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“Where are they?”

“I already told you”

“Yes. I thought I’d give you the chance to grow knowledgeable. My mistake”

“I’m glad you can admit when you wrong”

“I’m glad you’re okay with being stupid”

“Well you seem to deal with it alright”

“I will jinx you”

“Nah. You need me. I’m too valuable”

“Valuable? You’re useless. You don’t know where they are either”

“Yes. But I do know about freezing charms”

I’m about to respond with something witty and sarcastic I’m sure when –

“Miss Weasley and Mr Malfoy please – you will have ample time to entertain the class with your own presentation – so refrain from disrupting others” The professor interrupted tiredly.

“Well thanks for that” I whisper to the infuriating scruffy Gryffindor beside me.

“You’re the one who is interfering with my learning of this captivating charm topic”

“You don’t even know what they’re talking about”

“Of course I don’t. You keep distracting me”

“You are unbelievable”

“I know. You’ll get use it” He rebutted with that very arrogant and extremely infuriating smirk.

“Miss Weasley – Please. I will not tell you again”

Malfoy laughs beside me. I didn’t even say anything. Argh.

The boys have ditched. The professor hates me. Symons is still after me. I swear she tried to hex me this morning. Malfoy thinks I’m imagining it. He is an idiot. I had to brave the corridors today. I used the cloak yesterday – But James needed it last night and it has yet to have reappeared. I bet Al has it. Why do they need to have a snog session now? This is important. Malfoy is clueless. This presentation is tiresome and my nerves are through the roof. I’m actually not that fond of public speaking. I know who would have thought. Well it’s true. Al and Chase know and they understood and were going to help me with it. Instead their skiving and I’m stuck with Malfoy.

I just love my life.

And we’re up next. Shit.

My hands begin shaking. I just want to run. Very very far away from here.

But I didn’t. I’m such a goody goody. Ugh.

I looked at Malfoy and he smiled. And I just thought. I am going to show him. I’m Rose Weasley and I’m awesome. And I will not break down in front of my enemy. This will be the best presentation yet. Just stay calm. I can do this. With my new found courage I stood from my seat and followed Malfoy to the front of the room.

Here we go.


I looked up, entranced by the sea of eyes locked on me. Lucy caught my eye and poked out her tongue. Max gave me an encouraging smile. From Symons I received a murderous glare. Jordan gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up. And the rest of the class was looking disinterested, bored, devious, arrogant or longing at Malfoys stupid self. I worry about the state of our academic system. Malfoy was covering the boy’s absence to the professor. What he was saying I have no idea. I was just frozen still. Ironically we are discussing freezing charms.

Malfoy joined my side and elbowed me. “Ready” He whispered. In my rare moment of weakness and honesty. I shook my head. He just grinned. I narrowed my eyes. The arse. But somehow that helped.

“Freezing Charms are spells which solidify or freeze a target. Often used in Households, Infirmaries and also in duelling as a stunning spell” Malfoy introduced. He sounded confident and a little arrogant. But I noticed the little waver in his voice and the tiny sparkle of uncertainty in his eyes. Maybe I’m not the only one with insecurities. Huh Malfoy has feelings who would have believed it.

“They are great for duelling. I’ve used them myself” I added. Hopefully hiding my nerves just as effectively.

The professor frowned. What? Jokes are a great ice breaker. Ha ha. The wit. Even though this technically wasn’t a joke. When in doubt deflect with humour – My dad’s great advice everybody.

“Yes. But with a good shield charm. It bounces back to the caster – right Rosie?” Malfoy rebutted. I remember that embarrassing and cold experience perfectly. Well and I also block the part out – where he carried me to the infirmary, kept me warm and survived 3 weeks of detention on my behalf. Yes. Well he obviously deserved that. So… Yes. Moving on.

“Do you want a visual demonstration Scorpius?” I warned with narrowed eyes.

“I feel we’re getting off topic. Doctor Joesph Frank Wreslton was the wizard who created the spell many years ago – we are unsure of the exact date” He persevered.

