A/N: Lyrics from "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows
Everything that’s wonderful
Is what I feel when we’re together

As my heels echo against the pavement on my way back from Diagon Alley, I cannot hold back the growing smile on my face. The taste of peppermint cocoa is on my lips, my heart is glowing, and the sun is setting just as I arrive home.

As I open the door to our flat, my smile bursts into a jubilant laugh as I bound forward.

“Hello, lovely,” I croon, throwing my arms around Ernie’s neck.

I swell with warmth as he greets me with joyous laughter, which resonates through both of our chests as we embrace. He lovingly pulls the hair away from my eyes as he cups my face in his hands. “Excited to see me?” he asks, nipping my lips with a quick kiss.

“Always!” I kiss him back with an enthusiastic giggle.

“Well, my lady,” he says, taking me by the hand as he leads me to the kitchen. I hoist myself up to sit on the counter as Ernie turns to me with a dramatic flourish. “Tonight I’ve assembled a delicious delicatessen available for all your dining desires.” I bite back my laughter to keep from interrupting his jest. “To ease your palette into this unparalleled experience we have an extensive array of the most exotic of common crisps and nuts. For your main course I’ve prepared the finest leftover mutton I’ve seen all month. And this will all be followed up with an unrivaled desert of the finest canned peaches.”

“Mm..” I lick my lips, playing along. “You really went all out for me.”

“Nothing but the finest for my lady.”

“Shut up,” I say, taking hold of the neck of his robes to pull him towards me. He does not resist as I thank him with a kiss, much slower and deeper than the pecks we greeted each other with.

“Someone’s already had her sweets,” he whispers, tasting the chocolate on my breath.

“Peppermint cocoa. I ran into Susan today.” I blush slightly, but remind myself that I have nothing to be ashamed of.

“Really?” Ernie drops his romantic play as he steps back in surprise. “I haven’t seen her since… Must’ve been graduation.”

“Me neither.” I am pleased to have a reason to talk about her, to shape my lips around the name that lingers in my mind. “But we ran into each other in Diagon Alley. We talked for quite a while.”

“Good.” Ernie nods politely. I know that the two of them have never been close, but they always had the decency not to say anything against each other.

“I’d like to see her again.” I speak timidly, a hint of a question in my voice.

“Well, sure.” He turns to take out plates for dinner. “It’s not like you have to ask permission to see your friends.”

I smile warmly at him as I dip my finger into the peach can, sucking the smooth juice off my finger. “I think we should start with dessert.”

“Yeah?” Ernie whispers, stepping slowly towards me.

“Yeah,” I respond with muted coyness.

He pulls me into his amorous arms.“I fucking love you.”

I weave my hands into his, our fingers locking into their familiar position together. So comfortable, so complete.

“I fucking love you too.”

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