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AN: This chapter came to being rather unexpectedly and wasn't completely planned. Originally it was to be a small part of the chapter including the events that will be in chapter 15. As I dug into it I felt we needed to flesh out Draco and his transformation a little more so this gives a lot of information on Draco's life before,during and after the war.

Grimmauld Place was fairly deserted the rest of the week after Harry and Ginny went to dinner at the Turpin's. Draco and Celia were spending days with Pansy at the shop at Diagon Alley. Pansy was going to work for George while he was traveling in Rio to get the new store setup. They had also started talking about letting Pansy in on a similar deal to what Draco had agreed to.

Ginny and Ron were working with Hermione on flying. They weren’t taking it very fast but getting her used to trusting the broom and slowly building up speed. Hermione was nervous but Ron’s coaching and insistence that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her helped immensely.

Harry spent those days with Arthur working on the sidecar and taking lessons on the motorbike’s operation. Hagrid helped with those since he had driven the bike before. Early Wednesday Arthur and Harry went into a nearby muggle city to find a shop where he could buy protective clothing including a jacket, boots and gloves. He would have preferred to not need it but he bought a helmet as well. The store owner informed him that muggle law required it for anyone riding on the road. Arthur made sure they picked up a jacket and helmet for Ginny as well. He tried to pay but Harry insisted that since Ginny was his fiancee her safety was his responsibility. The ensuing argument wasn't very heartfelt or long lasting.

Wednesday night everyone gathered for dinner at the Burrow and Harry had Molly invite the Headmistress to dinner. Afterward he shared his story for what he sincerely hoped was the last time. Ginny sat with him and gave him the strength he needed as he relived some of the toughest moments of his life. Minerva was stunned by the information especially upon hearing about the sheer number of horcruxes Riddle had created. She also understood Dumbledore's comment as to why Harry's magical skill had grown so rapidly in the past year. After his retelling Minerva offered to help his language lessons when he had time by teaching him Scots. Parts of the Peverall family had settled in Lowland Scotland after Ignotus' death. She left the burrow more impressed with Harry and his friends than ever before. It was becoming a common occurrence when his story was shared.

Thursday found everyone following the same routine except that Arthur took Harry to take his driving test and get his license in the afternoon. Harry had dedicated nearly sixteen hours to lessons in two days and had advanced remarkably fast. The motorbike was easy to fly though not as maneuverable as his broom. The difficulty was training his hands and feet to work independently while driving on the ground.

Friday promised more of the same for most of them. Draco, Celia and Harry however were planning for a meeting with the Minister and Narcissa. Draco was nervously excited hoping that she would be proud of his decisions in the past year. They gathered in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place wearing normal robes as everyone else left for the Burrow. Harry led the way to the Ministry with Celia following him and Draco coming last.

They made their way up to the Minister’s level and sat outside his door waiting for their time to go back down to the holding cells. Draco didn’t know how long the wait was so he laid his head back and thought over his situation some more. He felt Celia lightly grip his hand while his thoughts drifted.

Draco was skeptical about Harry. He owed so much to the Gryffindor but had never been asked to do anything in return. His mother would have spent the rest of her life in Azkaban had it not been for the written testimony Harry submitted. Now he had a wonderful girlfriend that Harry had introduced him to and a very solid career opportunity. Much of his family’s fortune had been confiscated but there was still enough that Draco likely wouldn’t have to work much in his life. This didn't appeal to him as he knew he would grow bored and would be tempted to dabble with dark magic again. Plus George had some amazing inventions he was excited to work with.

These thoughts passed quickly as he sat in the Ministry with Harry and Celia. Instead he thought of everything that he and his mother had been through and brought them to this point. He was nervous and excited all the same. It had been a year since he had seen his mother; his life had changed drastically in that time. At the time of their arrest he thought that he would be spending a large portion of his life in prison for bearing the dark mark and being associated with the assassination of Dumbledore.

