Chapter 13

“If someone is coming all the way from the other side of the world, you could at least have the courtesy to cancel before they leave. I’m through; I shall never see that man again!” Jeffery complained.

“So what did you do in New York all week,” Ginny asked now that he finished his rant.
“Some serious retail therapy, so I can only buy necessities for the next two months… I may have also met a gorgeous security guard at the port key when I arrived back… we’re having dinner on Thursday.”

Ginny laughed, “You’re so much fun.”
“You’re only saying that because it didn’t happen to you, oh and I like that dress but you can’t wear that to the benefit,” Ginny was holding a long straight red dress. They were at Foster and Banks department store to celebrate the opening of their new evening wear space. The decant space was brightly lit with chandeliers, more luxurious seating than clothes and there was complimentary champagne. Guest also got to preview the new season before the public tomorrow. Jeffery had invited Ginny as his plus one. Since they were there, Ginny was having Jeff help her find something to wear to the St. Mungos Valentine’s Day Benefit to raise funds for the cardiovascular research program. Jeff was filling her in on his latest New York City adventures as they shopped.

“What’s wrong with it?” She said examining it.

“It’s too tight. You’ll probably look really good in it but I think it’s a bit too sexy.”

“I thought women were supposed to be sexy.”

He moved down the rack, “they are but they aren’t supposed to look as if they’re cage dancers.”
Ginny put the dress back, “I didn’t think it looked that bad.”

“How about this”
She stared at the dressed he held up, there was no way she was going to wear that. “It’s pink… bright pink.”

“You can wear pink on Valentine’s Day and the color’s terrific. I bet no one will have anything like it on,” he took her by the hand and pulled her towards the changing rooms.
“I don’t know,” she said apprehensively going with him.

“Have I steered you wrong yet darling,” he pulled the curtain open on one of the fitting rooms and hung the dress inside for.


“Let me know when you have it on,” he pushed her inside and closed the curtain.
Ginny began to change into the dress. Jeff had not steered her wrong once, she’s been featured on what to wear pages. Complete strangers always complimented her on her style and Rita Skeeter hadn’t bashed her looks since that time at the World Cup with Harry. Men notice her no matter what she wears but she has noticed Draco notice. He thinks he’s hiding his reactions from her but she can tell when he likes something.
            She reached behind her to fasten the clasp at the neck, “Jeff come in and zip me please.”

He came around the curtain, “wow,” he smiled.


“Oh, yeah,” he zipped her up.

The dress was a halter pleated from neck to the floor. The neck was jeweled. She turned around and looked over her shoulder to examine the back. “I need a haircut.” Draco will like this dress.

“What about the dress?”

“I’ll wear it,” she shrugged. She began to pull at her hair. It was getting too close to waist length for her taste. “Serge is coming to do my hair before I go to the theater with Dean on Saturday; I suppose I’ll have him take off a few inches.”

“What are you wearing to that?”

“Just whatever,” she turned her back to him so he could unzip her.

He unzipped her, “change and we’re going back out there to find something for you to wear for that as well.” He knew if left up to her she would be in something completely inappropriate.

Draco walked down the hall to Ginny’s flat. He had something’s he needed to go over with her. Sure he could have just sent her an owl but he figured since he was in the neighborhood, it was only a quick jaunt to Wales. He may as well stop by. When he got close to her door he heard music, so any question as to her being home went out the window. He knocked …

“Hello,” some guy with dark hair and bright blue eyes answered the door.
“Who are you?” Draco asked accusingly. Ginny was not his girl and is completely free to see whoever she wishes. He has no right to complain but for reasons beyond him he wanted to. He wanted to know why men were answering her door in the late afternoon.

“I’m an invited guest,” Palmer retorted, he turned around, “Gin are you expecting an extremely pale, bleach blonde guy?”

“Does he look mean and judging,” Draco heard Ginny’s voice say from inside the flat.

“That’s just Draco you can let him in.”

“Come in,” Palmer stepped aside to let him in.

