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 A/N: I wanted to get this chapter out for you all now, even though it hasn't been through my beta yet. I shall edit that one in once I get it back, but I couldn't hold this from you any longer. :P 

Some good news as well and a question, first! I have written most of the next two chapters (YAY!) secondly! This story is going to continue through to the end of their seventh year, and I want to write from James', William's and Isabella's PoV's as well. So, would you rather I continue this as one big story and just change the PoV's, or would you rather I post it as a sequel? Let me know in the comment box. :D

“I love pancakes,” I told Isabella and Sian, smiling as I dug into the sizeable stack on my plate. I was waiting for someone to comment on how I shouldn’t eat so much – Michelle would always give me eye rolls and comment on how it’s not healthy – but none of them said anything. Isabella’s own plate was bigger than mine was and she was tucking into it without a care in the world and with chocolate syrup on her chin.

“Me too,” Isabella said, letting out a blissful groan that made me look around in embarrassment at the looks that were thrown our way. Isabella didn’t care as she wiped her chin with her hand and licked the chocolate sauce off of her fingers.

“Well, that noise should be made illegal.”

I turned around at the sound of William’s voice as he joined us, sliding into the seat next to Isabella. It was a late breakfast, but neither of us had classes first thing so we weren’t in any hurry.

“It wasn’t for you, Sutton,” Isabella told him, digging her fork into more pancake and shoving it into her mouth, I looked away from her and around the emptying hall, there was no sign of James anywhere.

“He’s had to go and have a word with Professor Longbottom; apparently there was a message from home or something?” William said as he turned to look at me. He must have read my mind. “James told me to let you know he’ll see you in Muggle studies.”

I nodded as I went back to my breakfast. I wonder what message James had gotten. Was I meant to ask about it? I’d never dated anyone before, so I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to ask about or not. I didn’t want to see like a crazy girlfriend who needed to know everything about their boyfriend.

That word still felt weird to say.


I have a boyfriend.

“You touch my pancakes again and I’ll make you regret ever being born,” Isabella warned and I looked up to see William holding his hands up in defence, although he was clutching hold of a fork.

“Calm down, they’re just pancakes,” William laughed as he shook his head and Sian winced next to us.

“You’ll learn that they’re not just pancakes,” Sian told us as Isabella moved so that she was shielding them from William.

William tried to reach for one and Isabella quickly brought her fork up and jabbed at him, narrowly missing William’s hand and catching the wood of the table instead.
William let out a cry of shock before shaking his head.

“You are a very violent Hufflepuff,” William stated in amusement. Isabella opened her mouth to argue back with him when the last person I wanted to see, but unfortunately had to share a dormitory with interrupted us.

“Good morning, Sian,” Michelle stated loudly as she walked passed us. I rolled my eyes, although I couldn’t help the squirming I felt in my stomach at seeing her. I felt guilty for not speaking to her, this insistent need to apologise and get us to go back to friends again was strong, but I pushed it down. It was something that I had been doing since we began being friends; it was just a habit now. I needed to get out of it, I needed to be strong. It was hard when we shared a dormitory and she went out of her way to speak to Sian and ignore Isabella and me completely.

Sian looked confused as Michelle continued walking slowly passed us as though waiting for Sian’s reply.

“If you don’t move on, I’ll stab you with my fork,” Isabella warned Michelle, not looking back at the girl as she licked syrup off said weapon.

“I’ll have you expelled,” Michelle hissed and Isabella gave a shrug.

“You’re forgetting that there are four witnesses that will say you hurt yourself,” William told Michelle, pointing at us all as we sat at the table. I glanced up at her, even though I knew that I shouldn’t and the dark glare that she shot me made my guilt squirm again, I gripped my fork tightly as I tried to stop feeling guilty. She hurt me. I have every right to be mad at her.

“Don’t think it’ll last,” she shot at me angrily and I felt my hand shake. William reached over and placed his own on mine and I found it comforting. I tried to focus on that instead and looked at him to see that he was glaring at Michelle.

“How’s Ethan doing?” Isabella asked, bringing some more pancakes up to her mouth, chewing them slowly as she kept her back to Michelle. A smirk was across her face and she gave me a wink.

“Fine, I’m going to see him later as a matter of fact,” Michelle said regally and smugly.

“Does he know, or are you going to be watching him from the other side of the lake again?” William asked. Michelle ignored him still resolutely glaring at the back of Isabella’s head.

