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               “WHAT NOW?” roared Pansy, as she came to a quick halt in front of the Head’s dorm.

                “Werewolves, they’re here.” Draco answered, monotone, causing Harry to tilt his head towards Draco, a questioning look on his face. “Not now Potter, later, perhaps, but not now!”

                Harry shrugged it off, and turned to look out the window. “How many are there?”

                Scanning the grounds, Blaise replied, “looks like eight, maybe ten? That doesn’t seem right.”

                “It’s not, this isn’t an attack or war. There isn’t enough of them.” Said Draco. Off in the distance, he could hear Dumbledore and Snape heading their way.

                “Nice to see you kids are alright. I see you have figured out what is happening outside?” Dumbledore smiled, a curious gleam in his eyes.

                “Hard not too, what with all the screaming. Why do they always scream?” Snape mumbled, rubbing his temples. Damn this hangover, he didn’t have enough time to take his potion before Dumbledore appeared beside his bed and was blasting him out of it.

                “What would you have us do Headmaster? They must be stopped,” Hermione asked, pulling her wand from its holder.

                “Professor McGonagall could benefit from your help I believe. You can find her by the Grand Entrance. Professor Snape will accompany you down there.”

                “I will?”

                “You will,” Dumbledore replied, chuckling a little to himself as Snape mumbled under his breath but began leading the kids downstairs. Quickly he cleared his throat and touched Draco’s shoulder as he walked by, “a moment Mr. Malfoy, if I may?”

                “Of course Headmaster, but what of the werewolves? Don’t they need me as well?” Draco asked, nervously glancing towards his mate’s disappearing back, feeling an overwhelming need to protect her, but at the same time the feeling of nervousness was starting to creep in. Why would the Headmaster want a word with him? Now?

                “Mr. Malfoy, beautiful night, isn’t it?”

                “Excuse me Professor, I would really love to believe you did not prevent me from entering the fight and keeping me from protecting my mate to discuss the weather?” Draco breathed, surprised that his Headmaster would do such a thing.

                Dumbledore laughed, a deep rumble protruding from his belly, surprising Draco.  “On the contrary Mr. Malfoy, I came to talk about your father.”

                Draco paled immediately. “What happened to my Father? Headmaster, please, what happened?”

                Dumbledore lifted his hand to silence the young Veela, “nothing yet, Mr. Malfoy, however, I couldn’t help but notice you saw what the other’s didn’t. How many werewolves did you see?”

                Draco thought for a moment, “umm, eight, maybe ten? But I fail to see what you’re getting at Headmaster.”

                “Eight? Ten? Hardly seems enough for an efficient attack, don’t you think?”

                “I agree, those numbers seem more along the lines of a distraction for something else if you ask me.” Draco said, thinking deeply.

                “A distraction? What do you mean Mr. Malfoy?”

                “Send a few in to start a fight, taking all the attention off of the one person who needs to get in, get out and not be seen or interrupted......” he trailed off. Dumbledore watched in amazement as the wheels began turning in Draco’s head.

                “Merlin, my father! This is a distraction to get to my Father.” Draco shouted as he figured out the ruse.

                “Precisely, I believe if you hurry you may still yet rescue him, but remember Mr. Malfoy, proceed with caution, not everything is as it seems. Now I must take my leave, seems some of the younger students require my attention. Good luck Mr. Malfoy” and with that Dumbledore strode off, waving his wand around furiously sending up wards and charms around the school.

                Draco took off with a shot, he was worried, for sure, and he just hoped he made it to his father in time before it was too late.

                “Ginny look out!” Hermione yelled as she sent a curse hurling towards a werewolf who had pounced at Ginny. The redhead beamed back and took off towards the next one.

                “My my, what have we here?” Hermione heard a low voice. She spun around to find herself face to well chest with a monstrous man, who’s breath assaulted her senses, making her nauseous. He smiled a cruel smile, his lips ruby red, glistening from blood, which she hoped was some poor animal and not a student. He took another deep breath in and exhaled slowly, “ wait...Mate! So you are what all this is about aren’t ya? Took me away from a good meal ya did, no worries though, I will feast on your bones and call it a night!” He chuckled and swiped his big paw of a hand at Hermione’s shirt.

                Her Veela senses reacted and she jumped back quickly, out of his reach, “I’d be careful if I were you, I don’t go down so easily. What, with my small bones and all, you may choke, and we can’t be having that, now can we?” She cracked smartly and raised her wand up, “Stupify!” Her spell shot out and hit the werewolf in the center of the chest. He made no noise, but crumpled quite nicely in a heap.

                “Hermione, hurry!” shouted Ron and she spun on her heel and bolted towards the redhead.

