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“James! Albus! Scorpius! Fred! Leo! Louis! Hugo! Charlie! Chris!” Mrs. Weasley called after her grandsons and their friends from the bottom of the stairs. There was slow stirring from the floors above her. One by one each of the boys she came walking out onto the landing of the various floors their bedroom was on.

“We need to the garden degnomed. Get up, get breakfasted, and head into the yard with your grandfather.” she demanded of them.

“But it is summer vacation!”James proclaimed as the rest of the boys began to protest the early morning labor that was being forced upon them.

“We are suppose to be relaxing, playing Quidditch, and chatting up girls.” Fred responded back

“Louis, Scorp, Rose, and I were suppose to go and Diagon Alley to check out the new racing brooms.” Albus whined while his the friends shouted their agreement for behind him. Despite all the pleading, their complaints fell on deaf ears.

“Nope, we will be cleaning the house today for the party tomorrow. Every year we go through this.” she responded

“I could have stayed at home if I wanted to be do chores.” James mumbled under his breath. His grandmother threw him a death glare and he quickly averted his eyes to particularly interesting spot on the dusty landing floor.

“Not another word. Get down stairs now.” and with that Molly Weasley walked away to check on the progress her granddaughters’ progress in cleaning the kitchen and laundry.

“Al, have you seen Rose yet?” Scorpius asked him while he Louis and Albus walked back inside the room to get dress. Louis grabbed his shirt and rushed back out the room, leaving the two boys alone.

“Nope, She is probably with Chloe though. Why mate?” Albus asked him. Scorpius turned red when Albus faced him.

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to finish a conversation with her.” he responded while quickly gathering his bathroom things so he can make a quick exit from the room.

“You mean the conversation, or should I say arguement about that Krum guys you two were having  the day we arrived at the Burrow?” Albus responded

Scorpius stopped in his tracks and turned to face his best friend. He began to twist his ring around his finger and bite is lip as he faced him. His cheeks turned pale and he began to sweat slightly, and when he opened his mouth he stuttered.

“How did you know about that?”

“I overheard you guys.What is going on with the two of you? You guys have been acting very funny since the end of term feast.” Albus asked. He thought back to the warm June Night when he was chatting with Laura Collins about the Transfiguration final that Professor Finn had given them. I was a particularly nasty theory exam on animal transfiguration versus animaguses. Just as Laura finished explaining her mistakes she made on the exam, he spotted Rose walking in looking disheveled and out of breath. She averted her eyes and grabbed the nearest plate and filled it with roast and potatoes and began to eat. Scorpius came in not much after acting the same why Rose was.

Scorpius’s face turned from a pale yellow to a bright pink at the mention of this.

“Nothing. Why would you think something happened?” Scorpius shifted his feet nervously and stared down at the ground as he continued. “ I just don’t think Krum has the best intentions at heart. Come on, what would any 16-17 year old guy want with a 15 year old girl anyway?”

“They could just be friends for all we know.” Albs pointed out

“Rosie doesn’t need anymore friends.” Scorpius responded back. Albus just ignored him.

“Rose is just trying to get to know her groupmates. I’m doing the same thing. Sophie and I write each other to talk about what’s going on.”

“But do you write to your other group mates? Scorpius sneered back, seething with anger that his best friend did not understand the seriousness of the situation. Again, Albus choose to ignore this comment.

“Rose is a big girl, she will be fine. Come on let’s go downstairs and get breakfast before James and  Fred eat it all.” Scorpius walked out after him still upset but grateful that he dropped the conversation.

After a quick breakfast, all the boys went out into the yard to help degnome the garden. Teddy and Mr. Weasley were already in the garden covered in dirt as they were re fertilizing the snarlguffs, aconite, and belladonna. As Albus walked up to his god brother and grandfather, he held his nose because they both smelled of dragon dung.

“Boys” the old red hair man boomed out. His face was covered in soil and soaked in sweat. His blue eyes beamed over his horn-rimmed glasses as he gazed out over his grandsons and the Malfoy boys.

“Its seems as if the gnomes have hibernated here this summer. Molly has ordered us to clean it out some we can pitch the tent for the party tomorrow.” he pointed out toward the overgrown garden. The gnomes could be seen wrestling one another in one of the bushes.

“Teddy will be breaking up guys off into groups of two so we can get the work done faster.” He continued as he walked over to the nearest stump and took a seat. Teddy called the boys over to the Mandrakes he was tending to near by.

Teddy was a very handsome young man. He had his mother’s twinkling eyes even though they were green like his father’s. He was tall and lanky. At the moment his hair was overgrown, jet black, and unruly. He was flashing his signature smile, the smile that was reminiscent to the the mischievous smile of the Marauders. He pushed the hair out of his face.

