Chapter Seventeen
“The Name of the Game”

“Alright let’s discuss the upcoming season,” Darren said from the head of the conference table. The board of the Holyhead Harpies and the coaches had gathered to discuss who was coming back, who was sacked, and who was moving up.

“Annabel is going to Puddlemere United, she dropped a letter of resignation by the office last week,” Coach Krassman informed the room.

“Accounting has already tallied up wins and points for the first string. The fifteen percent pay raises will be added to their contracts,” Darren said making notes in his book. “Also Mr. Humphrey has expressed interest in the idea of Ginny Weasley being moved to first string.”
There was silence in the room. But the silence was a mixture of feelings. Some thought it was a good idea. Attendance was up because of her and filled seats meant money, which secured their jobs. The others liked her and believed that she had the potential to be an amazing first string seeker but not yet. Everyone was staying silent about it because of the woman sitting opposite Darren. At the other end of the table was Coach Dubuffet and everyone knew she didn’t like Ginny’s stunts.

“We all know when he expresses interest,” Darren went on, “it’s more than just a suggestion.”

Madam Dubuffet spoke, she stared Darren right in the eye. “Conrad has told me of his interest in Ms. Weasley. I have also informed him of her lack appropriate Quidditch skill. Her stats don’t come close to those of Comet. So we decided that Ginny will stay a reserve and she will receive first string rotation during home games only.”  The ambitious man thought he was the only one with a direct line to Conrad Humphrey. She wasn’t going to allow him to pull a fast one on her. She knew he was the one who wanted Ginny first string. Conrad adored her and would be satisfied as long as the hot commodity stays part of his team. Darren however wanted to use her until he was head of the league.

Ginny was wandering around a gallery where artworks that were going to be auctioned off in a few minutes were being displayed. She was there with Draco and Palmer. Draco wanted something and she wanted Palmer and Draco to formally meet. She had tricked him into coming with the promise of cocktails. Draco was getting his paddle and she lost Palmer in the maze.

She wasn’t really looking at the art but searching for Palmer, she turned a corner. She entered a small enclosed space. There was one large painting on each of the four walls. The space was completely empty except for one man standing in front of the painting on the far wall.

She was going to leave and continue her search for Palmer. The guy looked over his shoulder casually, when he realized who he saw he turned around completely.

“Hi,” Ginny said nervously.

“Hi,” he smiled.
“What are you doing here?”

“Looking at this painting,” he pointed behind him.

“I meant here at the auction.”
“Buying art”

Ginny decided to focus on her feet since all she was doing was asking obvious questions. She began to twist her guidebook in her hands. She didn’t know why he was making her so nervous.

“Have you ever seen a Sophia Rinaldi?” She looked up at him and shook her head, he waved her over. Ginny moved over to stand next to him. She looked at the large painting of a little girl cowering in a dark corner. Her shadow was cast across the floor from the light coming from an unseen source. The small space suggesting it was a door. “She’s a 17th century painter from Florence.”
“Why is it still?” Every other painting in the place had its subjects moving.

“It’s not”

“But she’s just kneeling there.”

“Watch her.”

Ginny focused in on the little girl, she didn’t appear to be doing much of anything. She looked as if she was praying, Ginny heard Blaise move from beside her. She felt his warm breath on the back of her neck. The girl in the picture had curly dark brown hair pulled back into two plaits. The edges of her hair frizzy, one of her curls moved slightly. She noticed the brown hairs against the back of her neck stand on end. “She’s shivering.”

“Much like you,” his voice was low and deep, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.
“Except I’m not scared”

He moved around and stood in front of her, “aren’t you?”

“No I’m not.”
“Then what are you?”

She smirked, “intrigued.”

“Absolutely, Zabini you’ve never paid me a shred of attention yet now for some reason you seem to not let me lose your gaze,” she explained.

“Well perhaps you intrigue me too,” he smiled.
“I don’t,” she laughed, “anyway are you going to buy the painting?”

“Yes, Sophia Rinaldi was the wife of a distant family member. I’ve been collecting her paintings,” he went back to standing next to her to look at the painting.

