’re angry. Let me take you to dinner. I want to treat my special boy.’ 

It was when Sirius started rubbing noses with James that they heard an indignant cry of shock and a door slam. They both broke into laughter and after Sirius locked up the flat they continued on like there was nothing of it and made their way downstairs.

They left the white corner building and walked out onto the street where Sirius’s bike was parked. Sirius threw a leg over first, making sure his wand was secure in his back pocket first. James jumped on pillion soon after and without any need for explanation, Sirius started up the engine and the boys took off, roaring down the street. 

At one point, James yelled out ‘I love this bloody bike!’ when Sirius took a corner particularly sharply and they both laughed, coming out of it unscathed. When they got to their allotted section, set to them by Alastor Moody (a very prank-allergic Auror they’d met over the holidays) Sirius slowed down and they kept their eyes peeled for any suspicious activity. 

Over the past few months, they had all been tasked with patrols. And they weren’t uneventful. Since the rise of Voldemort’s powers, hooded figures were coming out of the wood works. Terrorizing muggles, torturing muggle-borns and their allies, just generally being vindictive and spiteful. Some had been caught by the Order and left, stunned to be found by the Ministry once the Order members had alerted Moody. 

Tonight James and Sirius had been selected to keep an eye out around a particularly sulky part of London, where they knew a lot of Death Eaters had been sighted over the past few months. It was sure it provide entertainment and James and Sirius chatted away quietly as they drove slowly around the streets and down deserted alleyways, near streets where they were aware of muggles frequenting. 

‘So,’ James started as Sirius parked the bike and they got off to have a look around a more populated square.

‘What?’ Sirius looked back at him as they walked out into the open square filled with muggles going about their nightly business; shopping, going to dinner, taking in a show, all sorts were out.

‘How’s it going with Adams? You doing alright? Being separated from the love of your life?’ James played. Sirius just gave him a bland expression in reply before carrying on and looking out for suspicious individuals.

‘Ugh, I guess it sucked missing her birthday.’ Sirius shrugged, ‘but we write a lot. She’d be neck deep in study anyway. But one weird thing-’ Sirius turned to look at James, but his eye caught something else as the crowd behind James came into view.

‘Wait, there. Look slowly, don’t attract attention.’ Sirius kept his eyes on what he spotted as James casually turned around, looking as if he was just admiring the buildings around them.

‘Three of them.’ Sirius confirmed.

‘Looks like they’re following someone.’ James agreed as they started to move towards the three dark-looking figures huddled together, targeting a frightened looking man. The man kept glancing over his shoulder at them and his pace was picking up. He turned suddenly and started in the direction towards James and Sirius.

‘Let’s screw up their plans, shall we?’ Sirius sounded positively delighted as they stood in wait, trying to look innocuous. The man hurried towards them and as he approached, the boys noticed a wand clutched in his hand, but of course there were too many muggles around to be able to use any defensive magic and get away without a massive ordeal. 

James looked sideways at Sirius and grinned like he had a well thought out plan brewing. They needed no words, Sirius trusted James’ judgement and nodded at him. The wizard barged by them, swaying Sirius momentarily and as he looked up, James was putting his plan into action.

‘Oy, ye’ plug-ugly, arsemongers!’ James shouted, drawing attention to them and readying a fist only to drive it straight into the face of the first of the three attackers. He hit the man so hard, the mask under his hood flew off and scrapped to a stop a few feet away while the man fell backwards onto the cement below. 

Neither Sirius nor James recognised him. There were a few shocked gasps as the other two figures bent down to help the third one up.

‘You little gits!’ The unidentified death eater pulled out his wand as soon as he was on his feet and both James and Sirius’s hands went to their back-pockets instinctively, but they didn’t draw them.

‘Better watch it. Don’t want to cause a scene.’ Sirius warned as a standoff started. The boys stood ready, watching the three before them as a crowd started to form around the five of them. That’s when one of the figures who was still masked, shouted out.

‘He’s gone! They’ve lost him for us!’ 

‘Get them!’ The second cried and they all launched forwards and James and Sirius took no time to turn around, fast as they could, sprinting back towards where they’d parked the bike.

The boys both laughed all the way back, jumping on the bike as fast as they could with Sirius violently kicking up the kickstand and jumping the bike into life. They went tearing off down the alley before any of the death eaters could catch up. 

‘They’re following! They’ve pulled brooms out their bloody arses!’ James confirmed, looking behind for Sirius. Sirius just revved the bike, gearing up and they sped off even faster. They weaved dangerously through traffic and ran a red light, causing a car to come to a squealing halt in the middle of an intersection. They skidded around another corner and that’s when they heard a siren start up behind them.

