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Saturday March twelfth Harry woke up at 6:00 AM as usual. He glanced at Ginny; she was sound asleep, which was normal. Harry then glanced at his advanced Wizards cell phone and communicator. It was blinking orange, which meant “call as soon as possible” not “emergency call right now.” Harry was looking forward to a relaxing time with his family, and he worried that he was going to be working another Saturday. Mostly these were minor problems, and Harry had taken enough command of his own schedule that he made up the time, but he liked Quidditch, and here on the second game of the season he had a call to take. Harry went to the loo and got dressed, went down to his private and hidden office, and made the call.

Willimena Van Lente was on the other end, and she answered, “Al Van Lente’s phone, Willimena speaking.” She then proceeded to fill Harry in on the earthquake in Japan, and why they needed him. They got on the magic mirrors with a small group in Japan. Just before 7:00 AM Harry came back up to the kitchen got himself a cup of coffee, and sat down with some notes.

Ginny woke up at 7:00 AM, alarm ringing, no Harry in the bed. She liked, especially Saturday and Sunday morning, to have Harry gently wake her up. Sometimes she would find herself in Harry’s arms. Frequently Harry would find a way to thoroughly turn her on, and they had to take care of a little private couple business before getting up. Harry not in bed was a bad sign; usually when that happened it meant some Saturday or Sunday emergency would interrupt their weekend plans. Ginny got up in not the best mood.

About 7:10 AM Harry decided that he had better wake up the children, or Ginny was going to have to, and it would start her day out worst that waking up without him in bed was probably already making it. He started with Lily, never the easiest to wake up. “Up, little one, if you do not want to miss Quidditch,” he said, as he picked her up out of bed and deposited her on the loo. That usually woke her up and kept her dry as well. She was on her way to being potty trained, but took that as she took most of life, like she was the precious little girl of her parents who could get away with anything, not like it mattered. Of course, as far as Harry and Ginny were concerned it did matter, which is why there were spells on her knickers that rang if they detected the slightest wetness or the very start if a bowl movement.

When the knickers rang James, who kidded everyone, not just Albus, would if he could say, “LilyLoo, LilyLoo, Lily is on the loo,” making fun of her name. That sometimes started a fight, which did nothing to help potty train Lilly.

Harry left Lily on the loo while he went down stairs and woke up James, then confirmed that Albus indeed was up. Albus was usually up at 7:00 AM without anyone having to wake him up, and indeed this morning Albus was through in the loo and getting dressed. Back upstairs Harry made sure Lily wore what her mother had put out for her the night before. She hadn’t, but Harry made her change, and brought her down stairs. Harry met Ginny and Albus on the stairs. “I’ll check on James,” Harry said, putting Lily down. Lily sat down on a stair, and Harry said to Ginny “I’ll take care of her.”

James was well on his way to being ready; he did not want to miss a Quidditch game. Harry scooped up Lily and went down to the Kitchen.

Once everybody was seated around the table Ginny said, “What is going on, Harry, that you were busy first thing this morning?”

“There was an earthquake in Japan yesterday,” said Harry.

“There are revolutions going on in North Africa and the Mid-East, a lot closer to us, Harry,” said Ginny, “and you have told us that the Wizarding community, the Magi, have managed to avoid too much involvement in that. The International Auror Association is not involved at all.”

“Well, not much in the Mid-East,” said Harry. “The earthquake and tsunami is real bad, one of the worst in recorded history, but that’s not the problem. There is a big complex of nuclear power plants badly damaged, and the Magi badly need to know what is going on inside, as do the managers of the plant. They need my mapping program to do that.”

“I thought you had someone in Japan that knew the mapping program,” said Ginny.

“The best Magi is three month pregnant, and the other two are both young women in their childbearing years,” said Harry. “There is a little radioactivity now, but if things go wrong there will likely be more. I need to train some more Magi, probably men, as soon as possible.”

“Isn’t anyone else able to do it?” asked Ginny.

“No one is as good as I am,” said Harry.

“What is radio activity?” asked Albus.

Harry had to think how to answer this question. It was typical of Al to ask tough questions. “Radioactivity is invisible, but it can go through buildings and people, and it can hurt people if there is too much, Al,” said Harry.

“Is it dangerous to Muggles too?” asked Al.

