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Chapter 9: Fury






Rhea knew that she had to get herself together. But it was almost impossible to do so. There was too much pain.






Sometimes you just can’t agree with the fact that life isn’t butterflies and blushes at all times. There are painful moments, moments in which you wish you were not even alive, moments that seem to last forever. But one day, you’ll see the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel and it’s all worth it.






Rhea closed her eyes at the voice. For once, Rose Weasley was right. For once, Rhea found herself relaxing, agreeing with her. Life wouldn’t always go the way you want it to. You have to face hurdles; you have to face heartbreaks, pain and suffering. Wasn’t she the best example for that? Hadn’t she experienced it all? She was still in the same pain, longing for Eden. Longing to be free of the pain. Pain she still didn’t understand. The blonde didn’t even know why she was hurting. Of course, she knew most of it, but there was still a part of her life that she was being kept in the dark about. She just didn’t know what the missing piece was. Whatever it was, it was very essential, she was sure of that. The missing piece of her memories was very important; it could be her ultimate weapon to free her life of the parasite by the name of Rose Weasley. To take Rose’s revenge on Scorpius, to sort out her feelings for the green-eyed angel.






Pull yourself together, Malfoy. The name made Rhea recoil in disgust.






“I prefer Sanchez, please.” She grumbled out loud as she made her way out of bed.






Whatever you say.  The voice sounded almost smug. Rhea hated her. Her pity for Rose had seemed to have washed away over-night. The only thing she felt towards the parasite residing in her brain was a dull hatred.  She had no idea where her feelings were coming from. It was both confusing and irritating. But the little feeling of pity she felt was still intact somewhere deep inside her heart. Within a span of less than twenty-four hours, the immense pity in her heart that had welled for the redhead had receded, and a sudden, familiar hatred had replaced the pity. Maybe it was the way Rose sounded after Rhea’s flashback. Maybe it was her body acting to the new changes. Maybe her hormones were running wild. Whatever it was, Rhea had a feeling that the little moment in which they had bonded was long gone.






Sometimes, Rhea wondered whether her anger made Rose more powerful. It sure seemed so. Whenever she was angry, Rose seemed to be much stronger and clearer to hear. Maybe that was why Rhea had this urge to stay as happy as she could always. Rhea did not want to be anymore closer to Rose than she already was. She had no idea what else she was going to have to endure, having Rose Weasley in her mind. Was Rose there to stay forever? Would Rose ever go away? If Rose really did go away, what would happen to Rhea? Would she die again?






She did not want to die again. Not when she had got a reason to live. A reason to survive.






A part of her wondered whether it would hurt to die again. She did not remember how she died, or whether she actually did die. She only had Rose’s words as evidence, nothing else.












It was after she walked inside the office she shared with Scorpius when she realized that he was her brother.






She was his sister.






That explained why her mind rejected any foreign feelings towards the blonde man. Her sub-consciousness had realized their bond before she was aware of it herself.  Rhea’s heartbeat quickened as she gave Scorpius a shaky smile. To think that she thought she had feelings for him! That sounded absolutely horrible to her now.






“You okay?” Scorpius’s voice made Rhea jump about a foot in the air, which made the man even more confused and concerned.






“I-I’m fine.” She mumbled, before making her way to her desk, and avoiding eye contact for the rest of the day. When Al asked for her, she made up an excuse not to meet him, saying that she was busy, causing Scorpius to raise an eyebrow at her, since she was sitting idle, staring at the desk.






As soon as her shift was over, Rhea quickly apparated home, and just cried her heart out, her sobs echoing around the empty house.






She was broken. Completely.










But real life had been eating me and I’m going to put this on hiatus for a few months till it’s all sorted out! Thank you for your support!



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