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Christmas Eve was quite honestly one of my favorite days to spend with family because of all our small traditions. The best of all was the cousin sleepover at the Burrow, where we all ‘slept’ in the sitting and woke up in the morning to a mountain of presents.




I had successfully claimed my territory in the corner across from and with the best view of the Christmas tree as Dom made her way over and took what I assumed was Albus’ sleeping bag from the couch beside where I was set up, and flung it to the other side of the expanded space.




“Oh, I’m sure that will go over well.” I muttered under my breath. We were lucky that Dom still enjoyed this tradition, because I doubt family sleepovers were something she considered cool. So I wasn’t going to try and talk her out of usurping the couch from an Auror, he may know some powerful magic but Dom wasn’t the peachiest in the mornings if she didn’t sleep comfortably.




“If that weirdo wants to take the couch from me, he can try all he likes. But it wont end well for him.” She said with a threateningly cheerful smirk.




“You don’t need to tell me twice.” I chuckled, arranging my sleeping bag and knapsack in front of the couch so that Albus wouldn’t be tempted.




The Burrow around Christmas was always amazing, Nana Molly and the aunts would decorate up the inside of the house and fill it with the smell of delicious cornucopia that they cooked. The feast could generally be expected that of royalty, what with the array of dishes and too tempting desserts. Meanwhile, Grandpa Arthur and everyone’s fathers were tasked with making the outside into a winter wonderland. There were plenty of floating baubles and noise making thingy’s about to catch the eye, somehow it managed to fill us all with the same wonderment as it had when we were all younger. 




“I can’t wait for the New Years party,” Dom stated casually, as she ran her fingers across the garland on the tree. “I can’t believe I’ll be going stag.”




“Join the club.” I shrugged. I was no stranger to going to everything without a date. I think I’m starting to like it that way though, mostly due to my own inability to attract said date anyway. 




“Rosie, you really need to think about a boyfriend. You probably can’t imagine the benefits that having a handsome man on your arm at events does to your image. Let alone more private things.” Dom professed.




“Because my image is what needs to be worried about.” That and my self inflicted awkwardness around other humans. I shrugged.




“That is what I’ve been telling her.” Said Albus who had just entered the sitting room, noticing his belongings had been moved from their original space.




“See, if he is noticing that you are on the verge of spinsterhood then you know something is wrong.” Dom agreed.




“I don’t think that was a compliment on my part.” Albus said. “Who moved my stuff?”




“I highly suggest not sleeping on the couch. You are probably too large for it anyway.” I hinted to Albus, raising my eyebrow at Dom.




Dom leered at him as well, driving home the point that she wouldn’t be moving for anything short of a fire. Albus shrugged, and crossed his arms over his chest looking at the tree with us. The Christmas tree towered over us, with its bushy branches bursting with garland, ornaments, and tinsel. It hardly looked like it could fit in the room along with all of us who would be sleeping in there with it, I would not be surprised if someone or thing were launched into it causing the yearly explosion from Nana Molly.




“My mum says it’s a few hours until supper. So would anyone care for a game of Quidditch, or maybe just try to throw each other off?” Albus asked.




“NO.” Dom insisted instantly, crossing her arms over her chest protectively.




“Oh, sure. I haven’t played Chicken in awhile. By the way, is your sister here? I wanted to make sure she got a spot near us.” I said, not having seen Lily since the beginning of the shopping trip earlier in the week.




“Lil? I think Scorpius is bringing her and Aurelia,” he looked down at his watch; “Actually, they should be here anytime now. They are all sleeping over because their parents and grandparents are apparently going on holiday for Christmas this year, since everyone is old enough now.”




I was instantly surprised and all at once nervous at the prospect of my crush actually staying over for a holiday. It was like a fantasy come true, as if an episode of one of those soap operas I occasionally watch with Grandma Granger where the most ridiculous situations arise to bring sexual tension for the love interest, and I felt like I should be pinched.




“They can’t stay at their own place for the holiday?” Dom asked. “There is hardly room for us here.”




“Don’t worry, I heard Mum say that they were going to either expand the room, or take out some of the sofas.” Albus grinned at her.




“It’ll be okay. Besides, Dom you will love Lily’s friend Aurelia. She is just as much into fashion and girly stuff as you are, if not more.” I added.