“It’s actually a little more dangerous to Muggles,” said Harry, “but there is a lot that I don’t understand either. I’m supposed to go over to Switzerland to learn more about radioactivity and nuclear power plants, and then to Japan to train a few people. I should be back in a couple of days.”

“Can I go with you, Dad?” asked Albus. “You can send me home if anything gets dangerous, and I will be very good and not cause you any problems.”

Harry looked at Ginny, who took a moment, then said, “If you foolishly let Albus get exposed to any of this radio whatever stuff, if he gets hurt because of doing this, you might as well sleep with Al for a few months. Send him home the moment there is any danger, you hear!”

“I’ll take you to Switzerland, Al, but you may have to go home at any time,” said Harry.

“Yes, Father,” said Al. “I’ll do anything you say. Thank you!”

Ginny gathered James, Lily and Mitzi the house elf and left to see if she could interview any of the players or coaches of the Harpies game that were going to be playing that late morning.

Harry packed a couple of days clothes for himself and for Al, and took the floo network to Switzerland. There he learned about the design of the GE reactors in the Japanese power plant. With the design in hand he was going to be able to tell what was still as it should have been and what might have been destroyed. It was clear that he needed a good way to tell if water was in some tanks; this was not something the mapping program was designed to do. Harry pondered changing the spell to reveal water. Through all these discussions Al kept his mouth shut. He tried to focus on the reaction of the people around the table. He could read everything, but reading and understanding were two different things, and a lot of what was said was way beyond anything he had knowledge of.

Finally Harry wanted to know, “Where are the Chinese? They have a few real experts in mapping.”

The Auror in charge said, “There is a family that is really good at mapping, so good that members of that family do most of the mapping in China and a fair amount in the rest of Asia, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of WJ Tong. WJ is over one-hundred years old, and was present in Nanking when the Japanese took over the city in one of the worst instances of genocide during World War II, the infamous Rape of Nanking. Over three hundred thousand people were killed, brutally tortured, over half the city. WJ and his family have never gotten over it, and they hate the Japanese. You’re not going to get any mapping help out of them.”

That afternoon Harry met three young Japanese Wizards at a plant with the same type of GE boiling water reactors that were in the plant in Japan, and they practiced mapping them. They also practiced mapping the water levels in the reactors, something very difficult to do. Just like the presence of Wizards could mess up electricity, radioactivity could mess up the magic in the mapping program. The information Harry’s team was going to be able to get was going to be better than nothing, but not as good as they would like.

Harry and Albus ended up in a wizard hotel in Japan. Before they went to bed Albus asked, “What is rape?”

“It’s doing violence to another person’s body,” said Harry. “It’s much worse than hitting someone. It’s hurting them inside as well as outside.”

“Is that what the Japanese did?” asked Al.

“Yes, Al, that is what the Japanese did,” said Harry. “They did not just kill people, although that would have been very very bad. They made them hurt inside and outside first.”

“But why?” asked Al. “Why aren’t people good to other people?”

“I don’t know, Al,” said Harry. “Why are some people good, others bad? Some seem to care about others; other people seem to care only about themselves. It does not make you happy, you know, just trying to be happy. It makes you happy trying to help other people. But some people just never figure that out.”

“I want to be a good person,” said Al. “Just the best person, and best wizard, like you, dad.”

“You have been very good on this trip, Al,” said Harry. “I’d explain more, but we need to get to sleep so I can work tomorrow.”

The next day Harry worked with the three Japanese Wizards mapping the complex of nuclear reactors, flying around the complex twice but mostly letting the Japanese do it. The Magi had set up a little command headquarters in one of the big buildings that had escaped damage, being too far inland, and Al stayed in that, with his father most of the time and with the staff, quietly reading, when his dad had to be gone. They were actually able to get home very late Sunday night.

After Al was in bed Ginny asked how it was. Harry explained about some of the difficulty they were having getting an idea what was going on in the reactors. Harry also explained about the problem with getting the Chinese to help. “And then that night Al asked me what rape was,” said Harry.

“What did you say?” asked Ginny.

“That it was hurting people inside as well as outside,” said Harry. “I did not want to explain the sexual facts of life to him with rape as the background.”

“There were a couple of rapes under the Carrows,” said Ginny. “Snape was furious. Did I ever tell you about the Carrows bodies?”