“We do know – it was an accidental discovery” I added.

“Yes. He was a Healer and was messing with the agumenti spell”

“Actually his child was suffering from a fever and he wanted to help him” I clarified with a smirk at Malfoy.

“Exactly. So he began messing with the agumenti spell” He repeated calmly. But I could see the frustration growing in his eyes. Ah. Testing Scorpius Malfoy’s patience, my favourite past time.

I rolled my eyes. “It took a while for the defence forces to accept the charm as a stunning spell”

“George Howington was the first Auror to use it in the field. I think he was battling a” He began.

“Well I know it was an Erkling and the spell very near saved his life” I finished.


“Any questions?” I interrupted. Again. Malfoy was glaring at me.

We had been so caught up competing with each other, we had completely forgotten our peers and our insecurities. We turned to face them once again. They were all engaged and predicting another Scorpius and Rose showdown.

Are we actually that predictable?

Penelope Flit raised her hand. Oh Merlins Hairy Beard. A grade always drops when damn Penelope flit has something to add. I don’t think we were really going great anyway – with half the group absent for reasons unknown.

“Yes. I researched Freezing Charms more thoroughly and found the date of invention was in the year 1657 and it was actually a woman who made the discovery” She informed the class and with a pompous nod from the professor. Damn teacher’s pet. Don’t look at me like that. I may be the top of the class, but I’m no Penelope Flit. The teachers hate giving me top marks, as my less favourable attributes (Rebellious behaviour – cough, cough) doesn’t shine me in a particular good light. But who really cares what they think anyway.

“Thank you for that informative addition” Malfoy politely answered. He elbowed me.

“Yes. Thank you” I added. I have no idea where she got that from. Probably made it up. I scoured the library for history. And I know Malfoy did too – to try to contradict me.

“Now if there is no further questions or interesting unfounded additions” (I internally grinned at that) “We have something further to entertain you with” Malfoy concluded with a devilish wink.

I looked at him confused. What is he talking about? He tried to explain by just grinning at me. I don’t think this is going to be good.

“I’m sorry can I just confer with my partner here?” I asked the professor. He nodded apprehensively. Unfortunately we aren’t his favourite students. We really need Chase and Al. Damn those hormonal teenage boys. And speaking of -

“Whoa. Partners already Rosie. I think this is moving a little too fast” He mocked. The class laughed. The Professor frowned. I pinched his ear and dragged him off to the back of the room.

“Would you quit it?! And what is this last minute addition?” I whispered angrily.

His eyes grew big and he looked a little sketchy. He is guilty. “What have you done?” I demanded.

“Al was supposed to tell you”

“Tell me what?” My eyes narrowed.

“That you’re a valued member of this group and we appreciate all the work you’ve done but we wanted to...”

“Yes?” I prodded.

“Well…” He began hesitantly.

Slam. The door hit the stone wall with a crack. And in burst two flustered, puffed, scruffy, apologetic, flushed and very very very late teenage boys.

They both hesitantly started towards the irritated Professor Lisbon.

“So Albus Potter – What’s your excuse this time? – A basilisk in the castle, making friends with a giant? Or did the dark lord rise again?” Professor Lisbon mocked. Oh yes. Albus is not technically a favourite of Lisbon’s either, he grabs every opportunity to aggravate Al and belittle the Great Harry Potter.

Oh the snark of professor’s today. Like I said the academic system, is anyone doing anything about that? Maybe I should write a letter to the minster. I’m so kind and philanthropic.

“Well now that you say it…” Chase begins.

“Actually that was more of a Monday Professor – Today was a fire breathing dragon, three headed dog and some delicious waffles for breakfast” Albus confides.

“Excuse me?”

Al winks, then waltzes past the professor’s stunned and reddening face and takes his seat.

And another grade falls away. Can’t blame damn Penelope Flit for that one.

Lisbon wasn’t accustomed to being put in his place. Al normally just rolls his eyes, shrugs it off and sits. Evidently, not today.

