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Saturday morning Harry and Ginny made sure they were downstairs before breakfast. The boys had a chance to play, rammed around with their brooms for a brief while, and then got cleaned up and dressed in their new suits. Ginny looked at her four men. Harry had put on a few pounds the first year when he was starting to be an Auror, partly making up for loosing weight when they were on the run and partly muscle, but had not put on a pound since. He was still very thin and very good looking, she thought, with a few strands of gray in his messy black hair, giving him a little gravitates to counter his still youthful appearance.

Ginny looked at herself. She was about 135 pounds, heavier by 35 pounds than when she was married. She still had a moderately thin waist, sort of back again after her third baby. She was significantly bigger around on top, mostly because she was nursing, but most of the weight was on her hips and on the tummy that looked like she was a woman who had born children. She remembered what she was told when she found out she was pregnant with James; she was never going to look like a teenager again.

They met Dudley and Belinda, Petunia and Aunt Marge, and the two Dunning cousins and their wives for lunch. They were also joined by Belinda’s parents, which was a surprise, and the four Aurors plus Dobedo.

After they arrived Aunt Marge looked at Harry and Ginny and the family critically. “Still a skinny little thing,” she said as she looked at Harry. “Is this your wife? She’s a little thing. How old is he?” pointing to Teddy.

“Teddy is ten,” said Harry.

“Got your little wife pregnant before you were even out of school? Does not surprise me,” said Aunt Marge.

“Teddy Lupin is my god-son,” said Harry. “Both his parents were killed when he was less than a month old, and we have been a big part of his care since.”

Ginny looked at Aunt Marge Dursley and said, “No one made him sleep in a cupboard or wear badly fitting hand me down clothes, like that brother of yours did to SIR Harry Potter, O.B.E

“Balderdash, all this Lord and honors, bunch of lies,” Marge responded. “Breeding like flies,” she said as she looked at the children.

“Your aunt is every bit as charming as you told me she would be,” said Ginny. “I had no idea she would be this much of a bitch.”

“Don’t you call me a witch!” said Aunt Marge.

“Belinda and her mother are witches. I would not honor you by calling you a witch, I called you a BITCH,” said Ginny.

“Ginny, Aunt Marge, stop it!” said Harry. “You two need to at least be civil to each other. Aunt Marge, be careful getting on Ginny’s bad side. Her brothers were scared of her ability to curse them, and in the Ministry they are scared of her for cursing a witch who tried to make time with me.

“Ginny, behave yourself.”

Both women looked at each other with distain, but at least stopped talking to each other.

All the people sat down for lunch, and Dudley stood up. He and Harry had gone over what he was going to say. “Thank you all for coming,” said Dudley. He then introduced everyone, introducing Harry as ‘Sir Harry Potter, O.B.E.’. After the introductions he said “Grunnings was started by my great grand-father. He had three children, two sons and a daughter. My cousins are the sons of his sons, and my grandfather married Mr. Grunnings’ daughter. Grunnings was passed on to the next generation with one sibling buying out the others. My father followed this pattern and bought out Aunt Marge.

“Neither of my cousins had family that wanted to become part of Grunnings, so we needed to buy them out, and neither dad nor I had anything near enough money. Meanwhile we had a hidden division of Grunnings that was making a lot of money making parts for the Wizarding world. I approached Sir Harry, who has plenty of money, and his management company purchased two-thirds of Grunnings.

“Shortly after that Harry, his brother-in-law and business partner Bill Weasley and I started a company, Dursley, Potter, and Weasley, to make a lot of other parts using magic as well as non-magic technology. I need to tell all of you that because a lot of the people who are going to be coming to our visiting are employees of Dursley, Potter and Weasley.

“Aunt Marge, be nice to Harry. Bill Weasley and I are minority partners, and Harry is the one who owns over half of all the companies.

“Sir Harry O.B.E. is also a hero who has enemies, which is why the four security people are here. The only way into the funeral home is through the front door, and everybody is going to be checked.

“From 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. Harry’s family and a few other witches and wizards are going to be here. Public visiting starts at 2:00 and about 3:45 Aunt Marge and I will be saying a few words. At about four we will leave for the grave yard, just the people here, except for the cousins who want to go home, and when we are done we will be coming back to our house for a light dinner.”