“I know,” said Harry. “As an Auror I had to try and close all the open cases from the Battle of Hogwarts. I do not think the person or people who let the Carrows hang in the dungeon realized that they were suffocating them. They died the same way people executed by crucifixion in Roman times died. Their feet were just touching the floor, but not supporting them. That must be why some people went after their private parts. We closed that file without ever trying to find out who had hit them. No one wanted to prosecute anyone who, just after the heat of battle, went after those two. Mercy not justice, I guess.”

“That’s what you try to do on the Wizengamot, isn’t it Harry?” asked Ginny.

“Even as an Auror we have to make judgment calls,” said Harry. “You can violate a law and be trying to do well, and you can be careful to follow the law and be a very bad person. We try not to punish the good, but we have to tolerate some of the bad. Not perfect. Just the best we can do.”

“You are a good person, Harry Potter,” said Ginny.

“Al told me he wants to be a good person, and a good Wizard,” said Harry. “Evil really bothers him.”

Potter’s New Burrow was finished the end of March, and the adults spent the next month furnishing it. They furnished the house so it was easy for it to hold adult or child guests as well as the family.

The summer house ended up being vastly more popular than anyone had expected. Fred ended up inviting Frank Longbottom to stay one night, and before long Teddy had invited a Hogwarts classmate to stay a night. All the parents agreed that this was going to be a good way to get to know their children’s friends. There were even a few adults that spent a few days at the New Burrow and Potters New Burrow, including Professors Tom and Cinnamon Appleleaf and their new baby. They spent most of the summer at their parents’ house, but took a little vacation from the parents one week. Molly told Ginny, “It just doesn’t seem like summer without a baby around somewhere.”

There was so much traffic around Potters New Burrow that Harry decided he needed to find out how the VanLente clan handled all the people who came to their lake property. When he did Al said, “I can show you better than tell you. We are having another meeting the end of July, in addition to our usual Fourth of July meeting, to talk about a few new people as guests, and clarifying a couple of rules or guidelines. Come on over and bring your wife and children.”

So the end of July Harry took a vacation week with his family, and spent a delightful week on the shore of Lake Michigan with the VanLente clan.

James quickly found children to fly with, and that in addition to swimming and the other activities kept him very busy. Lily did some flying as well, although it was a lot harder finding people to fly with her. She also managed to fall down the stairs leading to the lake more than once, breaking bones once in the process, which healed within a few hours with magic but not without some pain. One of the mothers had a magic life jacket that kept Lily from drowning a couple of times. Lily had a fantastic time! Ginny was slowly learning to take it all in stride; that was Lily, and there was not a lot you could do about it.

Al did enough flying and playing, but he also discovered old Bert VanLente. Al found Bert fascinating, and he wore Bert out with his questions. The old man was delighted, and old enough and wise enough to tell Al that his time was up when Al had received enough information and needed a break.

Harry decided to go to New York Saturday afternoon to meet some people, and take the closet/floo network back Sunday after church. Harry wanted to go to church in New York, partly because he was going to church more often than not, and partly because he always liked seeing different churches and hearing different priests preach. He almost always went to Wizard churches, because he was much more comfortable there than in other churches. Harry could also ask questions of a new person, usually the priest.

The church in New York City they went to was a reasonably large church for a Wizard church. The 10:30 AM service, the largest service, had about 750 people, and with a Saturday night, early Sunday and very late Sunday service the total number of people going to church any weekend approached 1500, about 700 families or individuals as members.

Harry did not remember the first reading, but the second reading was from St. Paul’s letter to Philemon, sending a slave back to his owner. Harry thought that if witches and wizards loved their house elves like Paul loved the slave Onesimus and like Paul was telling Philemon to love Onesimus, the problems between house elves and wizards would be half way towards being solved. Harry knew the house elves were very familiar with this passage of the Christian scriptures.

The gospel was a speech of Jesus from Luke Chapter Fourteen, telling people that if they wanted to follow him they had to hate father and mother, brother and sister, wife and children. It was certainly not an easy passage.

Finally the priest was ready to give his sermon. He got down from the pulpit and started to roam the congregation, something that Harry had seldom seen done.

“This is one of the more challenging set of readings,” said the priest. “How can Jesus say you have to hate your parents, hate your brother and sister, your wife and children?