“That’s amazing you can track your family that far back, I hope you win.”

“I will”

“How do you know?”

“I already bought it.”

“Of course you did,” she shook her head. “I should probably go find my friend.”

“You’re not here with Draco?” There was a hopeful sound in that question mark.

“I am but a friend came along as well.”

“I don’t want to keep you.”

“It was lovely talking to you,” she said before walking away. Before she completely left the space she turned to look back at him. Just as she thought, he was watching her. God those eyes…

“There you are,” Palmer announced when he rounded the corner and spotted Ginny. “I’ve been looking all over for you. What are we doing here? I thought we were going for a drink?”
“Draco wanted to come and then we’re out.”

“Which dusty old piece of art does he want?”

“I’m not sure,” she said flipping through the glossy guide of art work. Draco came up to them with a green paddle in hand. “Babe which piece is it that you wanted again?”

“I want the Magenta Comstock on the cover,” he said as she closed the book to take a look, “and I want the sculpture on page 14.”

“That’s the big ticket item tonight isn’t it,” asked Palmer in regards to the Comstock.

“That it is and it shall be mine,” his voice was full of triumph as if he already won.

“Does that mean we have to stay for the whole thing,” complained Palmer.

“Nope, it’s up first and the sculptures fifth.”

“That’s not too bad,” Ginny tucked her book under her arm. “Let’s go find seats.”

“Why am I here,” asked Palmer following.

“Because I love you, I wanted you to meet Draco, and how often do you turn down cocktails,” pointed out Ginny.

“I don’t do cocktails, I do drinks,” they settled into the third row. “I could have met Draco anytime, not that you aren’t swell and all,” Palmer only spoke with Draco a little bit but he mostly thought he was cold and moody.

Draco rolled his eyes, “thank you Palmer, you’re just wonderful too.”

“That’s enough of that you two,” Ginny said from her seat between them. “This could be fun, with any luck we’ll get to see Draco have a joyous reaction in public.”

“No you won’t,” Draco was tapping his paddle on his leg in anticipation.
Ginny smirked, “Yeah you’re not excited at all.”

“Quiet Weasley they’re getting ready to start…”

“First up we have the portrait of Robert S. Gutermann by the late Magenta Comstock. The oil painting was completed in 1940 while the artist was living in Paris,” the announcer addressed the room. “Let’s begin the opening bid at 6000 galleons… that’s 6000 to the gentleman down front. Do we have 65? We have 65 to the woman in the red hat….” He continued on.

“Aren’t you supposed to raise your paddle,” Ginny whispered to Draco.
“Yes, now quiet. I’m concentrating.”

Ginny wondered what he was concentrating on because he didn’t seem to be doing anything but sitting.

“I couldn’t stand having one of those in my house,” Palmer whispered to Ginny. “It’s like its eyes follow you,” he moved his head back and forth. The scruffy looking blonde man in the painting followed Palmer’s gaze.

“I’d stop that if I were you. The eyes of Magenta’s work are known for following you home,” she laughed.

“What,” he turned to look at her alarm.

“You can be such a muggle Palmer,” she shook her head.

“It’s 15 to the woman in the red hat,” the announcer said, “if there are no more bids… 20 to the young man in the third row. Do I hear 25,” he looked around the room. “SOLD,” he banged his gavel, “for 20,000 galleons to the young man.”

“You just paid 20,000 galleons for a painting,” Ginny’s eyes went wide. “Shouldn’t you have begun earlier to not have to pay so much?”
“I like to make people feel as if they are going to win and then swoop down and steal it right from under them,” he smirked.

“You’re so mean.”

“All’s fair in art and war.”
“Yeah, yeah, how much longer do we have to be here,” Palmer complained.

“How about we go around the corner to the pub and you meet us there,” Ginny reasoned.

“Excellent,” Palmer jumped to his feet.

“Sit down,” the old man sitting behind him hissed.

“That’s fine just hurry up and go,” he waved them pass him.

