Rule 1# Stay away from him as far as physically possible. Ignore him if you have to.


‘’Layla, wake up,’’ my Mum called. I wonder why she can’t just let me sleep when I wanted to.

‘’Five minutes more, Mum.’’

‘’Layla Aurora Carpenter, if you don’t wake up this instant you won’t be getting any breakfast and I am making pancakes just so you know.’’ That’s caught my attention and I woke up with a jolt. I can never say no to pancakes, especially the ones that my Mum makes.

So I got up from my bed, brushed my teeth and made my way to the dining table.

‘’Good morning Mum, Dad.’’ I greeted my parents like a good daughter.

‘’Good morning dear,’’ my Mum said with a smile. Only a few minutes ago she was yelling at me and now she was all sweet and smiling.

‘’Morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?’’ asked my Dad.

‘’I hope I could say yes, Daddy, but a crazy woman made me wake up when I was still in the arms of the Goddess of Sleep.’’

‘’Watch your language, young lady. That crazy woman can still take away your pancakes from you,’’ Mum replied.

My pancakes? Nooooooooooo. I cannot let anyone take them away from me! So, to protect my pancakes from the crazy woman, I started eating them as fast as I could. Not very ladylike, I guess but who cares. Just then a sound came from the window.

‘’What’s that?’’ Mum asked.

‘’Let me see,’’ Dad said and opened the window.

‘’Oh, it’s an owl with your letter from school, Layla,’’ Dad said while taking the letter from the owl and giving it to me.

This was probably the last time that I would be receiving a letter from Hogwarts. I couldn’t believe that I was starting my last year at Hogwarts. It seemed like yesterday that Professor Longbottom came to our house and said that I was a witch. Only that now it had been six years.

‘’Layla, are you going to open the envelope or not?’’ Dad asked impatiently.

I know why he was impatient. I was curious myself. So I opened the letter and started reading it quietly. After a few minutes, I finished reading the letter and then looked at my Mum and Dad. They looked at me expectantly.

‘’I got it,’’ I said with a huge smile.

‘’Oh honey, I knew you will get it,’’ Mum said while hugging me.

‘’I am so proud of you sweetie. C’mon read the letter aloud,’’ Dad said while kissing my forehead.

So I started reading the letter aloud, ’’


Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

(Order of Merlin, Second Class, Chief witch of Transformation society)

Dear Miss Carpenter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed the Head Girl of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the coming year. You are required to attend the meeting in the Prefects’ compartment to give instructions to the Prefects and patrol the train on September 1. You will be given a separate dorm that you will be sharing with the Head Boy……’’

That’s how far I got when my Dad interrupted me,’’ hang on, did I hear that you would be sharing a dorm with a hormonal teenage boy?’’

‘’Dad, I will be sharing only a common room with the Head boy, we will have separate rooms and bathrooms.’’

‘’But your rooms will be next to each other’s. And you will have a common room where you would be alone with him! What if he tries to molest you? I need to have a word with the Head Boy to make sure that he knows that if he tries to hurt you in any way then I will kill him,’’ Dad said.

‘’That won’t be required, Dad. It’s the Head boy, not some rapist. They won’t make someone Head boy if he is not a decent, rule-abiding fellow.’’

‘’That’s the thing sweetie. He will act sweet and charming and you will fall for him.’’

‘’No Dad, I won’t because I don’t want to fall for anyone. I have my ways for not falling in love.’’

‘’Trust me sweetie, when you are meant to fall in love, nothing will be able to prevent it,’’ Dad said knowingly.

‘’I don’t see the crisis here, honey. Falling in love is a good thing,’’ Mum spoke.

‘’I just don’t want her to give her heart to someone and then get it broken. She is too young to find the right guy.’’

‘’We were younger than her when we fell in love. Do you think we are not right for each other, Kevin?’’ Mum asked.

Dad opened his mouth to say something and then closed it again. Dad can never win an argument with Mum.

‘’Now that this discussion is over, let’s just finish our breakfast and then decide how are we going to celebrate this good news.’’

‘’We can go shopping after I come home from work. You can buy that novel that you wanted and some clothes too, Layla. Then we can have dinner outside,’’ Dad suggested. The dear, sweetheart Daddy is back.

