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Harry and Ginny were talking to Arthur, Molly and Andromeda. These meetings took place reasonably regularly. Teddy was actually a very good boy, and there were seldom any major problems.

“Teddy got his letter from Hogwarts today,” said Harry. “I never realized when I was going to Hogwarts that parents were so involved.”

“Your situation was always awkward,” said Arthur, “because of Vernon Dursley. Normally parents are very involved.

“Since you became legal guardians of Teddy when you took him to San Francisco you have stayed his legal guardians. Congratulations, Harry, Ginny. Your first child is going to Hogwarts this fall.”

“I’m not even 30!” said Ginny, with a look of mock horror on her face. “I’m too young to have one going to Hogwarts. Parents are grownups, they are old people.”

“How old were you when you decided to nurse Teddy, and I might add, got engaged, young lady?” asked Molly.

“Sixteen,” said Ginny. This was not an unfamiliar conversation. “Way too young. Our children better be A LOT OLDER when they get married!”

“It looks like we are going to take a trip to Diagon Alley,” said Harry.

“This would be a good shopping trip for just Teddy and the two of you,” said Molly. “I’ll watch the children for you.”

So a week later Harry and Ginny took Teddy to Diagon Alley to get his supplies for Hogwarts.

First Harry and Ginny took Teddy to a stationary shop, to get parchment, pens and quills. Hogwarts was gradually being modernized, but all beginning students were expected to learn how to write essays with quills and ink on parchment. As they moved into the upper grades they could begin to use laptop computers and printers, along with magic, to produce their essays. Since this was Teddy’s first year they got him a book bag to hold all of his paper and writing instruments.

Madam Malkin’s Robes was still in business, and Harry and Ginny took Teddy in to get every day and dress robes. Harry was an occasion customer; he had to get dress robes for the Wizengamot sessions. He and Arthur had all the law enforcements officials, and in fact anyone who occasionally had to come in contact with Muggles, wearing Muggle clothes, but robes were still worn by many of the more conservative witches and wizards.

They then went to Ollivander’s. Ollie Ollivander was the great grandson of the Ollivander who had sold Harry his wand. He had been traveling learning from other wand makers at the start of the problems with Tom Riddle, and had not come back until after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Young Mr. Ollivander had the tape measure with silver markings, and started to measure Teddy. Harry was amused to see that, just like when he got his first wand, the tape went on measuring Teddy long after Ollivander went to get wands. Young Ollivander seemed to go at the business of finding a wand with a little more science than his great grandfather had. He had two wands out of each of a large number of woods, and had Teddy try each of them. He seemed to settle on mahogany right away, and then went to the various magical substances inside. He finally had several wands made of mahogany with dragon heart strings inside, of various lengths. Teddy liked several of them, but all at once he picked up one, twelve and a half inches long, a little thicker and heavier than the normal wand, stiff not flexible at all. “Wow, dad,” said Teddy. “This feels right!” Teddy shot sparks out the end. He waved it up and down.

“It will take a lot of practice to control that wand, Teddy,” said young Ollivander.

“I’ll spend as much time as it takes,” said Teddy. “This wand feels right!”

“That’s what we are looking for,” said Ollivander. “You have a very powerful wand.”

Old Mr. Ollivander came slowly into the room. He was obviously very old and not in very good health. “I had to see Harry Potter again,” he said. “Mahogany! Reminds me of your father’s wand, Harry, but this is stiffer, more powerful but harder to control. Good for Auror work, if you can learn how to control it. Good for duels.”

“Satisfied?” asked Harry of Teddy and both Ollivanders.

“I’ll work hard to learn to control this wand, dad,” said Teddy. “I want to be a good Auror, and I want to make you and mum and my dead mum and dad real proud of me.”

The went and purchased a cauldron, scales and a telescope, then went to the Apothecary to purchase the standard set of beginning ingredients for first year Hogwarts students. Harry and Ginny had all the ingredients and more in the basement potion room, but not so neatly packaged. While they were there Harry purchased a couple of ingredients that he used for making the mapping papers. There were only two other wizards in the world that were equal to Harry in making mapping papers, one in North America, one in China. Harry was still making some of the mapping paper, for any real difficult maps. Harry knew he they needed to train a few more people to be good at making the mapping paper, but for some reason it was not easy.

They finally went to Flourish and Blotts to pick up school books. Teddy knew that Aunt Hermione was helping to update the text books, but he was surprised when they actually went to purchase the books. There was “ Beginning Defense against the Dark Arts” by Sidney Stanford and Hermione R.G. Weasley, “Beginning Potions” by Hermione R.G. Weasley and T.T. Chang, “Beginning Transfigurations” by Minerva McGonagall and Hermione R.G. Weasley. The charms text book had not been updated, but the Muggle studies book was a paperback book, with a ‘preliminary’ on the front, by several people including, of course Hermione R.G. Weasley.

