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Ginny paced in the lounge of the burrow. She was wearing jeans and a peasant shirt that was tight to her bellybutton and then flared around her hips. It was a pale pink that she would've hated growing up. Her brother's would have picked on her for wearing anything remotely girly like that but things had changed once most of them had moved out. She was free to be herself. She would have preferred something even more feminine for her first real date with Harry but he was taking the motorbike and her dad had given her a full run down on safety precautions. Unfortunately that included wearing protective boots to keep from hurting her feet should anything happen. She had spent fifteen minutes staring at her reflection convincing herself that the outfit actually looked good on her.

It was getting close to two in the afternoon and nobody had returned from the Ministry. Ginny was starting to wonder what was taking so long. She had tried to occupy her time by giving some flying tips to Hermione but in the end she was ready right around noon and had been waiting rather impatiently for her fiancé. She was just contemplating sending Harry a message when she heard the fire flare up in the sitting room. Harry stepped out wearing jeans and a blue and grey rugby style shirt. He had his black leather jacket in one hand and his equally dark helmet in the other.

"Oh you're here what took you so long!?" Ginny cried giving him a kiss before he could properly orientate himself to the room.

Harry returned the kiss and embraced Ginny lightly. "I wish I could tell you. I fear it would spoil Draco's surprise. You will likely have to wait until tomorrow as I assume we'll all be out too late." Ginny hated surprises but knew Harry would share his secrets with her. If he wouldn't talk then it was not his to share and she appreciated the loyalty.

"Harry, Ginny do you need a snack before you leave?" Molly called from the kitchen. She had been watching her daughter most of the day and noticed that she hadn't eaten.

"I just ate mum." Harry answered. He loved being able to call her mum and had been using it whenever possible. "Do you need anything?" She shook her head eager to get going but a small rumble escaped her stomach.

"Ok maybe something quick so we can get going."

Ginny disappeared into the kitchen and shortly after George came through the fire into the sitting room where Harry was waiting. "Harry I'm so glad I caught you. I had asked Fred to let me know when you came back and it took a little while to find me once you did." Harry looked at the empty portrait frame a little confused but let George continue. "I developed something for you and Ginny. I have made my extendable ears wireless and modified them to both send and receive. I believe if installed in your helmets it'll make communication easier so you're not tempted to remove them."

"Well that's great. We were just about to leave how long would it take to install?" Harry smiled handing his helmet to George.

George pulled the modified extendable ear from his coat pocket and attached it inside the helmet with a quick wave of his wand. "Just that long, now all I need is Ginny's."

Harry summoned the red and green helmet from the kitchen where it sat with her riding jacket. In an instant George finished the installation and set it down on the table. "I thought I saw my helmet come flying in here. What did you do to it George." Ginny was a little suspicious." She had a biscuit in one hand and her jacket in the other but she still was intimidating.

"See for yourself Gin." George passed it to her. "I modified both and he knows what I did."

Harry gave her a reassuring look and then took his own helmet and slid it on his head. When he saw Ginny do the same he tested the connection. "Gin can you hear me?"

"Yea Harry, that is really cool." Ginny removed her helmet and made sure it wasn't affecting her hair. "Thank you George it was going to be impossible to talk while riding with those."

Her brother bowed with a flourish. "Have fun you two, be careful out there though. You never know." He kissed Ginny's cheek and left toward the kitchen to procure one of Molly's biscuits.

"Well Gin shall we?" Harry moved to the door and opened it for her. She nodded and followed putting on her jacket as they went.

"Can you teach me that cooling charm you learned in Brazil before we leave? These jackets are hot."

"I can but since we'll be flying you might not need it. Why don't you wait until we get going and we'll see how we feel?" She nodded as he pulled the bike out of the shed her father had kept it in. The sidecar was still not fully repaired but neither minded as Harry took control and Ginny wrapped her arms around his waist. They accelerated down the lane activated the invisibility booster, engaged the flying gear and soared into the air. Once airborne Harry activated a new invention of Arthur’s that muffled the sound of the powerful bike so it wouldn’t attract attention as they passed overhead.

