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Scorpius was frowning at Lucy and Narcissa as they chatted happily with one another. He had introduced Lucy to his family as his girlfriend. Officially. After he had asked her of course. And she had said yes. In fact she was the only girlfriend that he had ever bothered to take home, which his father had acknowledge with a raised eyebrow and a smirk and had caused his mother to burst into tears and blubber on about how big he was getting.

However though his parents were very happy for him, they didn’t quite seem to know what to make of Lucy Weasley. His father was always stiff around her, as though the mere sight of the Weasley red hair and freckles reminded him too much of a war that he had tried so very hard to forget. 

His mother and Lucy on the few occasions they had met seemed to be entirely at a loss as to what to talk about and tended to resort to awkward smalltalk about the weather and roses. On occasion his mother had attempted to discuss how the weather that year had brought cloaks back in fashion and Lucy had attempted to discuss how roses could be used as a potions ingredient in several violate illegal but highly useful potions. However these attempts to develop more in-depth conversations had quickly failed and they had retreated once more to simply commenting on whether it had been sunny or cloudy recently and asking if one anothers gardens were thriving.

Lucy Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy were a different story entirely. In fact Scorpius wondered on occasion if the two had somehow cosmically been separated from birth.

He also had no idea how he had ended up drinking plain old earl grey tea while both of the women were holding wineglasses with his grandmothers most expensive elvish wine.

It was 2pm in the afternoon. He felt dead on his feet having been called into the auror department at 4am that morning to assist in taking witness statements from a triple homocide in Glasgow that had involved a quartet of jealous witches that had decided to exact vengeance on each other. It had been exhausting getting a clearly drunk off her face Scottish witch to talk somewhat sense in an accent that he could actually understand enough to write down what she was saying.

Plus he and Milly had only just wrapped up the whole Gwyn thing the week before. It had taken an age to trace down the real identity of Gwyn that Medora Rosier had been using to sell her quenwood to purebloods. Gwyn it turned out was in fact called Lacey Roberts, a halfblood half french witch to whom Medora Rosier was in fact godmother. She had been deported back to the care of the French Ministry of Magic. It had required a lot of apparating back and forth between London and Normandy and Scorpius always found long-distance apparating more exhausting than he felt it had the right to be.

He was exhausted and truly felt he needed a day off.

When Lucy had suggested they cancel tea with his grandmother though he had been adamant they go anyway. His grandmother could forgive the dark bags under his eyes and his inattention to what she was saying and Lucy was more than capable of carrying on a conversation with his grandmother without his input.


Or so he thought. Scorpius looked up, startled from his thoughts by his grandmother saying his name sharply.

“Grandmother dearest?” He replied, running a hand roughly through his hair in an attempt to dash the drowsiness from his mind.

“Lucy informs me you have yet to return her carpets.”

Ah. The carpets. Lucy was grinning smugly at him. Scorpius glared back at her.

“Well maybe Lucy shouldn’t be selling illegal merchandise when she’s dating an auror.” Scorpius replied with a smirk.

“As opposed to selling illegal merchandise when her uncles, cousin and brother are aurors? What makes you so special?” Narcissa replied evenly and Scorpius looked at her, opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish.

Lucy snorted inelegantly into her glass of elvish wine.

“Plus you made an exchange Scorpius darling. Date for carpets. It is straightforward good business sense to keep up your end of the exchange.” Narcissa added sipping her wine.

“Well I suppose its a good thing I put them back this morning then.” Scorpius smirked smugly feeling terribly tempted to stick his tongue out at Lucy.

Lucy looked startled. “How in Merlins name did you get past my wards?” She asked suspiciously.

“Your wards like me dear.”

“Unlikely story.” Lucy replied, beginning to look mildly threatening.

“Albus. Albus is keyed into your wards. He let me in.” Scorpius admitted, sipping his own tea and making a face. Why was it again that he didn’t have a glass of wine?

