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Chapter Two

“Lucius will you stop eating with your mouth open, we have guest and I wish to welcome her into the family properly and not with our mouths full of food and open,” Narcissa said as Hermione smiled. Her parents had acted like that before she had erased their memories. Hermione hadn’t gone to Australia to look for them. She knew she should and would in the future.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Malfoy,” Hermione said feeling as if it were her fault.

“No Hermione, Lucius should know by now that at the table you must have manners whey you’re eating,” Narcissa said glaring at Lucius who gave her an innocent smile.

“Now Narcissa we all know why we’re here. Ms. Granger… should I say Mrs. Malfoy now is here to ask some questions, but we have some of our own now,” Lucius said. Hermione remembered once when she was younger, she had been intimidated by him, but now years later she sat tall and not afraid of whatever he said.

“Well Mr. Malfoy if you have questions fire away, I don’t have anything to hide. We’re family after all, aren’t we,” she said before taking a sip from her glass of red wine. Hermione caught a glimpse of Draco smiling as well as Narcissa before turning to Lucius who didn’t seem as pleased as he did a few minutes before.

“Well Hermione, we would like to know why you accepted Draco’s proposal so fast?” he asked sitting back and waiting for her answer.

“Well Mr. Malfoy I accepted Draco’s proposal because I saw the spark in his eyes, the spark only fathers have. Even you after everything you have done you have that spark. The spark that means that you love your child, that you want her or he to succeed in life. Am I right?” she asked him.

“Yes well who wouldn’t want their child to succeed,” Lucius Malfoy, pleased with her answer.

“There is also the fact that child is a beautiful thing. She seems to be one of those babies who melts people’s hearts with just a look. The child after all is a Malfoy. Still when I held her, she seemed warm, she didn’t seem like the image her family seems to be giving. Who knows what you did to get out of being sentenced to go out of Azkaban? Did you know Mr. Malfoy that people believe you threatened to kill the minster’s who family line?” Hermione asked. Narcissa and Draco gave each other a glance waiting for Lucius to explode.

“And why wouldn’t I?” he asked. Hermione knew what he was doing. He wanted to look dangerous, he wanted her to be in his hand like the rest of his family. She wasn’t going to give in the slightest, not at all. She knew they were hiding something but she didn’t know what.

“Because you have a granddaughter to worry about now, not just your son and wife. An extra member to keep from hates path. You don’t need more hate. What you need is to be looked at as if you were the perfect family. No threats towards others. Anyways you have the Order tailing you and the minster for sure would blabber to them, wouldn’t he. After all he was part of the Order,” Hermione said. It was true. Kingsley Shacklebolt had become minister after the war.

“Hm you seemed to have an answer to everything, but can you answer this question. Why do you trust us?” he asked. Narcissa rolled her eyes and Draco shook his head.

“Mr. Malfoy you seem to be under estimating. I do trust you and your family because we all know here from now on I will be the mother of Draco’s daughter. She may not have my blood but she will be raised my me and Draco along with you and Mrs. Malfoy. You wouldn’t want to kill you mother. For her I’m willing to trust anyone, even if it means trusting the people who once held me hostage and tortured me,” Hermione said. The words were strong, but somehow she said them clearly and strong.

“Lucius if she’s willing to trust us, it worth giving her a chance,” Narcissa said.

“I know Narcissa, but still can we trust her?” Lucius said.

“Well, Mr. Malfoy I don’t think you’ll have another choice, but to trust me. Now why don’t you let the rest of the guest come in? They sure have been in living for a while now, haven’t they?” Hermione said. The three people in front of her went pale. “I could hear them when I was coming in here,” she explained.

“Very well Mrs. Malfoy. But I must say this before I invite them in, they don’t know about our…agreement…” Lucius said leaving with Narcissa in his hand.

Hermione walked over to Draco who was looking out the window. “You did wonderful Hermione. Nobody would ever dare speak to my father like that, not even my father. You have an arrogance that can be great competition to ours,” he said smiling down at her.

“Well aren’t am I one of you now,” she said smiling. He rolled his eyes. “What will be expecting in this meeting?”

“We have been working on something. Just keep an open mind when they start explaining things. Since they don’t we’re married for A, we have to act like an actual couple, which means I can do this,” he said wrapping an arm her waist and pulling her into him.

“You’re arrogant aren’t you,” she said trying to relax in his hold since she had no other option. “By the way we have to give her a name. How about Amy?”

“No, it’s not Malfoyish,” he said giving her a smile. She rolled her eyes.





“Adaline?” she asked.

“It’s perfect. Adaline Rae Malfoy,” he said.

“Rae?” Hermione asked.

“My grandmother’s middle name,” he said. Hermione nodded as people started to walk. First were the Parkinson’s, then Greengrass’s, Zabini’s, Nott’s…etc. They all seemed shock to see Hermione there, especially with Draco’s arm around her. They didn’t sneer or do anything insulting. Still this was not the thing that surprised her. Her and Harry had been looking down the list of deatheaters, ex-deatheaters now. All of the families that were coming in were deatheaters.