As expected the professor served them a week of detention. They both made their way to our sidebar chit chat, in a voice that would rival nanna Molly’s - “Where have you been?” sounded from Malfoy beside me. I held back my contemptuous mocking. I’m kind like that.

“Hogsmeade” They replied in practiced unison. Actually, now that I can observe them closer. They both look a little off. Chase’s smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes or reassure me like it usually does. And Al was wearing a worried expression. I gave him a pointed look, but he returned one that said later. Right we need to focus. Malfoy obviously caught onto the weird tension emanating from the pair, so he dropped their scolding, for now. He can be so weird sometimes. Actually - most of the time.


“What is this last minute addition?” I asked. Three pairs of eyes locked onto mine.

“You didn’t tell her?” Al looked to Malfoy.

“You said you would” Malfoy returned.

“Yes but you and Rose have such an effective form of communication” Al reasoned.

“Yes. We’re just as revolutionary as the Muggle Telephone – now will someone just tell me? Or should I just resign myself now, to a life of detention, Troll for Charms Mark, A Life of Misery and regret for not preventing this particular event” I requested – eyeing all three of them. What are they up too? It must be bad if they wouldn’t tell me till now. “The professor does not look pleased with our impromptu recess and Penelope has already clarified part of our presentation” I informed them.

“I kind of hate that girl” Chase spoke.

“Doesn’t everybody?” Al agreed.

“She asked me to Hogsmeade this weekend” Malfoy wisely added.

We all looked at him horrified. Merlin I hope he said no. No wonder he was being abnormally polite. Well sort of.

“What did you say?” Al asked curious. Malfoy opens his mouth to speak.

“We don’t have time for this. Tell me the plan” I interrupted. Weirdly I didn’t want to converse about Malfoy and his posse of Hogsmeade dates. I’m still recovering from Symons. And that reminds me I need to line up a date.

They acquiesced and filled me in and our presentation resumed.


“So who decided an ice rink in the middle of Charms class was a good idea?” Lucy asked from beside me as we walked out of class. Al and Chase had already gone – still without an explanation for their very late arrival. Max and Jordan had gone on ahead to Divination. Luce, Malfoy and I had a break.

“Mine of course” Malfoy replied happily from my other side.

“Yes and who’s brilliant idea was it to keep me out of the loop?” I turned on him.

“That’s classified” He smirks.

Luce laughs. “Well it was a hit – I think even the professor was impressed and he hates you guys”

I was about to reply when Alex appeared. “Lucy, I…” He started, then he noticed us. “Malfoy, Weasley” (You would think being his girlfriend’s best friend would upgrade me to first name basis, evidently not). We both nodded in return. “Interesting presentation – the ice rink was probably a bit dangerous for class and not exactly an accurate representation of the advantages of a Freezing Charm. In fact I think if you read the Hogwarts By laws – it was destruction of school property. You’re lucky the Professor didn’t send you to the Headmistress” Alex commented. Merlin I hate that boy. I have no idea what Lucy sees in him. It was my turn to elbow Malfoy. I know the two of them connect like a Werewolf and the Full Moon. Lucy just looked apologetic “Yes. Well you know us Gryffindor’s – we like to test the boundaries a bit. Anyway, Luce will catch up with you later. Bye Alex” I responded. With a smile to Luce and a nod to Alex, I grabbed Malfoy’s wrist and dragged him down the corridor.

“Merlin I hate that guy” Malfoy spoke.

“Take comfort in the fact that you do not suffer alone. At least she isn’t your best friend’s boyfriend” I replied.

“Yes. I got lucky with Chase” He agreed.

I laughed. “We all got lucky with Chase” I smiled. Then I remembered. “Did Al tell you why they were late?”

“No. Ran off before I could ask. You?”

“Same. I have a feeling its bad though” I feared.

