Somewhere in England, Near London 

It was raining awfully. My hair was hanging over my eyes, and my snout was incredibly itchy, yet I couldn't scratch it properly since my paw was tied up painfully tight. Oh, when Master would come back... My belly became full of warm feelings and butterflies as I imagined it, pushing away the coldness and the hunger for a few seconds. I imagined how he would arrive with his red Chevrolet, untie me and finally take me home again. It must be a matter of minutes right about now, I thought .
Now I've never been good at math's, infact, I hardly ever get past 5 ( 7 max if I'm having a good day) but surely I've been here for quite a while. Long enough for me not to remember the last time I ate something, at least. If only it didn't rain so harshly... I was so cold. And hungry.  

I looked around; I was at the beginning of a park and at the end of a shopping centre, but there was absolutely no one besides me here. 

That was when I smelled something... despite the rain completely messing with the smell of things. A human! Was it Master? 

Out of the shadows stepped a tall man, with grey colored pants, a grey colored shirt, a grey coat, grey wavy hair, grey freckles, grey eyes, a small grey beard, a very white face, black shoes and a long nose. 

"Hey there buddy... What're you doing here all alone?" The human said when it spotted me. 

It smelled like freshly moaned grass and new parchment. It came closer and usually I would have barked, out of habit really, but I just did not have the strength this time. "Quite the owner you have, leaving you here with this weather," the human said. How dare he insult Master? I managed to bark weakly. He sat down next to me, and took out a piece of wood. "Hmm..."  he muttered, studying a branch next to us. He then swung his piece of wood and transformed the other piece of wood into a grey umbrella! 

"Sorry, I don't have much better,"  he said, holding it above my head. I was incredibly grateful that I wasn't being soaked anymore, and pushed my body against his. He patted me softly, as we both sat in the pouring rain.
"Mind if I accompany you here until your owner returns?  I sure could use some company..." 

I lay my head on his lap as a response. If only this human had some food... I couldn't ask him for it sadly, I had tried countless times to communicate with humans but they're too stupid to understand us.
"You look quite quite similar to Sirius... Mind if I call you Padfoot? ...  You know Padfoot, I completely messed up..." The human sighed. "My whole life has gone to shit basically, and honestly, I don't know what to do. My wife hates me and we're getting a divorce, because I'm a complete wanker I nearly punched my best friend to another world, and I'm going to ruin the vacation  of the whole family now that the divorce secret is out... And I already know everyone is somehow going to find a way to blame it all on me..." 
I had no idea what this human was rambling on about, but he seemed quite upset, so I decided to decorate his face with my saliva. 

We sat there for quite a while silently, when from the shopping centre, music started playing, consolling the pouring rain.

It's alright to cry, Even my dad does sometimes...

We looked quite sad, the both of us. Like people had forgotten to burry us. "We've been here for nearly an hour Padfoot... How long did your owner plan to leave you here?" The human said. I wish I knew. "Hey wait a minute..." He looked at me, and it was like he only now really looked at me. Like he saw me for the first time. "What's this... You've got bruises all over your body Padfoot..." He accidentally touched one and I whined pathetically. He further examined my body and looked at my chest in shock. You could count every bone from my rib cage, heck even I could. But it had always been like that. Master didn't give me much to eat, but at least he gave me something. "You're master... He's not coming back is he?"  

I was to weak to answer. Ofcourse he is you silly human, I thought. I could barely keep my eyes open to look at him. "Padfoot? Padfoot! Crap..."  

He grabbed my body - I was light as a feather - and destroyed the rope that was attached to my paw, with his piece of wood. We started twirling around rapidly, but then we stopped. 

"Crap... I can't Apparate... It must be because of my mental state... I'm going to get you some help Padfoot, don't worry..." 

And he started running. 

No! Master will return any second now!
I thought. Why did the human remove me from the place where i was supposed to wait on Master?! As he covered me as good as he could, I heard the music expressing everything I felt, smelled, saw, heard and tasted at once. 
So live life like you're giving up,Cause you act like you are...

I vaguely noticed him asking other humans he met along the way things, but they didn't seem to be very helpful. He kept running, and I felt all my energy exponentially slip away. I couldn't even lift my paw up anymore.

We were running through a shopping mall, when the human abruptly stopped. 

"Young man!" I heard an old humans voice. "An empty tea shop..." my human muttered."Sorry, I'm in a hurry-". "I know! I've got exactly the right equipment to treat your dog!" 
You didn't need to tell him that twice. He stormed in and handed me over. "Are you sure he'll be alright?" My human asked, concerned. "Don't worry," the old human responded, "He'll be fine." 


