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Harry felt the bullet hit his Magical Kevlar vest. It HURT. He was going to have a bruise, that was certain.

Harry saw that Belinda had won a duel with one more of the fifteen attackers before noticing that the rest of the witches and wizards were confused, all without wands. Harry did a quick binding spell on all fifteen of the enemy that had gotten inside.

Harry took a quick look at his map. There were a large number of Aurors and several house elves outside, and the situation seemed to be under control.

Ginny was healing one person in the room with Sectumsempra cuts.

Outside the door the wizards confronted at least thirty dark witches and wizards. Fifteen disappeared inside the building. Just after they did the defenders heard Crack, Whack, Crack, Whack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Whack, Whack, Whack.

Meanwhile Aurors and the dark witches and wizards were throwing spells. In a couple of minutes everything was over. About a dozen witches or wizards had tried to throw the killing curse, and first Dobedo and then 2 other elves had brutally severed a leg and taken their wands in a blinding attack, leaving 9 without a leg and one without either leg. Meanwhile because one of the wizards was using the Sectumsempra curse and not throwing an unforgivable curse, the elves had not taken him out. He had cursed 8 Aurors and 4 other people who had just come to pay their respects, especially nasty cuts. Finally two of the Aurors had taken him out, and the large number of other Aurors had finished securing and disarmed the other dark witches and wizards. Kingsley Shacklebolt was one of the injured, although he was also one of the two wizards who had taken out the wizard throwing the Sectumsempra cuts.

Fawkes had appeared as soon as the attack was over, and he was some help in healing wounds, but he was no use in healing Sectumsempra cuts.

By the time Harry got outside everything was over. Harry had the Aurors modify the memories of any Muggle standing around, and made sure all the wounded were transported to St. Mungo’s as soon as possible. Ginny came outside to start to cure Sectumsempra cuts, but she was pretty rusty from not practicing the spells for years. Harry called Hermione and Sidney Stanford and asked them to go to St. Mungo’s to heal the Sectumsempra cuts, since both of them had practiced recently. .

Harry went back inside to see what had happened. All fifteen of the attackers were still bound. Harry had two wands. He looked around for the other wands. As he did he saw that one of the attackers was dead.

“I countered an Avada Kedavra curse, and it must have backfired and killed her,” Belinda said.

“My sympathies,” Harry said. “You didn’t have a choice, but killing is not something most people are proud of, even if it was just a curse that backfired.

“There will be loads of paperwork to fill out, especially when a death is involved.

“Where are the other thirteen wands? Who disarmed these witches and wizards?”

Over in a corner, behind a chair, Albus peered out.

“Where are the rest of the wands?” Harry asked again.

Albus toddled out from behind the chair and dumped thirteen wands at his feet.

Harry walked over to Albus and sat down so his face was even with his son’s. “How did you get these?” Harry gently asked.

“I take wands,” Albus said, looking straight at his father. “They going HURT people. I hide and take wands.”

By this time Teddy and James were standing next to Harry.

“You hid?” James said. “You so are sneaky. You are going to be in Slytherin for sure.”

“AM NOT,” Albus said.

“How did you take the wands?” asked Harry.

Albus held out his hand. A wand levitated from the floor, flew to the other end of the room, then back to the pile on the floor again.

“I take wands real fast! I real scared!” Albus said.

About this time several people rushed into the room, including Ginny, Kingsley who was limping but not bleeding, a couple of Aurors, and two witches from the Department for the Control of Underage Magic.

“How did you capture fifteen of these?” Kingsley asked. “Who was here to fight?”

“Belinda, Ginny and me, and the children,” Harry said. “It helped that thirteen of the fifteen were disarmed within a minute or so of getting in.”

“Whoever did that deserved an Order of Merlin, that’s for sure!” Kingsley exclaimed.

“I have to?” asked Al, looking for all the world like he was terrified he was going to be punished. “Is it a bad punish? I scared.”

“Do you have to what?” asked Harry.

“Order Merlin, is bad punish for doing magic not supposed to do?” asked a very concerned Albus.

“You took thirteen wands?” Kingsley Shacklebolt, Ginny and the two people from The Department for the Control of Underage Magic said at the same time.

“I sorry,” Albus said.

