Harry's POV 

A few hours earlier 

"You cheated with Draco Malfoy?!" All sympathy I had left for Hermione was gone. "How COULD you Hermione?!" 

Hermione and I were still sitting on the bench we  had been sitting on since Ron Apparated to Merlin knows where. I had blackmailed Hermione in telling me how Ron and her came to their split. 

She told me about her one-year trip, (which I of course already knew of) staying at Krums, (which I didn't know of until now) and how Ron discovered it through an extremely unfortunate turn of events. When she got home she had a huge fight with him, and barely talked to him for a few days. But Krum had to visit their home to fill in some last reports (Hermione didn't have a say in it though; it were Ministers orders) and Ron had to act like a complete jerk and blow up their whole apartment over nothing. He had gotten even angrier when she took Krums side in the argument... 

 "What the hell did he expect?," Hermione had said, "That I would applaud him for blowing up our house instead of just handing him some damn eggs like Krum asked? He was our bloody guest as well. Ron was lucky Nana Molly never found out.

From that point, Ron and me stopped talking completely. We were incredibly childish about it, I'll admit... It was like we were playing a game and who said something first would lose. But of course, I was incredibly sad and was even wandering near the boundaries of depression. I had an incredibly difficult position at the Ministry, especially for a 23 year old, and that's why I was pretty much always working. When I wasn't, I was at home, either writing some last reports or searching for data for some lasts reports. And when I wasn't doing that, I was alone, doing nothing, and trying to keep myself busy with something else to avoid having to sit with Ronald in the living room...." 


You would've thought that I had Harry,Ginny, Luna, plenty of people to talk to besides Ron but I couldn't. You see, both Ron and me were trying our very hardest to not let the rest of the family know how bad our relationship was doing. If I were to talk to Harry for example, he'd get it out of me in no time, and involve the whole family. So Ronald and me both came to the silent agreement of convincing the rest of the family that we were to busy to be socially involved with them -- heck, Ron even took extra Auror missions without Harry as a colleague just so he'd be drowning in his work and didn't have time for anything else. 

For weeks, I lived like a zombie, not talking to anyone and just mindlessly doing my work, eating just enough for no one of the outside world to think there was something wrong with me, sleeping, and doing it all over again. After about a month, it became a routine for me to cry myself to sleep.  

"How have I ended up like this?" I kept asking myself. "How did I screw up so bad?"

I thought about breaking up with Ron, but I just wasn't waiting for all the drama that would come with that, especially since the family knew nothing about our struggles. Also, breaking up would include talking to him, and that would be equal to losing to him. I wasn't going to be the first one to talk. Over my dead body. 

I met him on a rainy October day. Ofcourse, I had known him for 12 years already, but everything was different now. 

I was still working at International Magical Cooperation, and we were on a new case. There had been reports of a Magical cult in Iceland, rapidly growing. They praised a certain Magical God and had certain believes, (like having to kill anyone who didn't believe in their God) that were harmful to other people. This also basically meant they had to kill all Muggles, since they were Magical folk and could never convert non-Magical folk to believe in their Magical God without breaking the ultimate law of Wizarding Secrecy. 

We were closely involved with Iceland at the time however, since the both of our countries were hosting the Gobstone World Cup. 

The threat that was this cult needed to be sorted out. Quick.

My one-year work trip had been very good for my reputation at the ministry, and I was named head of this case. I worked above alot of people for the first time in my life. However, it quickly became obvious that I wouldn't be able to do this alone. This case was also a case for Magical Law, not just Magical Cooperation, so Minister Shacklebolt informed me he would get me a Magical Law expert who would team up with me and together we would lead the case. Since the guy was a so called 'expert' I was very excited to work with him. Finally, the day arose that we were supposed to have our first meeting. To my disappointment, he was late. 

Constantly looking at my watch, I didn't even notice the door softly opening. It was only when I felt two eyes try to burn holes in my forehead that I looked up. My jaw rather dramatically dropped. 

Sure, in the six years we hadn't seen each other alot had changed, but I wouldn't forget his face. 
"You've got to be kidding me..." Draco Malfoy muttered. 

"Its you..." I grunted. Magical Law expert? Since when was this twat even an Magical Law expert? 

Malfoy opened his mouth as though he was going to say something but then closed it, closed the door instead and nervously scratched his head. 

"Uhmmm.... So how you've been?" He finally asked when he confirmed I wasn't going to say anything. How have I been?  Since when did Malfoy know manners?

"Great," I said, my eyes two brown slits, just waiting for him to resort to his usual bully -like behavior. But it didn't come.

"Well, that's nice, I suppose," he said awkwardly. 

