This chapter is also in Saren’s Point of View (A/N: I’ve found it easier to write in Point of View.) ----------------------------------------------------------- As we were walking away from Ron, I noticed that the tension that used to exist between the three of us was no longer there. That is what I am trying to achieve. We walked to class together. -Three Days Later- After dinner , and yet another violent confrontation from Ron, I was with Hermione and Draco. We were walking down the corridor, going nowhere in particular, with Draco in the middle and Hermione and I on his right and left. I had actually gotten them to stand next to each other, and talk to each other, I think that there is more to their ‘relationship’ then hatred. I’m pretty good. I had the sudden urge to touch Draco’s shoulder, and I did just that. Flash Image of Ron walking out of the Great Hall and going down the same path as Saren, Hermione, and Draco. Flash When I came out of my premonition , we had stopped, and I told them what I saw, just then I heard footsteps coming from behind us. I grabbed their arms and pulled them into the shadows. Ron passed by and I shut my eyes, trying to get into his thoughts, and guess what? I did. 'Where the bloody hell could she be? I swear if she's with Malfoy I will kill them both.' I opened my eyes again and he was far ahead of us so I motioned for them to follow me out of the shadows. I told them what I ‘heard’. Draco was confused by the 'I'll kill them both.' I mean, he had heard of overprotective boyfriends but not THAT overprotective. That reminded me that it was time one more person was informed about that. “Draco, I don’t know if you remember but about a week or so ago, Ron and I walked out of the Great Hall alone, and we got to the common room and….he beat me.” I said. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open, so I closed it for him, I heard Hermione snort behind him. "I'll kill him.” He said. “No, you will not get yourself expelled or anything else until I have completed my err.. mission. Okay? Okay.” I said He looked at me, confused. I shook my head, as if saying to let it go. So we kept on walking, except the other way. I didn’t want to run into Ron. After Draco walked Hermione and me to the common room, Hermione and I went into the dorm, which was unusually empty. I guess Hermione didn’t want to say anything because she looked at me and pointed at her head. I nodded. ‘Thanks for getting me to be friends with Draco, I was drifting from Harry and Ron.’ She thought. “You don’t have to thank me, I’m just doing my ‘job’” I said. She hugged me and I hugged her back. “Hermione the truth is, I’ve never been popular. I’ve always been an outcast. Thank YOU. I don’t know where I would be if you hadn’t come into my life.” I said. It was the truth, I’ve never had a lot of friends. Never been in a group. I’m just not ‘cool’ "OH! and by the way, I didn’t want to be a Slytherin.” She looked at me confusedly. “The first day I met you, I read your mind, and you thought, ‘is this girl wanting to be a Slytherin?’” I said. Realization hit her and she fell back onto her bed. “Sorry.” I heard her mumble. “It’s okay.” I said. There was a knock on the door, a knock I was dreading. Hermione sat up and looked at me, my eyes flashed with anger, I think hers did too. Hermione got up to open the door while I sat still on my bed. “Hey Herm, is Saren here?” I heard his voice. I could feel fear rising in my stomach. “Yes she is, but we are talking, maybe later, Ron.” Hermione answered. I could FEEL the hatred swarming in the room. “No, Hermione, it’s okay.” I said, getting up, and walking to the door. She looked at me, I looked back. That was that. I was gone. I found myself standing in front of Ron, outside. “Ron, I’m sorry, but we need to…break up.” I said. I was amazed, I had said that without stuttering or hesitation. He slapped me. My face turned as he did. I turned my face to him again, and I did something that I would never do, I punched him. That gave me time to run, and I did. I finally reached the common room and stopped to catch my breath and then ran to my dormitory. I opened it, and slammed it as soon as I was inside. I collapsed onto the floor in tears. Hermione stopped what she was doing and ran towards me as soon as she heard the door slam. “Saren what happened? DID HE HIT YOU??” She asked. “Yes-no, well, he did, but then I punched him (I smiled at the memory) and now he’s going to come after me.” I said. “No, because I am here, and so is Draco,….well he’s not here, but he’s here for you and we will not let him come after you.” She said. Later that night, Hermione and I were in the common room, in our pajamas, talking. “Saren?” Hermione asked. I looked up. “I might, I think... I just think that I might be falling for him.” She said. I smiled. Finally, some of this work, was actually paying off. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: YAY!!! FINALLY! It took me forever to come up with ideas for it! I tried to make this chapter longer than the others, I think I succeeded. Review! Let me know whatcha think! IDEAS! I NEED IDEAS! Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Saren, the other characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

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