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Chapter Three

Hermione felt her heart beating against her chest as she ran towards the fireplace, getting her pouch, which was filled with extra floo powder. She passed the bag over to Draco as she heard the footsteps of Ron and Harry follow them. They ran into the fireplace. She turned and saw Harry and Ron a few feet away, not too close.

“Sorry,” she mouthed to them before dropping the powder and going to Malfoy Manor.

As they walked out of the fireplace, she felt someone hung her around the knees. She looked down and saw brown locks. The little girl looked up, smiling, her brown eyes sparkling. “Mummy, you’re back,” Adaline screamed in joy. Hermione bent down and lifted the girl up to her waist. She was wearing a green dress, one Narcissa obviously put on her.

“Oh sweetheart, I missed you. What did you do with grandma and grandpa today?” Hermione asked to the little girl. She could see Draco next to her looking at her. She gave him we’ll-talk-about-it-later look. He nodded and went to Narcissa who was across the room, he hugged her.

“Grandma made cookies for brunch, and grandpa bought me a broom and I flew really fast around the living room,” she said really fast. Everyone had been surprised that at such young age she could say her words clearly.

“A broom!” Hermione exclaimed. She looked at Narcissa.
“Honestly Hermione do you think we would buy her a real broom. It’s one for little kids, they’re old, we found it in the basement with Draco’s old things,” Narcissa said embracing Hermione in a tight hug.

“Sorry I’m a little jumpy,” Hermione said as Draco rubbed her back.

“The Order found our meeting house. We were ambushed. Adrian warned us they were there, we sent him home before they saw us. Hermione wanted to go get some papers, they were going up the stairs, we fled before they could catch up to us,” Draco said.

“Hermione you know you’ll have to go back soon. You won’t be able to go on like this for long,” Lucius said coming down the stairs.

“Yes, I know, but there isn’t a good time to do so now,” Hermione said letting Adaline go play with her broom.

“Well…this letter arrived yesterday, Draco got his, but he said we should wait to tell you. Professor McGonagall is arranging a reunion for those who fought in the war. If you want you can go, you’ll be spending Christmas in Hogwarts,” Narcissa said. “We asked McGonagall if we could visit, we wouldn’t want to spend Christmas without Adaline.”

“I don’t know. How are we going to explain everything to them?” Hermione said turning to Draco.

“There’s nothing to explain. We’re a married couple with a daughter that we love. If they can’t accept that, then they’re not worth it,” Draco said kissing her forehead.

“Are you sure?” she asked Draco as he picked Adaline.

“I’m positive. Adaline do you want to meet Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry?” he asked Adaline. Hermione had talked about the Weasely’s are Harry to Adaline. Even Ron.

“Oh, please! Can we! Can we, Mummy! Please!” she said turning to me excited ling.

“Why not?” Hermione said as Adaline continued to clap in joy.

“I’m scared Draco. What if they won’t accept, what if they won’t forgive me for leaving them,” she said as she packed Adaline’s clothes. They were supposed to leave tomorrow to Hogwarts, but they hadn’t had time to pack their belongings.

“Yes they will, you have been friends since you were 11, since you started Hogwarts. They’re going to forgive you, especially since you had a good reason for leaving. If I had been you I would have left as well,” he said wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her throat.

“I…know. Draco can you please stop that. I need to concentrate,” she said. He smirked causing her to roll her eyes. One thing Narcissa and Lucius didn’t know was that even after five years, Draco and Hermione still hadn’t had sexual relationships. To Hermione’s asks of course. She was comfortable with it just that she was nervous and afraid Draco wouldn’t want her that way.

“Fine. Adaline is staying over with mother today, I hope that doesn’t bother you. They just want to spend a few moments before we leave for a two week mini vacation,” he said taking the bag of Adaline’s and walking back to their room.

The room was pretty cozy for Hermione’s liking. It had a queen sized bed, silver silk bed sheets and red quills. Perfect for both Slytherine and Gryffindor. There were sofas nearby, dresser, a bathroom almost as big as the room, a walk in closet. Hermione went in the closet, Draco behind her.

