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Harry had joined the Wizarding Christian Church. Harry had been baptized as an infant, and found out that the Potters had been members of the Wizarding Christian Church for many generations. Before the incident in New York they had scheduled a baptism for the three Potter children. Ron and Hermione were at the Potters talking about the upcoming ceremony.

Hermione said, “You are really going to baptize your three children, Harry?”

Harry said, “We are trying to schedule it now. Al really wants to be baptized, and if Al is going to be baptized then James does not want to be left out. I’m not sure it is such a good idea to be baptized just to keep up with your younger brother, but I figure it cannot hurt.”

Hermione said, “I will be Godmother to your children. Thank you for being Godfather to Rose and Hugo . I feel good about that, and about my mother as their Godmother as well as their Grandmother.”

Harry said, “You are welcome. I really do not mind taking Rose and Hugo, and your mother, to church when you are busy. I appreciate your help with our three when I am busy.”

Ginny said, “I still don’t see the point of becoming Christian, after all the bad things they did to witches. It is nice that the children are gone Saturday evenings, though. It helps me finish the Sunday Quidditch column.”

“I know a number of the families that go to church, but none well enough that I would want them as godparents,” Harry said. “Jack Lewis says he cannot be both the person baptizing and a godfather, so it looks like the ceremony is going to be in Switzerland Sunday afternoon, with Hermione as godmother and Jack Lewis as godfather.

“Apparently Apollo Scherica, the Patriarch, is going to do the baptisms. More Magi are Christians than any other religion, I guess, although most do not belong to any organized religion. I do know that the Patriarch has anointed some of the ruling family.”

Being baptized by the Patriarch was a big deal. In addition to the three Potter children there were twenty-one other children, seven more from outside Switzerland and fourteen from inside Switzerland.

The Potters were the last to be baptized. As part of the ceremony Apollo anointed each child with oil. He anointed Lily first, and then James stepped up to be anointed and Apollo anointed him. Then Albus came up, and instead of standing like all the other children he knelt down and stretched out his hands. This must have rattled Apollo, because he ended up not touching Al’s head with a finger dipped in oil, but spilling the entire jar of oil all over Albus.

The photographs from that day make it look like Albus was anointed. It made the papers again, although not on the first page. The headlines were mostly about the Patriarch spilling oil on Albus, but a few people at the scene and who looked at the photograph were curious if there was more to the incident.

Albus did spend a little time after the baptism talking to Nausicaa, but he did not tell anyone what they were talking about.

Toward the end of September Harry Potter told Ginny that he would have to go down to the Potions room after dinner, and as usual Al wanted to go with Harry.

“I have to make more map parchment,” said Harry. “How do I make it?”

“You make a potion and put it in a big glass pan,” said Albus, “and then you do some spell over the potion. Then you make another potion and put the parchment in it and do another spell.”

“You have helped me measure the ingredients” said Harry. “Do you want to do it again?”

“Yes, please,” said Albus. When they got to the part where Harry did the spell Al asked, “Can I learn to do the spell, please.”

“You have to use a wand to do the spell, Al,” said Harry.

“I know,” said Al. “Can I learn to do the spell, please?”

“You are not supposed to use a wand before you are eleven,” said Harry.

“I’m not supposed to do a lot of magic, but I love magic and I’m good at it and I really want to learn. I will not do anything outside of the basement. Please, may I learn how to do the spell?” pleaded Al.

“Al, you’re 5 years old!” said Harry.

“I know, dad. You’re just the best dad, and I know you want me to be a good wizard, and I promise you I will try to be so good,” said Al.

Al looked at his father with a pleading look, and just kept at it. Harry though that Albus could be the most frustrating of his children. James was wilder, Lily would already fight with her mother, but Al, who tried to be so quiet and fit in most of the time, would quietly use magic that he was not supposed to use until he was in trouble. Finally Harry said, “Try this spell,” and loaned Albus his wand.

Albus tried the spell once, and said, “This is your wand, dad. It feels like your wand. Is there another wand I could use?”

“It’s not like I just keep spare wands everywhere, Al,” said Harry. Then he remembered that there was a spare wand, Draco’s old wand, in a drawer in the potion room. He said the spell to unlock the drawer, and drew out the wand. “Does this wand feel any better, Al?” asked Harry.

Albus took the wand, waved it around, and said, “You said that a wand chooses the wizard, dad. This wand does not feel like it has chosen me. It does feels better than using your wand, dad. May I use it? Please.”

Harry let Al use the wand, and showed him the spell that you had to use to make the potion. Al did not do the spell correctly, but Harry thought he came closer than some very experienced wizards. Harry then took the wand and put it back in the drawer, and said the locking spell. Harry then looked at Al and said, “Can you get the wand out of the drawer, Al?”

Al levitated the wand in the drawer and said the unlock spell, and the drawer came open and the wand flew into his hand.