Petunia did not visibly react when Dudley spoke, but inside her stomach was churning. Dudley was as much as saying that the success of the company, the success of HER son, was as much due to Lily’s son as to HER husband. She was never going to escape Lily.

Aunt Marge looked at Harry when she learned that he owned two-thirds of Grunnings, and if looks could kill Harry would have been dead. As they were getting up from lunch Marge said to Harry, “Is that the gratitude Vernon got from you after he sacrificed all those years taking care of you, no thought of any return. He gave you clothes and food and a place to sleep and what did he get? Nothing! Nothing, but an ungrateful nephew in return.”

Harry looked at Marge and said, “He got seven hundred pounds a month from the first month I was there until I turned eighteen, even when I wasn’t living with them. That is eight thousand four hundred pounds a year, one hundred and forty two thousand eight hundred pounds over the years. I know. I saw the figures. And he deposited the money every month! And what did I get in return. Hand me down clothes, and a closet under the stairs to sleep in. I never had enough to eat. Did he keep the funds separate? Did one farthing of that one hundred and forty two thousand eight hundred pounds ever come back to me?”

Harry glared at Marge, who responded with, “It’s a lie. I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true,” Petunia Dursley said, and she hated Harry even more for letting someone know how much of Harry’s money they had gotten over the years. She wasn’t about to give any of it back. She needed it, and Harry didn’t, and if some of it was Lily’s money Lily owed her that. Here Harry was being magnanimous and she and Vernon looked greedy and Lily had won again.

Dudley said, “Gee, Harry. I didn’t know that. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. I’m really glad you are here. Mum, Aunt Marge, you ought to at least thank Harry for not trying to get some of that money back. His family really was generous to us.”

Aunt Marge was just going to ignore the Potter’s generosity. All she cared about was that Dudley was family and Harry was not and she hated Harry and his whole family.

Aunt Marge knew how she wanted everyone to stand. She was going to be first, as Vernon’s sister, then Petunia. Dudley was next, and she was going to have to let that Belinda person stand next to her Dudley. Dudley insisted that Harry and Ginny, Ginny wearing Lily, the boys standing around, stand next to him. The cousins and their wives were not going to be in the formal reception line, but would still be there, at least for some of the visiting, although they did indicate they would probably leave before the very end of the visiting.

The Weasleys’ arrived promptly at 1:00 PM. First in line were Arthur and Molly Weasley. They introduced themselves. Aunt Marge looked at Molly and said, “Strange outfit.” Molly was wearing a nice witches robe. Arthur was wearing what seemed to be a nice Muggle suit, although it did not hang quite right on him. Aunt Marge just gave Arthur a disdainful look.

Arthur and Molly were holding hands as they approached Petunia. Molly said, “We are sorry for you that Vernon has passed away.”

‘Sorry for me,’ thought Petunia. ‘Not sorry for Harry. I can’t escape being judged by this awful’ looking at Arthur’s suit ‘lower class bunch of people.’

Molly gave Dudley and Belinda a big hug, and Petunia could see the physical signs of affection being exchanged between the couples. It struck her as both lower class and … she wanted to be touched and she hated being touched. She did not like how this visiting was starting out.

Bill, Fleur and their children were next, Victoria, eight, Dominique, six, and Louis, four. Bill had a really sharp looking dark blue suit on that he wore when meeting with Muggle bankers and business men. He still had an earring (although one of his less flashy one) and the suit was moderately flashy. Fleur was wearing one of her more modest white dresses, so she only looked spectacular, as did the girls. Louis was one of the most handsome four year olds you could ever see, with beautiful blond hair and a face that reminded Harry and Ginny just how much Bill lost when his face was shredded.

Marge took one look at Bill and said, “What happened to you?”

“My face was shredded by a wolf,” said Bill.

“He was protecting uzzer people,” said Fleur, a slight French accent still audible. “He is a hero!”

“Married a foreigner. English girls not good enough for you?” said Marge, giving Fleur a disdainful look. “Looks like a slut to me.”

Bill briefly looked shocked, then he stated, said, “Harry warned me about you, but I had no idea.”

“I see you are raising your girls to be the same type of woman,” said Marge with the same look on her face.

“I would hope they would be as nice as their mother, and excellent students like their mother, who was first in her class at school,” said Bill.

