Sirius could tell that Ali was just as torn with the current situation as he was. As the two of them stood together, just outside the castle, Ali was met with a problem. Did she directly disobey her father? Was that the right thing to do? Sirius could see her weighing out her options in her head. They had to find James and Lily. Sirius wouldn’t leave them to fend for themselves. But he couldn’t leave Ali behind to wait in the darkness. He was just as torn as she was.

That’s when Ali quickly glanced to her side, seeming eager to find out what Sirius’s take on this was. It didn’t take her more than a few seconds to secure her hand tighter in his own with her decision being made.

‘Like hell.’ She announced and dashed in beyond the freshly destroyed shield charm dragging Sirius behind herself. Sirius was shocked. Aaliyah Adams, rule abiding queen of Hogwarts, was ignoring a direct command. He suddenly couldn’t help smiling at her like some kind of revelation had hit him just now.

Ali glanced back at him, ‘stop smiling like a moron and pay attention, Black! I’ll be rightly peeved if you get yourself killed!’ She smacked him and ran ahead. But he was hot on her trail within moments.

‘Ali! Oh thank goodness you’re alright!’ Sirius watched as Lily’s arms closed around Ali once they had descended the first set of stairs and were into the lower levels of Hogwarts.

‘What’s going on? What’s happening?’ Ali asked, trying to look ahead to see if her father was okay.

‘Some wizard has just stormed in and knocked all the death eaters for six. They gathered a few, but I don’t even know how they got in Ali! Hogwarts is supposed to be impenetrable!’ Lily looked severely worried. As she should have been. Every student at Hogwarts was reminded daily of the struggles going on beyond their walls, but Hogwarts was the last untouched area. Or it used to be.

Then Ali reacted as something came to her, ‘they weren’t death eaters!’

‘Are you alright? They most certainly were. I’ve read loads of reports about them.’ James blinked at her, ‘who was that lad just now, he knew some serious magic!’

‘My father.’ Ali seemed to swell with pride, but it was fleeting, ‘and you aren’t paying attention. They weren’t death eaters, yet. The one I hit with the stunning spell, he didn’t seem to be overly frightening. He was almost clumsy. This must have been some kind of initiation for them. You-know-who knows he can’t get in here. But he knew only the best would be at Slughorn’s, when better to host a private invitation to sway the younger generation?’ Ali explained.

‘Not to mention it’s filled with Slytherin’s.’ Sirius came up behind her, placing a comforting hand on her lower back. ‘She’s right. But we should go and join your father, make sure he’s okay.’ Sirius was itching to be a part of the fight. As soon as he’d mentioned it, the four of them ran into the dungeon office to find an out of breath Slughorn moping sweat from his brow.

‘Oh a terrible mess this has been Ali, dreadful. Very smart thinking to collect your father! Couldn’t have apprehended them all without him!’ Slughorn nodded joyfully like he was awarding her his most prized possession by doing so.

‘Where’s Dad?’ Ali asked looking around the destroyed room. Fires were blazing on every part of furniture, nothing was in the place it had been at the start of the night. A group of excited warlocks were gathered in the corner, muttering about politics. House elves were tending to those with minor wounds up against the walls, and towards the middle, where the fairies were now circling around a candle-lit chandelier, were a crowd of six figures in bonds.

Ali and Sirius rushed over, feeling Lily and James not far behind them.

‘Dad!’ Ali grabbed onto her father’s sleeve, something akin to a childhood remnant, and he whipped around to smile down at her.

‘Nothing to fear Ali-bear. Just a group of misguided children it would seem.’ Ali’s father turned to glare down at the group. Barty Crouch Jr was among them, not to mention Severus Snape and his usual crowd of Mulciber, Wilkes, Avery and Rabastan.  Sirius felt his heart lift when he didn’t see Regulus among them. He was sure he had darted off to join his house mates in the terrible acts they were committing.

‘Oh Severus. How could you?’ Lily words sounded so pain stricken it wasn’t a wonder James instantly placed his arms around her. She turned into his chest, disgusted with the sight before her.

‘Get her out of here. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her upset.’ Sirius whispered to James and he agreed and led Lily from the scene, back over to Slughorn and the rest of the professors.

‘What should we do with them Dad?’ Ali asked, seemingly quite unperturbed by the sight before her. Prefect Adams was on the scene.