“Of course the Bible is at times more poetry than prose, more parable than history, but still what might Jesus be trying to tell us? What is St. Luke trying to tell us?

“I think you can get some idea by seeing how Jesus treated his mother. There is no doubt that Jesus loved his mother; she talked him into his first miracle, and that was at a wedding. But when someone said that she was blessed because she bore him and nursed him, He said blessed are those who hear the word of God and follow it. It must have broken Mary’s heart to see her son tortured and crucified, and Jesus must have known that it would break her heart, yet Jesus allowed himself to be crucified anyway.

“What does that have to do with us? Who sacrifices themselves, breaking the heart of their family in the process? I would like to suggest that anyone who has to make a decision to do what is right, even though it may break the heart of a loved one, is following Jesus’ example. Making a decision to do something that you feel is right, even if it may go against what your family wants, or if it may break the heart of someone in your family, is hard. Maybe we would not call it hating your family, but it certainly may not seem like a loving or proper thing to do to your family.

“It is hard to put ourselves in the time of Jesus, but take the example of Harry Potter, who although he had close friends, an adopted family who loved him, still for the good of our world freely walked to his death. He has said that although through deep magic, a miracle we still do not fully understand, he was able to live, he thought, in his mind, he was losing everything dear to him, his school, his friends, and his adopted family. He thought he was losing the girl who would become his wife? Harry must have known that his death would break her heart.”

Harry and Ginny were not ready for this sermon. They were both emotionally remembering the battle of Hogwarts, but both were also concerned about the boys. Lily was bored and not really listening, but Teddy, James and Albus were intently listening. James would probably try and see how he could bask in the reflected glory of his father, but Albus took anything moral very seriously, and you could see him thinking about all that he was hearing. It was hard to tell what Teddy would make of the sermon.

The priest continued, “You all have heard that we are children of God, probably heard it until it does not mean anything anymore. God is distant; Jesus is a picture of a bearded man hanging on a wall, and not a current Wizarding picture with a talking Jesus who can give you answers. What if you are Teddy Lupin, knowing that your parents fought and were killed for the Wizarding world, leaving you an orphan? They did what was best for the Wizarding world, and are honored for their sacrifice. At the same time Teddy Lupin is an orphan. That has to be hard! Did they hate him? I think not, but it has had to hurt Teddy and all the other children of people who died at that battle, all the children of people who have died trying to help someone else.” Teddy was sitting on one side of Harry, and he was squeezing Harry’s hand so hard it hurt!

“Just imagine you are a child of Harry Potter, and you have heard that your father walked to his death, not for you, but for the entire magical world, sacrificed himself for people he did not know. You know that your Grandmother and Grandfather went to Hogwarts with their whole family, knowing full well that all of them, all their children, could be killed, knowing that one of your uncles did die at the Battle of Hogwarts.”

The priest was getting close to the Potter family. They were sitting towards the center isle in about the center of the church.

The priest said, “YOU are that child, and YOU are faced with a moral question. You have to either do something that you know is right, but may cost you your life, may even cost other members of your family their lives, or not do what is right but save your family.”

The priest was warming up, talking louder, more urgently.

“But my family has never done anything that bold, you say. If you cannot visualize yourself as a child of God, just visualize yourself as a child of Harry Potter, someone who is alive today. YOU ARE THAT CHILD.” The priest was right next to the Potter family, and he started looking across the aisle and as he finished his sentence was looking right at the boys. “WILL …YOU… DO…WHAT… IS … RIGHT,” speaking very softly, “even though it is hard? WILL YOU SAY YES TO THE HARD DECISION?”

Al thought the priest was looking right at him, and he said loudly, “YES!” and then grabbed for his father held on tightly.

The priest was startled for a moment, and then he said, “One person says yes? Making the right decision is hard. We are not an evangelical church that asks for an altar call, but maybe we should?

“We ought to be saying that, just as so many people said ‘yes’ at the Battle of Hogwarts, and we know some of them paid the ultimate price, we like this small child ought to say ‘yes,’ yes to doing good even if it is hard, even if it may cause pain to our family, even if it seems hateful to someone close to us.