“I’m just saying if someone invites you back to their place the least they could do is have the decency to make their bed and pick their dirty underwear up off the floor,” Palmer told Ginny over beer and chips.

“Palmer where do you meet women who leave their underwear on the floor,” she wondered.

“You’re one to talk. You always leave your clothes all over the place.”

“Yeah but not my underwear,” they both laughed.
“I always attract the nut cases,” he shook his head shamefully.

“That’s because you’re a nut case yourself. They probably can sense the vibe,” she smirked as he disappeared into his cup.

“Success,” Draco announced joining them.

“So I suppose you won the sculpture bid as well,” asked Palmer.

“That I did,” he took the seat next to Ginny.
“Is it over,” she asked.                                                                 

“No but they have my account info so it’s over for me,” he gave a sigh of relief. “Anyway, what did I miss?”

“Palmer dates women who leave their underwear on the floor,” she said nonchalantly.

“Ew,” Draco scrunched up his face. “Anyway I saw Blaise as I was leaving.”

Ginny kept her face from his and picked at the bowl of nuts on the table instead, “oh yeah?”

“Yeah he mentioned he saw you…”

“I sort of ran into him when I lost Palmer,” she filled her mouth.

“Lost is an understatement that maze was huge,” Palmer took a large gulp from his pint.

“At least it was a beautiful maze to get lost in. Anyway, we’re going to get to together next week,” He said as he stood up, “I’m going to get a drink do you guys want anything?”
“I’m good thanks,” answered Palmer.

“I’ll have a cider,” Ginny told him.

“So that’s the infamous Draco Malfoy,” Palmer said watching him retreat. He watched him squeeze his way in at the bar. How he got the bartenders attention, how he looked like he was charming her, Palmer turned his attention back to Ginny. “He doesn’t seem worth infamy. Perhaps arrogant…”
“He’s not so bad,” what was so bad was this idea of him and Blaise hanging out. They use to be friends it was nice that he was trying to make a connection with someone again but there was something about Blaise Zabini. He made Ginny feel like she’s never felt before.

“Are you alright”

Ginny looked up at Palmer, “yes I’m fine, why?”

“You just looked like you went millions of kilometers away,” he gestured the distance with his hand.

She smiled softly and turned to look towards the bar, Draco was on his way back to them, “I was just thinking of Draco.”
“Here you go love,” he placed her drink down in front of her.

“Thanks,” she rested her head on his shoulder.

He looked down at her, “what’s wrong with you?” She just shook her head, “ok, so Palmer do you represent a lot of people?”

“No,” he shook his head, “before Ginny I made coffee and tended bar for a living.”

Draco stared at him blankly not believing what he was hearing, “Weasley, you hired a barista to be your manager?”

Ginny whined and turned her face into his shoulder, “obviously.”

“Hey, I’m excellent at my job,” defended Palmer.

“Yes you are,” Ginny agreed, “let’s hope I get a raise so you can get raise.”

“Weasley why on earth, would you do something like that,” Draco went on, “you hire someone to manage your career with absolutely no experience. Did you do a background check on this character?”
Ginny sat up, “Draco I’ve been with Palmer longer than I’ve been with you. I love him and look how well my career is going and he manages it seamlessly.”

“Plus her father already had a background check done and threatened me so the little glaring thing you’re doing is unnecessary,” Palmer smirked.

An owl circled over the pub, it swooped down and dropped a business envelope in the bowl of nuts. It was so thick the nuts went everywhere and the bowl fell over. Palmer picked it up and shook the crumbs from it. It was addressed to him, he opened it up. It was Ginny’s new contract and a note from her agent. “The verdicts in,” he handed her the wad of folded paper.

Ginny excitedly took the contract from him. She read the first few lines and slammed the thing down on the table. She quickly got up causing her chair to fall over and stormed to the bar. Draco and Palmer watched her in confusion. Draco reached over and picked up her contract. “She’s still a reserve… with first string rotation during home games.” He put the contract down and followed her.