“When you see him, tell him I said ‘hi’ and that I really enjoyed last night. He’s a very good kisser, but, you wouldn’t know that would you?” Isabella said finally turning around to grin at Michelle, who looked horrified at Isabella’s words.

Even I was shocked and I could have sworn that William’s grip on my hand stiffened for a moment. When was Isabella meant to have met up with Ethan and why didn’t I hear about it? Did Isabella not trust me enough to tell me?

Michelle glared at her and I thought for one second that she was going to hit her. Michelle huffed loudly and stormed away from us and Isabella cackled as she turned back around to face us. Noticing that we were all watching her.

“Is Ethan a good kisser?” Sian asked as William let go of my hand.

Isabella gave a shrug. “I have absolutely no idea.”

I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped me.


James wasn’t in Muggle studies when I took my seat. The teacher had yet to arrive and only a few other students were in the classroom as well, so I decided to doodle on my parchment as I waited. I had begun to draw the main character in the comic I was working on – with the ex girlfriend of a superhero - when there was movement beside me and I jumped as James spoke, causing my arm to swing into the ink pot on my desk and cover me in ink.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” James told me, waving his wand to get rid of the ink that had spilled over the desk, parchment and myself.

“No, its fine,” I laughed, looking down at my work and noticing that half of the woman I had drawn was covered in the ink James had yet to clean. I stared down at it, it looked like the woman was shrouded in darkness and I instantly was hit with an idea.

“I’ve ruined your work, I’m sorry, I’ll fix it,” James told me, raising his wand again but I held up my hand to stop him.

“No, it’s perfect – I just," I began, but I didn’t finished as I gripped for my quill again and started drawing a box next to the picture, hastily drawing a rough figure of a man, looking shifty under a streetlight. My mind was completely lost in my work as my hand moved quickly, and it wasn’t long before I realised that I had filled the entire page of parchment with my comic book scene. I smiled as I looked at it, before turning to look at James, who was rested his head in his arms and watching me with a smile on his face.

“Sorry,” I told him honestly, realising that I had just completely ignored him and then realising that I had just drawn this out in the open in the classroom in front of anyone else that was in the classroom. Although looking around I realised that we were completely alone. I couldn’t have missed an entire class could I? “Is class already over?”

James shook his head, still looking at me happily. “The teacher didn’t show, so everyone left about ten minutes ago.”

“You could have stopped me and we could have left as well,” I told him, feeling bad that I had kept us here long after everyone else had left.

“Its fine,” James shrugged, lifting his head from his arms and still looking at me with a smile on his face. “You were so enthralled by what you were doing I didn’t have the heart to disturb you.”

I nodded slowly, realising that James must have been watching what I was drawing.

“You probably have no idea what’s going on – “ I began, the scene I had drawn was halfway through the latest part of my comic.

“I haven’t looked at it,” James told me honestly, “I was watching you the entire time.”

My cheeks heated up at his words and I bit my lip to attempt to stop my smile. I failed.

“You could have looked, I wouldn’t have minded,” I told him.

“I wanted to wait for your permission, I wasn’t sure if you were ready to share it yet.”

I could have kissed him. It was strange how much he understood me, how much he knew about me without me even telling him.

I leant forwards to give him a kiss on the cheek, before pushing the parchment towards him. “You can look at it,” I told him nervously as I sat normally in my seat.
James looked at me, his eyebrows raised questioningly. “Are you sure?”

I nodded, before covering my eyes with my hands. I was nervous about his reaction. “It might not make sense, you’ll have to see the rest of it first.”

James was silent and I could only let the thoughts run through my head that he hated it. He was obviously just trying to think of something nice to say about it. Oh, god, if he felt that way about this one, he was going to hate the one I made him for Valentine ’s Day that I had yet to give to him.

James gripped my hands and pulled them away from my face, but I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to see him try to hide his feelings about it.

The feel of his soft lips pressing against my own made my eyes flutter open and my heart to thud quickly in my chest. He cupped my face with his hand, thumb trailing across my skin and my heart seemed to go into overdrive at just that.

“I loved it and I would love to see the rest, if you wanted to show me of course,” James told me softly.

It took a while for me to get my breath back. “Of course I want to show you.”

James dropped his hand from my face slowly and turned to grab his things. “Shall we get going? Everyone else has left and we can go for a walk around the castle.”