Ginny asked, “Have you changed your mind about a pet?”

“No” said Teddy. “My life is already too confusing. I can use a school owl to write to you. I don’t really want a pet.”

The morning of September First Harry, Ginny and their children got up early, ate breakfast, and then piled into Harry’s car to drive to the New Burrow. Once they were there they picked up Teddy and his trunk. Teddy kissed Arthur and Molly, then hugged and kissed Grandma Tonks. Ginny watched as, after Teddy got in the car, Andromeda Tonks turned to Molly and broke down in tears. Ginny found out later that the tears were a mix of joy and sorrow, joy that Teddy was growing up to be such a fine young man, mixed emotions as she remembered sending Dora off to Hogwarts, and sorrow because she was going to miss his presence, his giving her a little “Good Morning Grandma” kiss in the morning, his giving her a little “Good Night Grandma” kiss at night.

Teddy was of course excited, but Harry and Ginny thought that their boys were almost as excited. Harry and Ginny took their crew through to platform nine and three-quarters early, got Teddy on the train before the bulk of the families had come, and had left before most of the families had come, mostly for security.

“I was sorted into Gryffindor,” Teddy’s first letter read. “I think a third of the students were born outside England. Some had families that left because of the troubles, and others came because of all the good things that are happening here.”

One letter started with, “Some of my classmates think I am lying when I say I am part of your family. Everybody knows who you are, Dad, and I get kidded a lot about making up things about you and the rest of the family.”

Harry was at the Dumbledore’s Army meetings six to eight times a school year. Almost all of the new Aurors and many of the other law enforcement type employees of the Ministry of Magic came from the students who were members of the DA club, and Harry wanted to encourage the members. You could not join until your fourth year, so of course Teddy was not at the meeting, but one fall day Harry came to Hogwarts early enough to have dinner with the staff, and then went down to greet Teddy, who was sitting with the other Gryffindor students.

“Hello, Teddy,” Harry said.

“Hello, Dad,” Teddy said.

“How do you like Hogwarts so far?” Harry asked.

“I really like it, but I miss James, and Al, and Lily,” Teddy said.

“Mum and I read all your letters to them, after we have read them first,” Harry said. “We want to make sure you are not writing anything inappropriate for young ears.”

“Like the things he writes to his girlfriend,” one of the other students said. “BEAUTIFUL Victoire!”

“She’s a cousin, sort of,” Teddy said, getting real red. “She is just closer to my age than most of the other cousins, and she is sort of my best friend.”

Most of the students knew that Teddy was connected in some way with Harry Potter, but Teddy was grateful that Harry met him and talked to him, in full view of the other students.

The middle of September Ginny and Hermione and the entourage that usually accompanied them, including Sue Shook and her daughter Sheryl, plus another Auror couple at a distance, went to a Muggle park with the children. There was a big pond, and a lot of little boats in the pond.

One young boy was having a lot of trouble with his boat, and eventually it floated away from him and he had no way to get it back. There was no wind, so it would not drift to shore. He was getting quite upset, and but finally you could see the boat slowly drift towards the nearest shore, almost as if magic was pushing it.

The boat was almost where the little boy could touch it when Ursula Umbridge showed up, walked up to Albus, and said, “STOP IT!”

Albus sat down, folded his arms, and shut his eyes.

“STOP IT!” Ursula shouted again. By this time the little boy had gotten his boat.

Al looked at Ursula and asked politely, “Stop what?”

People were starting to look at Ursula. Ginny went up to her and said, “Just who is making a scene?”

Ursula whispered, “You have to stop your son from doing magic.”

“I didn’t see any magic, Mssssssss Umbridge,” Ginny scowled.

Ursula Umbridge left, but the next day they received an official looking parchment about Albus’s use of magic.

When Ginny showed Albus the parchment he said, “No one could tell! The boat just sort of drifted back.”

“I know,” Ginny said. “You need to be careful, but as long as no one can tell that someone is doing magic I do not see what their problem is.”

Albus Potter was continuing to get more and more capable of manipulating things at a distance. He started to work on light switches. He needed to be very subtle to turn lights on and off without messing up the electricity. Before he was three he could easily turn lights on and off. He could also pass almost anything on a table using his mind and levitating things. There did not seem to be any problem with Al using magic in and around Grimmauld Place or at the New Burrow property. The problem was in Al using magic in Muggle space.

In October of 2010, when Al was just over three years old, the Potter family had another run in with the Department for the Control of Underage Magic. They were in a Muggle restaurant, and Al ended up using magic to pass food several times. He also turned the lights up with magic. Ursula went to the restaurant as soon as she realized that underage magic was being done, but instead of a confrontation she just carefully recorded everything that Albus had done.

The next day Ursula demanded a meeting with Albus, Harry and Ginny. That evening Ursula and her assistant came over and read the riot act to Albus and the Potters, detailing all the magic that was leaking out of Albus, and all the little things he had done in the restaurant.