He slid onto the barstool next to hers. The bartender came over and placed the fire whiskey she had ordered in front of her. Draco pulled the bottle away from her, “I was going to drink that.”

“You can’t it will mess up your game.”

“It clearly doesn’t matter. I didn’t get first string they don’t care if I get drunk,” she sighed.

“There’s always next year.”

She rolled her eyes, “if everything I’ve done thus far couldn’t get me first string there is no guarantee for next season… I have been enjoying my life too much. I knew it had to be too good to be true. Why should someone like me get to have a good life?” She slammed her head down against the bar.

Draco looked around hoping no one was watching them.

“Why, why, why,” she banged her head a couple times.

“Stop that,” Draco hissed, “people are staring!”

“It doesn’t matter,” she lifted her head, “they can stare all they want, it doesn’t matter,” she hopped off the stool and hurried from the pub.

Draco got up and went back to the table, “it was nice meeting you Palmer,” Draco took her contract. “I’m just going to go calm her down.”

“Let her know I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

Ginny ran into her apartment, slammed the door got into her bed. She got under her covers and curled up into a ball. A few moments later the door opened, “go away Draco.” He didn’t say anything he just pulled her covers off, “give those back.”

“I don’t think so; you’re acting like an idiot. You didn’t make first string so what.”

“So what!” She sat up, “do you think I spend seven days a week working my ass off to sit on the bench? Do you think I pretend to like you for my health? I go through all this shit so I can get what I want and today and I was basically told it was for nothing!”

“Ginny if you know what you want take it. The ink on the contract isn’t dry and you haven’t signed it yet. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.”

She stared up at him standing there with his chest out proudly. He thought he was giving a pretty good pep talk, she however thought, “you’re full of shit!” She grabbed her blanket from his hands and pulled it over her head.

“Fine wallow… Palmer’s going to call on you tomorrow,” he said before he let himself out.
Ginny was sitting on the field stretching. Her legs open in a v position with her upper body down between her legs. She liked the feel of grass on her face.

“Hey,” Sara came and sat next to her.

Ginny turned her head towards her but didn’t change her position, “Hi,” she said glumly.

“Are you alright,” Sara asked as she began to stretch.

Everything wasn’t alright. She wasn’t first string and now she had to put her best foot forward during practice and pretend she was alright with this decision. “I didn’t get first string.”

“Neither did I but at least you’re not fired.” Sara Shrugged, “half the Falmouth Falcons got released from their contracts… suppose they didn’t do enough bodily harm to other players during the season.”

Ginny sighed. She thought being fire would have been less insulting. “That’s true…”
“I’m giving it two more years and then I’m retiring. Maybe I’ll go to school… become a trainer or something.”

“If that’s what you want to do,” Ginny said sitting up.

“I don’t want to but I have to be realistic.”

Ginny loved Sara but she felt since she went beyond the professional Quidditch player call of duty she deserved to be first string over her. It was a terrible thought but people showed up at matches just to see her.
“Ann’s being real about the situation,” Sara went on, “she’s going to Puddlemere.”

Ginny turned to look at her, “What!”
“Yeah she’s going to be their reserve keeper. They’re giving her a generous raise and private grooming and everything.”

Something was off about this, Oliver was the first string keeper for Puddlemere and they would never part with him. It seemed like career suicide to take that position. Granted apparently being reserve seeker of the Harpies was career suicide as well.

Ginny knocked the beat of the new Bent Broomstick song on Draco’s door. He opened the door and narrowed his eyes at her, “please don’t do that,” he walked away from the door. She let herself in, “Mrs. Collier is visiting again and she’s always on management about me.”

“Sorry but put on your shoes we’ve got plans.”

“I can’t,” he plopped down on the couch and picked up his book.

“What are you doing that’s so important?”

“I’ve got things to do,” he shrugged.

“No you don’t and I know for a fact you don’t have class.”

Draco closed his book and looked at her, “what’s going on?”

“We’re meeting with a realtor.”

Draco’s eyes widened in terror, “oh no the hell we’re not. What makes you think I want to live with you?”