I nodded as I gathered my things, pushing everything into my bag and making to grab for my coat. I looked up when I couldn’t find it and saw that James was holding it up to help me put it on. I turned so that he could help me into it and smiled as he leant forwards to place a tender kiss on the side of my face.

“Did you want your Valentine’s Day present?” I asked him before I could chicken out. Now that I knew he liked this one scene I wanted to know what he thought of the present I made him.

“You got me a present?” he asked me in surprise as we walked out of the room – James holding the door open for me – and we walked side by side. I was wringing my hands in front of me, wanting to just grab his hand and hold it, but not having the guts to do it. We’d kissed and held hands, why was I suddenly nervous of doing this?

“Yeah, I made you something,” I admitted and he looked genuinely happy to hear that.

“In that case, we can go and get your present,” he told me as we made it to the staircase and began walking up them.

I really wasn’t expecting anything.

“Really?” I asked him. James looked at me and nodded as we walked slowly in the direction of the staircase.

“Yeah, shall we go to the Gryffindor tower first to get them?” James asked and I turned to him.


James smirked and we continued making our way up the stairs. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that he had gotten me and hoped that my own gift would be enough, I had only drawn him the comic, what if it wasn’t enough?

I bit my lip as I lost myself in my worries.

“Hey, Abigail, can you hold this for me?” James asked me and I held my hand out as I continued worrying, teeth gnawing on my lip as I tried to think of something else that I could give him as a gift. Maybe the chocolate I had been sent from home?

Something warm filled my hand and looking at my own quickly I realised that James had held my hand. I looked at him and he flashed me a large grin that had me snorting in laughter, realising that he had used a line to hold my hand.

“You’re so cheesy,” I told him as I shook my head.

“You love it,” James responded. And I did. I really did.


We didn’t exchange our presents until we had both gone out onto the grounds. It was cold out but we didn’t care as we walked hand in hand until we found somewhere private to sit. It wasn’t too bad a day outside, still cold, but not raining or snowing. I found that a major plus. We both settled on a bench just by the castle wall and both of us took our seats, clutching hold of our backpacks as we grinned at each other.

“Did you want to go first?” he asked me and I quickly shook my head feeling nervous.

“Did you?” I asked and he shrugged as he looked down at his bag. He was suddenly shy and looked adorable. “How about we both go at the same time?” I offered as a compromise.

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

On the count of three we both exchanged presents. And I couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips and the small squeal of happiness at the fact that he had gotten me rose. But it wasn’t just any rose, no, the colour was a little off, but as I looked closer I realised that the petals were made of what appeared to be pages of a comic book. My eyes widened and I looked up at James in shock, he was looking at me sheepishly as he clutched my comic to his chest.

“This is – “ I began, not knowing what else to say. He had gotten me a rose made entirely out of comic book pages. “Where did you find something like this?”

“Well, I made it over Christmas when I had gotten that new comic off of you, I decided to put my ruined one to good use and my cousin Molly helped me make this for you,” James told me, before looking down at the other present in my hand, the only one that was wrapped. “Don’t forget your other present.”

I handed him my rose as I began to slowly unwrap the present. I realised that it was the box that he had been making during out muggle studies lesson, only he had painted it in a light purple. My favourite colour.

“How did you know purple was my favourite colour?” I asked him, I had never admitted to it in front of him. In fact, I don’t remember ever mentioning it to anyone.

“I’m not sure if you know, but I’ve kind of had this massive crush on you for quite some time now. I’ve picked up a bit of information here and there,” James told me bashfully as though he were admitting a big secret.

I ran my fingers over the wood, before opening it. Music began playing and I couldn’t help but give a laugh, this was amazing.

“Thank you,” I told him, looking up and hoping that I wasn’t going to start crying. It was taking a lot to stop my eyes from watering and I had to quickly look away from him and back down at the box otherwise I would have burst into joyful tears.

“My granddad had the mechanism from an old Muggle music box he had in the shed, I asked if he could send it to me and William helped me put it into the box whilst I painted. He wasn’t too happy because I managed to get purple paint in his hair.”

“How did that happen?” I asked, still listening to the music and trying to work out if I knew the tune. I didn’t, it must have been a muggle song.

“I threw it at him, but that’s neither here nor there –“ James told me, “so –err... did you like them?”

I didn’t have words for how much I liked them. Instead I leant forwards and pressed my lips against his own.


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