The trip to Godric's Hollow took nearly two hours. Ginny was glad they didn't put cooling charms on their clothes as she was actually chilly. The jackets were well ventilated and let air flow through the fabric well. Harry circled the town once to get the layout before landing on a deserted strip of road and deactivated the invisibility.

They drove through town mindful of the speed limit and any pedestrians. There was not a lot of vehicle traffic on the roads. On the outskirts of town they passed an auto body shop and didn’t notice the owner came running outside staring as the bike passed. They passed by an apothecary and a grocer. Near the center of town they passed by a pub and the only hotel in the town. They didn’t immediately see any other restaurants but Harry knew they could always go somewhere else for dinner if they couldn’t’ find something in town. He parked the bike in the small lot on the side of the church opposite the cemetery.

Harry noticed the man he presumed was the preacher look out the window. He imagined that at first glance they looked like a couple of hooligans. He gave a light wave to the man as he removed his helmet. He stuck it on the peg that Ginny had been using to rest her feet. Ginny shook out her hair as she removed her helmet and put it on the opposite peg. Harry used his bracelet to cast the dark sticking charm he learned in Brazil on the pegs and a repelling charm around the bike. He didn't want anyone to tamper with it especially with the magic modifications.

Harry took Ginny's hand and walked toward the street. They used the sidewalk to cross in front of the church and entered the small cemetery. Neither of them talked as they walked through the headstones and stopped in front of his parent’s. He stood there silently for a while imagining what to tell them. He knew they couldn’t really hear him but he didn’t care. Harry opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He suddenly felt the pain of loss harder than ever before. He became very angry as well. He had no family to share in his happiness. Nobody he could brag to about finding the love of his life and express the joy of hearing her say yes to his proposal.

Without warning he unleashed a primal yell toward the sky that was a clear blue in stark contrast to his mood. If it was appropriate it would be dark and angry with lighting forking through the clouds. He collapsed onto his knees weeping as his anger abated and the emptiness he felt took precedent.

Ginny grew very worried as she watched Harry. He had been cheerful as they traveled but was quiet in the cemetery. She knew he was struggling with what to say but was alarmed as his sadness was replaced with a rage she had never seen before. He screamed in what seemed like agony before falling on the ground.

Ginny knelt beside him as Harry knelt crying. She wrapped her arm protectively around him as he sobbed into her shoulder. It took longer than she would have imagined for him to compose himself but gradually the sobs stopped. She looked into his bright loving green eyes that were tinged red. “What happened Harry?”

Her voice was so sweet and full of love that he nearly started crying again. He knew Ginny was going to stand by him no matter what. “I’m sorry Gin. I was thinking about what to say and then I realized that there was nobody I could to brag to about our happiness. I have no close family that I can tell about how much I love you and how excited I am that you said yes. Even if my aunt is coming around I am still essentially alone as far as family is concerned.”

His confession brought tears to her eyes. She remembered how her family had celebrated every milestone of each of them. “Oh Harry I’ve never thought about that. You have suffered so much and every time we turn around things remind you of it.” She threw her arms around his neck and very nearly cried herself. She held back though knowing it would make things rougher on Harry to see her so upset. After a moment she regained her composure and looked at her fiancé again. “Love I know it is not the same but you do have plenty of family. They may not be blood but they love you just as much.”

He looked at her suspiciously and Ginny read the question in his eyes. “I don’t mean my parents and brothers either Harry. I’m talking about the Shaffer’s in Brazil, Minister Joy in America, Neville and his gran. She loves you just as much as she loves Neville.” He gave her a look of surprise that still had questions. “You’ve never really heard her talk about you and him have you?” He shook his head. “She is so proud of both of you for what you overcame with what happened to your parents. And you can’t forget the rest of the order. Kingsley, Minerva, Hagrid and the rest, they all love you just as much as my family.”