It stayed silent for nearly a minute. "Well, this meeting was just to get to know each other. Unfortunately, we already do. Tomorrow is our first day of working together, I hope you won't be late again," I said. Malfoy nodded awkwardly, and that was that as I walked out. 

I didn't tell anyone about me working with Malfoy because, as I've stated, I was pretty antisocial during this time period. I was just constantly waiting for Malfoy to return to his old awful self, but it didn't come. I couldn't stand being the only obnoxious one in our duo. I reminded myself way too much off how Ron had always been in our relationship. I didn't even last a week before I asked Malfoy what the hell had happened with him.

He hardly spoke, usually only when spoken to, and he chose his words carefully; they always served a purpose that at least in some way related to the case. 
He hadn't called me Mudblood even once. I don't know if Malfoy had been waiting for me to ask, or he just needed someone to talk to, but now I think it was the latter. In the 6 years since the Battle of Hogwarts I hadn't really thought about what happened to the Malfoys. He told me. He told me everything.

"Dad was put in Azkaban for being a Death Eater and actively helping Voldemort. Mum and me however, were free. Our situation was horrid, though. Nearly all possessions we had were taken by the Ministry, and Mum went into depression when she learned Dad was going to prison again. So I was all alone. It wasn't like I had Crabbe or Goyle at my sides anymore, and Blaise went on a world trip after Hogwarts. I tried keeping in touch with him through letters, but I quickly learned he didn't want to keep in touch with me. Suddenly he didn't like being affiliated with a Death Eater son anymore, since it wasn't 'cool' anymore, I guess. 

I reached out to Patty, although I admittedly never liked her all that much, but she had immigrated to Eastern Europe to become a pornstar.  

I was completely alone, and now I was the one who had to take care of my mother. However, I couldn't get a job. It figured, because, again, who would like to be affiliated with a Death Eaters son? 
I saw no other chance in escaping it all but  using all money we had left to study Magical Law in North America. I thought that I wouldn't be so notorious there. I was wrong. 

You see, the story of Voldemort had gone over the whole world; other countries had watchfully kept a close eye, without trying to involve and possibly become Voldemorts next victim. Besides, pretty much during the entire time, Voldemort had operated behind the shadows; the other countries couldn't even be sure he was really trying to get the power in England.
They all knew about my story in America, and for the first time in my life, I ended up being constantly bullied and humiliated at school, and moreover being completely broke. I knew that the only way for me to ever be able to reintegrate into the Wizarding society was if I forced respect. So I drowned myself in school work, shutting down everything else, so I would become the absolute best student in my class. And I did: I was on my way to graduating with the highest possible honors. I was quickly losing money though, and at this point I was forced to accept the only option I had left: I had to get a Muggle job.

It was the only way for me to get a job, since the Muggle workgivers didn't know about my past and were unbiased. And, being forced to constantly work with Muggles, I couldn't help but find that they are hardly different from us at all. I had always been raised into thinking we were like Gods and Muggles like insects: unknowing, unimportant and frail. But me working there amongst them, I was absolutely no different. 
After months and months of being completely alone, I made friends. Muggle friends. I had alot of time to think, and I came to realize that my whole world was crumbling down. Everything I thought I knew, was... Everything was different. I'm different, Hermione. Now I'm back here, all my friends still in America, and I finally got a job at the Ministry; they simply couldn't reject me since I'm by far the best available. And I want you to know Hermione that, even though I'd completely understand it if you still resent me, I'm really sorry. I'm not trying to put the fault elsewhere, but alot of what made me how I was was the major bad influences I received from my family. I never realized that I had a choice. We can't choose where we come from, but we sure as hell can choose where we go from there. Hermione, now I know where I'm headed. That's... That's all..."
And Malfoy stood up, turned around and walked out the door leaving me perplexed. He had been crying. My head was racing at top speed. 

Of course I didn't just forgive him after that. You don't get a free "Forgiven" pass as soon as you walk in with some sad little story. But he stayed true to his words. Even though I treated him awfully, he was the nicest guy you can imagine -- almost Teddy nice.  
Even though I didn't want to, my mask of meanness dropped eventually -- it's just not in my nature to be heinous, especially against someone who is really nice to me. Also, I was incredibly alone because of the Ron-Situation and didn't have anybody to talk to but Malfoy, since with him I didn't have to worry about him ratting me out against the whole family.The time arrived where Malfoy and me went on a dangerous mission to Iceland itself, to stop the massively spreading cult before it was too late (Ron didn't see me off, he was busy with an Auror Case) when we became especially close. 
We were together 24/7, and Draco just kept being so so nice.  One night, we were at a campfire, the atmosphere jolly and we were drinking -- alot. He tried to kiss me. I pushed him away, and we never mentioned it again, but starting from that moment I kept asking myself why I did so. Was what Ron and me had really still considered a relationship? 
When we returned, there was a party at the Ministry. As I returned, Ron wasn't their to welcome me home (he was busy with another Auror case) and honestly, I felt like he didn't care for if I had even made it back alive. 