                She came to a halt, breathing a bit heavy. She scanned the grounds quickly, watching as the werewolves retreated backwards towards the woods. They weren’t leaving, just recovering themselves, regrouping, they weren’t the dumb animals she thought they were that’s for sure.

                “What’s the matter Ron?”

                “What are they doing?” he asked, his arm stretched out, wand at the ready but shakily.               

                Hermione placed a hand on his wrist and softly pushed down, feeling his arm fall to his side. “I’m not entirely sure Ron,” she answered, a frown coming to her face.

                “We surprised them with their own surprise. They are regrouping and forming a new plan, seems like,” answered Pansy, coming up beside Ron and entwining her fingers with his. He smiled softly down at her, squeezed her hand and turned back towards Hermione, “wait, where’s Harry...and Blaise...and Ginny? Merlin GINNY...GINNY, my mother is going to kill me if these wolves don’t do it first” he began panicking. He started shouting Ginny’s name loudly.

                “Knock it off Ronald, I’m fine. We all are.” Ginny shook her head at her brother.

                “Forgive a brother for caring about the well-being and health of his own sister,” Ron huffed

                “Oh don’t give me that ‘Big brother’ bullocks. You weren’t worried about me, you were only worried about your own bloody skin. You were scared Mum would skin you alive than you were about my death and you know it Ronald Billius Weasley!” She retorted, folding her arms across her chest.

                “Listen here Ginerva, I will worry in my own way, and you worry in yours alright?”

                “Oh, and how’s that Ronald? Enlighten us please,”

                “I will eat, and you will bitch, it’s quite simple really!”

                The group erupted in laughter, grabbing their sides and leaning on each other as the tears rolled down their cheeks.

                “Oh Merlin, wait.... where’s Potter and Lovegood? Has anyone seen them?” Pansy asked.

                Hermione looked around quickly, her eyes failing to find her friends. “I’m not sure, I don’t see them,”

                Blaise took a sharp intake of breath,” Oh no. Merlin, no no no, this can’t be happening.” He ran off, leaving the group questioning.

                “What was that about?” Ron asked.

                Both Hermione and Ginny focused hard and watched as Blaise’s silhouette slowed down and he knelt down. “Oh no,”

                “What? What the bloody hell is going on? We don’t have Veela sight Mione, you have to tell us,” Pansy exclaimed, hands on her hips.

                Hermione shook her head and buried her face in Ginny’s shoulder. Ginny placed an arm around her and whispered, “it’s a body, Blaise found a body!”


                Draco shuffled behind a statue. He wasn’t getting to his Father as quickly as he normally would this way, but better safe than sorry. He just hoped he reached him in time. He scanned the hallway ahead of him and not seeing anything made a mad dash for the hospital doors. He flung them open furiously as a figure stopped suddenly at his father’s bedside.

                Draco’s eyes darkened and his fangs slid down his chin. He growled deeply in his chest and he began panting heavily. “!”

                The figure straightened up and turned to face Draco. “As you wish young Malfoy,”

                “Who the hell are you? And what is your business with my Father?” Draco questioned, slowly reaching for his wand.

                “Who I am isn’t important, my name is not relevant, my business with your father however now that’s an interesting story.” The figure sneered, walking around the bed slowly.

                Draco stared into the man’s eyes. They were a dark brown, with a devilish glint in them, almost animalistic. His senses caught a whiff from the man. “Werewolf, and I suppose that’s your pack outside?”

                The figure clapped, “well done young Malfoy, you’re not half as dumb as you look. Yes that would be my pack outside, keeping your friends occupied while you and I have a nice little chat.”

                Draco sneered, “I’m only going to ask one more time, who are you and what is your business with my Father?” His wand fully out, and his hand just itching to Avada this creature.

                “The name is Devin, if you must know. And I’m here on behalf of your Aunt. She heard your father was here in this sad condition, and wished for me to make his passing quick and painless although I can’t lie, I wasn’t going to make it painless or quick. He is going to suffer.” Devin laughed.

                “You so much as touch my Father, and I swear to you, I will beat you to death with my own two hands.” Draco roared, his temper flaring.

                “Tisk tisk, young Malfoy, where are your manners?”

                “Why don’t you come and find out?”


                Devin jumped high, landing on Draco, the two rolling around on the floor. Devin swiped at Draco’s hand, the wand scattering across the floor. Draco growled, placing his knees under Devin’s stomach and pushed as hard as he could. Devin yelled in surprise as he flew back, he landed on his knees hard, the shock running through his entire body. The young heir was strong, but he had years on the child.

                Devin sneered, “You’re quite strong, young Veela, however, I tire of this.” He growled and lunged at Draco, swiping his massive claws across his chest.