Dumbledore, just thinking of the former Headmaster made his chest tight and pangs of regret surge through his body. After his father had failed in his mission during his fifth year Draco was sure they would all be killed as an example. That never came to be, instead he was given his own mission and the dark mark was branded onto his arm magically. It was up to him to kill Dumbledore and bring honor to his father. He spent a year making half-hearted attempts to kill the headmaster while working on his true plan. He had succeeded in getting his forces into the castle undetected and disarmed Dumbledore without a fight. He was on the verge of sealing his fate but in the end killing Dumbledore wasn’t worth it.

He didn’t want to be like his father or the Dark Lord. It had taken him years to realize that no matter how they were born all wizards should be given the same opportunities and treated equally by law. He was about to accept the offer to go into hiding when the rest of the death eaters showed up. He was going to be forced to kill the man, and then Snape appeared and did the deed before fleeing the castle.

The Dark Lord was not forgiving that Draco couldn’t do it. He was tortured for hours and then forced to watch his mother endure similar tortures as well. Some of it at the hands of his father. Then the family was banished to their house. They had essentially been exiled but in a way he was relieved. He would not be tasked with doing the Dark Lord’s bidding. He and his mother stayed out of his father’s way and avoided the other death eaters as much as possible. When his aunt started to keep prisoners in the basement Draco did his best to keep them comfortable behind her back.

When Potter was brought in with Weasley and Granger he lied Bellatrix's face to try and protect them. She tried to force her way into his mind to see the truth and it was his strong defense that confirmed it. He didn’t know why he protected them but felt that Potter was the key to the Dark Lord’s demise. When they broke out of the dungeon he half-heartedly tried to stop them and only put up a fight when Harry wrestled his wand away along with the others. He wanted to see the downfall but didn’t want to be left without protection.

Then came the final battle at Hogwarts itself. The Dark Lord would not allow anyone to remain back. He sent Draco into the school to cut off Harry’s search. He Crabbe and Goyle were the only ones who knew how to access the come and go room besides the Dark Lord himself. Draco would have preferred to go alone so he could help Potter but he had no option but to take those two. Crabbe foolishly killed himself with the fiend fire and then the most humiliating thing ever was Harry having to rescue him. That didn't matter in the grand scheme of the night as Harry's victorious look indicated that they had accomplished their task. He was grateful but he couldn’t show it and instead he tried to hide in the castle. He was found by another death eater and had to lie about his change of heart. This led to him being saved yet again as Potter ran by and earned him a punch in the face for recanting his expressed desire to change.

It wasn’t long after the battle that the aurors came calling for his father. Pansy’s and his parents were arrested and sent off to Azkaban after their trial. He and Pansy were given suspended sentences with the stipulation that it was their last chance. Since they were of age the teens were able to live in the Malfoy’s summer home near the coast. Their mansion had been confiscated in a raid after several dark items were found. The last day he saw his mother was the day they sentenced her to three years in Azkaban.

Pansy and Draco were able to live a modest life. It was harder to live without a house elf and learning to cook without a teacher was incredibly difficult, even with magic. In the middle of August a package arrived containing robes and school supplies for both him and Pansy. A letter from the headmistress advised them that they were welcome to return but any prejudices or acting out would not be tolerated. Draco could accept the stipulation but it was harder for Pansy. She hadn’t been directly hurt as badly by the Dark Lord’s fall and still held on to some of his beliefs. It was at that time that Draco knew for sure that any romantic relationship was over between them.

School started as it always did on September 1st. He and Pansy apparated into Hogsmeade rather than take the train to avoid being attacked, they still did not have the best reputation and wanted the teacher’s protections as they encountered their classmates. The welcome feast went well enough but afterward they were left alone with the rest of the “eighth” years in their common room.

The students weren’t violent but they weren’t exactly welcoming either. Just like at the feast only Ron Hermione and Justin had been willing to acknowledge them. It took a fair amount of convincing to even allow them beds in the dorm. Their refusal was so adamant at first that Draco nearly went to the Headmistress to request dorms in the dungeons with the rest of the Slytherins. In the end beds were located amongst the others and the pair was reluctantly accepted.

