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Scorpius was on edge, despite the fact that he kept telling himself that it was unlikely that anything would happen at Medora’s daughters wedding of all places. In his head he kept running through action plans. He would have to pull in Medora to be cross-examined again. Investigate the relationship between her and Gwyn. Compare her magical signature to that in Lucy’s shop.  Try to find some damned evidence somewhere.

Lucy seemed on high alert. Not that she showed it. She seemed to glide through on those ridiculous high heels with a bored smile on her face. But he could see it in those big brown eyes of hers. The way they scanned her surroundings. The way they darted every now and again to watch Medora Rosier warily.

Scorpius vowed to himself that as soon as this ridiculous wedding was over he was certain he could get it all done in 24 hours if he and Milly pulled another all-nighter. Maybe if he called in Extra aurors on the investigation just to churn through the data. He pondered if it was worth it to have Albus analyse the corpses again or whether it would only upset his friends sensibilities. He though about if…

Except then Seigfried Warrington’s face twisted in horror in the middle of his glass of champagne. He turned on the spot and caught Scorpius’ eye before collapsing on the floor to a chorus of terrified screams from the witches around him.

No all-nighter then Scorpius figured. He would get this whole deal wrapped up tonight if it killed him.

“Find my grandmother and stay with her.” Scorpius told Lucy firmly, already moving hastily towards Warrington, shoving people out of the way, drawing his wand, his patronus flowing smoothly from it before taking a message to Albus and Milly. Around Warrington both Ryan and Geoffrey had whipped off their invisibility cloaks and were securing the premises.

Lucy huffed, glaring at the back of Scorpius’ head. Find his grandmother and stay with her indeed. As if. Just as Scorpius had been watching Warrington intently all evening, Lucy had taken to watching Medora. And Narcissa was a potential allay in that regard. Because at the moment that Warrington collapsed Narcissa Malfoy was in the process of congratulating Medora Rosier on the marriage of her daughter. Clearly Scorpius in his hurry to keep Warrington alive if possible had missed this fact. Lucy had not.

Lucy strode with purpose in the opposite direction of Scorpius, towards Narcissa Malfoy and Medora Rosier.

“Medora, I’m certain my grandson has introduced miss Lucy Weasley to you.” Narcissa said as Lucy came up to her elbow.

“Indeed.” Medora replied with practised disinterest.

“Mrs Rosier here has a particular fondness for my antiques.” Lucy said sweetly.

Both Medora and Narcissa turned calculating eyes on Lucy and she smiled at them innocently. And Lucy was hardly blind to how both witches clutched their wands in the skirt side pockets of their robes.

“She was in my shop the other day, all afire for them.” Lucy said, her voice light, her smiled charmingly draped across her face like armour. 

Her eyes however were fire.

Narcissa’s attention and wand hand shifted subtly to Medora.

“I do not seem to recall this visit. Perhaps yo mistake me for someone else.” Medora replied sharply.

“You recall the antique Roman knife I gave you and darling Fitz as an anniversary gift though, don’t you Medora dear? That was from Lucy’s shop. She sells the most delightful things.” Narcissa inserted.

“Indeed. The knife that was found stabbed in my husband.” Medora snapped at Narcissa.

Medora looked flushed, those dark eyes of hers darting uncomfortably around the room until they settled on Lucy.

“Medora dear…” Narcissa said softly, putting her hand on Medora’s arm, which Medora shrugged off roughly.

Lucy noted that Medora Rosier was shaking. Practically vibrating, as though she was buzzed with far to much energy.

“Mrs. Rosier…” Lucy said firmly, holding Medora’s gaze.

“Shut up. Shut up! What are you even doing at my daughters wedding? You with your pureblood superior bloodline and your father who should be dead. Not sitting in some comfortable position in the ministry.” Medora hissed. “And you sitting there like a little golden girl, lording it over everyone. He’s a murderer. A murderer like the rest of them. Like my children godfathers, like the husbands of my friends. Like my husband. I’m surrounded by murderers.”

Medora’s eyes were fierce. Fierce dark eyes, maddened. Her hands shaking, slopping the wine from her champagne glass.

Narcissa snatched the wine from her hand. and sniffed it, swirled the glass and dipped her finger in licking the tip.

 She met Lucy’s eyes and mouthed ‘quenwood’.

Lucy whirled around to find Albus. Albus who was busy tending to Seigfried Warrington, trying to keep him alive. She slid her haze to Scorpius who was stood beside him. As though feeling her gaze his eyes moved to meet hers. And widened in horror.

Lucy’s drew her eyebrows together in confusion as Scorpius whipped his wand out and began to run towards her. Until she felt the heat behind her. She turned around, sliding her wand into her hand and twisting her body into an automatic defensive pose, taught by the intensive drilling of overprotective auror uncles. It was harder to do it in high heels and she cursed herself for wearing them.


Medora Rosier’s hands had burst into flames. A smile stretched across her face. Those fierce dark eyes illuminated by the flames made them look eerily vampiric. And in her line of work, Lucy had met several vampires to compare her with.

“Murderers.” Medora said quietly. “All of them are murderers. Didn’t you know sweet little miss Weasley? All these lies we tell. I never told my girls that there father was a murderer. I bet your mother never told you your father was a murderer. But thats what they are. And it was time I got rid of the murderers in my girls lives. Fight fire with fire.”

“I am not a murderer.” Lucy said quietly.