"What happened to you two?" The old man asked me.
The old man was fat, he had a huge darkgrey beard, long messy hair laying on top of his head and curling at the side, and laugh wrinkles around his eyes. Funny how he called me a young man though, since I'm 42. Although... this man seemed twice my age, every man probably was a young man to him.
"The dog must've been abandoned by his owner... And the jerk beat him up and starved him to near death before he did. I only just found him. It seemed like its situation was critical... But how do you know how to treat animals?" 

"I used to work with animals before I opened my tea shop," the man smiled,before he gave Padfoot to his assistant, who brought him to another room."But you only answered what happened to the dog. What happened to you?" 

"T-to me?" I said, surprised. "Nothing." 

"Don't lie to me!" The old man said  sternly.
"Its just... Some troubles in the family..."  I muttered, wiping my wet hair out of my eyes and looking the other way. 

"I see I see... Well maybe I can help you," the man said.
"Don't you have your own problems to deal with?" I snapped,before I could control myself.
"I do,but sometimes the best way to solve your own problems...is to help someone else," the man smiled.  

There was a deep sense of trouble and pain in his smile, and before I knew it, I  started speaking. "It all started years ago.... My girlfriend who is my now wife was asked by her boss to go on a work trip. All around the world for a year to spread awareness for Racism... In the mean time, me and my friend were involved in a huge Auror case-" "Auror?" "Erhm, special ops I mean... I work for the police... The ministry..."


"Anyhow... All was fine, until, the month before she'd return home, I found a tabloid in Poland,( where I was at the time) because my Auror case had unexpectedly moved there. The tabloid attracted my attention because she was on it... She, with her ex... Who I just so happen to absolutely despise. And she was cuddling and making out with him." 

The old man raised his eyebrows. "Ofcourse I was furious. I kept it all to myself, bottled up inside, and because of that I completely screwed up our case. Eventually, we returned home, and short after, Hermione did as well. I couldn't contain myself... the moment that she got home I exploded. We had a huge fight... 


"I haven't even been home for 10 minutes... 10 MINUTES RON... and you start with some stupid bullshit?" Hermione cried. "We haven't seen each other In a year... I missed you... I missed your stinking ass and this is what I get as soon as I get home?"

"Sure you missed me! Did you miss me when you was snogging your oh so dear Viccie?" I spitted. 

Hermione almost literally tore her hair out out of frustration. "My god Ronald! How many times do I have to tell you, we didn't do anything! They fucked with the pictures so they'd have a story! I didn't cheat on you, okay? We're just good friends! If you weren't such a jealous fuck you'd see what a great guy he is!" 

"I already know how great you think he is Hermione. You don't have to remind me," I growled. "Ughhh!" she cried.

She stormed upstairs, leaving me alone for a few seconds, my hands shaking, but then she stormed downstairs again. "You're unbelievable, Ron Weasley! We've been in an relationship for years and you still can't trust me? Why can't you just for once take my word when I tell you nothing happened, and just believe me?" 

I remained quiet, biting my lip so hard it started to bleed. "Ugh, you ruined everything!" She cried, as she threw the tabloid at me and stormed upstairs again.


The following days I began to feel sorry for how I acted and tried to make her forgive me. That until she announced Krum would be visiting us and staying at our house for a few days. 'Just to fill out some last reports on our experiences' she said. As soon as he arrived from his Portkey he gave her a huge bear hug and the git probably would've snogged her right there and then if I hadn't been breathing in his neck.

The whole walk back home he kept touching her, putting his arm over her shoulder, his hand around her back, his hand holding hers. In the beginning she protested but her protests became weaker and weaker. I was just walking behind them, with the face of an angry pit bull. It took less than 12 hours for Krum and me to break out in a fight.

It was the morning after. Last night the 3 of us got pretty drunk, though I had been  quiet the whole time because I was sulking, and had been drinking in silence. I was there with them in the same room, buy I might as well have not been. Looking at Hermione and Krum babbling away just made me more and more depressed. It really was like I wasn't there. It was like we were in that filthy cold tent again, before I left her and Harry all those years ago.
I woke up still feeling drunk, but I decided to go downstairs and make some eggs. After a while, Krum came downstairs and asked me to pass him some eggs. I told him where he could shove em. 'Why you gotta be like that?' Krum responded, with his stupid accent. I told him to shut his ugly mouth. About 10 seconds later, we were furiously duelling-" (...) "Duelling?" I looked at the old man baffled. I had been so deep in the flashback I forgot the old man was there.
"Yea-uhm... I meant fighting... So yeah, after blo...messing up our apartment, Hermione got really mad and took his side, which angered me even more. Our relationship reached a new low as we pretty much never spoke to each other after that, and we dreaded having to sit with each other during dinner for the following weeks after that. 