“What should I take?” Draco asked. He looked confused as he looked through his suits.

“Draco,” Hermione said shaking her head. She walked over to the other side of the rail. She looked through the clothes they had gotten when they were Paris. “We’re going to be at Hogwarts, not a business meeting. Still take two just in case. Leave one of the out, I’m guessing that’s what you’re going to want to wear tomorrow for the reunion.”

“Of course, everyone is going to be there, everyone is going to try to outshine each other. Now should I chose your outfit,” he said smiling.

“No, thank you. I’ve been a Malfoy for five years, I think I know how you want me to dress. Elegant but not too elegant,” Hermione said. She grabbed a green dress, she knew it would be below her knees, and it wasn’t too revealing, after all she was married and mother to a five year old. “How about this?”

“Beautiful,” he said looking at it. “I think it suits you, but I would have thought you would have preferred something red, to support your house.”

“Nope, tomorrow night I will be supporting my husband,” she said laying it out on the bed. “We should get there early, to get a compartment.”

“You mean avoid the Potter and the Weasely’s?” he asked.

“Yes, I just want to wait till the feast to see them, I know you’ll enjoy the looks we’ll be getting if we arrive casually late,” she said smirking the Malfoy smirk she had learned to master over time. He smiled kissing her forehead.

“You know me too well,” he said kissing her jaw and finally her lips. She gasped at the sudden kiss before wrapping her arms around his neck. She was on her tiptoes at the point in which his hands went down to her bump pushing it up, allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Hermione didn’t notice when he started to move towards the bed, instead she felt her back hit the comfortable mattress.
His hand went down to her thigh, lifting her thigh up, pressing a kiss on her side. Hermione opened her eyes, and pulled down her skirt, causing Draco to jump off the bed. “I’m sorry,” he said looking out the window. Hermione walked over to him.

“No, don’t be. I’m the one that’s supposed to be sorry. I know it’s been over five years since you’ve gotten any…interaction. It’s just I’m waiting for the right moment, to give myself to you,” she said. He knew she was a virgin, they had cleared that up long ago. He understand she wasn’t ready and that they should wait. They both knew.

“I know and I promised you years ago, when I came to your flat that I wasn’t going to force you into anything you didn’t want to do. Now, let’s just forget it. We need to keep packing,” he said grabbing her hand, giving it a small kiss and pulling her towards the closet.


“Ginny, Molly!” Harry said walking into the room. Ron and Harry hadn’t said anything of what had happened back at the Awakening’s meeting house. Neither had expected to see their old friend there. Especially not with Draco Malfoy.

Ginny and Molly who had been cooking in the kitchen walked into the living room, followed by Fleur. All the family had gathered together, tomorrow they were to head back to Hogwarts to the reunion that Harry and Professor McGonagall had formed.

“Harry, is everything alright?” Ginny asked coming in with a worried expression. She was wearing a pink apron, flour covering most of it.

“We saw her…we saw Hermione,” he said in between breathes. Ginny and Molly’s expression brightened. They looked behind them were most of the Order was drinking water, catching their breath. Their expression once more fell.

“She’s alive. We think Malfoy has kidnapped her,” Ron said before Harry could say anything.

“Now, Ron. Don’t say that. The Malfoy’s haven’t been in contact with the British Ministry for years now,” Molly said rolling her eyes at her hothead son. Lavender came down the stairs with Jane on her tail.

“It’s true Ron, why would they kidnap Hermione, they would get nothing out of it,” Harry said.

“Harry, I know this might be hard, but don’t you guys think that you may have illusinated her. It’s been years and you both might be desperate enough to think you saw her, when really it was someone who looked like her, not actually her,” Lavender said. Of course she would. Hermione coming back wouldn’t be good for her marriage.

“No, we didn’t, she apologized. I saw it with my own two eyes,” he said pointing at his green eyes which seemed very desperate. Ginny didn’t miss this and grabbed Harry’s hand pulling him upstairs where James was sleeping.