The school year started rough but Draco did moderately well in his classes now that he could focus on the work. He spent most of his free time in his bed reading or wandering the grounds anything to distract from the fact that he had no real friends. Halloween came around and he nearly skipped the party, he went reluctantly as the Griffyndors insisted he would prefer it to sitting around. He ended up talking with Ginny Weasley most of the night. Going to the party that night turned out to be the best decision he had ever made.

After that he started to make true friends. Ginny would sit by him in class and they would study together. This led to others joining them and setting aside their old grudges. It wasn’t much longer and he asked Ginny to Hogsmeade with him. She was reluctant at first, Draco knew she still cared a lot about Harry but he couldn’t help the feelings that were developing.

By Christmas he and Ginny were fairly serious to the point that he had been invited to the Burrow to celebrate. The rest of the holidays were boring and he sulked in the nearly deserted school. He fell into a deep depression as the mark that somehow persisted on his arm caused him to think crazy thoughts. The mark had been invisible until Harry returned but he still felt it all that time, it drove him toward solitude and to lash out at others. It was the presence of friends and someone to care about that silenced the voice and over the holiday he had no such comfort.

Once he was out of St. Mungo’s he made sure to be around people he liked and cared about as much as possible. Pansy started to come around more and more as well. Together they did their best to put aside the past and start focusing on the future. Draco’s letters to Harry increased after he received the surprising Christmas present. Harry’s stories of his school were amazing and interesting to read even if Draco had no idea where he was.

Classes after the holidays were hectic. Tests were coming up and homework became an avalanche. There was much less theoretical work in class though. Almost everything was practical. Draco enjoyed that but was buried in homework.

Valentine’s Day provided a wonderful distraction especially since Hermione had included him in their revision group. She was efficient, well planned and absolutely insane he concluded. But He was also learning a lot. However Valentine’s was reserved for him and Ginny, they snuck out of the castle and had a wonderful dinner in Hogsmeade. They were both old enough that it didn’t appear odd. After sneaking back into the castle they retreated to the come and go room for some time alone away from prying eyes especially Ron who wasn’t always so agreeable about the relationship. It was that night that Draco and Ginny took their relationship to the next level.

The next few weeks with Ginny and his new found friends were wonderful. As he had become accustomed to, it wasn't meant to last and instead came the instance with the clock and Harry’s disappearance from school. Ginny would spend days with her mom just staring at its face waiting for the hand with Harry’s name to move. Draco tried to comfort her as much as possible and she fell asleep with him one night. She woke up in a cold sweat screaming Harry’s name. After telling him about her nightmare and how much pain it caused Draco knew that Ginny still loved Harry and he couldn’t compete with that. Quietly he broke off their relationship advising Ginny to search her heart and she would understand.

Oddly enough the act seemed to strengthen their friendship. Ron and Hermione seemed to be more inclusive and even Pansy felt his pain. The voice that emanated from the mark was still there but it could not compete with the love he felt from his friends. That was until Harry returned.

Harry’s return brought forth all the jealousy Draco had always felt. His friends didn’t pay attention to him and all the good feelings that had been pushed his way were gone. The mark took advantage and along with the proximity to Harry again became visible. He started to wear long sleeve shirts to make sure that nobody could question him about it. Then she entered his life thanks again to Harry.

Celia was different than a lot of girls that had come from Amazonis. She wasn’t breathtakingly beautiful like some of the others but she was unbelievably sweet. She sat and listened to him talk and helped him connect again. But it was hard, the mark had grown powerful and insistent in the short time in Harry’s presence. Ideally Draco would stay away but they were planning a quidditch match and Harry was the captain. They couldn’t help but spend time together. After the match though Draco resolved to separate himself from them and let the mark recede once again.