“I’m not the least bit sorry, Albus!” Harry exclaimed. “You probably saved all of our lives!”

“From being dead?” asked Albus.

“From being dead,” Harry said.

“But he’s underage!” one of the witches from the Department for the Control of Underage Magic, Ursula Umbridge, said.


Ursula said, “I know Albus has been doing under age magic since he was born. He was just too young to correct. IT HAS TO STOP!”

“WE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED IF ALBUS HADN’T SUMMONED THOSE WANDS!” Ginny yelled as she waved her wand inches from Ursula’s nose.

Kingsley turned to the two witches from the Department for the Control of Underage Magic, and said, “It is probably best if you go. This is hardly a case for your department.”

Two fuming witches went back to the Ministry.

Ginny started to pace, trying to control her anger, Mitzi frantically trying to keep her from falling. Everybody gave Ginny plenty of room.

“You disarmed thirteen wizards?” Kingsley asked Albus.

“Not arms, just wands,” Albus said. “Just wands,” pointing to the thirteen wands at his feet.

Only fifteen minutes had transpired between the start of the attack and the bulk of the witches and wizards clearing the scene. Kingsley and the Aurors took all the captured witches and wizards, and about three forty visiting commenced as if nothing had happened. It took the better part of the next week to heal the Muggle with the worst Sectumsempra cut, and get an explanation for why she had this nasty looking scar on her arm.

Harry stayed with the boys at the funeral home, not in line but aside for the rest of the hour talking with his staff. Teddy and James stepped up and stood in line where Harry was, letting everybody know that Harry was busy with important business but that they, his godson and oldest son, were standing in line for him. Teddy was almost old enough to carry it off, and James was always proud to be Harry Potter’s oldest son, and all things considering they did a good job. Many people remarking how cute they were. Albus stayed by Harry’s side, quietly listening to everything going on.

In all the confusion 3:45 PM passed and before you knew it 4:00 PM had arrived. Dudley said to Harry quietly, “I would just as soon not say anything,” and Harry and Dudley arraigned for everyone but the immediate family to be escorted out.

Once all non-family had left, Harry took Dudley aside. “Dudley, I understand not being able to find words to say about your Dad. Just remember he gave you, life, be thankful for that and that if you do everything opposite that he did, you’ll be a good man, awesome husband, and loving father.” Dudley looked at Harry smiled and just nodded. They looked at each other, and then the cousins hugged.

It was just after 4:00 PM Ginny, Lily and an Auror escort arrived back at the funeral home. The family plus two Auror escorts got into Harry’s car and joined the half hour drive to the grave site, in line with the other cars and the vehicle carrying the body.

Ginny said to Harry after they were in the car, “We did not lose anyone, but I am very glad you had Sidney, Hermione and I go to St. Mungo’s. They needed all of us. The wizard who caused the cuts modified the spell so they are especially nasty and hard to heal cuts, and they will leave scars. Everyone will have scars, some real nasty ones. At least I understand they caught the wizard who caused them.”

Harry said, “France and areas surrounding France have had a continual problem with this wizard, and they are glad he is caught. The wizards came from all over Europe, so the number of wizards that dark must not be that large. We hope we have a significant number of them.

“Dobedo and the other two house elf Aurors have been practicing defending against the AK curse, and with a lot of both practice and some magic have it so if more than one witch or wizard is trying to use it all of them appear at the same place, and as soon as the spell is started they appear next to a leg and whack it real hard. It is more than practice, although there is a lot of that. From what I understand none of the witches or wizards even finished the first word of the AK curse before they were down.”

“I’m still shaking, Harry,” said Ginny. “I hoped we were through fighting dark wizards.”

“It’s been years since we have had an attack, but I’m glad I was worried and had extra security,” said Harry. “We are never going to be totally free of bad people. Albus, you really did save lives when you took those wands.”

“Did the Aurors help save our lives too?” asked Teddy.

“Yes they did, and some of them got hurt,” said Harry. “It’s dangerous being an Auror, but it is a job that needs to be done.”

“I’m going to be a brave Auror, just like you and my mum, when I grow up,” said Teddy.

“I’m going to play Quidditch and be famous,” said James. “What are you going to be, Al? With a middle name like Severus you will probably be in Slytherin, cause you’re sneaky.”