Albus sat quietly listening to all this. He then turned to his parents and said, “I try to be careful.”

“Do your best to control your magic in Muggle spaces, Al,” Harry said.

“He is not allowed to use ANY MAGIC at his age!” Ursula shouted.

“We are not stifling his talents, Ms. Umbridge,” Harry said. “We will make sure he confines any intentional magic to well shielded spaces.”

“He DOES do magic that he is not allowed to do,” Ursula shouted.

“Pure blooded children have been allowed to do magic in their own homes for as long as anyone could remember,” Harry said. “The reason for the law has more to do with keeping magic hidden from Muggles than anything else.”

“THAT’S NOT HOW THE LAW READS!” Ursula shouted.

“That’s how it has been interpreted,” Harry said. “This meeting is over.” Harry got up and escorted a fuming Ursula and her assistant to the fireplace so they could floo home.

For the next two months Ginny received a letter every week from Ursula complaining about Albus and his use of magic. Sometimes there was an incident mentioned, and about half the time Albus had done some magic, but never outside the family property in front of a Muggle. The letters were always addressed to Ginny, and every time she read them she became angry at the pettiness of the letters.

Harry was in his office at the Ministry when Mary Lou Creevey ran in and said, “Ginny and Ursula Umbridge are having a big fight in the atrium, and they want you down there RIGHT NOW!”

Harry ran down to see the two ladies yelling at each other. Ursula had little bats coming out of her nose, but she was still yelling at Ginny. Someone was physically restraining each of the two enraged women.


“NO!” yelled Ginny.


Ginny waved her wand and the Bat Bogey hex was canceled.


“Where?” Harry asked. “Where does Albus do magic in front of a Muggle?”

“JEAN GRANGER!” Ursula yelled. “It’s not natural for a Muggle to teach a witch and a wizard. The houses are so shielded that I don’t know what is going on, but I know it’s WRONG!”

“It doesn’t seem to be doing Albus much harm,” Ginny said.

“It is ALL WRONG!” Ursula said. “He’s the son of a half-breed and a sports bimbo, and he has more magic in him than any of the other children we are watching. IT’S WRONG!”

SPORTS BIMBO??!!” shouted Ginny.

Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand and whispered rather loudly, “Let her rant! She is hurting herself.”

Ginny looked at Harry like she was about to explode, her face almost as red as her hair. “Sports Bimbo, Sports Bimbo,” she silently mouthed. Ginny tried to breathe deeply to control her temper, but she was so angry she was shaking.

“Where is Lily?” Harry asked.

Mitzi said, “Harriet has. Is too dangerous two angry witches fighting. Gets Harriet to take.”

“Thank you, Mitzi,” Harry said. He turned to Ursula and said, “If you are still spouting this Pure Bloods nonsense you had better stop. We just fought a war about that, remember.”

“My family has been Pure Bloods and worked for the Ministry for as long as anyone can remember, and … OTHER … witches and wizards are becoming our bosses. It is not FAIR.”

Ursula turned to a young wizard that was trying to calm her down, very similar to the way Harry was trying to calm Ginny down. Ursula turned to him and yelled, “YOU! You were going to get a big promotion, and instead you are still just a patrolman for the DMLE! Working for that WEASEL! GETTING MARRIED IS TAKING FOREVER! IT IS NOT FAIR!”

The young man said, “It is not the Ministry that is keeping us from getting married. It is that both families want us to live in a Pure-Blood neighborhood, and neither the Crabbe nor the Umbridge families have been exactly above board when it comes to some of their financial dealings over the last few years, so getting us a house is taking time.”

Ursula glowered at the young man. “Charley Crabbe, do you want to live in poverty? Do you want both sides of the family mad at us? It is bad enough that the sports bimbo is mad at me. I don’t want our mothers and aunts mad at us too!”

By this time Arthur was in the Atrium of the Ministry. He looked at Ursula and Charley and said, “Both of you are dismissed for the day. Charley, stay with her. That’s an order from your boss. Ursula, stay with Charley and listen to him. That’s an order.”

Harry saw Charley quietly mouth, “Thank you,” to Arthur as he escorted Ursula to a floo.

Harry said to Ginny, “Let us pick up Lily and head home.” He looked to his father-in-law for confirmation, and Arthur nodded his affirmation.

The next Sunday at the family gathering George asked Ginny, “How is the Sports Bimbo doing?” That got him ten minutes of Ginny yelling at him while bat bogeys were coming out of his nose. No one from the family ever called her a Sports Bimbo again.

The letters slowed down to less than once in two weeks, but did not stop. The Potters went to a Muggle restaurant about twice a month, and for the next year there were continual discussions with the Department for the Control of Underage Magic as Albus learned how to control his magic in Muggle spaces.

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