The night of the graduation ball Draco spent the night with Celia in the room of requirements. The room had transformed into a wonderful representation of a dorm. It had a common room with lots of comfortable furniture, there was plenty of room for everyone and separate dorms for each sex. However that night quite a few private rooms appeared that various couples occupied. At first Draco simply sat on one of the couches with Celia talking but before long she took the initiative and moved onto his lap. Draco felt like his head was going to melt as she pressed her lips to his. It wasn't long and she led him to a room that appeared just for their use.

The day Draco left Hogwarts he resolved to leave his friends and find solitude. If he was going alone it would be a horrible decision. But Celia had agreed to take the next step with him though she demanded he tell them directly. They would beat themselves up if Draco disappeared without any explanation and Pansy especially would take it hard. Reluctantly he agreed since it was a new experience that others cared about what he was doing.

Celia had to practically drag him to the room on the train. Even just sitting in the same room Draco could feel his mood darken and the mark try to affect him. Rather than fight it Draco used the anger and started a fight with Harry. He was going to leave them that way instead of admitting the problem. The plan turned on him when the mark was exposed to the rest of the room. His anger was tempered by fear of joining his father in Azkaban.

Then Harry proposed something so wonderful so incredibly unexpected that Draco couldn't resist the attempt. He was going to try and pull the mark out of his skin. It never crossed Draco's mind to not trust the wizard he had despised so much growing up. He relaxed and opened his mouth to take the potion that was offered.

Granger gave it to him and instantly he regretted it. His skin burned and felt like it was ready to peel away. He tried to close his eyes and block out the pain but his eyelids were clear just like the rest of his skin. He felt his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth and he continued to scream but no sound came out. He heard Harry say a spell but couldn't concentrate on what. At first he thought the pain was for naught but then it happened. Slowly at first then steadily quicker the tendrils eased from his mind and black smoke started to pull from his forearm. After a time the smoke stopped and he had a moment to reflect on how alone he felt in his own head before everything went black.

Draco was happier than he ever remembered after that fateful train ride. He and Celia lay in bed each night talking about his past. During the day he planned for what was originally to be his future but the more he planned the more it included Celia. He talked to George about the business opportunity Ron had suggested. George had a brilliant business model for his expansion stores. Draco would pay a flat rate for the right to sell the company name and products. He would then buy all his merchandise from George at slightly above cost and could sell it for whatever he could charge. He could keep all the profits save for a relatively small annual renewal to the naming rights. Draco approved of the idea and even helped draw up the contract. When they went to Gringotts to have the goblins note the contract and transfer the initial license fee Draco was astonished to find it had been covered by George's silent partner. Draco reasoned he knew who it was but he kept quiet. George advised Draco that he could open as many stores as he wanted in Brazil with each one holding a similar agreement if he found the first one to be successful.

After learning more about the store Draco was impressed at the complicated magic required for many of their products. Fred and George may not have finished school but they were highly skilled none the less.

He was jolted from his memories by the Minister opening his door and greeting Harry warmly. Kingsley did the same with Celia and shook Draco’s hand kindly as he stood up and shook the cobwebs from his mind. “I am happy to hear about your progress this year Draco. I know things must have been tough but you will be stronger for it. Now come with me and we shall visit with your mother. I will have lunch provided as I’m sure you have much to talk about.”

Draco followed as Kinsley walked down a hall. His normally heavy footfalls were cushioned by the thick purple carpet. They past a few thick wooden doors, after a short walk they came to a door flanked by two stern looking witches. Kingsley was about to enter the door when Draco stopped him. “We’re not going down to the holding cells?”

Kingsley smiled at his surprise. “Goodness no Draco, we are trying to make you comfortable. Your mother can attest that we have redesigned the prison as well to aid those with shorter sentences fight the dementors' effects.” Draco smiled and reached out to open the door. “Please Draco you and Celia need to leave your wand with the guard here. They will remain here until your business is concluded and it will be returned to you at that time.