“Hey guys.” Teddy spoke as the group of boys drew closer to him.

“So Ted, what does Nana Molly want to do?” Hugo asked him

“Just degnome the garden and repot the plants.” he wave causally over the unruly garden. A collective sigh resonated throughout the group.

“The quicker we finish the faster you guys can go have fun.”Teddy bribed them. Everyone cheered up considerable after that. Quidditch was the favorite pastime of the Wotter clan.Teddy quickly divided the group of boys up and everyone proceeded to complete the task that was set from them. By noon, the unruly garden was somewhat tamed as the boys trudged their way back up to the house. As Albus and Scorpius came walking up the hill, the spotted Dom, Rose, and Chloe having a very animated conversation with a tall blond boy.

“Isn’t that the bloke who is your groupmate from Beauxbatons?” Scorpius pointed out as they drew closer. Albus surveyed the boy more closely. He had a sun kissed arm draped casually over Dom, who was snuggled up next to him. Rose and Chloe was staring at him in awe at his perfect white teeth  as he talked. His blond hair was slicked back and Albus could sense the pride radiating off of him from hundreds of miles away.

“That’s Ciel. I forgot Dom said he was coming to stay at the Burrow also.” Albus groaned. Scorpius chuckled as they approached the girls.

“Afternoon ladies.” Scorpius shouted from behind the girls. Dominique, Rose, and Chloe jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Do that again and will curse you into next year.” Dom sneered at him and turned away to face her two male cousins.

“You not going to speak Sev?” her attention turned to Albus as she gestured towards her boyfriend. He still looked angry about what  Scorpius just did.

“Hey Potter.” Ciel muttered. His narrowed eyes were shooting daggers at him.

“Quessi. Having a good summer?” Albus asked as he set down next to Rose. Scorpius sprawled out on the ground to rest after working hard in the garden all morning.

“It has been great so far. I was just telling my love and these two beautiful girls here about my stay at my grandparent’s villa just outside Versailles.” the three girls giggled. The guys looked at each other repulsively.

“I’m sure it was wonderful. I bet you would rather be back there than here in the English countryside.” Albus continued the conversation.

“Of course not. This is a million times better.” he said gazing into Dom’s eyes. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Albus wanted to gag but he stopped himself from doing so.

“Albus, do you mind showing Ciel to his bed in the guys room?” Dominique asked. “Nana Molly said you guys will do it.”

“Sure, why not.” he stood up and Scorpius followed him towards the house. The three boys walked in silence as neither of them wanted to talk. When they entered the backyard, the smell of food hit their noses. Albus stomach began to grumble. Mrs.Weasley, Hermione, Victorie, and Ginny were in the kitchen preparing lunch

“Hi Mum.” Albus said when he entered the kitchen.

“Hi Al. Hi Scorpius. How is your mother sweetheart?” Ginny asked as she prepped the pear and blue cheese tart.

“She is well. Mum is appreciating the time off at home now that she doesn’t have three bored teenagers running around the house for the summer.” Scorpius chuckled as he walked around the counter to give Mrs. Potter a hug.

“Oi, keep your hands of my mother mate. She happens to be a happily married woman to the saviour of the universe.” Albus said jokingly. Scorpius laughed at his friend when Albus pretend to curse him. Ciel mumbld under his breath.

“And who are you young man?” Hermione asked as she peeled the carrots and handed them to Victorie to wash off. He nervously cleared his throat before he addressed the women.

“Ciel Quessi, madam.” he said. He went to everyone woman in the room and kissed them on the hand.

“This is Dom’s boyfriend, Aunt Hermione.” Victorie said after Ciel gave her a hug.

“And Albus’s groupmate.” he added as he walked around the counter back to where the boys stood.

“Albus you never told me this.” Nana Molly said. “And here I was worried about him fitting in with everyone else. Surely you Al, Scorpius, and Louis will be great friends in no time.”

“I doubt that.” mumbled Albus. Scorpius fought back a chuckled while Ginny glared dangerously at him.Scorpius noticed this.

“Maybe we should show Ciel his room now.” Scorpius said as he nudged Albus and pointed towards his mother. Albus lost all color in face when he saw his mother’s face. Scorpius pushed his best friend out of the room. Ciel followed after them. Albus magicked Ciel’s trunk up stairs. Everyone reminded quiet until they reached the landing. Ciel was the first to break the silence.

“I don’t appreciate your tone of voice and unnecessary noises back in the kitchen Potter.”Ciel said from behind them. Scorpius turned around and sneered at him and Albus tightened his grip around his wand but didn’t acknowledge him otherwise.