Ginny was sitting in a folding chair in the center of the room with her back to the door. There was some guy doing her hair. Dean was lounging in her arm chair. Draco walked around so he was facing her. “Why hello love, I didn’t know I needed an invitation to come over?”

Ginny smirked, “oh that’s just Palmer, he’s really protective babe. Which reminds me you two never met, Draco, Palmer, Palmer, Draco. Palmer’s my manager. This amazing man doing my hair is Serge and you know Dean.”

“Nice to meet you all and as always Mudblood, it isn’t a pleasure,” Draco said as he took a seat at the foot of her bed. Ginny leaned forward and punched Draco in the chest, “OW, Weasley!”
“Don’t call him that,” she hissed.

Dean snickered, “better watch it there Malfoy or your girl will beat you up.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Serge said uneasily, Draco didn’t really seem that nice to meet at all, “I’d shake your hand but my hands are kind of full,” he kept tending to Ginny’s hair.

“Sorry man,” shrugged Palmer, “if I knew you were the beau I would have let you in right away.”

Draco wasn’t buying it. He had the distinct impression that this guy didn’t like him. He was certain if he’s her manager, he’s seen them in the papers together. But that didn’t matter anyway he wasn’t expecting her to have company. This was surely putting a damper on things. He wasn’t sure why, it’s not as if he enjoyed being alone with her. Sure they talk more than they use to but he wouldn’t describe them as friends even at times acquaintances seemed like a stretch.

“So what brings you by,” Ginny asked curiously. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I just needed to ask you something… but we can talk about it later,” he wasn’t going to draw suspicions by plotting in front of her crew.

“If it’s personal we can just step into the other room,” she had this look on her face as if she knew he wanted to confirm dates.

“No it’s fine,” he said dismissively, “so what are you getting all dolled up for?”

“Dean and I are going to the opening night of something…”

“Centaurs, Goats, and Fairy Dust,” Dean informed.

“How did you manage to get tickets to the opening night of a H. Mulligan play,” H. Mulligan is the toast of the wizarding theater world. You had to know somebody who knew somebody just to get tickets for all of opening week.

“You’re not the only one with connections,” Dean smirked, “at least mine aren’t rooted in evil.” The truth was Wilford gave them to him. He didn’t like H. Mulligan so he was more than thrilled to give his complementary tickets away.

“Please don’t start that you two,” Ginny sighed, “he got the tickets and we’re going. I’ve never been to the theatre before so I decided to get dolled up for the occasion.”

“Yeah that and Jeff refused to have one of his clients showing up inappropriately dressed to a high profile event. It would look bad on his CV,” laughed Palmer.

“Thank you Palmer,” Ginny narrowed her eyes at him.

“You’re going to love it,” Draco knew she would since she was so taken by the ballet. He looked off to the side and noticed the copy of Quidditch Daily on the bed and picked it up. The Holyhead Harpies reserve team was on the cover. They were all wearing different variation of the same green flowy gowns and their hair blowing in the wind. They didn’t look like a sports team at all. It seemed more like an ad for hair products.

“What do you think?”

Draco looked up at Ginny, “well it’s definitely soliciting something… something that’s not Quidditch.”
Ginny shrugged, “I know but at least we’re on the cover.”

The Harpies antics on the field were getting them some serious attention, their half price matches were selling out. Their team manager Darren actually showed up for their matches and began to refer to them by their names not just one of those reserve players.

The team was proud to be on the cover no matter how demeaning it was. They were proud of their results and glad to let the world know they were hired to sit on the bench for a reason.

Madame Dubuffet however was not pleased. She didn’t like her team being turned into a circus but the board and the league did. She complained and tried to reason but it was either do it or be out of a job. She had been in the industry for over twenty years. Lately she’s been thinking about retiring.
“Yeah,” he flipped through the magazine. Each of the players got their own solo photo. Stats and answers to generic questions next to them. One of the questions was what do they look for in a man. Ginny’s said tall, blonde, consistent scowl and a dry sense of humor. He wanted to laugh but he refrained. “I suppose this is supposed to be a description of me?”