“Will not,” said Al. “Want be good and brave.”

One of the Auror escorts drove, and Harry spent about half the drive conferring with people working on the attack.

In the end no one said anything over Vernon when he was lowered into the ground. Teddy asked if that was what they did to his parents, and Harry said not in exactly the same way, but yes, his parents’ bodies were placed in caskets and buried in the ground.

Everybody then went back to Dudley and Belinda’s place, where there were several house elves serving people but other house elves and goblins attending the little gathering. Harry parked his car in the garage and the family went over to the party from their house because it was in the same block. Harry had been told that there was really nothing he could add to the investigation right then, but they did want him in the office the next morning.
Aunt Marge and Petunia were in a corner of the living room. The floor had been changed so it was all a big living room, with no dining room. A house elf came up to them and said, “Sorry Mr. Dursley, Dudley’s father, dead. Dudley good boss human, gives us moneys not just work.”

Petunia didn’t say anything, although with her gestures she acknowledged the little creature.

Marge said, “What kind of an ugly creature are you?”

The elf looked at Petunia, who said, “He is an elf.”

Marge said, “PETUNIA, you cannot believe in all that balderdash, elves and goblins and wizards. Vernon would have none of that, and I won’t either. He’s a dwarf, an ugly human being but a human.”

Petunia saw food and drinks being levitated and rather obvious magic all around, but apparently Marge saw none of it.

Early on Dudley got up and said, “We did not have anything religious, because of my father’s beliefs, or lack of believing in anything. However, since we are at our house and not at a Funeral Home or in public, I would like Fr. Jack Lewis to say a brief prayer.

Fr. Lewis started, “Lord, we thank you for this food and hospitality. Please …”

Before Fr. Lewis could get any further Marge yelled, “STOP THIS SUPERSTISIOUS NONSENSE! DURSLEY’S DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP!”

Several wands were waved in Marge’s direction, and her yelling died within inches of her mouth.

“Stop this praying crap!” Marge said to Petunia, who was the only one who could still hear Marge.

“Why?” asked Petunia. “I went to church with my mum and dad.”

For the rest of her time at Fifteen Grimmauld Place Marge was haranguing Petunia about Dudley and how she had failed to educate him and how dumb it was if he was going to church.

One person after another complimenting Dudley and Harry and saying how much better the company was running and how they could see Vernon was getting less healthy. A number of people said the same thing to Petunia or Marge, which both women took as attacks on themselves.

As quickly as he could Harry took both women back to Petunia’s place. Petunia did make an effort to tell Harry they should have treated him better, but this caused another huge argument between Petunia and Marge.

After Harry left with Petunia and Marge, Dudley announced that they were going to be having a proper magical wedding in California.

The next morning the headline in the Daily Prophet read ‘ATTACK AT POTTER FAMILY FUNERAL. Little Albus Severus Potter saves his family.

The story of a little boy with so much magical power that he could summon 13 wands spread quickly throughout the magical world. All the older cousins were very aware of the stories, and they said just enough while James was around to make him even more jealous of Albus.

There was no way to deny the story, because it was true. The Potters and everybody close to them just didn’t say anything more about the attack or Albus, and eventually the public furor died down.

Harry did find out which Auror told the story to the Prophet. She and all the Aurors were reminded to keep any details about the personal lives of any of the Ministry officials, especially the Potter and Weasley families, private.

That afternoon Harry and his staff met. Joey Middy said, “Harry, they were after Albus. No wonder he was scared.”

“They were after Albus?” Harry asked.

“Dennis Creevey said, “Three of the attackers could pick out Albus from a group of photographs, and they had been given instructions to kill him. One of them said some ‘King of the Dementors’ character was behind it.”

Joey said, “I found out that several of the attackers had been in prisons guarded by Dementors. In looking at their histories it seems that every one of the attackers was at one time or another in a prison guarded by Dementors.”

Harry instructed not to tell anyone that the attack was aimed at Albus. He didn’t want to give any dark wizards any ideas.

Later on that week Kingsley had Harry come into his office. Harry was surprised to find Carrow and Warwick Croaker in the office.