A few months later, we had a fancy party from work. I admit, I had had a few drinks but I started dancing with some random girl I hardly knew. Seductively... Dancing. Just to make Hermione jealous, I guess. But I could never have foreseen what she would do...
She got on with the only person I can stand even less than Krum. The person who is just purely taboo in every sense of the word. The biggest git on the planet. She got on with Draco Malfoy. She later 'defended' herself, saying he had 'changed' and 'was another person' and other bullshit like that...

It was at that moment that we split, however we were both incredibly depressed and sad during that period. We never told the rest of the family the exact reasons why we split, we both couldn't bear to tell our family... 

Anyway, at a certain point our whole family gathered and pretty much forced us together. They told us we simply can't be happy without each other and we should leave the past behind us... And we actually managed to do it. Oh boy, you won't believe the angry make up sex we had. The angriest of the angriest, let me tell you. 

Not long after we were blessed with Rose, and Hugo after that. Slowly, with the years, our wounds healed... But everything changed a month ago, when I found out that Draco Malfoy got a promotion and is now working with Hermione at the Ministry as a direct colleague... And she hid that from me.
We had a huge fight again and Hermione said that if I still couldn't find a way to life with the past, we should just end it. And now, well, we did... And my whole life has been screwed up since. I don't have a wife... I have a great family, but it just won't be the same if we're divorced... And I can't bear the thought of coming home to an empty house after a long work day..." I wasn't sure at what point I had started crying. "Its all just-"


All the lights went out. It must have been a blown fuse, because of the critical weather. "Wha-"
"Don't worry, young man," A voice in the dark said. "Its just dark now. Nothing has really changed." 

"I know. I don't care," I muttered. My mum would shiver from my unpoliteness, if she knew. And then spank me, probably. 

"Young man, all though you're in a tough situation, your life is far from over. Your life is what you make it out to be, nothing more, nothing less. Right now, you're living life like you've given up."
I have given up, I thought. Even in this darkness I could hear his smile, as if he read my thoughts. "Besides, both your family and your wife love you, so what's the problem really, in the first place?" 

"She doesn't love me. Look at all the bullshit we constantly go through. That's not love old man. That's bullying . We're Just bullying each other. Plus, I'd never be able to... t-to make her happy like this..." I sniffed.
"Oh but its indeed love. When you confronted her on her return from Krums country, why were you angry? You were angry because you loved her, and couldnt bear the thought of losing her, young man."
"Well that doesnt-"
"Why did Hermione cheat on you as soon as she saw you dancing with another woman, even though she had been completely ignoring you for the months prior? Because she loved you, young man. She wanted to hurt you like you hurt her. She loved you and she still does. You two are just to blind to see it,but you can find love anywhere... You just got to open your eyes. And its exactly the same with you saying 'My lifes over...' That's not true at all," He said, as he started walking to a flap in the wall and opened it.  "After all, even in the darkest of times, one can still find love. You just gotta remember-" He flicked on a switch and all the lights started working again "-To turn on the light." I looked at him, completely lost for words, as he winked at me cheekily.
His assistant returned with Padfoot, looking alot healthier already, and handed him over, with a huge sack of dog food equipped. "Good luck my dear boy," The old man smiled. "Now go." 

"Y-yeah... Thank you sir. Thanks a bunch," I said. 

I ran out of the shop, and without hesitation started twirling around, (there was no one outside with this weather anyway) Apparating. When I opened my eyes, I was at the Burrow. I opened the cans of dog food and fed it to Padfoot for a while, in complete silence.
"There you go buddy, this food should do for a few weeks. But now I've gotta go." Padfoot whined, almost as if he understood me, and I said: "Don't worry big boy, I'll be back," whilst patting Padfoots foot.

I stood up, determined, and took out a bit of the black powder next to the fire place. I threw it in the flames, and they started flashing bright green. I was going to Floo to where my real home was. With my family. With Hugo. With Rose. With Harry. With her. Just before I walked into the flames, I caught a peek of the window. The clouds had cleared up. 


To be continued...

A/N: "Even my dad does sometimes" is a song by the amazing Ed Sheeran. All credit goes to him and all the people who helped producing the song and own the rights to it. Also, I got part of the inspiration for this chapter from the music video of the song "Home" by Naughty Dog. Please share and leave a review with your thoughts!

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