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 Chapter 3: It Begins


The bottle sat on the shelf next to his accounting books for the better part of two weeks. Every now and then he was tempted to uncork the damn thing and perform a reversal process on it. But every time he went to reach for it, the annoying voice in the back of his mind stopped him. He would hope that anyone who ever bought one of his products would just leave the mystery of its magic alone. So, the bottle remained on the shelf, glimmering in annoyance.

George had been working alongside the Ministry for awhile now. With the success of their wearable shield charms, the ministry wanted to give their Aurors a new way of evading harm, should a situation be called for. George had been looking into improving the Peruvian Darkness Powder for a while now. And it wasn’t until he had asked Hermione what muggles look for in a magician’s act that he came up with a new idea.

“Well, there was this one time I went to a muggle circus with my parents, and the magician on the stage took a ring off his finger and threw it on the ground. A great puff of white smoke appeared and the magician was gone. At the time I thought he really disappeared, but they just have a trap door under them. The smoke provides a screen in which enables him to escape.” She had explained.

Muggles were ingenious, whether they intended it or not. But their simplistic ways of ‘performing magic’ was quite the laugh amongst wizarding children.

And so he now found himself sitting at his bench charming and infusing the darkness powder into simple pieces of jewelry that could be worn by anyone. A simple white gold band for an undercover Auror, or a gold locket for that special someone in your life, to the more expensive, more loaded charm bracelet. The user simply had to throw the piece on the ground and the room they occupied would fill with darkness to allow them ample to disappear or at least hide.

 Now he just needed a good way to display them. All new products went in one of the four front windows of his shop. But displaying jewelry was completely foreign to him. So during lunch he took a stroll towards Juniper’s Junk Shop. The old hag always had costume pieces on display, so he went traversing through the shop to look for inspiration. In one of the back corners, on a lopsided dining table were sorted amounts of broken pins, tarnished rings, lockets without chains and chains without lockets. The rings sat in a moldy red display case, the charms and lockets sans chains were thrown into chipped tea cups and the chains and necklaces that were intact were hanging off a broken coat hanger.

‘Well this is just unacceptable.’ He thought as he glanced over the dusty pieces.

Leaving no more enlightened then when he entered, he passed the Defiantly Devious on his way back to the shop. Nothing had changed in the store front. The same display of the Boosters were in the window, still as insulting as the first day it appeared. George huffed and continued down the alley. It wasn’t until a high pitched screech from an owl entering the Emporium that George was struck with an idea. A large barn owl was perched on a thick branch in the front window. Disgustingly enough, the owl feces hanging off the branch started the wave of ideas. He stopped at the tea shop to grab a quick cuppa and a biscuit before returning to the store.

Back at the shop, George had transfigured a dead trick wand into a small looking dead tree, fuchsia to match the décor to stand on its own in the window. It was surrounded by delicate plain teacups. George set to carefully hang the necklaces off the branches of the tree, the silver and gold mixing well with the bright purple tree. He balanced the bracelets over the edges of the teacups, giving it a look of a cup too full, and charms that spilled on to the saucer. The rings were used as confetti all around the tree and cups.

Never Attend Another Tea Party Without Your Peruvian Jewels

Each Piece Carefully Infused With Darkness Power

He stood back admiring his work, when he glanced at a few passing shoppers walking by. The window he had chosen looked down the alley straight towards Defiantly Devious. He put his hand into his pocket to take out his wallet. In one of the back pockets is where kept the black business card. He gave it a quick once over before he twirled it between his fingers.

‘Pawn to D3. Your move.” He thought then placed the card back in his wallet.


The proprietor smirked as they read the words that filled the back of their card. So it begins…


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