“What are they all doing in here?” she asked Draco looking up at him, a furious expression on her face.

“You’ll find out right now, come on,” he said walking behind the last family that was coming in. They had a little boy with them. He was holding his mother’s hand. Hermione smiled at the boy as he turned around giving them a smile and waving at them.

“He’s my second cousin, from my father’s side,” he explained. “Arian Malfoy.”

“Your father has brothers? I didn’t know,” she said holding on to his arm.

“You don’t know a lot about us, but you will. After all you’re one of us now,” he said as they walked in a room. It looked as if it were a living room. There were several couches laid out throughout the whole living room. Each family sitting in their own couch. Some were familiar with each other and made small conversation.

Hermione and Draco went to sit down in one of the couches in the front. Lucius and Narcissa stood in the front. Both stood tall and worried.

“Very well, we shall begin this meeting. Now have there been any sightings,” Lucius said. Hermione seemed confused. She looked around and saw a man raise his hand. Next to him was his wife and Pansy Parkinson.

“Lucius we spotted the Carrows in London. We followed them for half an hour, they were going in circles, and we believe they were looking for something or someone. They didn’t see us but they fled rather quickly,” Mr. Parkinson said sitting down.

“Why are they looking for the Carrows?” Hermione asked Draco. He shook his head and turned as another man stood up.

“We found Bellatrix, Lucius. She was accompanied by the Carrows the last time we saw her which was a day ago. We believe they’re recruiting again. Lucius if we don’t stop this, a war will rage out. The ministry nor the order know about this and they will be taken down easily,” the man said. He was a grey suit, his white hair neatly trimmed.

“What’s happening?” Hermione asked Draco as the meeting went on. She tried to keep quiet, but she couldn’t help herself. Finally after dozens of questions of wonder, he finally gave up.

“Okay, look. After the war we found out several of the death eaters were planning on recruiting, yes I know so fast? Well the more time that passes the more time people start to become unsure. Our job now is to recruit those who had been forced to join the Death Eater by force,” he said.

“Your family was forced?” Hermione asked unsure. She had always believed that the Malfoy’s had become Death Eaters willingly.

“Hermione not all Death Eaters were willing Death Eaters. Look around, all these people were forced, now we’re trying to stop that from happening again. It’s happened twice, we don’t need a third time,” he said. “So we have to trace down the rest of the former Death Eater who did willingly become Death Eaters. We plan on capturing them, integrating them, oblivating them and sending them to the Order anonymously.”

“So you’re helping?” Hermione asked still not sure. Draco rolled his eyes, annoyed at her for not believing him.

“Yes Hermione it appears we are,” he said sarcastically. Hermione took a deep breath and sat back trying to understand what Lucius was talking about.

“Narcissa do I really have to be held back,” Hermione said as she tried to grab the salt on the table. She could almost reach it, but the spell Narcissa cast on her, prevented her from doing so. Narcissa had forced Hermione into calling her by her name instead of Mrs. Malfoy. After all Hermione was Mrs. Malfoy as well and it would sound strange for them not the be acknowledging them with their first name.
“Hermione, you have to learn, now eat the soup,” she said going back to her own soup. Hermione watched as she didn’t sat all the way back, she didn’t have the longest arms but she reached. Her back was straight and the napkin was in her lap preventing any of the meal to fall on her dress.

“Ginny what’s wrong? What does Hermione say?” Harry asked as the whole family sat down in the Burrow’s living room. Everyone turned to look at Ginny and Harry immediately.

“Hermione…Hermione…” she said repeated looking up. Her eyes met the eyes of her best friend’s boyfriend, ex now, she guessed. “You bloody git! You did this to her, to us. How could you!”

Ginny walked over to Ron, dropping the letter on the ground allowing everyone to look at it. “How could you cheat on her, she was your girlfriend. She’s Hermione Granger for god’s sake, nobody is better than her. Who were you shagging in that office?” Ginny screeched.

“LavenderBrown,” he mumbled meekly.

“Who?” Ginny asked loudly.

“Lavender Brown. It’s not my fault Hermione wouldn’t give me anything. You know what, I had to do what I had to do. Hermione wouldn’t do anything with me, only kiss. You know how boring that is?” Ron said.

“Harry and I only kiss. You don’t see him shagging someone else,” Ginny said as Harry walked next to her, his face tomato red.

“She’s bluffing you know that. She would never leave. We’re broken up, that’s fine. Lavender was always a better kisser anyways,” he said. That was all it took for Harry to lose it. He was tired of his friend making a fool out of Hermione. He grabbed Ron by the shirt and brought his fist down, hitting him in the jaw.

“If you think she was a good kisser, than you might as well marry her,” Ginny said tears streaming down her face. “But don’t expect me to forgive her. You tore her away from me, from all of us. I hope she finds someone out there in the world. I hope she doesn’t come back. You don’t deserve her. You never did.” Ginny grabbed Harry and ran up to her room.