Malfoy nodded. Our presentation concluded a success – Al and Chase were laughing and smiling amongst the rest of us, but I could tell it was just a front. I wish I could help. They will come find me when they’re ready I guess. I only spoke a quick word to Al this morning in passing. He told me to stop abusing Malfoy and to fetch my own food. I just laughed. Malfoy – he is a complete anomaly. Sometimes I actually think we could be friends. I mean we still argue like crazy and the Liquorice thing was just stupid. Of course I would be able to tell the difference! But then he would still go fetch me a muffin. And I would end up sharing it with him. Maybe we could be friends. We worked well enough in class together which was a surprise, even with the last minute addition to our presentation. And I have to admit – watching Penelope Flit slip and slide across the ice – made it all worth it. Speaking of…

“So Penelope Flit huh?” I broke the silence as we continued down the corridor.

“Yep” he answered enigmatically, looking straight ahead.

“Interesting choice” I prompted, trying to decipher his thoughts from his blank expression.

“Yep” He repeated. Normally he won’t shut up. But this? Nothing.

“So…” I tried again.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Well what’s the deal? I mean its Penelope Flit” I’m beginning to get aggravated.

“I know who she is” again with the evasive answers.

“I’m not her biggest fan” I admit.

“I’ve noticed”

“I didn’t think you were either”

“Did you now?” He responded.

Argh. This is getting frustrating. Why did I bring this up? He has probably deluded himself into thinking I’m jealous or something. He is so arrogant. And smarmy. And goes on dates with the likes of Symons and Penelope Flit. He obviously has issues. And I’m just a concerned and caring Frenemy. Yes. Like I’ve said before, I really am a saint.

“Yes. You roll your eyes every time she raises her hand in class. And often I’ve heard you try to contradict her responses” I inform him.

“You seem to be playing pretty close attention to me, Rosie” He is trying to bate me. And frustratingly enough – it’s working. I just want to strangle him, or curse his hair, or rot his teeth, or eat some fudge. What? Being diabolical is hungry work.

“Only because I’m waiting for her to reach breaking point and watch while she goes all psycho on your arse” That would be an exciting moment to see.

“I never knew how much you cared” He turns to look at me, with a smirk on his face.

“Obviously you still have no idea. As I care very little”

“And here I thought we were friends” he held up our still adjoining hands.

I decided not to give him the satisfaction of pulling away.

What is wrong with me?


In one of our many informative and intelligent conversations, she mentioned her interest in charm research and invention…...……..It was a night in 1657 when she was confounded with celebration at her invention of freezing the bouquet of Flowers I gave her the night before. She was ecstatic.

Merlin. Who knew the Freezing Charms history was embedded in the secret diary of Gerald Picklewater the secret fondling’s of a Squib. It was a gross collection of his years without actual magical powers, but the successful charms he had for the ladies. What a reliable source. How Penelope Flit came across this, and the librarians thoughts on stocking the book – I have no idea, and I shudder to think further on it.

“So Penelope was right?” The aggravating voice spoke from over my shoulder.

I decided to research a little further into Penelope Flits apparent knowledge for Freezing Charms – Have I mentioned I’m a tad competitive? Don’t worry if you haven’t noticed, I hide it well. Unfortunately I was caught about 8 frustrating minutes ago. The idiot thinks he knows me. I ditched him after our little whatever in the corridor, but apparently I’m far too enthralling and he just cannot stay away.

“Do you notice we seem to be spending an abundant of time together lately?” I respond, not looking up from the page I was reading. I was seated against a bookshelf and Malfoy was occupying the space opposite, playing with a quaffle, looking quite perplexed. Why is he all interested in damn Penelope Flit all of a sudden? Doesn’t he have friends he can go and bother?

“Well who doesn’t enjoy my company?” He responded without looking up.

“And did you notice, that you’re always the one seeking me out?”

“That sounds a little arrogant Rosie”

“I really do not enjoy the pleasure of your company”

“Now you’re just hurting my feelings. I didn’t realise Penelope upset you so much” I still wasn’t looking at him, but I could hear the smirk in his voice.