The first time I saw him, really saw him, in weeks, was him dancing with another girl. They were laughing and grinning like they were the happiest couple. I was convinced he was cheating. I was about to hex his dick off, when I realized something. We had broken up months ago. It had just been one of those silent , consentual break ups. I just had been so pathetic that I didn't see it, until  the prove was given right in front of me.  
I was completely broken and felt so pathetic that all I could think about was trying to make Ron feel just as much pain as I felt, or aleast as much pain as I could possibly give him. But honestly, it was just a desperate cry to see if he still cared at all.
So yes Harry, I made out with Draco Malfoy. After that night, Malfoy and I decided to act like it never happened. Eventually he found Astoria, whom I couldn't help but dislike, and as you know, Ron and me tried again. Around Christmas the family noticed our relationship -- we couldn't avoid them any longer -- and sat us down together and forced us to talk. They -- you -- never knew the full story though. Until now. The only option was forgetting the past completely and starting over. We tried, and it actually worked... until last month, when I heard that I'll be working with Malfoy again next semester, after summer. I didn't tell Ron, and of course, he found out. We had a huge fight and I told him that if he still can't live with the past, we should just divorce. And that's what we're going to do. That's what happened." 

I stayed silent. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't pick a side. When you looked at the facts, Hermione had cheated and Ron hadn't. Not once. 
"You don't exactly act like you've done nothing wrong. Tell me Ron, what the hell did you do to Hermione?"

I heard it echo in my head, as I felt a massive amount of guilt bottle up.
I subconsciously had concluded Ron must have had cheated on her, already at that early moment, and he had sensed it. 
But when you looked between the lines, it was definitely Ron who had been the biggest jerk. 
"Hermione, I ..." I said, but I had no clue what could possibly be said at this point. I looked at the sky, searching for perhaps an answer, but all it did was reminding me that it was getting late and we had to hurry home before the others would start worrying. "Hermione... We have to go home."

"Yeah... You're right..." she said, trying to fix her red puffy eyes as good as she could. I took her hand and we apparated at the front door of our huge apartment.

I immediately knew something was wrong as soon as we were at the front door, because normally you would've heard our apartment from across the street, but now it was completely silent. I opened it and the whole family was sitting there, staring at us in shock. Dom was crying. Molly was crying. Audrey, Percy, Nana Molly, Lily,Lucy,Roxie and Victoire were crying. Rose and Scorpius were badly injured, although the biggest wounds, that appeared to be burn wounds caused by some sort of Dark Magic, were healed or in the healing process. Hugo wasn't there at all. But the biggest surprise was that Hagrid, Professor Slughorn, Professor McGonagall, and several Aurors were there. When I left with Ron and Hermione this morning, everything was fine. 

"What the hell happened?" I whispered. 

Everything was explained to Hermione and me, and after taking this huge load of information, we were both speechless. But everything on my mind was just Hugo. Hugo, wake up.. Hugo, please wake up... I kept thinking.

It was progressively looking like from the very moment, yesterday, I found out about Ron and Hermione divorcing, my whole life was quickly falling apart. The image of Hugo appeared in my mind, with his huge front teeth, his dorky smile where only one side of his mouth really went up -- a perfect replica of his fathers smile -- his eyes that were also similar to his fathers but had their mothers color. He wasn't my son, but he was as good as. Not only was I his (And Teddy's) godfather, he was even named after me. At birth, he had had green eyes and black hair, so for a while he even looked like me.

But then, the Slughorns paper bird came, with the simple message: "Hugo is completely fine. Just explaining everything to him now, than he'll join us." 
I felt a huge amount of relief like no other leave my shoulders. About ten minutes later, Hugo exited the room, looking equally as pale as everyone else in the room, and you could see he had been crying. I felt so horribly sorry for him. He was a good kid, and he had nothing to do with this. Lestrange was punishing him for events he had had absolutely no influence in. However, I could not look at him, knowing what had gone on between his father and me. "Where's dad?" I heard, and I felt my heart skip a beat. "Mum? Mum?! MUM?!"  

"Hugo...  Your dad and me had a fight and he got angry, so he left for a bit to calm down. You know how he is." Hugo didn't seem convinced.

"What kind of fight?" he asked, and his unknowingness was heart breaking.

"Nothing to worry about Hughs. It'll all be all right. It's nothing big. Don't worry," Hermione lied. Hugo nodded, reassured, and I couldn't take it anymore.

