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Chapter Five: Dirrty (title pirated off of Christina Aguilera) Author: looneylupin
Hermione had never been so happy in her entire life, her every waking moment was spent with her fiancé (inward squeal) Draco. She couldn’t believe that she was going to marry the love of her life. Hermione walked into the shared common room and saw him sleeping on the sofa in front of the fire in only pair of boxers. She stared as his chest rose and fell with every peaceful breath and she watched as the firelight danced shadows on his gorgeous torso. His muscular frame was illuminated by the firelight and Hermione felt herself stir deep inside. She walked over to him and stripped her clothes off, straddled him and leaned down and awoke him with the most passionate kiss he had ever experienced. Draco woke up to find a naked Hermione sitting on top of him and his body responded before his mind had time to register exactly what was going on. Hermione pulled his boxers down as she left a trail of kisses down his body. He felt himself getting excited as she came back up to his face and whispered in his ear. “I want you Draco Malfoy, I want you so bad.” They made love like rabid bunnies, giving into each other time after time after time until they were almost sick to their stomachs (like a rollercoaster ride gone wrong). “Oh Draco,” she moaned “You are so… big!” They continued to like mad rabbits until the sun came up. They passed out in each other’s arms, satisfied that they had given each other their virginities. *********** The next day Hermione was eating breakfast with her friends when Draco came over and sat with her. They sat and talked to each other for a few minutes before they were interrupted by Janelle’s complaints of how boring Hogwarts was. “We always had something to do at Salem Academy.” “You mean you always had someone to do…” Hermione remarked at Janelle and Cassie. “Well that to but we’ve got Ron and Harry here.” Cassie replied and then went back to snogging Harry. “What I was talking about is we need a dance…. Something only the sixth and seventh years can go too.” Janelle told them. “Hey that sounds like a good idea, we haven’t had a dance here since the Yule ball in our fourth year and I don’t see why Dumbledore wouldn’t let us have one.” Hermione told them. “Fine it’s settled then; we will talk to Dumbledore and convince him to let us plan one.” Draco piped in. ********** Hermione and Draco talked to Professor Dumbledore that evening and he though that it was a grand idea for them to have a ball, he even said that it could last until 2am since it was only the older students. When Hermione and Draco told their friends about the ball they all instantly began planning on what their costumes would be because it was to be a masquerade ball. Hermione and Draco had decided to go as Romeo and Juliet because they knew that their love was forbidden from Draco’s father’s point of view. Draco received an owl from his father one day while sitting in the common room with Hermione studying. Draco, Meet me in the Hogshead this weekend, we have your future to discuss and you better not be late. Your Father, Lucius Malfoy “Drakie Poo, what was that letter about?” Hermione asked him because of the stunned look on his face. “Oh love, nothing for you to worry about, just something from my father.” He told her but in the back of his mind he was terrified, his father never came to Hogsmeade especially to talk to Draco.

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