You young lady, are going to march yourself off premises, and take this young boy home to meet your mother. Don’t think you’ve fooled me saying you were good to find your own way to the party and just disappearing out the front door.’ Christian stared down at her, ‘I can deal with this. This is, after all, my department at the Ministry now. And I daresay Dumbledore will want a word in it before I start filling out reports. This one seems to be adamant that they have all been imperiused.’ He sighed nodding to Barty Jr. ‘I really don’t want to be the one bringing this to Barty.’ Christian shook his head. This would certainly be a long night for him with such accusations.

‘But Dad.’

‘Uh-uh! Get going young lady!’ Christian warned and Ali made a sour face towards him.

‘I’ll just, uh, escort her home then, shall I?’ Sirius was trying his best not to laugh at the scene unfolding before him.

‘Don’t think I’m done with you either.’ Christian turned on Sirius, ‘taking my daughter out without even meeting me first. Bad manners young man. You’ll do well to stay back until I’ve arrived home. Now scoot. You watch her with your life, or you’ll pay with your own.’ Sirius met his words with a singular nod and immediately obeyed. Even if it was Regulus at fault, he was going to step up and take the blame if it meant him being allowed to escort Ali to safety, which he was certain would be her home. After meeting her father, surely her mother was of the same calibre?

‘Where the bloody hell did your brother go?’ Ali asked, searching the confines of the room with her eyes as Sirius directed her over to James and Lily.

‘Guys, we need to vacate. Adams senior has a temper.’ Sirius nodded his head in Ali’s father’s general direction where he was taking down the boy’s names and massaging his temples over the situation. Ali chuckled.

‘Please. My father is a kitten. It’s my mother you need to watch out for.’ And with that sentence, Sirius’s worst fears were confirmed.

‘We have to stay, we’re Heads of the school after all. Damage control is part of our mandate and I reckon once the Headmaster gets in, we’ll be needed for statements. But you two go on ahead.’ James explained.

‘Oh yeah, get Ali home would you Sirius? I mean, there’s loads you have to tell her. Remember? What was that about her being-‘

Shut- your… beautiful face.’ Sirius silenced Lily as fast as he could but simmered out rather quickly after his initial outburst. ‘Come on squirt. Let’s get you home.’ Sirius rolled his eyes at the gestures both Lily and James were making as he turned Ali away. They were laughing despite the scene around them which only furthered to prove they were children of war. Funnily enough, when danger surrounded children from such a young age, it tended to desensitize them, and the result was a fast recovery from awful events such as these.

As Sirius walked Ali up and out of the dungeons, and followed her from the school, they turned to look up at the dark mark hovering overhead. Thankfully there had been no casualties that night, clearly one of the students had wanted some kind of practice. It was lucky though, because had there been any fully-fledged death eaters in the halls of Hogwarts tonight, surely someone would have lost their lives. Voldemort was never one for niceties and surely a direct invitation to both Lily and James would have been met with death, had they denied him in person. Sirius was suddenly so thankful to be in a school protected by the greatest wizard of their time. Dumbledore’s influence was surely why his friends were still among the living.

That direct invitation to his friends however, chilled him to his core. Were they in danger? Everyone knew that head boy and head girl was a very high honour to receive, and Voldemort wasn’t wrong in assuming their addition to his ranks would have been detrimental to Dumbledore. Dumbledore and his secret society?

‘Wait, Adams!’ Sirius shouted remembering what she had said to him about her father and his being a part of said society.

‘What! Are you alright? You weren’t hurt were you?’ Ali asked as they came to the school gates. Strangely they seemed to have been walking along in silence for some time without him realising. He was so incredibly comfortable with this girl, time past them by without him being aware of it. Surely that meant something?

‘Your fa-‘ Sirius started, looking down into her pale green eyes. As he registered her, his mind went blank. He was suddenly so overwhelmed with happiness to be standing here with her, every inch of her body being unharmed, he felt his eyes stinging.

‘Are you crying?’ Ali sounded worried. Without much notice he then felt her arms close around him stiffly, like she was hoping above hope this was the correct way to act in this situation. The girl never failed to make him laugh. He obliged willingly and pulled her head into his shoulder, burying his face in her hair which had somehow gotten loose of its braid in the mayhem. ‘It’s okay Black, don’t worry. We’ll find him. You don’t have to worry.’ Ali spoke, rubbing his back in a robotic manner. ‘Your brother probably just got out with the others.’