“That is a pretty name.” Dom said thinking for a moment, possibly about whether Aurelia would be friend or competition. “Well let’s all go outside and get this flying business out of the way. I need to get a scarf.”




“Alright. See you out there.” I said, as Albus and I made our way through the bustling kitchen and outside.




“So you haven’t been getting into any trouble have you?” Albus asked quietly, hands in his pockets and we wandered in the direction of the broom shed that our other cousins and siblings we already loitering around.




“No sir. I’ve been keeping to myself. Besides, I’ve always been able to handle myself with those dolts.” I tried to brush it off, it wasn’t the most exciting topic for me.




“You know that isn’t the point. Imagine what would happen if my dad knew, let alone your dad.” He offered.




“I know.” I answered just as a very expensive black car pulled into the drive, a stark contrast to the thick blanket of snow covering the ground. There was only a select few people it could be; as wealthy as the family was we didn’t tend to show it in material things.




“Oh, I bet Score would want to play with us all.” Albus said rather excited, grabbing my hand and jogging toward the car.




The car pulled into park just as we reached it. Albus opened the back door, letting his sister and her friend out. Out of the drivers side, Scorpius exited the car dressed in a fine winters coat that made him look like a business man going on vacation. He looked right at me and smiled, in a way that  made me rationalize that he had to be staring past me at someone else.




“Hi Rose.” He said in his deep voice. “Nice seeing you again.”




“Sure. Really!? I only just heard that you were coming.” I babbled awkwardly, watching as he pulled what was clearly his own, and his sisters duffel bags out from the car and slinging them over his shoulder easily.




“You don’t sound entirely overjoyed about our coming.” Scorpius said with an eyebrow raised, as he walked toward me.




“No, its not that at all. Sorry. I just. Um…” My words came out in a jumbled mess, and I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks despite the cold nip in the air. I looked up at him nervously, seeing that he recognized my nervousness but continued to smile. He was more than likely just being polite, knowing his upbringing.




“Oi, Rosie. Could you show Score where to put their bags? I’ll get the girls outfitted with brooms before they can wander off to go look at magazines.” Albus suggested, handing me his sisters bag to carry. Traitor.




“Come on Al! We don’t want to play, its cold out!” Lily whined, and tried to lead Aurelia away, who looked thoroughly unimpressed with the choice of activities presented. I wasn’t surprised at her distaste, Aurelia was wearing a coat that looked more expensive than any I’d seen Dom or Victoire wear, not to mention her fancy French nails.




“Too bad, all the mums are busy cooking and said either work inside or play outside.” Albus announced, and it would explain why all the fathers were huddled together on the back porch of the Burrow for warmth.




“Don’t worry, dinner should be in an hour or so then we’ll be safe to go in.” I suggested to Lily.




The girls reluctantly let Albus push them in the direction of the old shed (I assumed because of Aurelia’s doe eyes at Albus) , where the others waited for a game to start. I turned back to our other visitor who stood waiting beside his car, bags slung over one shoulder and his other arm out for me to take.




My hand was shaking as I wrapped it around the crook of his elbow, hoping that he would just find the shuddering to be from the cold as I wasn’t wearing the best jumper for the weather instead of my obvious inability to remain calm. His arm was strong and I could feel the sinewy muscles hiding just below the thick overcoat he wore. It shouldn’t have been surprising, he wasn’t unlike any other man. He was rich and known in school for taking care of himself for Quidditch, but being so close to the point that I was actually touching my crush would have been unfathomable if it weren’t for the fact that it was currently happening to me.




We walked rather briskly toward the house, I was almost struggling to keep up with his gait, as much as I was struggling to start a conversation. Cheesy icebreakers kept popping up in my head, embarrassing just to think about and unable to come up with anything as the nervous color grew on my face making it even more evident as to my crush on him. Though he kept his head high and didn’t look at me so I doubt that he noticed.




As we approached the back deck of the Burrow, the kitchen door opened and Dom walked out an infuriatingly knowing smile spread across her face seeing me walking arm in arm with the guy whom I had previously gushed to her about thinking he was absolutely adorable.  Just the thought of him knowing I thought he was adorable was mortifying, Merlin knew he wasn’t the type of man who was referred to as adorable, generally the tabloids stuck to ‘handsome’ or ‘elegant’.  What if he knew occlumency? That was more than enough reason to stop thinking so much.




