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Louis didn’t know how long he and Horatio stayed up for during the night, but he couldn’t sleep after hearing the news. Instead the two stayed up, a feeling of shock falling over both of them.

They had to stop this now, for definite. Horatio was about to be a father and if they carried on they would be wrecking someone else’s life. So, why did Louis not want to give him up?

Horatio left at nearly four in the morning to go to work, and Louis went downstairs to start dosing his body up with enough caffeine to get him through the day. He woke up at nearly six in the morning to Molly running her hands through his hair to wake him up, and he sat up, blinking blearily at her, before looking down at the plate of eggs and bacon in front of him.

“You might want to eat that before Samantha gets up,” Molly told him, and Louis nodded slowly, his brain still sleep filled.

Louis rubbed his eyes, before slowly picking up his knife and fork, thanking her.

“I know that Horatio was with you last night,” Molly stated and Louis stopped dead, dread filling him quickly, the fork halfway to his mouth. He turned to look at her and was thankful to see that she had her back to him, and was getting herself a drink, so didn’t see his reaction. “And, I’m glad, that he has you around that he can talk to.”

Louis felt nauseated, but bit into his food and placed the fork down onto his plate, just for something to give him to do, even if it was making him feel sick.

“I know what Horatio’s like,” she admitted to him, turning around to face him finally, her arms wrapped around her, pulling her dressing gown tighter. “I know that he keeps things bottled up inside, that he would rather be the martyr then tell anyone else what’s going on. But, I know that he’s not like that with you, you’re the only one that he will open up to completely, and I’m glad that he has that. Because I know that this is a big shock to him, and I understand why he keeps going to you if we fight, or he’s freaking out about something, because it’s how he deals with things. Somehow you make him see sense and he comes around, and I want to thank you for that.”

Louis felt a stabbing pain of betrayal in his gut. He was such a horrible and terrible person, he was sleeping with his cousin’s boyfriend, and was being thanked by her for being there. If she knew exactly what was going on between him and Horatio she would hate him, he wanted her to hate him for what he had done. It was what he deserved. He didn’t deserve her kind words, he didn’t deserve her breakfasts, and he didn’t deserve to have such an amazing cousin.

Why was she being so nice? Why was she always so lovely? Why was Louis ruining her life?

“I haven’t done -” he began, but Molly cut over him.

“I know he told you that I’m pregnant, and I want to thank you for stopping him from freaking out about it.”

Louis could only nod slowly, still gradually eating his food that he wasn’t worthy of eating.

“How far along are you?” he asked, not knowing what else he could say. How could he even begin telling her just how sorry he was?

“I’m not sure yet,” she admitted, giving a small smile and Louis noticed how happy she seemed, the excitement was evident on her face. “But I haven’t told anyone else yet, I want to make sure with a Healer. I have an appointment in a few days time.”

Louis could only nod, he finished his food and stood up so that he could take his plate to the sink and place it in. He turned to Molly and wrapped his arms around her.

“Congratulations,” he told her, as Molly wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest, she only came up to his shoulder when they were standing normally. He was going to tell Horatio that whatever it was they had was over, they couldn’t keep doing this. It wasn’t fair to anyone involved. No matter how much Louis loved him.

“Thank you, Louis,” Molly said gratefully as they moved away from each other, she pushed him away from the sink. “Now go and get Samantha, I’ll deal with this.”

Louis watched her, wondering how he could tell her just how sorry he was for everything.

“I don’t deserve to have you as a cousin,” he told her, and she turned to give him a smile, not understanding the meaning behind his words.

“No, you don’t, but you can make it up to me by bringing me back a big bag of Uncle George’s sweets when you finish work tonight.”


Louis couldn’t help but watch as Rachel worked out in the warehouse. She had dirt on her nose, goggles pushed up onto her forehead, and her hair was dishevelled and sticking out in different direction from the loose ponytail it was up in. She was so engrossed in her work, that she didn’t pay attention to anything around her, even though Louis’ uncle George was swearing loudly in his office, she just kept her attention on a large item in front of her, which was sparking as she poked her wand at it.