Sirius was dumbstruck. Was she really this slow? He pulled her back at arm’s length and stared at her. Oh yes, she certainly was. ‘I don’t care about my idiot brother you halfwit. His mistakes are his own to make, he knows I’ll always be there for him when he needs me. It’s you I was worried about.’ As he admitted what felt like the most profound affirmation, Ali just seemed to blink back at him in confusion. She furrowed her dark brows together and let her head dip to one side making her a picture of innocence.

Suddenly Sirius couldn’t take it anymore and claimed Ali’s lips as he had wanted to since the beginning of the night. She didn’t do much in the way of protesting and they backed out of the gateway and into the foliage to the side of the winged-boar, statue-encumbered pillars. Sirius trapped Ali against a tree kissing every part of her he could reach. He had never needed to kiss anyone so badly in his life, it was as if his very soul depended on it. He kissed her so deeply he almost forgot to breath and suddenly they slipped from their position against the tree and came crashing down into the bushes below.

‘Ow! Sirius you idiot!’ Ali berated him as he positioned himself atop her and looked downward in fear.

‘I’m so sorry, are you hurt? Are you okay?’ He questioned scouring her body with his eyes to detect any hint of bleeding or injury. Ali started to laugh.

‘I’m fine. I just fell on a branch.’ She complained, reaching behind her to remove the tricky twig. Sirius found himself once again so washed over with relief he wasn’t sure he was allowed to feel this happy after the things that had happened tonight. His lips descended down on hers once more and to feel the soft, tenderness against him made the blood pump rapidly through his body.

He sat above her, legs to either side of her body, leaning down to reach her lips with his left hand stabilizing him above her. Ali had herself propped up on her elbows to meet him better. It wasn’t long before things started to escalate as Sirius’s hands began to wander. Ali’s dress had managed to find its way up to her hip level and Sirius was looking down at her as if she were the only thing that could save him for eternal damnation. Ali was returning the look with the same ferocity. And then suddenly her face went blank. While they paused she was graced with a moment for her senses to return to her.

No.’ She breathed, deadpan, almost launching Sirius off her when she smashed her palms into his chest. She sat up in the mess of broken bushes and twigs and glared over at him where he was now pushing himself up out of the cold, frosty, fallen leaves. ‘You do not get to lay hands on this body, without at least admitting you have feelings for me. Mister “no Labels”.’

For a moment Sirius had been monumentally worried that perhaps he had just been pressuring the girl into something she hadn’t wanted, and was washed over with a sense of thankfulness that they seemed to be on the same wavelength.

‘Ali,’ he started. He had used her first name times in the past, certainly, but for some reason, this time just felt different, ‘Ali I’m sorry. I never meant to make you feel unwanted, or that I was ashamed of you.’ Sirius straightened himself up, resting his hands on his knees and looking over at her. ‘Despite knowing my way around words that seem to bring females joy, I’m actually pretty rubbish at the business of knowing what really brings a female joy. I had no clue you were upset. You really should have just spoken up.’ Sirius nodded to her as Ali listened, pulling her dress back down beyond her knees.

‘I kind of figured that was it. But Lily had all these plans.’ Ali rolled her eyes and sighed.

‘I knew you going with Regulus was her idea!’ Sirius snapped his fingers, putting two and two together.

‘No, that was me.’ Ali admitted unabashed, ‘I will destroy you from the inside out if you toy with my emotions, Black. Do not think me incapable. I may not have extensive experience with small talk, but I seem to know what makes you tick.’ Ali said this with the least amount of emotion a human was known to show expressed on her face and that truly petrified Sirius. This was one girl not to screw with. But strangely enough, that only made him edge closer to her.

‘Well, from now on, could we maybe be honest with each other? And talk to each other about our problems before going to our friends?’ Sirius asked, taking her hand in his. She watched him do this, then looked up at him with a very casual, relaxed look about her.

‘Then make me your girlfriend, or stop making out with me behind closed doors.’ Ali gave him the ultimatum but Sirius was already sure of what he wanted.

‘So would you prefer me to kiss you in the grand hall at lunch, or?’ Sirius asked, placing a kiss to her cheek as she scrunched up her nose, not unlike a tiny angry bunny.

‘Ew, no. Public displays of affection make me queasy. Just tell people you’re dating me you sentimental weirdo.’ Ali shook her head at him as if he were insane. Sirius just laughed at her, helping her to her feet and pulling leaves from her hair.