5 years later

“Sh… James, come one eat for mommy,” Ginny said swaying her hips back and forth. Five years had passed since Hermione left. Ginny missed Hermione greatly, still she couldn’t help, but know that what she said to Ron five years ago was true. She did hope she had found someone better than her stupid brother.

Ron. Well he did what he said he was going to do. He married Lavender and no more than two months after their wedding she was pregnant. Jane Rose Weasely was as annoying as her mother. Still Ginny liked her enough to call her, her niece.

Harry and she had married three years ago. She missed Hermione and wished she had been there to be her bridesmaid. Since she wasn’t there, she had gotten Luna. Everyone had been fine with this since they all knew Luna never intended or intends to steal her love of Hermione. If it had been someone like Lavender, who had become mad when she chose Luna, then there would have been havoc at the wedding. Now nine months later she had James Sirius Potter in her arms.

“Ginny, I’m sorry to leave you so suddenly, but we think we might know where the Awakenings meeting house may be. We need to find them. We can’t find all the Death Eaters alone. We need their help. We may also find out who the leader is and negotiate. They think it might be a female but know who knows,” Harry said giving her and James a quick kiss.

“Fine come pick me up when you’re free,” she said hugging him and giving him a quick kiss.

Harry nodded and left Ginny with James. Harry had matured much, he had grown taller, almost as tall as the young Weasely’s. He walked down into the living room where he saw Ron waiting for him. He looked the different. His red hair was lighter and his brown eyes were darker. Lavender was following Moly around the house trying to help her, but Molly would shoo her away. Molly had never really accepted Lavender into the family.

“So do we have any idea who the leader could be?” Ron asked following Harry out of the house. They apperated in front of a scary looking house. It was huge, he remembered a house almost as big as this one. Malfoy Manor. He hadn’t heard of much of Draco Malfoy, just that he lived in France with his wife.

“No but she might be female,” Harry said. Ron and Harry had never exactly connected like before. Not after what he did to the whole family and Hermione. Hermione. He missed her very much, just like the rest of the family had. Molly and Ginny had taken it the worst of course. They had cried for weeks just like they with Fred.

Harry and Ron stood next to each other as the rest of the Order started to apperated next to them. Many of those who died weren’t there of course. Many had become distant with Ron because of Hermione, but they semi- respected each other. There were new trusted members as well and most of the old ones. The only member who wasn’t here and wasn’t dead was Kingsley Shackelbot. He was still Minster of Magic but was still as faithful to the Order as he had been before.

“Very well, everyone keep your wand at the ready. No killing, just stunning like always. Mr. Weasley please take a group to the East Entrance. George another group to the West Entrance and Seamus the South Entrance, Ron and I will take the North Entrance,” Harry said loud enough for them to hear.

Everyone nodded and they started towards the room. Harry led the group slowly. To their surprise there weren’t any wards or at least not anymore. As they made their way to the door, many of them came out. Their wands at the ready. Spells flew towards them, stunning spells which surprised Harry as much as it did to the rest of the group.

Harry and the rest of the group screamed stunning spells which flew in different directions, many of them almost hit them, but most of them he was able to dodge. “Go tell the Malfoys they’re here,” yelled one of the men who wore a grey suit. He was speaking to one of the boys. He look at Harry stunned. “Arian, now. Go take your mother to safety as well, we’ll go find you when things are over.”

The boy nodded and left. Having enough time to distract the men trying to stun them. Harry and Ron passed them and entered the house. It was big, the floor was made out of marble, and the walls were a light cream color. It didn’t seem like a place where a dark society would meet. All around the house you could see people running around, stunning each other. Harry and Ron ran down the corridors stunning people as fast as they could.

There were paintings handing on the wall, most of them seem to have been muggle, original ones. They must have been able to buy them, after all they are rich. They were running up the stairs when they saw George lying on the ground, stunned, not dead. Ron ran over to him, Harry following them. They examined his head, but there seemed to be no damage.

“Come on we have to leave before they find us,” said a familiar voice. It was a male’s voice.

“I know Draco. I just need to get something and we’ll leave. Our people can hold them back for a few more minutes,” said a female voice. Harry and Ron’s neck snapped up to see a couple walking rapidly down the stairs. They were a few stairs away when they spotted Harry and Ron.

Harry felt his inside melt. He hadn’t seen her in so long. She seemed nice and poised. It was her, his best friend, Hermione Granger.

“It can’t be,” Ron said next to him.

“Draco…Draco…run? Run!” she said her eyes widening. She grabbed Draco’s hand and started to pull him up the stairs. Without thinking about it, Harry followed.

This is the conclusion to Chapter Two. It took me a while to write this chapter. I would have updated soon but they came to my apartment to change the carpet into an actual floor and I had to pack everything up in boxes.
Anyways I hope you liked it. Please review it would mean the world to me if you did. I enjoy the feedback I’ve getting so far, I hope this chapter answers some of your questions.

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