He hated to give up his defense but he felt he could trust Harry. He noticed the Minister wasn’t making him leave his wand behind and felt it was because Harry was officially an auror now. He took his wand and handed it to the witch on the right and Celia did as well. He slowly opened the door to see a conference room. There was a table with four chairs on each side and then one chair at each end. The room was bright with a few magical windows on the walls and bright posters on others. There at the end of the table was the woman he had come to see. Her hair was lighter than he remembered and it wasn’t put up as she used to keep it. Instead it was still damp, possibly from a shower. Her clothes were the same ones she had worn to court but they had been kept in good shape by the Minister. It seemed he was trying to improve conditions.

She looked up at the sound of the door opening. Her eyes shown as her son walked in the door. She stood and in an instant they were in each other arms. Draco wrapped his arms protectively around her as she wept with joy into his chest. No matter what had happened in the past she had always loved Draco more than herself and wanted the best for him.

It took a minute for her tears to stop but when they did she gave him a strong hug. “It’s so good to see you.”

Draco blinked away the tears that were in his eyes as well. “It’s good to see you too. I’m so grateful the minister allowed you to visit. Have they been treating you well?”

She nodded as he released her from their embrace. “Please sit down we can discuss that along with everything else. The Minister has arranged for me to stay here tonight so we don’t have to rush anything.” She took a seat on the side of the table and Draco took the one next to her immediately. Celia nervously sat across from the woman. Harry was about to join them but Kingsley took his arm and stopped him from entering the room.

“Harry you are technically on duty right now so please make sure nothing happens to any of them. I am not expecting trouble but I feel better knowing you are here.” Harry nodded and then took the seat right next to Celia.

Narcissa took a butterbeer from the ones that had been left on the table and took a long drink. She gave a slight sigh as the cool drink flowed down her throat. The others followed opening drinks of their own. “So Harry I heard you were with Ginny Weasley but this obviously isn’t her did you get a new girlfriend?” A smile played at her lips as she teased the young man.

Celia spit her butterbeer out and Harry smiled. “No Narcissa, Celia isn’t my girlfriend, she’s Draco’s. If you want to get technical I sort of introduced them.”

Narcissa’s eyes brightened. “Not how I would have preferred to meet you but it is a pleasure Celia.” The pair shook hands across the table.

“It wasn’t my first choice for a date but Draco does know how to show a woman a good time.” Celia replied rather cheekily stunning both Harry and Draco in the process.

“She’s feisty Draco I like her.”

“I’m glad mother because that is part of why I wanted to talk to you.”

Her eyes darkened a bit on her son. “You’re not running away with her because she’s pregnant or something right?”

“Merlin’s beard mum is that the first thing you come to when I say we need to talk about my girlfriend.” Celia giggled and Narcissa still looked at Draco a little suspicious. “I guess you might be half right though.”

Narcissa gave Draco a look the likes of which Harry had only ever seen on Molly Weasley. He imagined most mothers had one but none had ever been directed at him, something that he was incredibly thankful for.

Draco sighed and seemed to grow younger under her glare. He hadn’t wanted to drop the news so suddenly. "Mum, I've been offered a job with my own business to run. I know I probably don't have to work with what we have left of dad's fortune but I can't just sit around the cottage."

"I don't understand how that relates to my earlier comment."

Draco stretched his hand across the table and took Celia's. "The store is in Rio De Janeiro and Celia would be running it with me."

Narcissa's eyes widened in shock and then a genuine smile came across her face. "Draco if it makes you happy that is all I have ever wanted for you."

Tears that he had been holding back flowed freely down Draco's face as he embraced his mother again. "That means more to me than you can ever know. For the first time I feel like I can make my own decisions."

"I understand Draco. Your father was very controlling and when he wasn't there the Dark Lord took over. You are your own man and capable of making your own decisions. Now what type of business are you going to own?"

"I have partnered with George Weasley to open a branch of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. The agreement we have requires me to get product straight from him at very near cost and then I can sell at my own rates. We have also agreed that I can expand to more stores if I desire with the same setup."

"That seems like a very good agreement for both of you. I know you can handle the business and the twins did always have unique and marketable ideas. You have to respect the work they put into everything."