You upset me” I look up frustrated.

“Rosie now you’re talking nonsense. Is everything alright?” Malfoys face portrayed concern but his eyes were pure evil and snark.

I decided to respond with dignity and poise – like the graceful witch I am.


I wacked him with the book I wasted 43 minutes of my life finding and 12 minutes reading. It got what it deserved.

And fortunately so did he.


I’ve never felt so relieved to greet an inanimate object. Well actually it is Hogwarts and everything seems to come to life at some point. But my bed in the sixth year dormitory never seems to let me down. This day has not been my favourite. The exhausting and nerve wracking presentation, dodging the vengeful Symons, Damn Penelope Flit, the ominous tension of Ace (Albus and Chase’s cutsie couple nickname – I know vomitrocious), Gerald Picklewater’s novel of escapades, the three hours of detention I just survived, life in general, my mangy hair and its rebellious movement against GHD (Good Hair Days) and the recurring nightmare of Malfoy’s presence and snark. I’m glad it’s finally drawing to a close.

I finally got rid of Malfoy before dinner. He got all mopey because Al hadn’t appeared to explain himself. I grew tired of his complaining and sent him off to hang with James or I would silencio his arse. I really don’t know how I held off this long. I admit I’m a little worried about ace (one more time for the cheap seats – it’s Albus and Chase’s couple name). But I decided that’s tomorrow’s problem.

It’s been a very long day.

Just one more step to freedom.


There’s a boy in my room. Well a cousin. One of my favourites actually.


I just can’t catch a break.

“Should I skip the pleasantries, ignore the disturbing fact you can get into my dormitory, disregard the fact your sitting on my bed eating my fudge, and just appreciate the fact that you came to me, all because of your obviously wretched state – due to and I’m going out on a whim here – Jordan again?” I questioned him from the door way. James hadn’t looked up at me since I walked in. And he did look a little scruffy and solemn – with his Jet black untameable hair, hazel brown eyes, chocolate covered face, tie hanging out of his pocket, and other assortments of clothing – normally distinguished as the prestigious Hogwarts school uniform. The Head boy everybody. I feel we keep coming back to the questionable academic system, I am currently enrolled in.

“Your heart warming and compassionate nature still astounds me” sounds from a voice that is not James on the other side of the room.


I feel like I should be more surprised or outraged than I am. Maybe my life has been so crazy lately – finding my sworn enemy infecting my personal sanctuary is the new normal and my brain is just adapting to his conceited and egotistical ways. And my Mother thinks an E in Astronomy is my biggest problem at the moment.

“I actually bought my own fudge this time” James muffled in-between a disgusting display of male fudge talk – I mean when I do it, it’s just charming. Unfortunately James cannot pull it off.

“Oh well that’s alright then” I resigned and sat beside him, and took a piece of fudge. Ignoring the fair haired, wild blue eyed, athletically built, appropriately dressed in casual jeans and a Holyhead Harpies Hoodie (Note to self: remember for future use) idiot who was glaring at me from the corner.

“Well actually I bought the fudge” sounded from the idiot who crossed enemy lines and has no idea what he’s in for.

“Well we can’t blame the innocent fudge for that” I inform him, gobbling down another piece.

“Please Rosie your overwhelming me with gratitude I can hardly handle it” He responded with a glare.

I just rolled my eyes.

Can’t a poor girl enjoy the comforts of her bed on a Tuesday night? Why is Malfoy always around? And why don’t I seem to mind all that much? What is going on?

This fudge is pretty good though. Of course he knows my favourite and my weaknesses. It’s the fudge – it’s the magical fudge. I tell you, it addles your brains, until you’re just a fudge addicted mess.

“So do I need to ask the obvious question?” I interrogate. Of course it doesn’t mess with my sass. Everyone and everything knows not to mess with a girl and her sass. Even the fudge. What am I even talking about?

“We need your help” the uninvited enemy spoke once again.

Well I didn’t see that coming. 

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