                Draco staggered back in shock. His shirt felt warm as blood stained the front where Devin’s claws had made contact. Four huge gashes, from the top of his right shoulder down to the left side of his belly, began throbbing. Draco winced as he pressed his hand into the wound, hoping to stop the bleeding. He was heeling, but not fast enough. Suddenly Devin’s strong right hand came from the side, making contact with the left side of his face, knocking him to the ground. Draco felt his eye swell and he tried to regain some focus from the punch. His head began to feel light and fuzzy, the lights began to blend together, as he fought to get back on his feet. He started to place his hands on the ground to push up when Devin suddenly placed a huge boot on his chest and pressed down.

                “Get away from him, now!” a voice growled from the shadows. Devin looked up in surprise expecting to see the Veela’s mate, only to see one pissed off Harry Potter. He smiled, Bellatrix said to get the mate, but The Boy Who Lived, Golden Boy, Savior of the Wizarding World, now that he just couldn’t pass up.

                “Potter,” Devin said, lifting his foot off of Draco’s chest. “It’s such an honor to meet you, my name is Devin,” and with that the werewolf bowed.

                “I personally don’t give a damn who you are, but I’m going to give you one last chance, back away from Draco, take your filthy pack, leave Hogwarts and never come back,” Harry sneered, his wand raising to point Devin square in the chest.

                Devin laughed, “My word Potter, between you and the Veela over there, I’m beginning to think manners have skipped a generation. But I digress, tell me Potter, have you ever taken a life? Felt its soul fade into nothingness as their eyes went blank? You ready to have that way on your mind day in and day out?” Devin held both arms out straight, daring Harry to cast. “If you’re ready Potter, you have one shot, but I warn you, aim well because if you miss, by Merlin I will have you by your jugular, and be putting an end to The Boy Who Lived once and for all.”

                Harry’s wand arm began to shake nervously, yes he had taken a life, but in self-defense only. He was never the one to shoot first, never taken an innocent life. Not to say this mutt was innocent by any means. Harry’s eyes darted back and forth between the werewolf and Malfoy.

                Draco rolled over on his stomach, his steel grey eyes locking with Potter’s green ones. He saw Potter silently begging him to help him out, and he knew why. Draco knew taking a life was a difficult thing, usually ripping a human’s soul in half, however Draco had given his to Hermione, and she called the shots. This one is yours Potter!

                “So what’s it going to be Mr. Potter? My life........” Devin growled low and sneered menacingly, “Or yours?”

                “Aveda Kadavra,” a shiny green jet of light hit Devin square in the chest. His body crumpled in a heap by Harry’s feet. The look of shock quickly spread across his face as his eyes darted towards Draco.

                Draco wasn’t the one who fired the shot. He was clearly just as surprised as Harry was.

                Snape rushed past quickly, his black cape billowing around behind him as he came to kneel beside the lifeless body of Devin. “My soul was lost long ago, I will not see you two go down the same road. Besides I would never hear the end of it from Narcissa if I let anything happen to your father or worse you. Now go, I will look after your father, go tend to the others, I’m sure Weasley has nearly gotten himself blown up by now.”

                “Are you okay Malfoy?” Harry asked, placing an arm underneath Draco’s arm and helping him to his feet.

                Draco looked over at Harry, a goofy smile on his face, and answered, “My hero,” breathlessly.

                Harry sighed and shook his head, “Yeah your fine, let’s go”


                                “Oh, Draco, where were you? I felt terrible pain and couldn’t find you anywhere, are you okay? Should I send for Madame Pumfrey? Let me have a look at you,”

                Draco laughed, while holding his side in pain, “yes love, I’m fine, be even better with a kiss....” Draco leaned in and placed his lips against Hermione, reveling in the sweetness of it. His Veela hummed with happiness.

                “You can thank Potter love, after all he did save my life.” Draco beamed at Harry who blushed with embarrassment.

                “Um, actually it was Snape who saved both of us. Three if you count Draco’s father.” Harry shrugged, smiling at Ron, who rightly clapped him on the back for job well done.

                “Potter, if you ever put your life in danger like that again I’ll....I’ll.....,” Hermione sighed, tears welling up in her eyes, “I’d go crazy if I ever lost you.” She gave him a tight hug, Harry squeezing back

                “I know Granger, I know.” Harry pulled her back, and wiped a tear from her eye. He searched the grounds, “speaking of someone who should be giving me a hard time, where’s Luna?”

                “Potter, there’s something you should know. Luna’s been in an accident, and it’s not good” Blaise replied softly, coming up behind the group, covered in Luna’s blood.

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