She laughed, “I thought it was somewhat accurate.”
“I feel that I should be offended.”

“Then change”

“Never,” he stood up, “I’m going to go. I’ll speak to you later,” he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. “It was nice meeting you guys, Dean,” he let himself out.

Happy Valentine’s Day________
St. Mungos Valentine’s Day Benefit for the Cardiovascular Research Program
Grand Ballroom Seymour Inn

Ginny had her arms around Draco’s neck as they danced. Well swayed, she had two and half glasses of red wine and was feeling good. Draco tried to stop her reminding her of her pledge not to drink. Her response was a little red wine was good for the heart, which was completely appropriate considering they were at an event for the heart.

“Draco,” she began staring up at him playing with the hair at the back of his neck. “You live upstairs.”
“Yes I do”

“We could retire upstairs.”

He looked her directly in the eye, “you know love. I see a pattern developing here. Every time you get drunk you always want to leave with me.”

“What are you talking about?”
“Nothing,” their New Year’s escapades were going to be lost to her forever.

“I’m not drunk, just a bit tipsy,” she smirked. “Besides doesn’t wine make you feel all warm?”
“Nope, I didn’t have any.”

“Well then we’ll have to order some,” she unwrapped herself from him and took him by the hand. She pulled him towards the door.
“Ginny I don’t think this is a good idea,” he really didn’t but he was willingly going with her. Especially since he was getting the perfect view of her back, the low halter back showed her perfect pale freckled covered back. They left the ballroom and went down the hall to the lifts.

“Twelfth floor please,” Draco told the lift operator.

“Right away sir,” he pushed twelve.

Ginny wrapped her arm around his waist and got closer to him, he removed her hands before she began exploring. He was not about to give the teenage boy a thrill. He kept hold of both her hands until they got off at the twelfth floor.

He led the way down the hall and unlocked his room door, he allowed her in first. He turned on the light and Ginny immediately grabbed him and kissed him. It wasn’t the innocent peck they do for the public, her mouth was open and she wanted him in. She pushed his jacket down his shoulders and he took it off, he unclasped the back of her dress and let the top fall down. She tossed her backless cups to the side and pulled him back to her. Draco pulled down the zipper and pushed her dress down, she stepped out of it. He moved his hands down to her bottom and lifted her up. He walked her over to the couch and lay her down, he moved his kisses down her neck towards her chest. “Draco,” she said breathlessly. He loved the sound of her saying his name.
 “Draco… Draco… Draco, are you there?”

Draco opened his eyes, he looked at the ceiling. He took the book off his chest and sat up. He had fallen asleep studying on the couch in his sitting room.


He looked over to the fireplace, Ginny’s head floating in the flames. “Yeah,” he said groggily.

“Is everything alright you were supposed to be here forty minutes ago,” she asked.

“Shit, your father’s birthday party,” he got off the couch. “I fell asleep. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

He rushed to his room to freshen up. He wasn’t planning on falling asleep. He wasn’t planning on dreaming about Ginny. It was just a dream, it meant nothing. There was no way in hell he wanted to be with her in that way. It’s just she looked so wonderful when they went to the benefit, it was a surprise.

The burrow was buzzing for Arthur Weasley’s birthday party. His children and his friends were bopping through the house in delight, and there was a spread of Arthur’s favorite treats. The bell at the front door rang and Mrs. Weasley excused herself through the guest to answer it.

“Draco, lovely to see you again,” she said politely allowing him in.
“You as well”

“Let me take your coat,” he adjusted Arthur’s gift so he could take it off.

“Where are we putting presents?”

“I’ll take that, there’s food in the kitchen help yourself,” she smiled before walking off.

Draco looked around at all the faces he didn’t know. He caught some of Ginny’s brothers and there were a few other red heads, who he assumed were family. He never thought Arthur to be this popular; he was also surprised to see the Minister was there. He made his way through the people looking for Ginny.
            He stuck his head in the kitchen. There were people in there but no Ginny. Ron was in there stuffing his face as usual. He went upstairs to check her room, he excused himself pass someone who just came out of the bathroom. When he got to her bedroom door he stopped, he heard voices on the other side…

“I remember when you would barely even look at me,” laughed Harry. “That first time I ever came here.”
“I was obsessed and flustered. What did you expect? I was a ten year old little girl.”