I subtly stood up and looked out of the window, so I wouldn't have to look at these people anymore. But what I saw through the window made my jaw drop.   

People on the streets were running around in panic, cars were driving at top speeds and there were riots.  "What the--?" I muttered breathlessly.

I turned my head and said: "Guys... turn the TV on." 

Everybody looked at me surprised. I took my wand out and pointed it at the flat screen tv on the wall, which inmediately went on. 
Even though the tv was on a comedy channel, there was a news report on. I took the remote control and started zapping. As I suspected, the same news report was being broadcast on every channel. There was a blonde tall man, panicky telling the viewers to stay calm.

"Wat u ook doet, blijft vooral kalm! Ik herhaal: Blijf kalm! Blijf in uw huizen en wacht tot de overheid het heeft opgelost!"* I didn't understand exactly what he said, but I understood the big picture.

The man disappeared and now we saw shots of a city from the air, and how there seemed to be some kind of Dome surrounding it, as a news reader explained what was going on in Dutch (what I obviously didn't understand).  

There was a horizontal shot of the city and it looked like the city -- that just had to be Amsterdam -- was surrounded by what looked like a huge soap bell. Next followed shots of tanks shooting at the Dome, trying to break it, but it didn't work. After, there were shots of bloody rocket launchers getting fired at the Dome, but again: not a single scratch. I noticed how poor 12-year old Lucy had silently started crying upon seeing this. "This must be the doing of the Doomspell," McGonagall confirmed quietly.

"B-but didn't it destroy everything it consumed?" James asked. His voice was shaking heavily.   

"No, it CAN destroy everything that it consumes. But now,  Lestrange must have conjured the Doomspell over Amsterdam primarily so we can't escape--"

"Mummie we're trapped!" Roxie cried. Her mother Angelina was holding her tightly and was soothingly trying to console her as Roxie was openly crying. "I don't wanna die Mummie! Make him go away!" Roxie heartbreakingly cried. "I'm scared Mummie! I don't want you to die!"

"Don't worry Roxie. Lestrange wont hurt you. He won't even lay a single bloody finger on you," Angelina said fiercefully, "Over my dead body."

"He won't blow us up then?" Fred  asked desperately. It was all so surreal. How do you react when you are told you and your whole family will die in the next 24 hours? Do you cry like a baby? Do you hide under your bed and ask for your Mummie?

"I'm not sure, but what I do know is that there are limits to any kind of magic. Yes, the Doomspell can blow up a whole city, but it would need an tremendous amount of energy to do so. Perhaps he's gattering that energy at this very moment..."

"We have to stop him before he has gathered enough energy, but we don't know where he is!" Bill grunted nervously. 
And then somebody knocked on the door.  Again, everybody became completely silent. McGonagall gulped subtly, then muttered at me: "I forgot to tell you and miss Granger, Potter... We...We invited the Minister of Magic from Holland over... That must be him." 
And yet I was positive I wasn't the only one who was somehow convinced Rodolphus Lestrange himself was standing behind that door. 

McGonagall slowly walked towards the door, holding her wand tightly between her robes, and then quickly opened it. It was a  man of average height with dark hair and Asian physical features. He seemed to be roughly my age. McGonagall and him greeted each other briefly, and then he proceeded to introduce himself as the Dutch Minister of Magic, called Kevin Hitsuga.

He was accompanied solely by a huge darkhaired hairy man who must be his bodyguard, I reckoned, and Blaise Zabini, the handsome darkskinned Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts who accompanied him to our hotel.
"Now that everybody's here," McGonagall began grimly, while Hermione conjured pen and paper, "Let's construct the plan that's going to help us take down Rodolphus Lestrange... For good."  

As if on cue, in that exact moment there came a loud sound and my head turned around so fast I hurt my neck. Simulteanous with me everyone else's head had turned as well and now we were all looking in the same direction. Everyone was looking at the tall figure that was standing in the door opening, completely covered in grim shadows...

But as I was squinting my eyes to try and decipher who this new person was, something else caught my attention in the corner of my eyes, a small movement. Nana Molly's Magical Clock had started to move and now it was pointing at 'In Grave Danger' for everyone ...


To be continued...

A/N: (This one is important!)

Hey there! I have a companion peace to this particular chapter, a oneshot from Malfoy's POV in America after Hogwarts where he works at a conviniencestore and is pretty depressed. But but... (Spoiler alert) It ends up being a nice feel good in the end.It's called 'Spotless Mind' and you could read it if you like. I sure hope you do :)

P.S. * > Translation: "Whatever you do, I pressure you to stay calm! I repeat: stay calm! Stay inside your houses and wait till the government has solved the problem!"

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