“Ginny, I know you don’t believe me but-“

“Harry I believe you, I just don’t know what this will cause if she really is back. Ron has a family, but we all know, even Lavender that he would drop everything and get back with Hermione. She hasn’t kept in contact which means that maybe she found a new life, with someone else. Maybe she was there at the wrong time and she ran away not wanting to come back. Harry we can’t get our hopes up after one day, Ginny said putting a comforting arm on his shoulder as they looked down on a sleeping James.

“I know Ginny. Maybe this is for the best. We have enough to worry about with the Death Eaters coming back. We need to keep our family safe. Hermione will be fine, she’s smart enough,” he said meaning every word.


“Oh, Luna,” Hermione said hugging the blond girl. “It’s been almost a week. What are you doing here at this hour?” Hermione and Luna had kept in contact, the only reason was because she was engaged to Blaise, Draco’s best friend.
“Nothing we were just wondering if we could stay here for the night. We could head off together to King’s Cross,” Luna said. She had matured so much since she came out of Hogwarts. She had realized that her father’s belief in magical creatures were too absurd for them to be true, still she loved him and only acted like loony luna around him.

“Of course, Draco and I were about to eat. Are you hungry?” Hermione asked letting them. They had gotten a small cottage near Malfoy Manor, they could have easily lived there but the Manor seemed too big and Draco and Hermione decided to give Lucius and Narcissa their privacy
“Oh, please,” Blaise said coming in, embracing Hermione giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Blaise,” Luna said in a hard voice shaking her head. Luna had matured a lot, Hermione noticed smiling.

“Please it’s no problem I made too much for just Draco and me,” Hermione said walking them into the kitchen were Draco was watching the muggle television. He turned around as they entered.

“Hey mate. Hey Luna. I didn’t know you were coming,” he said smiling hugging both of them. Luna and Draco had created a strong friendship just like Blaise and Hermione had.

“We decided we didn’t want to spend the night with my mother babbling on and on about her precious vases she got in Paris. Actually I don’t think they’re expensive, I saw her buying them at a muggle yard sale. That women is going to bloody drive me crazy,” Blaise said shaking his head as Hermione and Luna giggled.

“So when’s the big wedding,” Hermione asked giving Luna a knowing smile. Luna blushed.

“Well we were thinking February tenth would be nice. We can spend Valentine’s day in Acapulco, sun bathing,” Blaise said.

“Actually there is another reason why we came here. Hermione, Draco we had been thinking about this for a long time. We want you to our braid of honor and best men at our wedding,” Luna said smiling.

“Of course,” Hermione said hugging Luna as Draco and Blaise did the same think.

“Oh, thank goodness, I thought for a moment you would deny,” Luna said taking a sigh of relief.

“What! No, we wouldn’t we would envy the people you would have chosen instead of us,” Hermione said.

“Very well. Is everything. Okay, you about tomorrow. Are you ready to go back?” she asked as Draco and Blaise went off to watch TV.

“Ya, it’s time. We can’t hide forever. And if I did accept to be you maid of honor I would have to face Harry and Ginny anyways, wouldn’t I?” Hermione said.

“Well, ya,” Luna said.

“Now come on, let’s go eat before the food gets cold,” Hermione said calling both boys to come sit down at the table.

“Come now Adaline get up, we’re going to be late and we won’t be able to get to go on the train or see the castle,” Hermione said trying to persuade her to get up. Lucius had brought her over around six. Narcissa would be busy in the morning and he had to go with the Awakenings and make sure security was would be good at Hogwarts when they arrived. At least a dozen of them would be there, including Draco and herself.

Nothing. Her eyes remained closed. Rolling her eyes she knew which card she had to take out.

“We won’t be able to see Aunt Ginny or Uncle Harry,” she said. Hermione almost lost her balance as he flung herself onto her.