He finally nodded and he felt the tears dry up in his eyes. She was right and he couldn’t help but admit it. She was always good at helping him see the bigger picture. “You’re right Gin. On all counts, nothing will ever replace what I have lost or could ever replace my parents or Sirius or Remus but there are others that care.” He removed his glasses and wiped his eyes. He looked over at the polished marble stone. “Sorry about that Mum and Dad.” He smiled. “I’m sorry we haven’t come by sooner but life has been full of adventure.”

“The war is over and we won. We lost a lot of friends along the way but I’m sure you know that since they’re there with you now.” He thought of how Sirius, Remus and his dad would act together. “Life is moving on. There have been no reports of death eater activity in months. Pure-blood sentiments still exist but Hermione and I are working to change that thanks to the seat on the Wizengamot you left me. Hermione you might remember was here the last time and she’s with Ron now. You may know him as the youngest Weasley boy.” Now that he started talking the words seemed to flow out of him.

“Speaking of the Weasleys I wanted to bring a very special one here today.” He took her hand and squeezed it gently. “This is Ginny. She means the world to me and has been by my side through so much. Even if it meant letting me go and find myself she still supported me. I love her with all my heart and she has agreed to marry me.” He choked up a bit thinking of the next thing. “I gave her your rings mum. I hope you wouldn’t mind. Molly said you wouldn’t but I can never be too sure about things.” Ginny stood stunned at the admission. Harry had never told her where he had gotten the rings.

“Dad I’m going to play quidditch professionally. I know you would be happy with anything I chose to do. I had thought about being an auror but I can’t risk the elder wand falling into the wrong hands again and I’d rather be near Gin as much as possible. Remus has told me she is an awful lot like mum and she can hex as good as any of her brothers. She’ll keep me in line and make sure that if I try to run off and save everyone that I don’t do it alone.” Ginny smiled at his admission. “I’m not really sure what else to say other than Petunia and I have somewhat made up mum. I will have to talk to her about coming here sometime. I love you both and miss you so much.” Tears started to flow as Harry conjured a single rose and laid it in front of the stone.

Ginny stood looking at the stone and the single rose sitting in front of it. She didn’t know why she felt the need but she wanted to add her own message. “Mr. and Mrs. Potter thank you for this wonderful man that you brought into my life. I know you didn’t have the chance to raise him properly but he seems to have inherited many of your best qualities from what I’m told. Maybe a few of the not so best ones either.” She heard Harry chuckle lightly but continued. “Harry is a wonderful man who has treated me well, even if he is a tad overprotective. Don’t worry mum I’ll break that habit since I know you wouldn’t sit back and let James take on the danger alone.” The couple shared a smile as Ginny called Lily mum. Harry also knew she was right about his mother. “Many people have said that you would be proud of him and approve of our marriage but as Harry said we wanted to come and tell you all about it.” She looked toward the sky as she continued barely above a whisper. “Please know that I love him with all my heart and have made it my life’s goal that he is happy no matter what he does. And no matter what I’ll be by his side.”

She clutched his hand tighter as they stood together looking at the stone. Harry wasn’t sure how long they were just standing there but his hand started to hurt. Finally with a look at the sky he turned to walk out of the cemetery. They walked slowly through town and passed by the memorial in the center. Ginny took a moment to look at it as she saw the appearance change to Harry with his parents.

Harry pointed out where Bathilda Bagshot’s house had stood. It had been a year and a half since his and Hermione’s escape from Nagini. The backfiring spells had left the house in shambles. Unlike Potter Cottage the old house had been cleared away and it appeared new construction would start soon. Ginny knew what had happened there and clutched his hand tighter. Finally Harry came to where his family’s cottage stood. It looked much the same as it had when he last visited. Although the well wishes on the railing had increased noticeably. The new ones all seemed to be from after Tom’s defeat. Some thanked him others told him to run for Minister and at least one was a marriage proposal. Ginny frowned at the note written in red but Harry smiled and pulled her into a tight hug. “I know this isn’t necessarily the most romantic setting for a date but I wanted you to see where I was born and where my parents are buried.”

“Harry I’m spending time with the man I love. Anything we do is wonderful.” She smiled as they started to walk back down the road.