Dom floated in a dainty manner toward us, staring me down as she did. With a wicked grin, she stuck out her hand and turned her eyes up to Scorpius. He looked down over her appraisingly, then took her hand.




“You must be one of the Delacour Weasley’s? I’m guessing Dominique, since you aren’t with child?” Scorpius asked dripping with charm, he was in the business of knowing who was who.




“The one and only.” Dom purred, well there it was. Any small sliver of a chance of him ever liking me had been eliminated after the simple fact that once any guy met Dom, they were immediately intoxicated by her beauty and charm, and I was a forever alone after thought. It was a good thing that my parents had a boy because I wouldn’t be continuing the family line, it was almost prophecy.




“Pleasure to meet you. I imagine you will be staying here as well? I haven’t been to the Burrow in such a long time.” Scorpius said.




“Of course, though I doubt where we are all sleeping is even scraping where your standards must be. I only stay out of love for my family, but really staying in a motel would be ideal.” Dom almost whined. Why was she flirting with him, did she need to rub it in like that? Get a room.




“I think its quaint to be in such close quarters with your family, I don’t get that so much with my family.” Scorpius said the slightest hint of emotion crossing his face for a moment.




“Anyway,” I interjected, “I’m sure that Scorpius doesn’t want to keep carrying those bags, in the snow. We can go in, then you can keep flirting.” I even surprised myself by saying what I was thinking out loud.




Both Scorpius and Dom turned to look at me, Dom adopting a glare, but Scorpius only raised an eyebrow. Surely he noticed Dom’s attempts.




“Rose, you can call me Score. And you are right these bags are getting heavy, I have no idea what Auri keeps in there.” Scorpius agreed, with a chuckle.




“Hmm, well I’ll see you on the Pitch Score.” Dom pouted, clearly giving me a competitive glance. Dom was the other reason I was spinster bound. If anyone had something, she had to make it hers, make it better. Not that he’d ever be mine or anything.




“So show me in?” Score asked, I nodded and continued forward.




We walked up the steps to the back porch and Aunt Ginny opened the door for us, her face lit up in surprise at seeing Scorpius, then raised her eyebrow at me in that suspicious auntie way.




“Oh, Scorpius! How long has it been since I saw you last? It had to be when you and Albus graduated. My you look handsome, doesn’t he Rosie?” She chattered on, trying to sell me out with out knowing it.




“Yeah.” I answered awkwardly, not looking up at him because I was almost certainly the color of my hair.




“Thank you Mrs. Potter. You look positively radiant as well.” He smiled, waving at the other Aunts and Nana Molly. Who all surrounded him in that motherly way to tell him how amazing he is. Like he didn’t already know how perfect he is. I never even get that type of attention from them.




“I’ve got to show Scorpius where we are all sleeping, then you all can go back to fawning over him alright?” I announced above their chattering.




I pulled him forward and down the corridor to the expanded family room where the multitude of sleeping bags and suitcases where set out to mark territory. Looking back at him, I couldn’t tell if he was overwhelmed or disgusted by the home-y-ness of the house.




“So Lily is over there,” I pointed at Lily’s stuff that had one of the only open spaces in the room beside it. “And well…”




Of course, the only other space was between mine and Albus’ stuff. I moved to the side. As he set Aurelia’s stuff down beside Lily’s, then dropped his suitcase and sleeping bag beside mine.




“Well you’ll be next to Albus at least. Um, you can change in the boys room which is up the stairs, but knock first because the Potters should be staying in there. And, the bathroom is down the hall.” I informed him.




“This should be fun, I haven’t had a sleepover in ages.” Scorpius said happily sitting down on the couch.




“Well, I may be biased but I’m fairly sure that Weasley sleepovers are a whole other thing.” I rolled my eyes. This guy had no idea what he was getting into. 







A/N: Hey all! I admit it, I am the worst. I took literally over a year just to update. *ding ding ding SHAME* But I really am going to try to start update more regularly. It's summer so it should be easier. Thank you so much for reading and sticking with it though. All the loves. Reviews are greatly appreciated! Have a great day!





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