Conversation then turned to the events of the past year. Draco caught Narcissa up with everything. That included talking about Ginny which Narcissa found rather amusing as Harry got uncomfortable. When conversation turned to Celia, Narcissa was surprised that they had only known each other for such a short time. She didn't question it and to Harry's surprise never asked about his friend's blood status.

Time seemed to fly as the group was lost in conversation and in what seemed like no time there was a knock on the door. After sharing a look with the others Narcissa spoke. "Enter."

Kingsley came in followed by Aberforth Dumbledore. The older wizard looked uncomfortable but gave a light smile causing his eyes to twinkle. Kingsley carried a few scrolls that he placed on the end of the table. A third wizard followed them carrying a tray of sandwiches and a basket of fruit.

"As it is nearly noon I thought lunch was appropriate. And then I have a little business to attend to." Kingsley said settling into the chair next to Draco. Aberforth sat next to Harry opposite the Minister and dug into a sandwich. Narcissa eyed the stack greedily. Her look did not go unoticed. "Narcissa as much as I have tried to improve the conditions at Azkaban I know it is hard to eat at times. Please go ahead." The witch nodded but still maintained her composure.

"Minister this is the second time you have mentioned the improvements at the prison would you mind telling us about that?" Draco asked.

"Actually I would like to hear that as well. Hermione seemed very adamant at the meeting about changing things." Harry added. Draco was only mildly surprised that she would care about the treatment of prisoners.

"Well firstly we have redesigned how prisoners are held. The human guards and those with the shortest sentences are housed in the middle of the prison. This keeps them fairly well away from the influence of the dementors. They now patrol only around the outside of the island and not within the prison directly."

"Why keep them at all. They are vile creatures who feed on all that is good." Celia spoke for the first time in a while. She hadn't said much at all but she was there to give her strength to Draco.

"There really isn't any other alternative. If we banished them they would breed exponentially outside of our control. Draco do you remember what London was like in the summer before what would have been your seventh year?"

"It was horrible, dreary and cold and just unhappy. I heard muggle suicides increased nearly 100 percent due to the effects. Of course I was rather happy about that at the time."

"You are correct and without control the dementors would likely spread to other parts of Europe. They are not sentient but their instincts will drive them to find any large city to feast on." Aberforth added speaking up after having finished his sandwich.

"Correct and rightly or wrongly those other ministries would blame us and require us to assist in corralling them. While it is not a perfect solution keeping the dementors contained is better for us right now." Kingsley explained.

"I have heard stories from a few former residents." Harry stated. "Narcissa would you say things have improved?"

She paused to finish her sandwich as well. After a sip of her butterbeer she collected her thoughts. "Compared to the prison my husband visited I would say things are greatly improved. The dementors barely affect me and I have not been ill-treated by the guards."

"Still I imagine you are enjoying this time away and cannot wait to leave there for good." Kingsley added with an unexpectedly suspicious tone.

"Well of course I can't wait to get out of prison. But I'm not going to try and escape if that's what you're insinuating. I made my bed by not fighting my husband's beliefs and I am serving my punishment. In two years when my sentence is up I intend to live a better life perhaps I will follow my son to Brazil." Draco blushed and smiled at her assertion.

"I guess that is my notice that it is time to move to official Business. Minister if you would please join Harry and I on this side of the table." Aberforth spoke suddenly opening one of the scrolls. Kingsley moved and sat next to Abeforth. After he was settled Abeforth continued. "I am calling this Wizengamot tribunal to order. Harry you and the Minister are representing the Wizengamot in this." Draco panicked. Was Harry about to turn on him and put him in prison for the mark he had helped remove. All fear vanished as Aberforth spoke again. "Narcissa it is the recommendation of the warden of Azkaban that you be granted early release."

The news couldn't have been a bigger surprise. He had never hoped that he might be free with his mother before the end of her sentence. Kingsley had looked cheerful at giving the news but now he looked serious.

"Before you get too excited there are a couple conditions you must agree to before we can secure your release." Kingsley added stopping Draco's heart for a moment.