Together they walked through the small town peering into shop windows and occasionally entering the stores. Harry knew there was large population of wizards in town but he did not spot most of them unless they stared at him a little too intensely. Occasionally he would see a magic store that was hidden but that was the exception. He was starting to wonder how he would be able to spot an Australian wizard in a crowd when he was having trouble in Godric’s Hollow. These thoughts left his mind as he noticed someone looking at him strangely.

About half a block ahead of them another couple was walking towards them. They were older than Harry and Ginny he thought they looked to be in their late 40’s. The man had a few tattoos on his bare arms and a faded black t-shirt. The logo was barely present anymore but Harry vaguely recalled it as a brand of motorbike. He wore leather riding pants and carried a leather jacket in his arm. It wasn’t his outfit though that brought him to Harry’s attention. It was the odd way the man was looking at him. It wasn’t the intense stare of a wizard who was amazed to be in his presence. His head was cocked to the side and he was looked as if he was questioning his own eyes. As they got closer the man broke into a smile and rushed up to Harry and pulled him in a hug.

“James it is you. I can’t believe it. After all these years letting us think you had died in that gas explosion.” The man released the hug and looked at Harry at arm’s length. “You look just like you did the last I saw you.”

“Paul that isn’t James you’re scaring the young man.” The kindly lady grabbed her husband’s arm.

He pulled out of her grip. “Don’t be daft woman. You heard the bike come into town they drove right by our shop. I built that engine and customized that bike for Sirius. I can tell it anywhere even with that new paint job. James is the only other one he would let drive it. If this isn’t James then who are you?”

Harry’s eyes started to well with tears. Paul backed away balling his hands into fists and looking hard at the young man. His wife however was more tactful. “Son what he says is true. He did customize that bike, would you mind telling us where you got it?”

Harry fought back the tears a bit. “Sirius left it to me in his will. He was killed three years ago.” He looked the lady in the eyes.

Before he could continue, she gasped and put her hand over her mouth. “Paul this isn’t James. It’s Harry!”

“Could it be?” Paul looked closer at Harry now. Their eyes met for the first time and lingered for a second. He pulled Harry into another tight hug. “Blimey it is you Harry. You look just like your father ‘cept your eyes.”

“Yes those are Lily’s.” His wife added. Harry flinched a little at the pronouncement. “I always wondered why there was never a headstone for you in the cemetery.”

Harry didn’t know what to say. Paul and his wife seemed to pick up on his feelings and changed topics. “I’m sorry for scaring you Harry. You are Harry right?” Harry nodded and the man smiled. “I’m sorry about your folks and Sirius. They were good people.”

“By the way Harry my name is Donna. I’ve already sort of introduced you to Paul here.” She extended her hand and he took it.

“Thank you ma’am.” He glanced around quickly and noted that nobody was paying attention. “This is my fiance’ Ginny”

“Pleasure to meet you Ginny.” Donna smiled and shook her hand as well. “So Harry what brings you to the hollow?”

“Um I brought Ginny to see where mum and dad lived and where they’re buried. Her parents knew them.” He ran a hand through his hair before continuing. It’s was also intended to be our first date outside of school since we both just graduated.”

“Oh we didn’t know. We’ll leave you two to your evening. Congratulations on your graduation and your engagement.” Donna said and started to take Paul by the arm. “Do stop by the shop sometime Harry we’d be glad to talk to you about your parents.”

“Ma’am I think we’d rather do that now if you don’t mind. We’ll be traveling to Australia soon and then we’ll be working once fall comes.” Ginny spoke up suddenly. Harry was surprised. He had wanted to say the same thing but he didn’t want to ruin their night out.”

“Are you sure Gin?” He asked tentatively.

“I’m sure. You said it yourself that this was not necessarily the most romantic date and since I didn’t get to dress up like I would have wanted you’ll just have to take me out one night in Australia.” Her smile lit up her face and Harry wanted to snog her right there. She was so perfect and understanding.