‘Done. So very done. If it’s alright with you though, I’d rather not sing and dance in front of the entire cohort through dinner to prove my affections.’

‘I would kill you if you did that to me.’ Ali warned.

‘Perfect.’ Sirius laughed and then claimed her lips once more. They stood pressed into one another for quite some time, and it was only when Sirius trapped Ali’s lower lip between his teeth and her nails dug into his back that they decided to break apart for air.

Ali looked a little dazed at the loss of contact as she tried to gain back her coherence, ‘well, maybe I’m not completely opposed to public displays.’ She thought aloud, staring up into his eyes quite out of breath, and pink lipped.

Sirius laughed before hugging her tightly and sighing in relief, kissing the top of her head. ‘Uh, so. Do you think your father was being serious in there?’ Sirius didn’t know which part would be harder, confronting his newly named girlfriend with the wrongs he had made against her, or meeting her perfectly petrifying parents for the first time in an enclosed space.

Considering how well the former conversation had just panned out, he was definitely in for some kind of trouble at the Adams residence. Nothing ever went so right for him.

‘Your mother’s not really that scary is she?’ Sirius asked, securing his girlfriend’s hand tightly in his own. Girlfriend. It was a very foreign word to him. But even saying it over in his head, looking down towards the curls and lightly sun kissed skin before him, he found it fit her very well.

‘Try not to mention her height.’ The look that flashed onto Ali’s face as she gave him this advice made Sirius fretful. A small shiver coursed up through his body and he disapperated them from outside the school grounds, apparating just outside her front door this time.

‘I mean, you’re quite good looking.’ Ali turned to him, having to stand on her tip toes to pull a few leaves from his own hair. ‘I think.’ Ali took a step back and looked Sirius up and down, pouting in a strange kind of approval. Sirius suddenly felt like a piece of meat in a butcher’s window.

‘You think? You think?’ Sirius had never been so disrespected in his whole life.

‘Attractiveness is subjective Sirius! I read it in a book.’ She recited matter-of-factly and crossed her arms over her chest like, clearly an excerpt from a book ended this argument. Sirius just stared at her for a moment wondering if she was actually serious or if she was just being the little brat he knew was buried deep under the perfect student she played for their professors.

‘Does that mean you find me attractive at least?’ Sirius quirked a brow and was rewarded with the most cunning smile he had even seen on Ali’s face, before they were suddenly interrupted.

‘Who’s this!?’ Both Sirius and Ali jumped around as the Adam’s front door smashed open, and there in the door way stood a tiny boy no older than five. Sirius surveyed him. He looked barely anything like Ali. His skin was a very dark brown, and his jet black hair came out of every which angle on his head in tight, spiral curls. His eyes were darting from Ali, back to Sirius, and his tiny mouth was a thin line as he awaited a reply.

‘Here’s the real test,’ Ali whispered out of the side of her mouth to Sirius as they stood, being appraised by the tiny youth before them, ‘because if my brother doesn’t like you, I’m sorry but you’re out.’ She finished and stepped ahead, scooping her brother into her arms and securing him on her hip.

‘This is Sirius, Tucker. He’s a friend of mine.’ Ali explained as Tucker clung to her, watching Sirius. It was then that he found their family resemblance because the blasé, judgemental look he was receiving was all too familiar to him. Then little Tucker turned to look up at his sister.

‘Well, that’s a blatant lie.’ Sirius was shocked to hear such advanced vocabulary from such a tiny human. He was impressed. ‘You don’t have friends, nerd. You have books. I know.’ Tucker stated very matter-of-factly and Ali’s face fell forward in exasperation.

Sirius couldn’t help how loudly he laughed next. The entire street was filled with loud, bark-like laughs and Ali’s groans of disapproval.

‘You’re both pests. Why are all the men around me pests?’ Ali put Tucker down and pointed a finger inside, ‘get in. Both of you!’ She demanded. Tucker ran in giggling, and Sirius obliged her wanting to hear more from her devious little brother.

Sirius stepped over the threshold and back into the house they had been in not an hour prior. This time he had a moment to register his surroundings. The house was quaint and clean, but it didn’t feel entirely lived in. Not like the Potter’s home. Tucker came to stand by Sirius and looked up at him. He seemed to be deciding something, and so Sirius stood perfectly still while Ali shut the door behind them.

Tucker suddenly nodded, ‘yeah, I like him. He’s pretty.’ He concluded in his high, squeaky voice and nodded over to Ali.