She and Harry were sitting on the window sill in her old bedroom, having a surprisingly pleasant conversation.

“It was cute… I remember when you kissed me standing right there too,” he pointed to the spot in front of the window.
“I remember too, it was right after you broke up with me. Right before you left me.”

Draco opened the door to the room. Harry and Ginny were sitting on the window sill. They both turned to look at him, Harry didn’t look pleased. Ginny however smiled and immediately hopped off the sill and made her way to him.

She looked really good. It almost seemed as if she was in slow motion. The clack of the heels on her boots echoed across the floor as she glided towards him. The sound was the only thing to remind him that he was awake.


“Hey,” he bent down and kissed her. “Sorry I’m late but I fell asleep studying.”

“It’s okay, are you hungry? I was waiting for you to eat.”

“It was nice talking to you Harry,” she smiled at him before leaving the room with Draco.

“You look nice,” Draco told her as they went downstairs.

“Thanks my mother asked why I was dressed for a funeral,” she snorted. She was wearing a black sweater dress with, off black tights, and black boots.

Draco thought she looked amazing, “it could possibly be all the black but I like black.”

They went into the kitchen. Ginny pushed the food at the end of the table over so there was room for her and Draco to sit.

“Your mother surely out did herself,” Draco said taking in the spread.
Ginny shrugged, “it’s what she does best,” she began passing him things she knew he would eat.

“Draco I took your no red meat into consideration,” Mrs. Weasley announced proudly entering the kitchen with an empty tray to be filled with more treats.

“I see thank you.”

“Oh Ginny dear don’t eat all that,” Mrs. Weasley was alarmed by the amount of food on her plate.

“I’m hungry mother,” she said not bothering to look up from her plate. The way her mother went on about things it’s a wonder she doesn’t have an eating disorder.
“You’re also a lady and nobody likes a pig,” she turned her back to Ginny and went back to her treats.

Ginny sighed and put down her fork, “so when’s Dale’s dinner?”
Draco looked at her and then at her plate, “March 9...” Parents suck. At least it wasn’t just his.

“It’ll be nice to see her again,” she said sullenly.

“She’s really quite taken with you,” he played with his own food.
“Draco when did you sneak in,” asked Mr. Weasley entering the kitchen.

“Not too long ago. Happy Birthday,” he said politely.

“Thank you”
“So Daddy, Draco and I are going to a dinner hosted by the artist Dale Collin’s.” Mrs. Weasley dropped her pan and went stiff. Mr. Weasley went pale. Malfoy looked from his face to his wife’s back. Ginny continued, “She mentioned earlier on that you two knew each other.”

“Oh that was so long ago,” he answered nervously.

Mrs. Weasley turned around to face them. Her face was as red as her hair, her eyes nothing but slits.
“Well she spoke of you fondly. Apparently you two were once hot and heavy. She thought I would be interested in the information of you two shagging high.”

“I KNEW IT!” Mrs. Weasley shouted, “You told me nothing happened!”
“It was before you and I ever got together!” He defended.

Draco looked at Ginny as her parents broke into an argument, she look satisfied. She looked as if she had brought it up on purpose, as if she wanted her mother’s feelings hurt. It was cruel and Draco was proud.
“I’ll buy you room service,” Ginny looked to Draco, “so we don’t have to stay for the rest of the fight.”

“Ok” they got up from the table and left the kitchen.

“What’s going on with them,” Percy asked Ginny when she came out of the kitchen. All of the party guests were awkwardly looking at each other as Arthur and Molly’s shouting filled the house.

“Apparently mum was not always the apple of our father’s eye.”

“I can’t believe you have this,” Ginny said pulling an album out of a box in Draco’s suite, “You like the Pitchforks?”
“You sound surprised, I have excellent taste in music.”