Paul nodded and Donna smiled. “Why don’t you two go grab the bike and bring it to the shop? We can have a nice dinner at our place. Do you remember our shop? You passed it on the way into town.”

Harry nodded and Ginny followed as he left to return to the church to pick up the bike. As expected the bike was untouched. Harry was pulling it up to Paul’s garage just a few minutes later. The older man gestured to the side to park it alongside a beautiful blue bike with gold trim. Harry looked over the bike appreciatively as he stood by it.

“That one is Donna’s." He explained and Harry noticed that Ginny's eyes brightened a bit. "She loves to ride with me but just as much she likes to drive herself. The feel of the open road and the wind in your hair is amazing. Although you have to be careful around towns and wear your helmets like you have been. Come on inside though we will be more comfortable there.”

He led the way through the garage and to a stairwell in the back. Up the stairs was a small flat that sat directly above the garage. “Ginny I’m going to have to do a bit of shopping at the market to make a dinner for four. Would you like to come with me?” Harry saw Donna give Ginny a look telling her there was more to the request and Ginny seemed to understand.

“That sounds lovely. My mom taught me quite a bit about cooking, so I’d be happy to help.” Harry gave her a kiss and patted her on the bum as she exited back down the stairs. His heart swelled as she gave him a mischievous smile.

Paul went into the kitchen and Harry looked around the flat. It wasn’t large but it was comfortable and seemed to suit the couple. “Beer Harry?” Paul called.

“Uh Sure.” Harry replied. He knew it would have more alcohol than a butterbeer so he needed to be careful. He heard Paul pop the caps off two bottles and brought them out.

“So I am sure you have a few questions for me I’m guessing you never got to know Sirius well if you haven’t heard of me before.” He sat in a well-worn chair in the lounge and gestured to Harry to take the other. The only other furniture in the room was a coffee table a standing floor lamp and a telly. The lamp flickered a bit as Harry sat below it. He calmed his mind as he had studied and took a deep breath.

Harry paused and covered the delay by taking a sip of the dark beer. It was a new experience for him to have regular beer and he wasn’t sure if he enjoyed it. He tried to think of a way to explain that he never met Sirius until recently. Finally he played it close to the truth. “You’re right I do have some questions. I never met Sirius until I was 13. I wasn’t at my parent’s house the night of the explosion. My aunt and uncle were babysitting me and giving my parent’s the night off. I guess it was just lucky.”

Paul didn’t say anything but studied Harry carefully. “Sirius was my godfather and I likely would have lived with him but a few days after the explosion he was framed for a murder. The police claimed he had murdered another of my parent’s friends in his grief. Sirius believed that friend had killed my parents.”

“Please tell me Sirius didn’t go after Remus.” Paul said almost pleadingly.

“No not Remus. He could never do that to my parents. The person in question wasn’t as close to my parents as they were. He faked his death and Remus believed Sirus was responsible until he was found alive about 5 years ago.” Harry was trying hard not to mention it had been Wormtail since he wasn’t sure how much Paul might know about him.

“Great so Sirius was released. But do the police know if your parents were killed or if it was a tragic accident?”

“I’m not sure they were ever able to prove anything. It was never mentioned to me. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok Harry. You’re here and you survived. That in itself is a miracle.” Paul smiled and took a drink of his beer. “So what are you going to do with your life? I know your dad didn’t really need to work but he would have been bored doing nothing so I assume you’ll be doing something.”

“You mean doing my fiancé doesn’t count?” He cheekily responded. Paul sat stunned staring at Harry. Each was wondering who would crack first. Finally Harry let a smile crack his lips, a moment later Paul’s laughter filled the room.

“It seems you knew Sirius well enough to gain some of his more mischievous traits.”

Harry smiled at the compliment. Paul’s response gave him time to think of a proper answer. “Thank you that is a compliment of highest regards to me.” Harry bowed at the waist. “In all seriousness, I’m going to be living in London with some friends as we start University. My cousin has already completed one year studying to be a detective and I’ll be joining him with that.”