“Your family may see you as a “golden boy” but I know the truth about you; you’re nothing but a scrawny, arrogant, big headed prat who is riding on his father’s fame.” he continued with an evil grin on his face. Scorpius turned around quickly and pointed his wand at Ciel’s throat; his face red with anger.

“Scorpius! Don’t! You curse him and we both will have to face mum’s wrath.”Albus said as he tried to lower his best friend’s arm. Ciel was cowering slightly but he held his ground. He didn’t budge.

“Come on mate. This piece of filth isn’t worth it.” Albus persisted.  Scorpius finally lowered his wand. However, his eyes was still trained on Ciel.

“Fine.” he said to Albus, not looking at him. “But remember this Quessi, Albus may not do anything and you may have this family fooled with you politeness but i know the truth and i have no qualms with hexing you to oblivion.” Scorpius sneered. A door opened on the landing on the landing and a strawberry blonde hair boy with freckles poked his head out of the door.

“Al? Scorp? What’s going on out here. I’m trying to catch some zzzs.” said the boy. All three boys looked at him. He noticed Ciel.

“ What are you doing here?” the boy walked outside the bedroom. His Chudley Cannon T-shirt was wrinkled along with the matching pajama pants. Ciel walked pasted Albus and Scorpius roughly and approached him.

“Watch it Weasley! We wouldn’t want another encounter like Easter.” he sneered as he pushed past him inside the bedroom. A few seconds later, Ciel was out of the room and back down the stairs.

“I hate that prat.” Louis said as he walked back into the room with his best friends. Scorpius was seething.

“Join the club. We have to get him back and may just know how to do it.” Albus said as he closed the door behind them.

Albus was suddenly awoken by a scratch at the bedroom window. He stirred slightly as he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. However, the scratching grew louder and louder. A pillow flew across the room and knocked him on the head.

“Make it stop.” came the muffled voice of his youngest cousin, Chris. Albus cursed under his breath as he got out of the bed. It was hot in the attic, his unruly hair sticking to his face along with his sweaty t-shirt sticking to his body. He wiped the excess sweat off his face and slowly shuffled to the window where the source of the unwelcome noise. He eventually made it to the window and opened it. The cool, dewy, summer morning air felt pleasant against his face. Albus stood there for a few minutes allowing the morning air to cool his body as Lucille flew in. She perched herself on the old desk and obediently stuck her leg out waiting patiently for her master to remove the letter. Albus quickly rummaged through his trunk to find extra owl treats before he removed the letter. He glanced at the handwriting on the letter and sleep quickly left his body as happiness took its place. He clumsily open the letter and began to read it.


We all know that Ciel is a right prat. He shouldn’t have said those things to you because of who your father is. You can’t help that your is the most powerful wizard of all time. I’m pretty sure he is jealous and the fact that your family can’t see is crazy.  It was good that you told Scorpius not to attack him. It’s not good to awaken the wrath of your mother based on all the stories you told me so far about her. At least tomorrow will be the last day you will have to put up with him then is back to Hogwarts for you guys.

Speaking of heading back to school, I leave for Salem in the morning. Unlike you guys, we head back on the 30th of August  so we can readjust to being back on campus. It’s usually the time the house leaders and Head Boy and Girl help the grade 6 students find their ways to their classes and dormitories. No one has time to be showing the new babies around the school on the first day. This year will be extremely hectic with the muggle high school courses on top of OWLs and this new program. Ma reckons I have taken on too much as usual but as Pa says, nothing worth having is easy to obtain. I always love he say that.

Hopefully you can get through this last day with Ciel without killing him. Have fun, safe travels back to Hogwarts, and see you on October 17th at Hogwarts.

With Love,

Sophia Murphy

Albus reread the letter twice before tucking it away in his trunk.

“Who's that?” came a voice from the bed closest to the bedroom door. Louis set up in his bed and stretched.

“Sophia.” Scorpius answered he made a face and Louis roared with laughter. Albus blushed

“Prat.” he said as he threw the pillow Chris threw at his towards Scorpius. He ducked and the pillow hit Ciel squarely in the face as he set up in his bed and stretched. The room grew quiet as everyone waited to see how he would react. Ciel face looked fit to murder. However, he justed rolled out of bed, grabbed his bathroom kit and stormed out of bed. Before he slammed the door, he mumbled the words heathens. Albus, Scorpius, Louis, and Chris collapsed in a fit of laughter as two newcomers entered into the bedroom.

“ Guess Sleeping Beauty woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”James said as he collapsed on his younger brother”s bed. Albus unceremoniously pushed him off the bed and he landed in a crumpled heap on the floor.