“Thats why your still alive little miss Weasley.” Medora said, the flames in her hands quenched, hands still shaking. “But I’m one. They made me a murderer. They murdered Lawrence. Dear sweet Lawrence who played Cluedo with me.You are surrounded by murderers.”

Medora collapsed to the floor convulsing. Scorpius was at Lucy’s side, wand held out uselessly, for a moment before he started barking orders at Milly who had arrived with backup aurors and was heading weddings guests and the weeping pair of Rosier sisters into another room. Lucy kneeled at Medora’s side, attempting to cast the few healing spells Albus had taught her. Quickly Eliza was by her side and Lucy gratefully handed Medora over to her expert hands.

Eliza however looked up at Lucy, Narcissa and Scorpius with a miserable look on her face as she pulled up Medora’s sleeves.

“Quenwood overdose and tea.” she said quietly.

Medora’s blood veins were dark, standing out against her place skin as though they were about to burst out.

“All I can do is end her suffering by inducing a coma. Do you want to attempt to get a statement first? Might not hold up in court though I should mention since she is in the process of dying and high on illegal drugs.”

Scorpius glanced at Lucy while cleared her throat.

“I think her ramblings in front of myself and Narcissa will be enough.” She said softly. Scorpius noted that her eyes looked troubled.

Well Scorpius supposed it had all been sorted out within twenty-four hours as he had desired. But it didn’t feel like much of a victory as Medora Rosier died at his feet while Albus was shoving a bezeor stone down Seigfried’s throat on the other side of the room in a last ditch attempt at saving his life after he had been served champagne laced with poison. Especially because he knew it was all down to the suffering of a war that he had never been a part of.

As Scorpius’ eyes met those of his grandmothers he wondered how many generations would suffer because of that war. And as Harry Potter himself turned up at the scene of crime he was filled with gratitude that at least this man had ended the war its self.


Lucy was still wearing the purple dress and the high heels the next morning, curled like a cat in Scorpius’ chair in his office. He and Milly had indeed ended up pulling an all-nighter. An all-nighter of paperwork and statements and putting the pieces together as best they could in order to formulate a proper auror report. Once she had given her own statement Lucy had curled up in his chair and refused to budge.

Scorpius smiled softly at her, having just returned from the morgue where Tori had been sorting out Medora Rosier’s body. Albus was at St Mungo’s with Siegfried Warrington who was still unconscious and it was uncertain if he would make the night. 

Than Scorpius noted that Lucy was flicking through one of the auror files on his desk. Her fathers war file.

“Reading confidential auror files is illegal you know.” He said softly.

Lucy shrugged. “Its a war file, all war files are public knowledge as per the post-war legal document section 5.6.”

“At least you know the laws. I was beginning to wonder.”

Lucy grinned, though it turned into more of a grimace. “You have to know them to break them.” She said with an attempt at humour that fell flatly into the heavy air between them.

They looked at each other quietly.

“They would never tell me. What he did during the war. No one would. I asked uncle Harry once. I figured he was the post likely not to sugarcoat it for me. But he told be it was my fathers business to tell me and that was far enough. I never read it before because it almost seemed like a betrayal. A betrayal of the man that I know he has worked hard to become now.” Lucy said quietly. She laughed. A pretty laugh, not bitter or sad and Scorpius raised an eyebrow at her in surprise.

Lucy dumped the file back onto his desk. “I should have read it years ago. Quite frankly its a relief knowing what he did. With the way everyone tiptoed around it I had imagined it would be way worse. I’ll have to tell Molly she should read it. Or maybe I’ll just give her the canned version.” She looked at Scorpius with those large brown cow eyes he adored. “I was afraid it was going to be so much worse. This. This I can forgive. I was afraid he had done things I couldn’t forgive.”

Scorpius nodded. “I though the same about my fathers file. Compared to my imagination it wasn’t that bad. My imagination was pretty good.”

Lucy stood up, unfolding herself elegantly from the chair.

“At the wedding. You kissed me.” She accused, her eyes narrowed at him.

Scorpius grinned, glad for the subject change. “Oh you noticed?”

“Why?” Lucy demanded.

“Because you look freaking amazing in purple.” Scorpius blurted out without meaning to.

“Ah. so if I was wearing blue?” Lucy asked, tilting her head to one side quizzically a wry smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

“If you wear blue my fear that you slap me will win. But I couldn’t resist the purple.”

Lucy smirked and it was such a Malfoy smirk that he couldn’t stop the thought from flashing across his mind that this woman was going to be his regardless of any fears he might have.

“Just snog me already Scorpius, I’ve had a busy day.” Lucy said.

He didn’t have to be told twice. He was exhausted, pretty sure he was only still standing due to a string of pick-me-up potions that he was going to have to detox from later and getting to the bottom of this case hadn’t been nearly satisfying enough, but it hardly mattered because he was holding freaking Lucy Holly Weasley in his arms she was soft and warm and felt like home and was wearing such a dazzling shade of purple and he was sinking his pale shaking long fingers into that shock of wild red hair that he just adored and he was snogging her like his life depended on if.

They broke away from each other, their breaths loud and quick, attempting to inhale enough oxygen to replenish their starved lungs.

“My grandmother wants me to bring you for tea.” Scorpius whispered as he pressed his face into the crook of her neck.

“Tell her I don’t want tea, I want some of her elvish wine. I’m snogging her grandson after all.” Lucy replied and he could feel her smile against his skin.

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