“I’m sure that Arthur and Molly Weasley still grieve for their dead son. I’m sure that Teddy Lupin still grieves for his parents.” As the priest was saying this Teddy had started to tear up, and was quietly crying. “All the choices we have to make are not easy. In another place Jesus says that we may have to sacrifice our hand or eye, in this passage we may have to sacrifice our family, we may have to sacrifice our own life, just like Harry Potter, the Lupin’s, and so many others have done in fighting for the good. But just like that small boy who said ‘yes,’ we must say ‘yes’ to the Lord, ‘yes’ to doing right.”

As the priest went back up to the altar James whispered to Al, “You’re in trouble now, Al.”

Harry and Ginny put James as far inside as they could, themselves and Lily between the boys, Teddy next, and Albus on the outside as far away from James as possible and where he could see what was going on. They could see that James was trying to pick a fight, and Al was worried.

When the church service was over Harry and Ginny looked at each other. The priest had proceeded out to the entrance of the church, and was greeting people. Harry and Ginny thought that the priest would probably want to talk to the young boy who had spoken up in the service, although they were not sure if Al wanted to draw attention to himself. Several people did come up to the family and complimented Al, who held on to Harry tightly and silently acknowledged people’s comments. This was so typical of Al, so shy, yet in some ways as bold as anyone in the family.

The Potter family finally left their seats and walked together towards the waiting priest. He caught their eye, and waved them over. He reached out and shook Harry’s hand saying as he did, “Are you visiting? I do not believe I know your name.”

“Harry Potter,” said Harry. “I believe you have already met my son Albus Severus. This is my wife Ginny, oldest son James Sirius, daughter Lily Luna, and godson Teddy Lupin. Also, this is Mitzi who helps Ginny, and Dobedo who is an Auror and my personal bodyguard.”

The priest’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes almost bulged out of his head. “I had no idea,” he said.

Several other people said, “Harry Potter?” and a couple said, “THE Harry Potter?” The Auror couple who was accompanying the Potter family immediately went into the standard plan when the Potters were in a large crowd of people and had been identified. They activated their Auror lights on low so everyone knew there were Aurors present. Also according to standard arrangements active throughout most of the Wizarding world three other Aurors, a couple and a very young girl, also activated their Auror lights and looked Harry’s way.

One of the refinements Harry and Al VanLente had put in place was a series of stars above the highest light bar indicating everybody’s rank, so it was immediately clear who was in charge. Harry was one of the very few Grade Ten Aurors in the world. The Auror couple guarding Harry, Ginny and family was Grade Six Aurors, an extremely high grade for people doing guard duty. The couple from the church was Grade Five Aurors; they had children, a boy and a girl, in between Teddy’s age and the age of Harry and Ginny’s children. The very young girl was a no rank trainee.

Harry excused himself. “I apologize,” he said. “Protocol says that when I or my family is spotted in a large unfamiliar crowd that Aurors are alerted, in case of people who may be likely to harm us. I think that very few people who would want to harm us would go to church, but,” Harry shrugged his shoulders. “As ranking Auror I need to meet with the other Aurors; Ginny, please stay here with the children.”

Years ago Ginny would have been upset at having to stay with the children, but with four children and the advantage of maturity she realized that she needed to be the adult and herd her crowd of little people. Ginny held on to Mitzi as Harry separated himself from the family.

All the Aurors approached Harry, and everybody else stood back from them. Harry said, “We will be leaving shortly, and when we do everybody can just go on their way as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile we should treat this as an exercise in being alert to potential trouble all the time.” Harry then introduced himself and got the names of everybody else, shaking hands not only with the Aurors but also with the parents of the young trainee, who was in awe and having a hard time not shaking, and the children of the Auror couple plus his mother. Meanwhile when they were not meeting Harry the other Aurors had their wands out and were making a show of surveying their surroundings, even the poor trainee who was swiveling her head around and terrified at the idea that she was in some way responsible for the safety of THE Harry Potter and his family. (She went on to become a very competent Auror, not easily rattled.)

Meanwhile the priest and Ginny were talking about their trip, and what brought the Potters to New York City. He was also interested in Teddy’s living arrangements, and Teddy filled him in on Hogwarts and how his bedroom was at the New Burrow with his grandmother, who was not all that well mentally, and Mrs. Potter’s parents, but that he ate with Harry and Ginny and their family all the time and sort of lived both places. “Thank you for talking about my parents,” said Teddy. “I’m proud of them being heroes and all, but sometimes I wish I had living parents. Sometimes it’s hard.”

“I’m sorry about your parents,” the priest said to Teddy.

