The lake was completely still, free from any breeze on the hot summer’s day. The grounds were silent, absent of any wildlife it seemed. As he thought more about it the more eerie his surroundings seemed to become. Suddenly the temperature dropped and a thin veil of fog surrounded him. He turned to head back to the castle, violently jumping as he saw that he was not alone.

"Pansy," he breathed in a sigh of relief, clutching at his heart, "it's only you. You scared me."

She continued to stare at him unmoving.

"P-P-Pansy?" he stammered, warily glancing around.

Her eyelashes fluttered as if awakening from a deep sleep. Eyes narrowed slightly she began to speak.

The emerald is in the eye of the snake," she said.

Draco stared at her in confusion. What the hell is she talking about?

"Uh what?"

"The emerald is in the eye of the snake," she repeated.

The words made no sense to him at all. He opened his mouth to ask her what the hell she meant when she spoke again.

"It's ok Draco." Smiling she looked past his shoulder at something that had appeared behind him.

Draco turned uncertainly to see what it was. As he turned, he somehow found himself in a familiar room. He whirled around to ask Pansy why they were here but she'd gone. He found himself alone in the room of hidden things once more, a room he never thought he'd come to again. Spotting the vanishing cabinet he moved closer to inspect it. He thought it had been destroyed after the war, obviously he'd been wrong. Gingerly he reached out with his left hand to touch the faded wood, inspecting it more closely. It was definitely broken again, like before he'd fixed it.

Stepping backwards he spotted someone out of the corner of his eye. He yelped and jumped back approximately 10 steps.

"Pansy! You've got to stop-" cutting himself off as he saw that it wasn't Pansy this time.

The grey eyes met the green, his head full of confusion. The boy standing in front of him smiled, his eyes twinkling in the darkness. Harry Potter. The boy he'd loathed admired, envied. The person he'd tormented and bullied for years. The man to whom he owed his life and to who he was so grateful was within touching distance of him, Draco Malfoy. Harry flashed him a wide grin.

"Hello Malfoy," he teased, taking a few steps closer, “I hoped I’d find you here."

"You- You did?" he asked, confusion overtaking him.

"Yeah," his grin growing wider as he closed the distance, "I've been wanting to get you alone for quite some time now."

Draco could feel Harry's breath on his skin he was that close now. Hesitantly Draco took a step back.

"I er- I should probably..."

"Go?" Harry said, finishing his sentance for him.

"Uh yeah I-" He had closed the distance between them and put a single finger over his mouth.

"Well I-" Draco mumbled.

"Shhh," Harry whispered, "don't think. Don't say anything."

Harry slowly moved his head towards Draco's, his lips slightly spread apart. Draco felt the soft touch of Harry's lips upon his, very lightly touching. As the kiss intensified he felt Harry's lips open upon his.

Draco woke abruptly, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat. Oh god. What was happening to him?

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