Fleur swept her children around Aunt Marge with the kind of distain that you would expect from a noble French woman, Fleur went directly to Petunia, introducing herself. “I am Fleur Weasley. My husband is partners with your son Dudley and with Harry Potter, and we enjoy working with Dudley and Belinda. You are very lucky with your son and daughter-in-law.”

Petunia just nodded, but did not make any motion to hug Fleur or shake her hand. Fleur lingered just the proper amount of time, and then went to express her condolences to Dudley and Belinda.

Bill just said, “Bill Weasley, Mrs. Dursley.” When he didn’t get an answer he just went on to Dudley and Belinda.

Percy, Audrey and their girls were next, all dressed in their finest wizard robes. Aunt Marge just kind of looked at their outfits in distain.

Charlie was next. Marge asked “What kind of an outfit is that?” looking at Charlie’s dragon skin clothes.

“Dragon skin,” said Charlie. “I’m a dragon keeper.”

“Don’t lie to me,” said Aunt Marge.

“Delightful woman” said Charlie to no one in particular.

Next in line were George and Angelina and their two children, Fred, nine, and Roxanne, seven. They were dressed in WWW outfits; the family had come from the shop and was going back after the visit.

“What kind of an outfit is that?” asked Aunt Marge.

“Always better to be noticed than ignored,” said George. “Uniforms for the store, letting everybody know who we are. George Weasley, proprietor of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, my lovely wife Angelina, and our delightful children Fred and Roxanne, who are also good sales people I might add.”

“My god she’s black!” said Aunt Marge.

“Black and beautiful!” said George. “She’s not a pasty little floozy; she’s my beautiful black …”

“George!” said Angelina to George, then, “Sorry about your brother,” to Aunt Marge. Aunt Marge looked another way and refused to touch Angelina.

As Angelina maneuvered the children around Marge to Petunia George said to Marge, “That woman is the best wife, mother, and business partner I could ever have! Prejudice bastard!”

Petunia wasn’t shaking anyone’s hand or holding anyone. At least she acknowledged Angelina, not being any ruder to her than to anyone else.

Finally Ron and Hermione appeared. Ron was leading Rose, holding her hand, and Hermione was carrying Hugo. Hermione’s mother Jean Granger was with them. They were dressed in very appropriate Muggle clothes. Ron let Hermione take the lead, and she said, “Our sympathies at the death of your brother.”

Arthur and Molly were sitting down, and most of the grandchildren were around them. Rose said something to Ron and then sort of ran over to her cousins. Other than the Potters only the two babies and Teddy were not with Grandma and Grandpa.

Aunt Marge asked Hermione “Is this all one family?”

Hermione said, “Harry’s wife Ginny, her brothers and their wives, and all the grandchildren, all one big and I have to say happy family.”

“That riff-raff my brother hated, having lots of nasty little brats, and you pay your respects to my poor brother by bringing all of them here to bother us,” Marge said.

“Your brother was the one who kept Sir Harry James Potter-Black, holder of the Victoria Cross, locked in a closed under the stairs,” Hermione hissed.

There was a little “wah-wah” from the front of Hermione, and she looked at Hugo and saw the mouth motions that indicated he was hungry.

“Hungry, time to nurse?” Hermione asked.

“WAH-Wah-WAH” said a suddenly very wiggly Hugo.

“Excuse me, this one won’t wait,” Hermione said as she went over to where the rest of the family was sitting, quickly opened the slot in her dress and let Hugo latch on. When Hugo was hungry he would wind up quickly unless he got his food right away.

Ron looked at Hermione, who indicated that he should continue down the line, so he paid his respects to Petunia, leaving Jean Granger standing there. Ginny went over to sit next to Hermione. When she heard Hugo Lily decided she wanted to nurse too.

Jean told Petunia, “I lost my husband just a few years ago. I am very sorry for your loss. It’s a very hard adjustment.”

Petunia looked right at Belinda and said, “Ever since my Dudley married that witch I almost never see him. I never get to see him alone. She’s stolen my son. Now I don’t have a husband or a son.”

Marge said, “Vernon was never like that. He and I used to visit our parents alone. Once Petunia had Dudley she went along some of the time, but Vernon never felt he had to take Petunia along, and she never complained.”