“Yeah when you get around all the classical shit,” she said crawling over to the record player and putting it on.
“That just proves it, I can get pass the trends of my generation and admit that some music from the dawn of time is good.”

They were in Draco’s suite waiting for their room service. Ginny took the time to actually take in his space, since this is the most time she’s actually spent in his room. He had been there for so long and other than his random stuff lying about, the room was so pristine you thought no one ever stayed in it. Ginny was sitting on the floor going through Draco’s music collection or at least what he brought of it out of the three boxes that had some of his belongings from the Manor.

“God I love this song,” Ginny said as the music began to play. “They’re amazing live. Dean and I saw them when we went to Ruckus.”

“You spend a lot of time with him, what’s going on there?”

“He’s my best friend,” she shrugged, “we do everything together.”
“As I recall you two seemed to be connected at the mouth back a Hogwarts.”

She laughed, “we moved pass that, we’ve found we’re better as friends.”

There was a knock on the door, “Room service,” someone called from the other side, Draco got up from the couch to answer it. He stepped aside so the young man could bring in the cart, he pulled his wallet out and tipped him, “thank you sir,” he nodded, “have a good evening.”
“You too”

“Whatever happened with you and Pansy Parkinson?”

“Oh god,” Draco rolled his eyes as he brought their covered plates to the coffee table. He sat back down on the couch and Ginny scooted over to the coffee table and tucked her legs under her. “I wish I could forget.”
Ginny laughed, “You didn’t like her?”

“She’s got a nice ass but she’s annoying as hell. I broke up with her like five times.”

“Why did you keep going back?”

“I didn’t, I broke up with her once and she wouldn’t listen. I had to jinx her so she’d get the picture,” he explained digging into his food.

“She really did have a few screws loose didn’t she,” Ginny said pulling the carrots out of her salad. Draco pushed his plate towards her so she could pile them on.

“That she did.”

As she began to eat, she noticed the stacks of books in the corner. “Are all those for school?”

Ginny looked up at him, “then what are they for?”

"To read”
“I get that but why do you have them?”

“Because I like to read,” He said as if it was obvious, “aren’t I allowed to have a hobby?”

“Of course but I’m starting to think you’re boring,” she chuckled.

“I appreciate good literature,” he reasoned.

“What’s the square root of 62500?”

“250,” he answered without hesitation.

She laughed, “I don’t know if that’s correct but Draco you’re a nerd.”

“I am not!”

She laughed harder, “Yes you are, you were late because you were studying, you find reading pleasurable and I bet you can tell me the ingredients of living death right off the top of your head.”
“I don’t see anything wrong with being knowledgeable,” he knew exactly what was needed to brew living death but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

“There isn’t but it just surprises me. You live this rather frivolous life in this completely stunning room, which someone cleans for you every day…”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t be smart. Just because I’m accustom to a certain lifestyle doesn’t make me frivolous, I think the fact that I’m studying in order to have a career squashes that notion.”
“Why do you want a career?”

“I want to build something for myself.”
“That’s cool… this is so good,” she said shoveling food into her mouth.

“Why does your mother always pick at you,” he asked watching her eat. He knew she liked to eat. She always cleans her plate when they share a meal. She was nowhere near fat and she was an athlete carbs were her power source.

“Because she’s a mother that’s what they do and it’s always worse for a daughter. I’ll never be good enough for someone to want me and their sons; no one will ever be good enough for them.”

“So you purposely bring up something that could potentially cause a fight,” he smirked.

“She can dish it but can she take it? Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have the right to make your child feel like shit,” she picked up her glass.

“I like you”
She smiled, “only because you think I’m wicked.”

That was true, he did admire the ruthless side of her but there was something about Ms. Weasley.

“Can I ask you something,” Ginny pulled Draco from his thoughts.

“Yes anything,” he said working on the food on his own plate.

“This is going to be beyond strange and you should feel free to say no.”
“I’m always ready to say no.”

“I was just wondering if you would…”

“Just spit it out,” he looked up at her.
“… Will you have sex with me?”