Harry looked at Al and said, “Don’t tell anyone you can do that!”

“Yes, daddy,” said Al.

“If that wand is ever out of the basement you are in so much trouble you will wish you had never been in this basement. Is that clear, Al?”

“Yes, daddy,” said Al.

“Who are you going to tell about this wand?” asked Harry.

“Nobody,” said Al.

“Not even Rose,” said Harry, because he knew that Al and Rose were best friends, and were rapidly learning together.

“Not even Rose,” said Al.

From then on if there was nothing else going on Al would disappear down the basement to practice magic with Draco’s old wand. Within 4 months Al was able to do the spell to make the parchment. Harry never talked to Al about the wand, and Al never talked to his father, but they both knew that Al was practicing with the wand.

A few evenings after Al first used Draco’s wand he was in the sitting room with the rest of the family. Al had found a guitar that had apparently belonged to Harry’s father. Harry had brought it back from his parents’ house, but he never tried to play it. None of the Weasley family played a musical instrument, although it appeared that James had courted Lily by singing to her and playing the guitar.

Al was fooling around with the guitar, and Harry asked, “Al, would you like to learn to play the guitar?”

Al said, “I would like to. Rose is taking piano lessons with a Muggle teacher, and I know they have guitar lessons there too. Could I go to lessons with Rose?”

Harry looked over at Ginny, and when she indicated she wanted to talk went over to her. They did a quiet spell so no one else could hear. Ginny then said, “Maybe if Al has to practice with that guitar he will not want to spend quite so much time in the basement.”

“It cannot hurt to have him learn music, and going into a Muggle environment every week is probably good for him too.”

So, once a week Albus and Rose went to music lessons.

A month or so later Ginny told Harry, “Al is still going to the basement to practice, and I know he is taking the first year text books down there.”

“Has he said anything to you about what he is doing?” Harry asked.

“Well, not exactly.” Ginny said. “He has pointed out spells in the books a couple of times, and indicated that he did not quite understand how they were done.

“I sort of feel like I did when my brothers did not let me use a broom. I had to sneak a broom to learn how to fly. So I have been telling him what he wants to know, but emphasizing to him that I had better never see him taking a wand and doing any of these spells. I do not know if I am teaching him magic, or how to be sneaky.”

“You are probably teaching him a little of both,” Harry said.

“Are we doing the right thing?” Ginny asked.

“I wish I knew,” Harry replied.

Later that fall Nausicaa Scheria and Steven and Valerie Bushman were looking at several large maps of the world. Each showed growing or shrinking dots in various colors, with various colored lines connecting them. The magic that controlled the charts had been refined over 4,000 years, but it was still almost impossible to predict the future reading them. You first had to learn to see some of this magic in a crystal ball, and the best crystal ball to use was the one in Switzerland in the map room area. Once you could see this magic in the crystal ball you could see it on the map and on your own crystal ball if you had one. It was hard to discern a pattern; books had been written on how to interpret the charts. It was possible, however, to encourage something that looked good. That was one of the things that encouraged Dumbledore; the lines and dots around Harry Potter were way more good than evil.

Something was going on. Something that reminded Nausicaa about the map changes before the Battle of Hogwarts, not right before but in the years leading up to it. The major evil that had been in the Caribbean for over five hundred years was still there, but something even bigger was growing, and whatever it was the good was much bigger than the bad. Something big and complex was being woven to confront a major evil. There were lines leading to the Caribbean and strong lines leading to Switzerland, but there was a lot of activity in England, and even more than before the Battle of Hogwarts the house elves were involved. Kreacher had been over a couple of times asking about the house elves.

It was almost impossible to teach elfish to a grownup. Dumbledore tried to learn, but the subtleties of interpersonal relationships that the language conveyed were terribly complex. The house elves were teaching nineteen people, ten in North America, four in China, two in Switzerland, and three in England. A fourth was just being added in England. Nausicaa Scheria and Steven and Valerie Bushman looked at the four dots in England. Albus and Rose made sense, but the young Malfoy? The only reason they knew it was Malfoy was because the house elves told them. And now there was a girl living in the Malfoy Mansion, and there was a line leading back to one of the most evil beings and places in the world, but the person with young Malfoy was not evil, and young Malfoy was not evil either.

Nausicaa looked at the four dots, all close to the same age. The same patterns that brought Harry Potter together with Ron and Hermione, and eventually Ginny, was being repeated with these four. “Cleopatra Desiree Slytherin?” asked Nausicaa, who had been given the name by the house elves. “Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy?” She looked at the Bushman’s. “Great opportunity but great danger” said Nausicaa. “We need to pray. Pray and watch.”

To my readers here on It is with a heavy heart that I'm announcing my moving this story to another site. The content of this story takes a turn, not in line with HPFF guidelines, which I respect. I thank HPFF for giving me this forum to post my stories, and of course you, my readers, for reading them.

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