“I don’t think you want to live with me. I don’t want to live with you either but we’re just going to make people think we want to live together. We’ve got an appointment in 15 minutes so grab your favorite loafers.”

“Um,” Draco stood up. This idea bothered him greatly, “I can’t do this… I’m not ready to even pretend like I’m going to live with you.”

Ginny’s face fell, “please don’t get real now. We’re not even going to look at physical homes; we’re going to an office.”

“Ginny please don’t make me do this,” he whined.

Weasley and Malfoy Get Serious
Ginevra Weasley and Draco Malfoy were at Wiz Realty. Reportedly the two were meeting with an agent about acquiring a home. Are the two taking the next steps in their relationship? Is the ex-future Mrs. Potter getting ready to be Mrs. Malfoy?
“The Skeeter Report”

Ginny put down the paper satisfied with the photos of her and Draco inside of the realty office and the frenzy when they were leaving. She was feeling pretty good when there was a knock on her door. She was still looking at the paper as she went to answer it.

“So I see you’ve seen the paper,” Mrs. Weasley said holding her own copy.

“It’s not a paper but a tabloid,” Ginny walked away from the door.
“You can’t tell me this isn’t true, there’s photo evidence.”

“Yes it’s true but it’s not what you think,” Ginny sighed.

“So you aren’t getting ready to move in with a man you aren’t married to,” asked Mrs. Weasley as she let herself in and closed the door.

“What’s with you and marriage…”

“What’s with it is it gives you rights. I don’t want you in a situation where you find yourself locked out. As women we have to protect ourselves,” Mrs. Weasley stressed.

“I am protected, I have a job. I’m not a kept woman or even a house wife.”

“I know you think I’m less because of my chosen life…”

“No I don’t,” Ginny cut her off, “I just think you’re wrong for trying to push me down the same road.”

“I only want what’s best for you.”

“I would think having a daughter who can think and take care of herself would be something to be proud. Not a daughter who tries to find someone that meets society’s requirements of a good man,” Ginny spat. “After all women can do more than bare children and clean.”

“I am aware of what women can do…”

“Great, now since this is becoming routine,” she said as she went over to the door, “you know the drill,” she pointed out the door for her mother to leave, “and I’m not moving in with Malfoy.”

The Harpies home stadium was packed as they played the Wigtown Wanders. The crowd was in a frenzy.

“The Wanders have the quaffle and it’s a clean pass and goal! Fifty point’s wanders,” the announcer cheered. “It’s a lovely day for a match. It’s the qualifier for the league cup the winner of this match will go on to play Puddlemere United for the title. The festivities even brought out the President of France’s son Yves Dubois…”

Yves face appeared on screen he smiled awkwardly and waved his green Holyhead Harpies flag. There was a clear picture of Draco sitting next to him.

This was the final game before the British and Irish league championship. All year the buzz was the Appleby Arrows were going to get it but last night Puddlemere United didn’t just beat them but smashed them. It was an excellent match; Oliver had gotten Ginny comp seats so she and Dean went.
“Weasley,” Coach Krassman stuck her head in the dugout. “You’re up.”

Ginny took a deep breath and pick up her broom. She watched as Comet landed and stormed angrily across the field. She pushed that aside and went shooting up into the air.
“WEASLEY, WEASLEY!” The crowd began to cheer as she went higher and higher. This was the good life soaring above the crowd. The freeing feeling flying gave her, she quickly jerked around when she saw the flash of gold go by her. The rush went through her as she fought for the snitch.

“Weasley has spotted the snitch!” The commentator cheered, “Right off the bench and right on top of her game. What speed she’s got!”

This was going to be a tricky one, it was weaving through players and she followed suit. The rest of the team was busy scoring goals and it was as if the snitch knew they wouldn’t be able to get out of her way. But being the ever persistent Weasley she is, she wasn’t going to give up.

“GO GINNY!” Sophie shouted, “She’s really good!”
“Yes she is,” Draco didn’t really appear to care too much but on the inside he was willing her to get the snitch. He was mentally on the edge of his seat. He knew how much she wanted this and he wanted it for her in return.

