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Author's Note - Sorry the Chapters are so small. But hey, they're flowing!

Professor McGonagall's frame was almost always perfectly erect yet as she walked there was a slight slump in her shoulders. Not enough for anyone without an observant eye to notice, but it was enough. Silently she moved through the halls towards Snape's classroom. The door was open and she entered.

"Severus," She called out, knowing he was there but not wishing to alarm him. A shuffling of fabric pulled her attention towards a small closet and she moved further into the room.

"Minerva." Snape said in his usual slow drawl, "What can I do for you?" He looked at her, his facial expression and tone altering as he added, "Draco?"

The two professors had been working closely with the crippled slytherin since his discovery. It had been no less than a miracle according to Albus that they had found him before it was too late. Even then, they had made little progress to reverse the paralysis of his body. They'd also not made it in time to save his parents, whom they'd assumed he'd watched die in a similar pattern.

As much as we've managed to slow it, I fear we are losing this battle." Her hands clasped and she found her fingers fidgeting, "I fear what will occur if the students discover it is not just his legs that aren't working."

"Do you think they'd be unable to digest what happened to him?" Snape asked, closing the doors to his closet with a gentle click, "It may be best if we let them deal with it, especially in case…" He halted his words and looked at her, "Even if we solve it, which you know I hope we do, opening it to the student body may take the light off of Miss Granger. I know enough students are confused as to her involvement and it may save Mr Malfoy a lot of stress if one of his own house can help out. It was something thrown together in the moment but I don't see how support from Slytherin will hinder him."

There was a quiet pause. Minerva was more than aware of the issues surrounding the pairing of Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy, "Haven't you noticed that his rate of paralysis has slowed since the baths with Miss Granger?"

"Perhaps slightly," Severus looked off to the side for a moment, "It wouldn't be past the Dark Lord to cast a spell that slowly tortures a person the more they fear it." He suddenly flipped a few pages in his book, scanned a page quickly before dipping his quill into the inkwell and jotting some notes down, "That may have given me an idea."

"Severus," Minerva said, interrupting his thoughts as he was now ignoring her, "I would hope that you can see that Miss Granger is proving to be a helpful distraction from this horrific event?" Minerva brushed the fabric of her dress, "I don't see why we should give reason to change that. We need as much time as we can get."

"Fine" Severus pulled a cork out of a small vial with a loud 'pop', "But," He promptly added, "I do have my concerns about the pairing. You are well aware of this, as always."

A knowing smile crossed the aged female professor's face, "Oh you have been rather verbal in that regards, which is why I have no issue reminding you that Albus sides with me in this matter."

"For now," Severus concluded.


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