Harry came back as the priest turned his attention to Albus. “You must really want to do good,” said the priest.

Al was still clinging to his mother. He looked up at the priest and said, “I want to be a really good wizard, but I also want to be a good person, do good things like daddy does.”

“It’s very good to make up your mind to be good so early, Albus” said the priest. “I look forward to hearing that you have done great things someday.”

“I want to be an Auror and work for the good too,” said Teddy.

“The world owes a great debt of gratitude to your parents and everybody who risked their lives working for the good,” said the priest, talking to all the children.

“I don’t think my family will forget this sermon any time soon,” said Harry.

“I really had no idea you were here, and had no intention of embarrassing you or your family, Harry, Ginny,” said the priest. “Thank you for saying yes, Albus,” said the priest looking right at him and shaking his hand. “Do not be embarrassed. Maybe everybody else in the congregation should be embarrassed that they did not say yes.”

As they walked out of the church James looked at Albus and said, “Show off.”

There was so much discussion about what happened that very quickly the North American news organizations for the Witches and Wizards were alerted, and the sermon (which had been recorded, and had caught Al’s ‘yes’) and the aftermath were in the papers or on the news for a couple of days. Of course the news flew back to England where it was on the wizard radio and in the Daily Prophet. Try as they might Harry and Ginny and their family could not escape being newsworthy.

That night Al asked his dad at the family dinner, “What would have happened if you did not come back to life?”

“We do not know,” said Harry. “I hope someone else would have killed Riddle. After Professor Longbottom killed the snake anyone could have killed him.”

“I though your dad was dead,” said Ginny “and I wanted to kill Riddle, even if I died in the process. Grandpa told all of us that whatever it cost we had to kill Riddle. I think everyone in the family would have died if we could have made sure Riddle was dead.”

“If you had stayed dead we wouldn’t be here,” said Al.

“No,” said Harry, “you would not be here if I had stayed dead.”

“Except for Teddy,” said Al.

“If Riddle had won I’m not sure Teddy would have survived,” said Harry.

“What would you have done, Mum, if Dad had stayed dead but you were alive?” asked Al.

“Cry a lot,” said Ginny. “I don’t know.” Ginny looked at Harry. “All my dreams were wrapped around your Dad. He was my happily ever after. Except my brother was dead, and Teddy’s mummy and daddy were dead, and right after the battle even though I had your Dad I was not sure we were ever going to be happy again.” Ginny looked at all the children, then said, “Don’t every let anyone tell you that doing the right thing is always fun, or easy. Right after the battle it was so hard. There were so many sad stories. Teddy is not the only orphan, the only person who lost both of their parents. Grandmother Tonks is not the only one who never really recovered from the war.”

“There was someone whose name was two colors,” said Teddy.

“Lavender Brown,” said Harry. “She was in pain for years after the battle. That is certainly another one of the sad stories. You saw her at the pond, and she is healed now, but she had a lot of very hard, difficult, painful years. But you children,” he said looking at the four children, “are one of the happy stories. Everyone who died at the Battle of Hogwarts or before it died so we could have happy children.”

“Are you happy too?” asked Albus.

“Yes,” said Harry with a big smile on his face. “I think we are coming pretty close to living happily ever after.”

Ginny smiled at the ‘happily ever after’ reference. She had been very young and naïve to think life would be that simple, but it was pretty good at the moment.

(No stars, trainee, one star, just released, OK to do field work with supervision, two stars, able to do field work alone, three stars, team leader, four stars, experienced Auror, five, six, seven and eight stars indicated increasing responsibility and experience, with nine stars being the head of a fair size countries Aurors. Many smaller countries had head of Aurors who were only eight stars, unless they had distinguished themselves in some way. Only a few very large groups of Aurors, like North America with over 1,000 Aurors or China with over 3,000, had nine star people in their ranks. There were fewer than ten, ten star Aurors in the world, including the head of North American Aurors, the head of Chinese and Asian Aurors, the rotating head of all European Aurors, Al VanLente as head of the International Aurors, and Harry Potter with his responsibilities at the International Council of Wizards in Switzerland and his increased responsibilities in the International Auror Association. 1 *; 2 **; 3 * *; 4 ***; 5 * **; 6 ****; 7 * * *; 8 *** *; 9 ** **; 10 *****)

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