“She’s got this match sealed,” commented Yves as Ginny went into a dive, arm out stretched. The Wander’s seeker barely able to keep up, she was getting closer and closer to the ground.
“OH!” The announcer shouted as she hit the ground. She went one way and her broom went the other. “That looked painful!”

Everyone was on their feet, looking to see the outcome of the Weasley. Draco too joined in with that reaction, however he was the only one probably truly concerned about her safety. He watched mortified but slowly, Ginny pushed herself up on all fours. She climbed to her feet and hoisted her right fist in the air. A close up on the monitor revealed the wings of the snitch between her fingers. Draco sighed in relief.

“WEASLEY, WEASLEY, WEASLEY,” the crowd cheered.

“The Harpies are going to the championship!” The announcer shouted, “They will face Puddlemere United for the league cup!”

After her shower Ginny came out of the changing rooms. Draco was leaning against the wall waiting for her.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she said walking up to him. She stood on her tip toes and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Well I came for a couple of reasons. I felt bad about my realty reaction and I un-expectantly had to entertain.”

“Yeah I saw Sophie and that guy… where are they,” she asked looking around.

“They went back to the hotel to change. If you’re up for it, we’re going to dinner. I was hoping you’d join us.”

“That I will”

“Cool,” he extended his hand for hers. She took it and they began down the hall. “There was a bit of a scare there when you didn’t get up right away.”

Ginny looked over to him, she was going to say something smart but he seemed like he may have really been scared, “it wasn’t too bad, I was so close to the ground. It knocked the wind out of me and it took a moment to catch breath,” she explained, “I actually caught the snitch before I hit the ground but I didn’t pull up soon enough.”


“Thank you”

When they got outside into the night they were immediately swarmed. There was a bunch of people waiting to get autographs. The cameras were flashing, Draco found it very annoying. Ginny was in complete amazement as if it was the first time this ever happened, she still wasn’t use to it. Draco took her bag from her so she could sign a few autographs.

“So what brings you two to town,” asked Ginny as the waiter brought Draco his scotch and poured wine for everyone else. Ginny put her hand over her glass to stop him from pouring some for her.

“Looking at shoes”

“You came all the way from France for shoes?”
“Yes,” laughed Sophie, “there is this great cobbler on Abbey Row who is designing shoes specifically for Yves’ groomsmen.”

Ginny’s eyes went wide, “You’re getting married!”
“Yes,” she leaned into Yves, “Draco didn’t tell you?”

“Sorry about that, it slipped my mind,” said Draco. It wasn’t info that screamed run home and tell Ginny.

“What is there marriage in the air or something?”

Sophie laughed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“My brother just announced his engagement… and then Draco punched him,” she laughed.

“That’s funny.”

“So let’s see the ring,” Sophie extended her hand across the table. They were sitting at the center table at Bewitched. The lighting was low. The candles on the table barely lit the space. “Yves you have lovely taste, it’s gorgeous.”

“Unfortunately I can’t take the credit, she designed it,” he chuckled.

“So you didn’t get to plan and pop the question,” Draco asked.

“Not really we just talked about getting married and then we decided to go through with it. She designed her ring and when she finished, she squealed with delight and flooed Gunter,” Yves informed.

“Gunter is still talking about the ringing in his ears,” Draco picked up his scotch.

“It wasn’t that loud,” laughed Sophie. “…anyway I was excited but how are you Ginny?”

She looked at her hands that were playing with the napkin in her lap. She was just awful, she wasn’t first string. She looked up and smiled, “I’m good. I’m really good.”
“You’re an amazing Quidditch player,” beamed Yves, “you’re such a crowd pleaser.”

“Thank you, studies show that people like public execution and watching players fall from their brooms is as close as they’re going to get.” She shrugged.

“That’s my girl always looking on the bright side,” joked Draco.

She turned to look at him, “I thought that’s what you liked about me.”

“No,” he shook his head. She smiled at him, it seemed real and genuine. That’s what he liked about her. “There are a few things I like about you, too bad the things I don’t like outweigh them.”