‘Looks aren’t everything Tucker, what have I told you?’ Ali shook her head but Tucker just sighed in exasperation with his sister’s seemingly ridiculous notion.

‘Beauty is everything, nerd.’ And with those words, he flicked around and sauntered off, out of the entrance hall and into the room directly ahead. Sirius tried desperately to hold his laughter in while Ali just stared at the place Tucker had disappeared from, quite deadpanned.

‘Aaliyah? Aaliyah is that you?’ Their attention was drawn to the staircase to their left. Suddenly, what Sirius supposed was Ali’s mother, descended the stairs at an alarming rate. He’d seen her from a distance when he’d taken fleeting looks at Ali on the platform at the end of the school years, but he’d never seen her up close.

She was tiny. Tiny was an understatement. She barely met Sirius’s chest when she got to the bottom and stood between Ali and himself. She was stunning, though, however short she may have been. Her long, curly black hair fell in tight ringlets all the way down her back and her dark skin was practically glowing in the candlelit entrance. Her most entrancing feature however was her eyes, in contrast to her dark skin. They were almost the exact shade of green that Ali’s were. She was the most exotic looking woman Sirius had ever seen.

‘What’s going on? Where is your father? Is he okay? All I get is a darn call up the stairs about the Order! He could be dead for all I know, the bloody moron!’ She seemed almost beside herself and she had a scrunched up letter in her hand and ink splayed over her, what looked to be, uniform. ‘I had to get Wendy to cover my shift!’

‘It’s okay Mum, don’t worry. It was just some stupid kids at school trying to- well- actually.’ Ali seemed to be weighing up her options about something. She looked a little concerned, and that’s when Ali’s mother turned to Sirius fully.

‘And who are you?’ She asked blinking up at him. Sirius swallowed.

‘This- this is Sirius Black, Mum. He, uh, took me to the party tonight.’ Ali lied looking between them.

Black? As in son of Orion and Walburga Black? That Black?’ Sirius felt immediately unhinged. How did she know his parents? This was not what he wanted his first impression to be. The son of the blood purists. Surely anyone that knew his parents knew their personal stands against anything non-magical. But he couldn’t very well deny it. Black wasn’t the most common of names in the wizarding community anymore. They were slowly dwindling in numbers.

Sirius took a strangled breath and nodded down at the tiny, incredibly menacing woman. For only being in her presence for the shortest amount of time told him she was not to be messed with.

‘What house are you in, Black?’ She narrowed her eyes at him, placing her hands on her hips. Sirius looked to Aaliyah who was standing behind her, very much at a loss for what to do to help.

‘Uh, G-Gryffindor, Mrs Adams.’ Sirius fumbled. There was a dead silence around the room for what felt like forever. Then suddenly, as if she were a flower blooming from the ashes of a fire, Aaliyah’s mother smiled so widely that Sirius felt even more anxious. But the laughter that came after made him relax somewhat.

‘I bet your foul parents hated that!’ She continued laughing, ‘Kanika Adams, lovely to meet you Sirius.’ She held out a hand for him to shake and he shook it, laughing unnervingly. He wasn’t sure if this was some kind of trick. She was so small and scary, Ali was right.

‘I went to school with your parents. I was in the same year as your mother. Horrible woman. Sorry, but it’s true.’ Kanika nodded honestly, motioning for them to follow off to the room Tucker had disappeared to. Sirius now knew where Ali got all her overwhelming tact from.

‘No, she really is.’ Sirius agreed, following Ali and Kanika through to what turned out to be a sitting room. Tucker was lying on his stomach on a rug, before a nicely crackling fire. He looked up when they entered the room and winked at Sirius. This family was truly odd to say the least. Sirius found himself smiling bemusedly as he took a seat on the couch, Ali taking up the space beside him.

‘So your father’s okay? What a piece of dragon-dung. Don’t repeat that, Tucker, honey.’ She looked down to her son.

‘Dad’s a dragon dung, got it.’ He continued on scribbling with colour changing ink on a large bit of parchment.

‘He could have bloody told me to my face where he was going.’ Kanika raged on, flicking her wand around and a teapot and cups flew into the sitting room from another door off to the side of the room.