“I think that is very admirable of you Harry. When I first realized who you were I was kind of hoping you’d be moving into your grandparents place on the edge of town. It’s such a beautiful estate.”

“My grandparent’s place?” Harry was confused. He had never seen the full contents of his parent’s holdings.

“Oh you’re so young. The lawyers may not have revealed it to you yet but come on I’ll show you.” He stood up and walked out of the sitting room and down a hallway. At the back of the flat was a sliding glass door that opened to a balcony that extended beyond the building.

Paul opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony. Harry followed and marveled at the view. They were only on the second floor but Paul’s shop was high enough up the hollow that he could look over most of the other roof’s and across town. Paul let Harry take in the sites before he pointed out a road. “See that road that goes out of town up and out of hollow.” He pointed it out still holding his beer in his hand. Harry nodded. “Follow that with your eyes and then on the ridge you see the tree line above that you should see the top of the Potter Manor.”

Harry did as he was directed and his mouth hung open as he took in the top floor of a huge manor house. He knew there were two other floors to it. Harry and Ginny had spotted the manor while circling the Hallow and wondered who could live there. The manor was beautiful and there were numerous buildings around it and the manicured grounds were extensive.

“That is amazing. I never knew. I always thought my parent’s cottage was the family home.”

Paul chuckled. “Harry I daresay that isn’t the only large home they own. James was never one to brag but he mentioned houses in other countries that he had spent summers at while growing up.”

“I’m sure you knew my dad from a young age but how did you meet Sirius?” Harry leaned on the railing of the balcony and looked over the village. He loved his home at Grimmauld Place now that it had been remodeled but he could certainly understand the allure of living in the country.

“I met Sirius shortly after he returned from school in what he called his sixth year. I never really understood that but that’s private school for ya. He was 17 and had run away from home.” Harry recalled Sirius telling him a little about that. “I was a few years older and I had just opened the shop. Sirius came to me looking for work. Well I couldn’t pay him much especially since he had no real mechanical knowledge but boy could he fix cosmetic work dents, dings, scratched paint you name it and he could make it good as new. Normally I couldn’t even tell something had been damaged. And he would work incredibly fast. He could get jobs done in half the time it would take me and I’m no slouch.”

Harry chuckled. “Yea Sirius has always been special.” He knew that Sirius had used magic to do the repair work.

“Well by the end of the summer when it was time for him to return to school business was steady and I could pay him more than I had originally offered. Sirius helped whenever he was back from school and it was over Christmas break that we built my first custom carburetor.”

“That’s the piece right above the pipes on the right hand side it brings the air in and mixes it with fuel. That combined with the exhaust pipes I make gave the bike a unique sound. Well the following summer Sirius was again working for me and instead of payment we built a custom bike for him instead. He didn’t need the money as bad and he really wanted that bike. And now you have it.”

“That is amazing.” Harry smiled thinking of his godfather. They stood in silence for a moment before Paul stood up quickly.

“Actually that story reminds me I have something to show you.” Paul said leaving the balcony and returning through the flat. Donna and Ginny were back and busy in the kitchen when they passed through. “We’re taking a quick trip to the barn Donna.”

She gave her husband a knowing smile. “Ginny is a wonderful cook Harry. We should be done in about twenty minutes or so.”

“It does smell delicious.” Harry commented with a loving smile at his fiancé.

“Indeed, we’ll be back in time to enjoy it.” Paul led Harry back down the stairs and through the back of the garage. They passed under the balcony they had been standing on and headed for a decent sized white washed building. The building looked like an old wood-paneled barn and had a large metal door that was big enough for cars to pass through and a normal sized one that was padlocked shut.

Paul opened the lock on the door and led Harry in. It was oppressively dark in the room and Harry heard Paul click on a switch. Lights overhead buzzed to life but just barely lit up. The longer they stood there the brighter it got. Before long Harry could make out various shapes some covered in tarps and others standing bare. There were probably fifteen cars in various conditions and a few motorbikes as well.