“Oi, that is no way to treat the head boy.” James said as pulled himself off the floor and sat on Scorpius’s bed.

“No one cares if you are head boy for the 5,676,4323 time.” Fred said. James shrugged

“So, what do we owe this lovely visit?” Louis asked as he began to make up his bed.

“Annalisa and her crazy cow of a sister are on their way to the Burrow for breakfast. Nana Molly wants everyone downstairs for breakfast pronto.” James said. Albus cursed under his breath.

“Language young man. You don’t want mum to wash your mouth out with soap again.” James said. He was referring to the time when Ginny caught him saying bloody hell. He wasn’t able to properly taste his food for two weeks.

“Great! Now I have two headaches to deal with. Merlin, this is going to be a long day.” Albus began to rummage in his trunk for clothes to put on. Scorpius clapped him on his shoulder.

“I don’t envy you mate. Ciel, I can manage. But Annabel, no. Women are a different breed in themselves.” he said

“Scorp’s right but maybe Rose and the girls can keep her preoccupied during the party tonight.” Louis offered as some form of comfort. Albus cheered up slightly at the mention of that.

“Yea, you’re right. I will pull Rose to the side and talk to her about that. Hopefully she will be distracted long enough so Ii don’t have to pay attention to her tonight.” he said as he put on his trainers.

After he finished cleaning up his room, Albus rushed downstairs to eat breakfast. As soon a he stepped into the kitchen, a loud shrill filled his ears as he covered them and searched for the source of the noise, a ball of brown hair lunged itself at him.

“Albus!  It’s been too long.” Annabel squealed as she hung onto his torso. Eventually, Rose came over and grabbed her friend off of him.

“Come, Annabel. Let’s go catch up and leave the boys in peace.” she dragged her off to join her the living room. Grateful for the brief moment of quiet and embrassed at what just happened, he grabbed a plate and shoved as much food on it as he could.

“Slow down son before you puke.” Harry said from behind his newspaper. Albus swallowed his food before he replied.

“Sorry Dad. I am straving.” he said once he caught his breath.

“So Harry, how is this investigation in South Sherifield going? I heard that the two wizards caught in the attacks go in front of the Wizengot next week?” Mr Weasley asked as he took his seat at the head of the table. As the adults engaged in the daily boring talk about what is going on in the Ministry of Magic, Albus hurried ate his food. As he got up to clear his plate from the table, a flash of green light could be seen from the living and thumping noise came from in front of the library.

“Get off of me Dean!” a boy yelled. There was a dull thump and someone swore really loud. By the time Albus reached the living room, his two best friends finally untangled themselves and brushed off soot on their clothes. A small brown skin girl stood off to the side, looking unbothered by the situation that was unfolding in front of her.

“Dean! Holden!” Albus said as he ran over and high fived his two best friends.

“Al! It’s been too long.” Dean said as he grabbed a seat near the window.

“Where is Lily?” the girl asked Albus. He really didn’t notice her at first.

“I think out back with Libra and Roxanne.” he answered. The girl ran out the room and out the back door to find her friends. He bumped into Scorpius and Louis as they entered the room.

“Scorp! Lou!” Holden said. The two boys acknowledged the newcomers

“It’s great to be together in the same room again. If i had to work in the shop one more day, Ii would probably offed myself.” said Holden

“At least you didn’t have to deal with a scream little sister all summer.” Dean said. Scorpius and Albus shook their head in agreement.

“Whatever” Holden said. He turned his attention to Albus.”Al, I notice that Annabel is here. So that must mean things are going well with you guys.” Holden said. The other guys roared with laughed as Albus aimed a pillow at his best friend’s head.

“I am joking mate!” Holden said once he got his giggling under control. Just then, Ginny walked into the room.

“Boys! The party is outside you know. Why don’t you go join your classmates? I saw Ciel outside sitting by himself. Why don’t you ask him to join “ Scorpius, Louis, Holden, and Albus let out an audible sigh.

“But mum, he has Dom to entertain him. That is who he came to visit anyway.” Albus retorted.

“Dom went into the village with Victorie and the other girls.” Ginny answered

“ Not our problem.” Albus said. He felt a sharp hit on the back of his head. He grabbed  onto the back of his head and his eyes began to water.

“Mum! What was that for?” he cried. His friends averted their eyes from Ginny and Albus.

“For being rude. Ciel is your classmate and you will treat him the same way you treat all your other classmates.” she said and marched out the room.

“Today just isn’t your day is it?” Scorpius said when Ginny left out the room.

“No it isn’t” Albus said. The boys got up and left out the living room.

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