Ginny playfully hit him on the arm, “yet you still put up with me.”

Draco didn’t know if he was going to be able to take this much longer. Ginny was doing something to him, he liked it, he wanted it but she was playing with him, “Always.”

Weasley Dines with Presidents Son
Ginevra Weasley reserve seeker of the Holyhead Harpies dined with the President of Frances son and his fiancé last night after her match. Ginevra who caught the snitch securing her team a place in the finals was at Bewitched with her boyfriend Draco Malfoy. Malfoy and Yves Dubois were in the stands for Ginevra’s winning moment.
The Daily Prophet

Draco and Ginny were at a reception for the Drama League. At the Rockmoore Inn, it was this cozy ivy covered inn outside of Manchester that had a cabaret style theatre in the basement. They just watched a rousing selection of scenes from up and coming directors and writers. Draco was busy being schmoozed by the league chairman. They were trying to talk him out of his money. Ginny set off into the crowd…

“We meet again”

Ginny turned around, “Blaise I can’t say this is a surprise.” His popping up was becoming customary.

“Where’s Draco this evening?”

“He’s over there talking to… I don’t really know who he’s talking to,” she shrugged. “I suppose they want him to donate or join the board or something.”

“That’s the point of this event”

“Are you a contributing patron or soon to be board member?”

He smiled, “no, I’m a season ticket holder.”

“Every little bit helps. Besides it wouldn’t be theatre without an audience.”

“That’s true… so did you enjoy what you saw tonight?”
“I liked the scene from the “Brazen and the Bold,” she chuckled. “I thought it was a nice feminist conversation.”

He chuckled right along with her, “that it was.”

Ginny liked the way he was looking at her. It was as if he was seeing through her, it felt really good. It was really warming, really…

“Would you care for a drink,” Blaise asked her knowingly, a smirk etched on his face.
“That would be lovely thank you.”

“What would you like?”

“Surprise me.”

He walked off to the bar leaving her alone. She turned to make sure he wasn’t watching her before she fanned herself. God he was gorgeous.  She removed herself from the center of the room, to find a more secluded spot to have her inappropriate thoughts.
            She made sure she had a view of Draco. She was free to flirt with whoever she wanted but she thought it was inappropriate while he was across the room. However that wasn’t going to stop her. He was still being entertained.

“Here you go,” Blaise handed her, her drink.

“Thanks,” she took a sip. It was a champagne cocktail. She probably should have mentioned the no alcohol. She took another sip.

He watched her sipping her drink. Her red painted lips curling over the glass, the light pink of her cheeks. The freckles that dusted her shoulders and fell beyond the sweetheart neck of her black strapless dress, it was a form fitting dress, which she filled out perfectly. Something was happening between him and Ms. Weasley. He was going to try something that may just get him knocked out or hexed. He took a step closer to her and she made no signs of moving away. He lowered his voice, “I’m going to be extremely bold, so feel free to tell me to piss off. Do you want to go somewhere,” she just stared at him for a moment before she nodded. “I’ve got a room, six ten. Wait ten minutes and come up.” She nodded. He downed the rest of his drink and put down his glass, then left her there.
Ginny took a deep breath before she knocked on the door. When he opened the door he filled the space, he had removed his suit jacket. He stood there in his waistcoat and trousers, there was something sexy about a man in a suit or perhaps there was just something sexy about Blaise Zabini.
           He stepped aside to let her in. She walked in and looked around the suite. She dropped her handbag on the armchair. Blaise came up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he buried his face in her neck. Ginny let her head fall to the side asshe wrapped an arm around his neck. She sighed, she needed this.

Ginny turned around in his arms and crushed her lips against his. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue inside. He explored her mouth with his tongue. She hastily undid the buttons of his waistcoat and then his tie. She began in on his shirt buttons as he unzipped the back of her dress. She pushed his shirt down his shoulders, he let go of her for only a moment to let his shirt fall away. He pushed her dress down and it fell to the floor around her ankles. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him, her heels clamoring to the floor and he carried her into the bedroom.