“I’m sorry mummy, which dress should I wear, the blue one, the green one, the pink one?” she asked in a hurried voice.
“How about the purple one Grandma Cissy gave to you for your birthday?”

“Oh. That one is really pretty,” she said nodding.
“Can I do braid her hair?” Luna said coming in with a white dress that went mid-thigh.

“Luna you look beautiful,” Hermione said.

“Thanks, why don’t you go get dressed, I’ll do her hair in the meantime,” Luna said pushing me out of the room.

I walked to my room across the hall and found Draco putting on his white button up shirt. She walked into the room, giving him a small smile. She took a quick shower, casting a quick spell on her body and hair to dry it once she left the shower. She put on the green dress, and put on a little bit of makeup. Not a lot, she didn’t want to look like she was trying too hard. She straightened her hair and looked at herself in the mirror before she walked out of the room.

“Hermione can you…wow you look beautiful,” he said walking over to her and giving her a small kiss. She rolled her eyes at him before starting to work on his tie. He sucked at it, but thankfully Narcissa had helped her with the problem.

“Well you look quiet dashing yourself,” she said smiling at him. She finished and walked into the closet. She came back with a two pairs of closed heels. “Black or silver?”
“Black, it suits your dress better,” he said looking up.

She put them on as she walked towards the dresser. She brought out the small jewel box Draco had given to her for their first year of marriage. She looked and saw her wedding ring there, sitting, calling her name. She grabbed it and put it on her finger, feeling the safety wrap around her finger. She had forgotten to put on her wedding ring, she usually left it behind, not wanting to risk losing it at the meetings. It only happened once with the Order, but she still worried that they would attack.

“Ready?” Draco said as he grabbed the bags from the bed and turned to Hermione who seemed to have gone pale. He dropped the bags and went over to her, grabbing both of her hands. “We don’t have to go, if you don’t have to. I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything, especially not this.”

“No, it’s not that, I’m excited don’t get me wrong. It’s just I’m going to see them, I’m going to see them again.”

James Potter’s scream echoed through the compartments. There were several people who turned to glare, but their look softened once they noticed who it was. James Potter, just like his father, was very famous. He had received several gifts, even before he was born. Ginny had been overwhelmed. She was glad about it, but both she and Harry wished it wouldn’t always be like that, so that their son had a “normal” life.

“I don’t know what to do, he won’t stop crying. Oh Luna! You’re here, can you please hold James for me, I have to go look for Harry, I’m sure he’s with Ron,” Ginny said as she saw Luna and Blaise come down the compartment.

“Sure, but I will have to be going soon, we promised Draco and H- Adaline we would be on the train ride with them,” Luna said grabbing James out of Ginny’s arms.

“Adaline, is that one of Malfoy’s whores,” Ginny said smiling rolling her eyes.

“Not exactly,” said Luna frowning giving Blaise a warning look.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” said Ginny giving them both a weird look. She walked down the compartments looking for Harry, she found him talking to Lavender and Ron. Ron seemed happy to have Jane. Lavender well that was a different topic. He loved Lavender just not with enough or the same passion as Harry and Ginny had. That was one of the things Lavender envied her for.

“Come on Harry, Ron…We have to go. Dean and Seamus want to talk to you about something very important,” Ginny said giving a small smile to Jane.

“What about?” Harry asked.

“I think it would be best if you go see yourself,” she said looking at Jane.

“Yes, I think that’s better,” Lavender said agreeing. Both she and Lavender wouldn’t want a five year old to know the secrets of The Order.

“Very well lead the way,” Harry said.

“Harry, Seamus and I have been looking around you know on our free time, looking at people who look suspicious. Well last night when we were at a pub, we saw Astoria Greengrass,” Dean said.

“Yes so what? Astoria Greengrass is at pub. What else?” Ron asked urging them on.

“Well she had a suitcase with her. She seemed kind of nervous. She met Draco Malfoy there. They weren’t doing anything bad to my surprise, I always thought those two would end up together. They greeted each other like old friends. They had lunch. I didn’t notice when he took the suitcase, but Seamus did,” Dean continued turning to Seamus.