His fear turned to anger. "What more could you possibly ask of her?!" He shouted at the Minister. "You said so yourself she has been a model prisoner and you truly believe she has been repentant." He stopped as Kingsley held up a hand.

"These conditions come from the Wizengamot and the aurors or I would not bring it up. Unfortunately I am not all powerful but if you are willing to listen I think you will find the conditions rather agreeable." He smiled as the blonde wizard crossed his arms in frustration.

Aberforth looked over his parchment. "The first condition is that you Narcissa Malfoy will be on probation for the next two years. Any instances of dark magic or artifacts being found in your possession will result in the reinstatement of your complete sentence with the possibility of additional time."

"I understand and can happily abide by that condition. I had already requested that Draco remove anything dark from the cottage he was living in so there will be no temptation."

"I am sorry to say that the second condition of your release will prohibit that being necessary for the time being." Aberforth sighed. Draco was preparing for awful news. "Narcissa for the remainder of your three year sentence you are to be expelled from Britain."

"Expelled from Britain. This is my home and where my family is. It is all I know." Draco tried to console his mother as she broke down into the first sad tears he had seen. "Where am I to go?" She choked through the sobs.

Kingsley smiled again and Draco fought the urge to put a fist in his jaw. He seemed so smug and arrogant about the torture that was being inflicted on her. "Narcissa please look at us." Kingsley spoke kindly. "We would not do this to inflict harm on you. Once I received the request from the Wizengamot I reached out to a friend that is in our debt. You are going to be welcome in Brazil alongside Draco and Celia."

Draco's head snapped back to the minister. He had been wrong about the man. He wasn't arrogant or intentionally hurting them he was truly trying to help. "Are those the only two conditions?" He asked for his mother. Both Kinglsey and Aberforth nodded. "When can she leave the prison?"

"She already has Draco." Kinglsey beamed now. "She will be held here at the Ministry until you are ready to travel to Rio. At that time she will be released on her own accord but she will have to report in to the aurors in Brazil as she would here."

Draco nodded but Narcissa smiled brightly. "Thank you Minister it means a lot that you see that some people can change. It gives me hope for the future."

"The fact that you two have changed gives me hope as well. Now Harry please sign these release papers as witness to the clemency of her sentence. I will speak with George and see how quickly he can be ready to leave. The sooner you are free the sooner you can leave the rest of your old life behind."

Draco stood and took the Minister's hand as Harry quickly signed the parchment. "Thank you sir. I will make sure we make the most of this second chance."

"See that you do." Harry responded rather sternly before passing the parchment back to Aberforth. "I saved the Brazilian Minister's life so I think that is how Kingsley was able to arrange this."

"I understand Harry. Thank you as well for everything." Draco paused then reached across the table to shake Harry's hand too. Harry didn't hesitate as he gripped the hand firmly.

"If you don't mind though I'd like time to speak with just my mother and Celia. We need to start building a new life and Harry has a date tonight." He smiled at the shocked expression. "Come on Ginny couldn't stop bragging about it." Harry smiled as well and nodded his head conceding the point.

"I understand Draco. We will leave you three. Now that all the information is out your wands will be returned as you now realize how incredibly foolish it would be to try and escape now. You are all free to visit Narcissa from now until the time you leave for Brazil." Kingsley said standing up. Aberforth resealed the parchment scrolls before shaking hands with Draco as well. He followed Kingsley out the door. He turned one last time to look at them and Draco saw a wide smile and a twinkle in his eye that reminded him so much of Albus.

Harry was the last to leave and Narcissa met him at the door. "Thank you for everything Harry. You saved my son and now have given us a second chance at life. I can never repay you for that."

"Yes you can." Harry asserted to her surprised look. He took her by the shoulders and looked into her blue eyes. "Live a good life and be happy. Move on from this horrible experience and help Draco as he builds a future for all of you." He pulled her into an awkward hug that she soon reciprocated.

"Go and enjoy your date." She smiled as he bade goodbye to his friends and left the room. "You won't regret this." Narcissa said as the door closed.

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