He lay her down on the bed and got on top of her. She arched her back so he could unhook her bra. His kisses left her mouth and he trailed them along her jaw line. She titled her head back pleased as he moved down her neck to her chest. And down her torso and reaching his final destination between her legs, she stroked his head encouragingly as he worked.

He was really good at this, so good that Ginny was having problems staying still. Blaise moved his hands up her legs to her hips to hold her steady. It was the most intimate sensation she’s ever had. She’s had some pretty good sex but what he was doing was driving her insane. She was so excited she was going to have the reaction of a teenage boy and cause it, to be over too soon. She closed her eyes, she was going to cum, she could feel it, “ah,” the force caused her to sit up. “Oh my god,” she said breathlessly.
“I’ll take that as a complement,” Blaise said climbing on top of her.

“It so was,” she said running her hands down his chest, she leaned up and kissed him as she moved her hands to his belt buckle and unfastened it. She undid his trousers and slipped her hand down into his boxers, he was already up and she began to stroke him.

He groaned into her mouth, he helped her push his trousers and boxers off. And then he got into position on top of her. He stared down at her and she stared back. She ran her hands down his bare chest, he looked good. She leaned up and kissed him.
Ginny and Blaise lay there silently, she was relaxed and although she was in an open relationship somehow this seemed a bit wrong. Her date was downstairs having a martini and she was upstairs shagging his old school friend. But she liked it or perhaps she liked what Blaise did to her but now was not the time to think about that, she should head downstairs before Draco wondered where she was.

She sat up and swung her feet to the edge of the bed. She picked up her discarded underwear and pulled it back on. She looked around for her bra. “Have you seen…” she began turning around, Blaise had her bra in his hand. “Thank you,” she took it and hastily put it on. She stood up and left the bedroom. She picked her dress up off the sitting room floor and put it back on. She zipped it up as much as she could on her own.
She picked her handbag up off the chair went to the mirror above the writing table. She ran her fingers through her hair trying to make it look less like she just had a tussle in the hay. She pulled out her lipstick and refreshed her color. She jumped when Blaise’s reflection appeared behind her. “You scared me,” she smiled coyly.

He took hold of her zipper and pulled it up the rest of the way, “sorry…can I see you again?”

She stared at him standing behind her. He looked so good without his shirt on. He looked good with it on too. “Owl me,” she dropped his gaze. She picked up her bag and left the hotel room.

“There you are,” said Draco when he saw Ginny making her way across the lobby.

“I just had to get out of there, I just went to get some air,” she lied as she nervously ran her hand through her hair. She was praying he couldn’t tell.

“You ok,” he looked at her curiously, “you seem flushed.”

“I had champagne and I’m feeling good,” she said the first thing that came to her mind. “But are you ready to leave?”

“Yes, it’s a bit stuffy in there,” he extended his hand for hers. She took it and went with him.

“How’s your wallowing been going,” Palmer asked Ginny over lunch.

“I’m pushing through it,” she said with a sigh. “But I am curious as to why you asked me to this very lovely lunch.”

“Because I wanted to treat you my little star and show you something,” Palmer smiled and reached under the table to the empty chair next to him.

“I’m no longer your little starlet,” she sort of missed it.
“Nope,” he handed her a stack of papers, “you’re my star.”

She took them, it was a contract, her contract, “oh my god!” She abruptly stood. People in the restaurant looked over to their table.

“You’re causing a scene,” whispered Palmer. “Sit down.”

She sat, “I’m first string…”

“Depending on your performance at training camp,” Palmer finished.

She waved a dismissing hand, “that won’t be a problem.” She put her face in her hands; she couldn’t believe it, all her hard work had finally paid off. She was a starting seeker for the Holyhead Harpies.

“I’m proud of you Ginny,” Palmer said seriously.

She removed her hands, “thank you… do you have a pen?”

He pulled one from his pocket and handed it to her, “Pack your bags love. You’re off to Mexico… in a few weeks.”

“The Name of the Game”

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