Louis was always amazed with the things that Rachel could do, she had a skill to be able to take apart anything that was put in front of her and put it back together again with ease. At the moment, she was trying to fix a faulty Muggle machine that his Uncle George wanted to feature in the shop, Louis wasn’t sure what it was she was going to do, but he was actually quite excited for it. Rachel had told Louis that her father was a muggle mechanic – someone who fixed cars – and that she had grown up helping him as much as she could.

“I wondered where you had gotten to,” Colin said, coming out back and walking over to Louis who was in the kitchen, taking the cup from him – Louis had been the one picked to make the drinks for everyone and had been too distracted to actually bring any out yet.

Louis looked away from Rachel and at Colin, who was smiling knowingly at him. “You know that you can go in and talk to her, you are dating. You no longer have to hide out here and be a stalker.”

Louis rolled his eyes. “Shouldn’t you be on the shop floor?” he shot back with a smirk on his face, bringing his own cup of coffee up to his lips and taking a sip.

“The shop is empty, been quiet all day. Besides, I’ve set up traps that will alert me if someone comes into the shop,” Colin told them and Louis wasn’t sure he wanted to know exactly what traps Colin had set up. “That is a really black coffee, are you tired?”

“Always,” Louis told him, taking a bigger gulp of his coffee, he didn’t even wince at the taste anymore, and he had gotten too used to it. “I don’t think it even works anymore.”

“I think you need to nap more,” Colin told him honestly.

“I think you forget that I have a crazy three –year-old, and a Horatio in the house,” Louis replied and Colin raised his eyebrows. “If I attempt to have a nap, one, or both of them, would end up waking me up.”

Another yell came from George’s office, followed by a few choice swear words and Colin’s eyebrows raised further up his face. Louis was worried that they were going to disappear completely into his hairline.

“What’s going on in the office?” Colin asked and Louis gave a shrug. Another yell was heard, this time from the shop floor, followed by a loud squeak and the sound of a canon going off. Louis knew that it had to be one of the ones filled with confetti, and looked down at his watch to see that it was seven in the evening.

“That would be the delivery man,” Louis stated, trying not to laugh with Colin who was sniggering. The poor deliveryman had been on the receiving end of quite a few pranks, or accidental products malfunctioning.

“All the fucking time!” came the gruff voice from the shop floor, “I’m going to go fucking crazy before I even get the chance to retire.”

“What the hell does this even bloody mean? Are these even words?” George yelled from the office, Colin and Louis both looked at each other, both seeing who was going to go to which situation.

“Rock, paper, scissors? The winner gets George,” Colin suggested, putting his cup down on the side, Louis nodded as he did the same. “One, two, three - Fuck it!”

Louis couldn’t hide his triumphant grin as he pushed Colin back in the direction of the shop floor, Colin groaned as he saw the mess that the cannon had made, confetti and glitter were everywhere, with the delivery drive standing in the middle and glowering in their direction.

“Save me,” Colin hissed back at Louis, who was quick to dash away and into the area that Rachel was working in. He placed her cup down on the side before kissing her on the side of the head and making his way back out of the room, she gave him a smile in return before going back to her work and Louis headed into his uncles office, waving his wand so that the hot chocolate he had made followed him.

George was standing over his desk, hands braced against the wood as he glared venomously down at various pieces of parchment.

“What the hell does this word mean?” George asked, pointing down at the parchment on his desk, pushing aside the various toys and knick-knacks that took up most of the space in annoyance. “Does that mean zebra? Why on earth are they mentioning Zebras? And why can they write the word ‘chat’ but not others? Yes, I would like to chat, but I don’t know what you even mean!” George yelled down at the parchment, his hands waving in annoyance and frustration.