Kingsley said, “The Croaker brothers are in the Department of Mysteries. There is a certain amount of mystery surrounding the Order of Merlin. It has to be voted on by the Wizengamot, but it also has to be confirmed by the Department of Mysteries. The Order can be confirmed first in the Department of Mysteries, and then the Wizengamot just votes to award it.

“Albus’s name has appeared as a candidate for awarding the Order of Merlin. We do not think it is proper to give such a young child the order, despite what he did at The Battle of the Funeral. However, if he ever does get awarded The Order of Merlin for something else, his actions at The Battle will show up, and any new Order will be his second.

“We are asking that you agree with our decision, and to keep this secret.”

Harry asked, “Can you disagree with the Department of Mysteries?”

Carrow said, “Sometimes, but not in this.”

Harry said, “I will tell Ginny, but no one else.”

Warwick said, “Thank you. This is a most unusual situation.”

Harry did tell Ginny, and they both pondered what this might mean. Albus was an unusual child.

It was a week after the Battle at the Funeral, as the Aurors were calling it. Harry had gathered all the Aurors together, along with a substantial part of the rest of the DMLE, and they were going over what had happened. Hermione and Angelina were also there.

“One of our Aurors was hit by a bullet,” Harry said. “Would the Magical Kevlar Armor have prevented his injury? It kept me from getting more than a bad bruise.”

Angelina said, “Of course, the armor would have prevented more than a bruise.”

“Was everyone using their armor?” asked Harry.

There was an uncomfortable silence around the room.

“Raise your hand if you wore your armor,” Harry said. Most of the Aurors raised their hands, but just over half of the other people in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement did. Kingsley did not raise his hand.

“Do we know what spells were cast?” asked Harry.

There was a fairly exhaustive list of spells thrown. Finally Harry asked “How many of these spells would have been deflected by the armor?”

Hermione and Ron were the experts on the Armor, as well as Seamus Finnigan and Angelina Weasley from WWW. All three said that most of the spells including the Sectumsempra spell would have been either shielded or at least reduced if the Aurors had been wearing the armor. Seamus said that they were still working on improving the armor. Harry talked to Arthur and Kingsley, and they immediately issued an order that everyone in the DMLE would be issued Magical Kevlar Armor and that anytime they were going to arrest or protect anyone they would be wearing armor. “I am certainly going to do what I am ordering you to do,” said Harry. “From now on my armor is going to be going home with me, and when I am in the office or out my armor will be on.”

Kingsley Shacklebolt announced that in the future he would have armor on under his robes or as part of the Muggle clothes he would be wearing.

There was then some discussion on how they were going to implement a Magical/Muggle radio system like some of the police and army units used. This was more of a work in progress, but they were making progress on it.

After everybody else was gone Harry, Hermione, Ron and Angelina had a meeting. Ron said, “Harry, we need to keep George away from supplying Auror equipment.”

“Why?” asked Harry.

“He likes fun and jokes too much,” said Angelina. “He is a lot of fun to be around, but when you need to be totally serious he can be infuriating, very hard to keep on track.”

“What do you suggest?” asked Harry.

“We want to start another company,” said Ron. “We want it owned by and run by Angelina. I am going to become a partner, if it is OK with you, and I want to be a part time Auror so I can spend a lot of time on this. I am not going to work at WWW except maybe a little on a couple of the busiest days of the years. I’m still going to watch the profit margins, though! We have talked to Bill and we all agree that because of who you are it is probably best if you do not have any of the ownership. Actually Hermione and I are going to both be owners so she can work on spells.”

“That makes sense to me,” said Harry. “What does George say about it?”

Angelina said, “He told me, ‘I don’t really like serious stuff anyway’ when we proposed it. I think he is OK with it. We will keep both operations at the same place, with my store in a hidden area that you can only get into when you show that you are an Auror or someone else authorized by a legitimate Ministry of Magic.”

“What are you going to call it?” asked Harry.

“Angelina’s Angel Armor,” said Hermione. “We intend to do a lot more than the armor. Who owns the bulldozer?”

“Grainger and Grunt,” said Harry. “They use the bulldozer for normal construction. It’s only been used for getting into areas guarded by hard to penetrate wards a couple of times. Forget the bulldozer.”

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