“Excellent, well dear, now that that is settled I understand you would like me to assist with sourcing the origins of a pair of medieval chess sets of yours?” Narcissa said, turning to Lucy, her eyes gleaming excitedly.

Once again Scorpius tuned out of their conversation grinning over his teacup at his girlfriend and his grandmother.

He was formulating a plan to obtain some of his grandmother elvish wine for himself when a patronus appeared beside him. Milly’s ginormous flemish rabbit. Merlin he hated that rabbit.

“Need you at the auror department urgently.”

Scorpius sighed, putting down his teacup and meeting the curious gazes of Lucy and Narcissa.

“My duty calls.” He declared grandly, rising gracefully from his seat and stalking over to Narcissa’s side where he gently placed a kiss on her cheek.

Then he smirked at Lucy. Leaning down he pressed his lips to hers, snaking a hand around the back of her neck to hold her in place, his fingers snagging in her curls. He pulled away grinning as he noted how dilated her eyes were. “Don’t miss me too much.”

Lucy grinned back. “Albus told me to tell you that if he has to look at dead bodies for the next month you’re not touching me with a ten-foot-pole for a fortnight.”

“You going to go through with that threat?”

“That would depend on if my carpets really are back in my shop. And whether you confiscate anything from me over the next month. I was considering a trip to northern Italy in the near future for business purposes. It would be hard to touch me while I’m all the way over in Italy.” She replied sweetly, patting his cheek patronisingly.

Scorpius rolled his eyes, ignoring Narcissa who launched into informing Lucy who she should visit in Italy and from whom to source the best antiques. He supposed he could avoid using Albus in the morgue for a month. Though he had noticed that Hollens had stopped complaining too loudly about Albus’ occasional presence in the morgue. Though he did still regularly give Scorpius death glares.

As Scorpius apparated to the Ministry of Magic, wondering if it really was such a good idea to leave his girlfriend and grandmother alone together to plot world domination, he couldn’t help but think that Lucy Weasley really was the most amazing thing. Even if she lived in a grey area and he was an auror. Harry Potter had yet to turn her in after all.

He wondered if she would make good on her threat to go to Northern Italy without him for a fortnight when she realised that he had returned the carpets but filched the skull from her back room that contained a ghost of a medieval potions master. The skull rather intrigued him and it seemed like a fascinating idea to have a medieval potions master ghost to chat to in his office when Milly was out and about. 

Then again, the skull and accompanying ghost might actually be what Milly’s patronus had been about. He had forgotten to warn her about the addition to their office.

Milly glared at him as he stalked confidently into their office. The ghost, Dermot, looked at him sheepishly, perched awkwardly on his desk beside his skull.

“Milly, I see you’ve met Dermot.” Scorpius announced grandly, flashing her a smirk.

“Indeed. Care to tell me why exactly Dermot and his skull has set up residence in our office.”

“Well, I stole him off Lucy It was Albus’ idea…”

Milly held up a hand, stopping him in his tracks. “If he’s staying, you have to fill out the paperwork. All supernatural beings housed in the ministry must be registered. And when he bugs me you can put him in Albus’ healer office, since you say it is his idea and all.”She said, shoving a load of paperwork at Scorpius with a grin. “Don’t contact me till after the weekend, I plan to sleep through all of it.”

Scorpius waved the paperwork at the ghost on his desk. “What say ye Dermot?” He asked gallantly.

“It seems exciting. Certainly more exciting than the last attic I inhabited.”

Scorpius picked up a quill on his desk. “Well then, you can keep me company while my girlfriends in Italy on business.”

Just as he finished up the paperwork the door to his office opened. Lucy stalked in looking murderous.

“Scorpius.” She said, her voice a deep warning, her big brown cow eyes flashing.

Scorpius grinned. She was wearing lilac. His favourite colour on her. And the most amazing black high heels. And the stubborn flash in her eyes really was one of his most favourite things. And how was she going to stop him visiting her in Italy anyway?

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