Draco’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Did you just ask me to um… have um… sex with you?”
“Yeah your right it’s stupid,” she stood abruptly, “forget I asked, I should be going.” She began to pull on her shoes.

“Weasley get back here?”
“No I’d rather just flee in terror.”

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea for us to take our faux relationship there,” he said confidently hoping she would believe him because he more than anything would have loved to jump in the sack with her. After all he was the one having erotic dreams about her. But those weren’t real feelings and he was going to suppress them.

She didn’t really think he would say yes but it was worth a try. If anyone found out it wouldn’t matter after all she was supposed to be dating him, the entire country already thought they were shagging. She just… had needs. “You’re probably right but I should still go anyway.”

He stood up, “Ginny this doesn’t have to be awkward.”

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re not the one who just got rejected.”

“I’m not rejecting you I’m trying to keep our relationship business like. I already said I like you and even if you won’t tell me I know you like me too but… we’re friends?” It was a strain to say, “I think we should stay that way. So stop blushing and finish your dinner.”
Ginny was tired and sore. After practice she had a meeting with Seamus and Palmer, the business side of the Quidditch business was kicking her ass. All she wanted to do was sleep. She unlocked the door to her apartment. Draco was sitting in her chair.

“How did you get in here,” she whined closing the door.

“You told me where you hide your spare key that time you asked me to pick up your clothes,” he explained casually.

She sighed, “You were supposed to forget after that one time,” she dropped her stuff on her bed. “So what are you doing here all dressed up?”

“Dale’s dinner”

Ginny closed her eyes, “I forgot, give a few minutes to change.”

“Have you looked in a mirror, you’re going to need more than a few minutes.”

“Be nice or I’ll make you go by yourself.”

“Well your name was on the invitation as well.”

“Oh god, I hate the idea of you and I being on the same invitation,” she dragged herself to the bathroom. “People really think we’re dating.”

“Isn’t that the point?”

“Yeah but still…” she spoke loudly so he could hear her, “you’re you and I’m me.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t share an invitation… Gin you’re my girl get over it,” he rolled his eyes.

She came out of the bathroom, “never use such language around me again,” she chuckled as she riffled through her closet. “Now what to wear…”

“Just throw on anything. I don’t want to be late.”

“It’s just dinner”
“But I like Dale and I don’t want to be rude.”

Ginny pulled a black pant suit out of her closet and went to put it on. It was purchased during a Jeff chaperoned shopping trip and something she actually liked. It was also quick to slip into. She then tied her hair up at the top of her head.

“Let’s go,” she went over to her bed and dumped the contents out of her bag. She grabbed the few items she would need and put them into her clutch. She looked over to Draco, “are you ready?” He was just staring at her, no opinion clear on his face. She smiled, “do you like my outfit?” She stood up straight.
He looked her up and down. He could kiss whoever was responsible for dressing her. Because god knows she could use the help. She was wearing a black shiny pant suit. It was nicely tailored, showing off her curves. The way the jacket was buttoned up, it seemed as if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She looked the most sophisticated he’s ever seen her and to top it off… sexy.

“Draco darling,” Dale beamed in delight when he and Ginny entered the private dining room where she was hosting her dinner. They were at Chow an expensive Asian fusion restaurant that hovered somewhere over London. The private dining room had black marble floors, black walls with gold inlaid historical magical scenes, and large floor vases in the corners with decorative bamboo and other sticks.

“Hello Dale,” he traded kisses with her. “It’s so good to see you.”
“You too and Ginny, lovely to see you as well”

Ginny awkwardly traded kisses with her, “Yes, thank you for inviting me.”

“Of course, you’re my favorite patron’s girl,” she laughed. “I’m just so glad you two made it. Everyone here is such a bore, I’ve made sure you’re seated by me. We’re at the end, I just have to say hi to a few more people then I’ll be right there,” she hurried away.

“Let’s find our seats,” Ginny led the way through the crowd. There was a long dinner table in the middle of the room, low arrangements and candles all the way down the middle.