‘He was in a hurry, Mum. It was Order business!’ Ali argued in her father’s defence. As Sirius sat back he got the feeling Ali was quite attached to her father. Kanika argued on with her about it while she conjured up water and boiled it, all with her wand. Sirius was unaware Ali’s family was so- well- crazy. As Ali continued to argue with her mother, Tucker was humming on the floor, drawing. He seemed to be creating a very many different designs for dress robes for the cat. Sirius was at a loss. He felt a laugh threatening to come forth when he tuned back into the argument.

‘Aaliyah Adams, you do not know everything just because you got twelve OWL’s. I’m smarter than you, don’t forget that.’ Kanika shot at her.

‘You weren’t Head Girl, Mum!’ Ali snuffed.

‘And you won’t be either with that attitude you little imp. I’ll have a word to Albus about you yet!’ Kanika announced thrusting a cup of tea upon her and standing to walk over to Sirius.

‘Mum, no!’

‘You’re a bossy little know-it-all. Is she as much of a terror at school as she is at home?’ Kanika shook her head at her daughter, handing Sirius a cup of tea much less ferociously.

‘Uh,’ Sirius looked at Ali and then back at Kanika, deciding it would be best to side with her dragon of a mother for now, and make it up to his newly appointed girlfriend later, ‘probably more so. I mean, she’s a prefect at school. And she takes it pretty liberally.’

‘Don’t think the badge comes off just because she doesn’t wear it around the house. It’s a mental badge, Sirius. The badge of a teenager that knows everything.’ And the look Kanika gave Sirius then was so alike to the look Ali usually gave him when he said something particularly sly in her presence, it was uncanny. Sirius was having quite some trouble keeping himself from laughing.

He felt his tea ripped from him and then he was being pulled from the lounge and back out of the sitting room. ‘You’re so rude, Mum!’ Ali shouted as she led him back into the entrance hall and up the stairs. Once they got to the top, they turned a corner and went by two doors to either side of the hall before coming up to the last, and walking inside the room.

Sirius looked around, and his need to laugh was far from extinguished. The walls were lined with famous old witches and wizards, who were all staring in disbelief at his appearance. The bed was covered in plush toys. There were more books than he could count and that’s when Ali froze up and turned to him.

‘Don’t you dare laugh.’ She stared at him, horror etched on her face at what she had just done. Sirius’s lip started to produce blood from how hard he was biting it.

‘Is-‘ he started, trying his best to keep calm, ‘-is that a poster of-‘ he took a dangerous breath, ‘-Falco Aesalon?’

‘You know who he is?’ Ali’s face lit up and suddenly, after letting lose a small cough to cover himself, Sirius didn’t feel much like laughing at her.

‘Yeah, of course, he was the first ever recorded animagus.’ Sirius stepped closer to her. But then he realised his reasoning behind knowing that titbit of information was most certainly lost on her. She didn’t seem fazed though, as she stared up at him.

‘I’d love to be an animagus. I have no idea what I’d be, but wouldn’t that be amazing?’ The happiness on her face at the thought made Sirius smile.

‘Yeah. It would be great.’ He was definitely going to have to tell the boys about this now that the cat was out of the bag.

‘Sorry about my Mum. She’s a little crass.’ Ali rolled her eyes, leaving her animagus thoughts behind. Sirius wondered whether or not she would take kindly to finding out that she was a miniature version of her mother? Crassness very much included.

‘I think she’s great.’ Sirius smiled, closing his arms around her. ‘I think your whole family are great.’ He continued as he felt her arms wrap around his waist and her forehead rest against his chest. They stayed like that for a little while, listening to each other’s breathing. They vaguely heard Kanika downstairs yelling at Tucker about something. It sounded quite similar to “stop terrorising the cat!” and Sirius felt Ali stifling a laugh into his chest.

‘Aaliyah Adams!’ They both froze when they heard the front door crash open and Christian’s voice calling up the stairs.

‘Ah, Ali. I fully intend on being a great boyfriend to you. But-‘

‘Ali you get down here with that boy immediately!’ Christian’s footfalls could be heard making their way up the stairs.

‘-but, tomorrow. From tomorrow onwards. I swear it.’ He couldn’t keep the laughter at bay any longer as it floated out with his words.

‘Sirius, don’t you dare-‘ Sirius silenced her though with a kiss to her lips and a smile as he drew back.

‘I’ll write to you!’ He nodded enthusiastically and then, before Ali could grab at him, he vanished with a faint pop.

‘You coward!’ Ali was left alone, laughing in his absence, as her father reached her door ready to give her an inevitable lecture about boys. Something he had never had to do in the past. 

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