Author's Note: I really have no idea where this little story came from; I have been dealing with writer's block for quite some time now when it comes to my story "Keeping Secrets", but the other day the idea for this first chapter just came to me. I originally intended for this just to be a one-shot, but the first segment wound up being a bit longer than I anticipated. This is a series of what I hope are funny little anecdotes about the Potter childrens' lives (and it's also my first attempt at writing Next-Gen!) Although I know it goes without saying, anything you recognize belongs to the amazing J.K. Rowling. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

“No Mummy, don’t touch it, it hurts!” James Potter whined, cradling his freshly-scraped knee.

“Jamesie, Mummy has to look at it so that she can heal it,” his mother Ginny replied. She tried to remove her son’s hands once more, but the five-year-old squirmed and turned away.

“No Mummy, I don’t want you to heal it! It will hurt!” James protested again.

Ginny sighed. While she loved being a mother, moments like this one were always a bit frustrating. “Sweetie, I want to make it better. It already hurts,” she said calmly.

“I know!” James cried, “And if you touch it, it will hurt even more!” He seemed frustrated with his mother for not understanding something that seemed so obvious to him.

“I’m not even going to touch it,” Ginny replied, trying to reassure him. “Nothing is going to touch it. I’m going to wave my wand and it will heal, all by itself. All I need you to do is take your hands down so that Mummy can cast the Healing Spell”.

Though Ginny had hoped this statement would reassure her son, it actually had the opposite effect, and he recoiled with a gasp. “But spells hurt Mummy! You and Daddy said that magic is dangerous!”

Ginny smiled and shook her head. Her son hardly ever paid attention, but now here he was, using one of the lessons she and Harry had tried to teach him as a weapon against her. “Yes, some spells can hurt, and magic can be dangerous, and that’s why you must always be careful,” she explained. “But this spell is a good spell, and Mummy has had a lot of practice using it. I promise you, it won’t hurt a bit.”

James still seemed uncertain despite his mother’s explanation, but after a moment of quiet contemplation he slowly began to lower his hands from their protective position around his knee.

Ginny smiled and looked down at him for a moment, and then stood upright brought her wand to the ready. “Thank you, James,” she said quietly. “Now, on the count of three, Mummy is going to flick her wand and say the spell, okay?”

Her son hesitated for a moment, but then said “Okay…” somewhat warily. He covered his eyes with his tiny little hands as his mother started counting, but lowered them just as she said “Episkey!” And, although the spell didn’t hurt at all, seeing his knee suddenly repair itself like that started James so much that he howled as though he were in pain anyway.

Even though she realized that this was just her son’s mind playing tricks on him, Ginny still knelt down and tried to calm him, hugging him tightly.

Before she could calm him down, however, the bedroom door burst open with a loud BANG, startling both Ginny and James so much that they jerked involuntarily. Lifting her eyes to find the source of all the commotion, Ginny saw her husband standing in the doorway with his glasses askew, his wand in one hand and their daughter Lily in the other, panting as though he’d just run all the way up the stairs. “Harry, what’s wrong?” she asked with concern.

“I heard James screaming,” he replied, his eyes wide. “I thought…”

As his voice trailed off, Ginny pieced two and two together and fought to keep a huge smile from spreading across her face. “Everything’s okay,” she said with a laugh. “I was just healing a scrape on James’ knee.”

Looking relieved but also slightly embarrassed, Harry said “Oh”, quietly. Then, before he could embarrass himself further, he added, “Well, I’ll just be downstairs if you need me,” and then walked out, closing the door behind him.

Having completely forgotten about the Healing Spell and the terrible pain he’d been in only seconds before, James looked up at his mother after his father left the room and asked, “Mummy, why did Daddy run up here when he heard me crying?” he asked innocently.

“Because he was afraid you had been hurt,” Ginny answered before kissing her son on the forehead.

“But, when I’m afraid, I run and hide,” James said, clearly not understanding why being afraid had made Harry run towards the source of the noise.

“Yes,” his mother answered, “But your Daddy is all grown up, and he knows how to duel, so if he hears something scary him, he tries to help.”

“But why?” James asked, still confused.

Ginny smiled. “It’s his ‘Savior’ Thing, Jamesie,” she replied.

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