“Yes, I saw it with my own two eyes,” he said nodding. They were all dressed in tuxes so Ginny couldn’t help but smile. She hadn’t seen them this professional.

“Come on guys, let’s not get worked up. Today is a day we’re supposed to remember those who have fallen, and maybe have fun in the process of the week. The kids need to have fun. Teddy and Victoire will be wanting to see the castle and we will have to show them around,” Ginny said crossing her arms. Everyone smiled at the idea of wondering around once again the massive castle.

“Yes, we must show them around. Fleur might be busy, Madame Maximme might be coming as well. McGonagall didn’t say who else she invited besides the students,” Harry said nodding.
“Yes, she’s been trying to get me to stand up for her when she enters the room. She said it was a sign of respect for them to do so, even after they graduated, which I think is really unfair. I might do it, but I doubt,” Ginny said smiling.

“”Let’s just go back. Jane wants be to play with her for a while,” Ron said looking bored.

“Very well, I need to go get James, I left him with Luna and Blaise,” Ginny said.

“Ginny you know I don’t like you leaving James with Blaise,” Harry said shaking his head. Ginny rolled her eyes, he still wasn’t over the Slytherine rivalry.
“Oh, Harry stop worrying, it’s not like he’s going to throw James out of the train,” she said giggling.

“Oh, mommy look at how big the train is. The seats, the windows, I can see people outside, the train must start soon, yes it will,” Adaline said jumping in her seat.

“Yes, I know Adaline, now will you stop jumping, you’re going to wrinkle your dress, and we don’t want that,” Hermione said smiling at her daughter. Adaline smiled and nodded. Hermione turned to Draco who was sitting across her, reading a pamphlet. Hermione had casted a spell so that nobody would be able to look into the compartment.

“What is it?” Hermione asked.

“Nothing it’s just that Madame Maximme will be attending as well, we’ll get to see her. How long has it been since we’ve seen her, two years?” Draco asked.

“Yes, I think so. I was really grateful she allowed us back to go study there and complete our education, it might have taken longer than others but we got a better education. I don’t think Adaline remembers her,” Hermione said.

“Madam Maximme, is she the tall woman?” Adaline asked confused.

“Yes, how do you remember?” Draco asked curious.

“Because I saw pictures of you, mummy and Madam Maximme,” Adaline said shrugging.

“Of course,” Draco said rolling his eyes. “She had to be your daughter.”

Draco and Hermione did know that Hermione was the mother, no matter what. A person was a mother, not because she gave birth but because she loves her child and raised them.

Everyone knew that. Hermione and Draco turned as the compartment door was slid open. Blaise and Luna emerged from it.

“Hermione, we have been looking for you everywhere. Why did you put a charm on the windows?” Luna asked sitting next to Hermione while Blaise sat next to Draco.

“We didn’t want anyone to bother us,” Hermione said.
“Hermione they’re going to bother you anyways when we get off the train. Trust me you’ll be getting looks. Nobody in the Order was happy when I got with Blaise. They still aren’t, but they are going to have to live with it,” Luna said shrugging.

“Yes, I know, I just think it would be better if we arrived after everyone was in the Great Hall. I know Ron and Harry are going to freak out. Only a few people know about us, you and Madame Maximme included. They won’t take it well and I don’t want them to explode in front of other people,” Hermione said.

“Let’s change the subject we don’t need to talk about that now. Father and mother have our forces surrounding the castle grounds and Hogsmeade just in case something happens,” Draco said sitting up. Hermione watches as Adaline moves next to her father. Draco smiles at her sleepy daughter before pulling her into his lap, she cuddles in and closes her eyes. “She didn’t sleep well, I guess,” Hermione said smiling at her husband and daughter.

Well I’m back. I haven’t been able to writ, but now that it’s summer I’ll have several time for this story which I hope to at least write a huge chunk of it this summer. Anyways this is the third chapter. I hope you enjoy and I wouldn’t mind a review down below.

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