‘’Sounds like a plan,’’ I said happily.

I started to eat the rest of my breakfast, but my mind was thinking something else. Is it really true that when you are meant to fall in love nothing can prevent it? No way. I will never let myself fall in love. I have prevented it for all these years. Though I went on a few dates, I never had a boyfriend. Every time I had a crush, I somehow managed to push it away. Except one! But it is just a crush, it’s not like I am in love with him. I will get over it with time.

Then the doorbell rang.

‘’I will get it,’’ I said getting up. I opened the door to find Hugo Weasley standing at the door.

‘’Weasley, what are you doing here?’’ I asked.

‘’Mum wanted me to tell you that we are leaving tomorrow morning at 10 for the Burrow,’’ he said. I was going to the Burrow because my best friend Lily would be there. And since there was no fireplace in my house and I didn’t have an apparition license yet, so I had to go with Hugo Weasley’s family using their fireplace for flooing.

‘’She could have just owled me. Why did she send you?’’

‘’Actually, I volunteered to deliver the message. I needed to go for a morning walk anyways. So, I will come to escort you at 9:00 tomorrow. Be ready by then,’’ said he.

‘’I know your address. You don’t have to come to escort me.’’

‘’But, I have to. Mum’s orders. You don’t want to piss her, do you?’’ he asked with a smirk.


That’s all I could say because at that precise moment Mum interrupted me.

‘’What’s taking you so long, Layla? Who is at the door?’’ Mum asked while making her way towards us. Then she saw Hugo Weasley. He greeted my Mum with a smile.

‘’Oh dear, how long have you been standing at the door? Come inside,’’ she said to him and then turned to me,’’ you didn’t ask him to come inside, did you? Haven’t I taught you any manners?’’

‘’It’s ok Mrs. Carpenter. I was about to leave anyways.’’

‘’Oh no, you are not. We were just having breakfast. Why don’t you join us?’’

‘’Thanks Mrs. Carpenter, but I just had breakfast.’’

‘’Rubbish. Growing boys like you always need food. Besides, its pancakes,’’ said Dad.

‘’Can’t say no to Mrs. Carpenter’s pancakes,’’ said Weasley sitting down and started eating like he hasn’t eaten for days. Can’t blame him though, Mum makes the best pancakes in this world!

‘’So, looking forward to the final year?’’ Dad asked him.

‘’Oh yeah. Don’t know how I will manage all the stress, what with N.E.W.T.S., Quiddich and Head Boy duties,’’ he replied. I nearly choked on my pancakes.

‘’You are Head Boy? What the hell. I can’t believe it,’’ I said.

‘’Why can’t you? I was a Prefect after all.’’

‘’ Yeah…….well…congrats,’’ I managed to say.

‘’Congrats to you too, Head Girl,’’ he said with a smile.

‘’How do you know that I am Head Girl?’’ I asked.

‘’Everybody knows. You were the most obvious choice.’’

‘’Congrats Hugo,’’ Mum said with a smile.

‘’Yeah Hugo, congrats. Can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that you are Head Boy. I know you are a decent bloke who won’t try to molest my daughter. And my daughter won’t fall for you either because if she was supposed to fall for you, she would have fallen for you already, having known you for years,’’ Dad said with a smile. Weasley choked in his food. My Dad is so embarrassing sometimes!

‘’I can’t trust any other boy sharing a dorm with her. Especially at this age when hormones are raging and all guys can think about is sex,’’ Dad continued. Oh merlin, kill me now!

‘’Honey, I think that’s enough,’’ said Mum. Thanks Mum, but it would have been better if you stopped him a bit earlier.

‘’I must leave now. Thanks for the pancakes, Mrs. Carpenter. See you tomorrow, Layla,’’ said Weasley and then he left.

‘’I must be going for work too. See you in the evening.’’ Dad left too.

‘’I am sorry sweetie. You know your Dad sometimes doesn’t get when to shut his mouth.’’

‘’Yeah,’’ I said and went to my room.

I have a much more pressing issue to worry about now other than my Dad’s lack of common sense. How am I going to spend a year in a dorm with Hugo Weasley? He is the crush I am still not over with. Oh boy!


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