Harry followed as Paul picked his way between cars and piles of parts before arriving at the very back of the barn. There standing in the dim light was a tarp that may have been colored at one point but was a dull grey now. “This is what I wanted to show you Harry.” With a quick tug on the tarp a sleek red and gold motorbike was exposed. Though covered in dust one could easily see how beautiful it was meant to be. Harry could see some similarities to the bike he road but it was obviously different. The one thing he knew for sure was the same was the piece that Paul had explained was the carburetor.

Paul’s eyes grew misty as he looked over the old dusty bike. “Sirius asked me to build this for James the year your parents died. It was supposed to be a Christmas surprise. I was nearly finished with it Halloween night. I moved it out here the next day and haven’t looked at it since.”

“You never once thought of selling it or anything?” Harry was amazed.

“I owe my entire business to Sirius. I thought he’d come by and tell me what to do with it. Now though I think I know.” Paul smiled lightly. “I know you’re riding Sirius’ bike and probably don’t want to give it up. But this one is technically yours, I can get it cleaned up and have it ready for when you and Ginny return from Australia if not then you could give it to her for Christmas.”

Harry could feel the smile spreading on his face. He knew that Ginny would love to ride and fly together on the bikes. It would be a wonderful experience to travel together. “I think she would love that. She is every bit the daredevil I am. Can you not redo the paint though?”

“I can leave the cosmetic work other than cleaning it up a bit. But why would you do that?”

“Well Ginny’s dad is the one who did the new paint job on my bike. I think he would like to do the same for hers. How long would it take to get it running mechanically?”

Paul looked thoughtful at what Harry had said. “Honestly if the shop is slow a week at most. If we’re busy, maybe a month. The bike was brand new when I stored it. It shouldn’t need much repair.”

“Excellent I’ll be in touch in about a month or so to make arrangements for pickup.”

“Great, I’ll pull the bike out of here soon and start working on it.” Paul clapped his hands together excitedly. “Now though let’s go get some dinner.”

Harry and Ginny enjoyed dinner immensely. It was not the date they were expecting but it was a wonderfully informative trip. They spent quite a bit of time talking with Donna and Paul about various things. Some of it about his parents, mostly happy memories the older couple had. Harry had formulated plans to talk with Bill about what exactly he owned. He remembered that Bill had said about only liquid assets were being donated to the Ministry or his foundation and realized he likely had inherited more property than he could ever use. Before long though he would have to visit the manor and see what was there.

Harry and Ginny didn’t talk much on the flight home. Thoughts were running through their heads. Harry was glad for the helmet because he couldn’t suppress the smile at how Ginny would react to having her own motorbike. He knew she would love the feeling of being in control as much as she loved her own broom. As they started to land outside of London and proceeded to Grimmauld Place Harry was figuring out how to convince Ginny to learn the operation of the bike.

Hermione was waiting for them on the front porch as Harry parked the bike. “Harry, Ginny I’m so glad you’re back. I just received this from Kingsley.” She held up a thick envelope. Her excitement was palpable as the pair walked up to the porch.

Harry smiled at his friend as Ginny took the envelope. She opened it quickly and scanned over the letter. “Oh Merlin’s beard I need to get packing.” She ran into the house shoving the envelope into Hermione’s stomach.

Harry took the envelope and parchment from Hermione and read it quickly. His smile got bigger as he headed back toward the motorbike. “Harry, where are you going?” Hermione called.

“I’ve got to park this at the Burrow. I can’t very well leave it sitting out here if we’re going to Australia on Sunday. I’ll let Molly and Arthur know we’re leaving so he can look in on the others.” Hermione nodded as Harry sat on the bike again. He pulled his helmet on and started to get excited. He hadn’t been expecting the trip to be coming so soon but was relieved to get going. He waved to Hermione and started the engine. He was already planning on what he needed to accomplish before leaving. Obviously he needed to pack but he also wanted to re-read the information Kingsley had assigned for their first homework. He sincerely hoped Ron had studied it as well.

AN: Ok Australia next chapter. I have been looking forward to it but there was so much I wanted to get done first. I hope you enjoy, please leave reviews.

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