Petunia looked like she was not all that happy with what Marge said, but she didn’t say anything.

Marge looked at the two mothers nursing their children. “Dudley was never fed by that primitive way savages were fed. He was always fed with a modern bottle. He was never as skinny as those poor babies either. I guess that riff-raff just doesn’t use modern healthy ways of feeding babies.”

Jean jumped in with, “For at least two generations the medical establishment has agreed that breast feeding is by far the best way to feed babies. I am surprised that Petunia’s doctors didn’t advise her to nurse.” Jean looked right at Petunia when she said this.

Petunia quietly said, “They did, but everyone in the Dursley family was against it. When we went over to see the grandparents grandma Dursley insisted on feeding Dudley like I wasn’t good enough.”

Marge looked at Jean and said, “You primitive people have your primitive ways, but us modern people know better.”

Jean indignantly said, “My husband and I were dentists, he an oral surgeon, and we were always up to date with the latest medical advances. I still get two medical journals. DON’T YOU TELL ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT?”

Marge was having none of it. “They are EXPOSING THEIR BODIES. It’s not proper. It’s not ladylike.”

Jean replied, “It’s the most natural thing in the world!”

Marge said, “If you are a proper British Lady you don’t put up with any more of that animal stuff than necessary to have children, and you sure don’t do it after you have a child.”

“Have you ever been married?” Jean asked.

“I’ve never let a man violate my body,” Marge said. “I know that Petunia and my brother eventually saw the light and got separate beds.”

“Thank you for coming, Mrs. Granger,” Dudley said, and then quieter said to her, “See why Belinda and I don’t visit Aunt Marge more often. Even Mum’s not really accepting of Belinda.”

“My sympathies to you both,” Jean said.

Harry was standing next to Dudley and Belinda, and he heard the entire conversation.

Following this several other magical families came to pay their respects. About one forty five all the people who were there left, and the group waited for the bulk of the people to show up.

The first hour and fifteen minutes of the open visiting went well. Aunt Marge was as insulting as ever, and many people indicated to Harry that Marge and Vernon seemed to have been cut out of the same cloth.

One of the early visitors was an old man who recognized Aunt Marge. “I’m sorry about your brother, Miss Dursley,” he said as Ginny listened.

“His brilliance supported you and your whole family,” Aunt Marge said. “I hope Grunnings survives his tragic death.”

“Grunnings is surviving, actually doing better than ever,” the elderly man said, “but the real money is in Dursley, Potter and Weasley. Sir Harry Potter is the best thing that ever happened to Dudley, with his investment and brilliant advisors and helpers. How well do you know Sir Harry Potter-Black? He is something of a legion around DPW, even though we don’t see all that much of him.”

“Who?” asked a confused Aunt Marge.

“Harry, Sir Harry Potter-Black? I know he grew up with Dudley. Was he that brilliant as a child?”

“There was nothing brilliant about him as a child,” Aunt Marge said sullenly. “It must all be due to other people.”

“He does have excellent advisors,” the man said. “Did you meet Bill Weasley and his beautiful wife Fleur?”


“Horrible scared face, the most beautiful wife you’ve ever seen. She’s brilliant in finance and runs the Harry and Ginny Potter charities as well.”

“That floozy?”

“She’s no floozy. She’s a brilliant financial mind, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, she and her husband.”

“Balderdash,” Marge replied. “I don’t believe all this Sir Harry bosh. It’s All Lies.”

The old man left Marge and went down the row of people expressing his condolences.

At very close to 3:15 the All Auror Alert sounded. Harry pulled out the map he had made of the area. Just outside the door there were a large number of both Aurors and dark wizards, and from the symbols on the map he could see a huge number were rapidly becoming injured. The four Aurors that had been inside immediately went outside to help, along with Dobedo.

Suddenly about fifteen of the Dark Witches and Wizards came pouring in through the door to the room where the Potter and Dursley families were.

Harry and Ginny both tried to put up shields, and then Harry tried to disarm what he could see was a dangerous and close witch who was pointing a gun at him. Harry disarmed the witch just as he felt a bullet hit him.

The Aurors guarding Harry and his family had gone outside, and somehow all these attackers were inside. There was no way Harry, Ginny and Belinda were going to be able to protect his family.

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