Louis took pity on his Uncle and placed the cup of hot chocolate down on the desk, with extra whipped cream and multicoloured sprinkles. George slumped into his chair and opened his desk drawer, pulling out a small bar of chocolate to stick it into the cream. He handed one to Louis without looking at him. Louis took it gratefully and looked down at the parchment, reading over his uncle’s shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Louis asked and George let out a groan, as he used the chocolate to eat the whipped cream off of the top of his drink.

“Yet more contracts from France to look over before we can open that branch. I have no idea what it says and your mother isn’t answering my owls, well, the Bill-man replied, telling me to stop interrupting their date. But, don’t they understand that this is important? I need to get these sent out in the morning, what’s the point in having a French-speaking sister if she won’t even help you? Now I’ve got to learn French in a matter of hours – Oh! New product idea! A potion that gives you the ability to speak, read, and under-bloody-stand another language, it will be brilliant – Why the hell haven’t we already invented it?”

Louis watched his Uncle in amusement, wondering when he was going to realise that he had a nephew who was fluent in French in the room with him. George was too busy trying to pull his hair out to notice him though.

“It would sure be great if any of Bill and Fleur’s children were here, they would know how to understand French,” Louis stated knowingly.

“That really would be fucking helpful right about now,” George mumbled rubbing his temples with his fingers, and looking like he was trying to attempt to ease a headache. “But, there’s – there’s you!”

“How could you forget?” Louis asked with a chuckle at the look on his uncle’s face.

“I have absolutely no idea, I see you so often I just assume you’re one of my own,” George stated pushing the parchment towards his nephew, who picked it up and sat down in the chair the other side of the desk. A loud farting noise filled the room from the whoopee cushion George permanently kept under it, but neither men laughed, it was a sign of just how serious this situation was.

“Well, it’s safe to say that there are no zebras mentioned anywhere in this document,” Louis told him and his uncle looked relieved. “And they don’t want to chat, they were talking about a cat, which comes free with the building, apparently it’s been living in the building for years now.”

“I’m not having any freeloading cat in my shop – wait, he could wear a jumper and be a mascot. I’ll get mum to knit one the next time I see her. Carry on,” George said, leaning back in his chair and covering his eyes with his hands.

“There’s a lot of information,” Louis told him and George groaned.

“This delivery is massive,” Colin said at the same time, coming into the office and placing more paperwork onto George’s desk, a few toys grabbed it and were currently trying to start a tug of war over who would get it.

“That’s it, shut the shop,” George told them both, standing up and stretching, his back clicking as he did so. “I’m going to get some pizzas and we’re going to have a staff training night, which involves putting the delivery away and sorting out these documents. You don’t need to get Samantha do you?”

Louis shook his head, Samantha would be asleep by the time he would have finished work anyway, and she was currently staying over at Victoire and Teddy’s house, she had wanted to see her cousin Remus. “No, she’s at Tories for the night.”

“Good, good, get Rachel to stop working and help with the delivery. I have a feeling we might be here for a while. What pizzas are we getting?”

Louis looked up from the paperwork and over at Colin, who shrugged in response. “I’ll have whatever.”

“Colin, you can come with me to pick them up and decide, we can get some beers in as well, and some wine for Rachel –“ George began.

“Beers fine,” Rachel called from the warehouse, having overheard them. George smiled as he clapped his hands together and looked at Colin and Louis.

“That’s settled then.” He left the room with George and Louis put the parchment back onto the desk so that he could follow.

“And Louis, whilst we’re gone, try not to get another one of your girlfriends pregnant in my shop,” George yelled back at Louis who had begun walking back into the warehouse.

Louis let out a groan, as Rachel and Colin both laughed.

“That only happened one time, Uncle George!” Louis yelled after him, “and I said that I was sorry!”

“I still don’t appreciate it,” George told him. “Now try and control your urges long enough to get the delivery started. I think all of our Halloween and Christmas stock has finally come in.”

A/N: Chat - cat in french according to what I remember learning it haha. 

A new chapter for you all! And an exciting announcement! I have written up to chapter 16 and am about to start chapter 17 woooo! :D

Let me know what you think! :D

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