‘Shit.’ Sirius flashed a look behind, but didn’t stop and instead went full throttle ahead, with James laughing behind him, ‘I’ll try to lose them.’ Sirius rode the fastest he could, but they were in a more suburban expanse of streets now, so losing the muggle police in traffic was out of the question. Sirius roared up streets and avoided traffic lights, trying his best to lose the flashing blue lights.

Sirius looked around at them once more, then took a corner so sharply he was impressed that he managed to pull both he and James out of it. It was a short lived victory however, as he had to close his hand drastically over the front brake while simultaneously slamming his foot down on the rear brake so they wouldn’t be flung off the bike as they slowed to a stop at the end of the narrow, dead-ended alleyway. 

They heard the police siren close in behind them and the sound of scraping metal along brick. Sirius looked back at James as James let go of the hold he had on him and then they both observed as the hefty police officers exited their car and sidled, with great difficulty, between the car and the walls of the alleyway towards them. James stifled a laugh behind Sirius and Sirius bit his lip when the larger of the two, snapped off one of their side mirrors with his bottom. 

‘Get off the bike!’ He bellowed, freeing himself from the mirror.

‘Sure thing, tubby.’ Sirius whispered under his breath as the both of them got off the bike, with James snickering at Sirius’s comment. James was off first, followed easily by Sirius. The officers surveyed them for a moment, taking them in now that they stood before the hood of their car.

‘No helmets!’ He shouted, pointed an outraged finger at both of them, ‘Exceeding the speed limit by- by a considerable amount!’

‘Here we go,’ Sirius whispered, rolling his eyes, ‘those guys will be catching up any moment now.’

‘Failing to stop for the police!’ The officer continued in quite a state.

‘We’d love to stop for a chat,’ James tried to hurry the exchange up, ‘only we were trying-’

‘Don’t get smart! You two are in a heap of trouble!’ The other officer growled, ‘Names!’

‘Names?’ Sirius queried jokingly, ‘Er- well, let’s see. There’s Wilberforce… Bathsheba… Elvendork…’

‘And what’s nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy or a girl,’ James added as they both tried not to laugh.

‘Oh, our names, did you mean?’ Sirius continued, still keeping an eye out for the Death Eaters while the smaller officer spluttered over his words, ‘You should have said! This here’s James Potter and I’m Sirius Black.’

‘Things’ll be seriously black for you in a minute, you cheeky little-’

If it wasn’t for the sight of the Death Eaters coming towards them, Sirius would have applauded the officer for his pun. But as it was, both he and James reached into their back pockets in unison, grabbing their wands and readying themselves to attack. It would be easier to get by on a warning for defensive magic in front of two muggles, than it would before a huge crowd of them. 

‘Drumsticks? Right pair of jokers, aren’t you? Right, we’re arresting you on the charge of-’ before the smaller officer could name their charges, Sirius and James both shouted ‘stupefy’ and their doubled-up stunning spells shot out before them, raising the police vehicle up on his back wheels, causing the three Death Eaters to smash directly into it. 

As bits of their brooms flicked around the alleyway, James and Sirius quickly rounded on the bike, jumping back onto it and kicking it back into action. When they looked back at the officers, the smaller one was sat in the larger ones lap and Sirius laughed.

‘Thanks very much!’ He shouted over the growl of the bike as he flipped the switch he had built into the console, turning it to flight mode, ‘we owe you one!’ 

‘Yeah, nice meeting you!’ James added, wrapping his arms around Sirius’s waist, ‘and don’t forget; Elvendork! It’s unisex!’ as he finished, the car came to a crash landing behind the officers and they wrapped their arms around one another in fright. 

Sirius revved the engine and pulled the bike up as it drove straight up into the sky and out of the confines of the alley.

‘Reckon we should go back for the tossers?’ James asked looking below them.

‘They’ll be down and out for a while, I bet those upstanding officers might even put them in cuffs for that scene. Let’s see just how much trouble the muggles can give them.’ Sirius grinned, flying forwards once they were high enough in the cloud cover above. 

‘Wicked.’ James laughed as Sirius flicked on the shrouding switch so they could fly back to their station and continue on with the rest of their patrol, ‘so what was the odd thing with Adams?’

‘Oh,’ Sirius jumped straight back into his conversation, as if the last hour of time hadn’t passed them by, ‘she keeps blathering on about my brother. I don’t know how to feel about that.’ Sirius explained, screwing up his face in a confused scowl.

‘Uh-oh!’ James laughed, ‘Ol’ Adams has the taste for Black and she’s wanting more.’ 

‘I will throw you from this bike, I swear to Merlin.’ Sirius warned as James cackled loudly behind him.  

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