Their names were on the places near the head of the table. Draco pulled Ginny’s chair out for her, she would never get use to his gentlemanly tendencies when they were in public. He sat down next to her.

“So how was your meeting?” He asked curiously.

She raised an eyebrow, “I’m surprised you’re taking an interest in my work.”

“Well I sort of need to be informed of all things you.”

She smiled slightly, “that you do… well it was alright, invites and possible endorsement opportunities.”

“That sounds promising.”

“We’ll see.”
“Would you care for some wine,” a waiter came over to them.

“Yes,” answered Draco, “I’ll have white.”

“Very good,” he filled Draco’s glass, “and for you mademoiselle?”

“Oh no thank you,” Ginny said politely.

“Very well… um if you need anything else let me know,” he smiled slightly; “I’m a huge fan.”

Ginny’s face went red and she smiled, “thank you so much.” She was flattered. She was excited she had fans. It was an amazing feeling one that she hoped she would never get used to.

“You’ve got quite the admirer there,” Draco said when the waiter walked away.
“It’s so surreal,” Ginny looked around the room at all the people taking their time making it to the table. She saw Dale towards the other end of the table talking to a tall dark man, his back to her.

“You’ll get used to it”

“Huh,” Ginny turned her attention back to Draco.

“I said you’d get use it. Being recognized, having a fan base,” he picked up his glass of wine.

“If I get used to it then my head will swell and that’s something I don’t want to happen,” she explained.

“Your seat is right here darling,” Ginny looked up when she heard Dale’s voice next to her. She had shown the dark man she was talking to, to his seat. It was Blaise and the seat was right next to hers.

“So we meet again,” Draco said across Ginny to Blaise.

“So it would seem, how are you Draco… Ginny,” he asked politely.

“Fine how are you,” Ginny asked almost timidly. She was hoping no one noticed how red she went when she saw him.
Only one side of Blaise’s lips turned up slightly as he looked at her. “Great thanks. So Malfoy has gotten you into the work of Dale Collin’s,” he went on ignoring her blush.

“He’s trying,” she couldn’t stand that he noticed but was grateful he didn’t mention it.

“As I recall he’s quite the collector so he probably has a great deal of pieces to inspire you.”

“You’re all getting acquainted I see,” Dale said taking her seat at the head of the table.

“Actually we all went to school together,” Draco explained.

“Oh wow, so this is like a reunion,” she smiled as she signaled for the waiter to bring her some wine.
“Perhaps for them but neither one of them could stand me,” Ginny laughed.

“Still can’t,” they both said at the same time.

Ginny chuckled, “apparently nothing has changed.”
“Something changed,” Dale put her hand on Draco’s arm, “he’s got eyes for you.”

“Do you have eyes for me babe,” Ginny asked him.

“Sometimes,” he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
“Things have most definitely changed,” Blaise commented picking up his wine glass. There was a day if Draco even spoke to a Weasley he would go on about feeling as if he was going to vomit.

Dale sighed, “Once enemies now lovers such a dramatic tale.”

Draco hid his face in his wine glass and Ginny decided now was the time to put her napkin in her lap. They were nothing of a sort and didn’t like thinking about being with each other in that way. Especially since Ginny made a fool out of herself propositioning him, now the idea of them being lovers made them both feel sick.

“Draco here may be my youngest Patron,” Dale went on ignoring their expressions. “Blaise was one of my favorite students.”
“Zabini I wasn’t aware you had any artistic abilities,” Draco put down his wine glass. It was empty so continuing to hold it up to his face would have been silly.

“Not really that’s why I needed instruction.”

“He’s being modest, he’s needs to stop with the commercial crap and become a full time fine artist,” bragged Dale. She picked up her knife clanged her glass to get everyone’s attention. She stood up, “will everyone please take their seats.”

Ginny sat there nervously wringing her hands in her lap as Dale welcomed everyone to her soiree. She was there with her fake boyfriend who Dale has yet again made reference to their non-existent sex life. On the other side of her was her fake boyfriend’s old school friend who seemed to fine amusement in her coyness… he also had the most amazing eyes.


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