I woke up early that morning, simply to avoid Louis. It had been extremely awkward ever since we had returned home, because it turns out we both like the same bloody girl.

Yes, that's right, I've admitted it. To myself at least. I walked into the living room, to a whistling Nana Molly and a concentrated Granddad Arthur, examining the heating system. "Bloody brilliant..." he muttered.

"Hugo darling, want some tea?" Nana Molly asked me.

She would have been livid yesterday if she found out what we really had been up to, but luckily Teddy and Victoire had been understanding enough to not fill her in on the bad stuff and covered for us. But it sure was a pain in the arse making sure she didn't find out James and Fred were high. Anyways, avoiding Louis wasn't my only reason for waking up so early. I was very curious to know what the progam was for today, so I asked. 

"First we'll visit the Anne Frank museum-" The hell's that? "-then we'll go to a fun fair and in the evening we'll go shopping with the whole family," Nana Molly told me, whilst magically guiding all the kitchen tools to do their respective jobs. Honestly, you gotta pity Muggles. Cooking must take ages for them.

"Seems like fun Nana, but what is the Anne Frank museum?"

"I don't know, but apparently it's very cultural here." 

I frowned. "But why would we learn about the Dutch Muggle history? Why not at least the Dutch Magic history?" 
Nana Molly sighed. "You got me, we'll actually visit the Magical Dutch Museam in Amsterdam right after, so we can compare. Anyways, since it'll take a long ass time for everyone to be ready, we'd better wake them up now..." 

"I'm on it!" Granddad Arthur said, apparently having finished examining the heating system, and he pointed his wand to his throat."Weaaaaaaaaaaaasley's gaaaaaatheeeeeeerr!" 

After a few seconds there had been exactly no change. Everybody simply ignored Granddad. Frowning, now Granddad used a complicated looking spell, and in a few seconds all Weasleys were running into the living room, chased by Blastended Skrewts.  

"Merlin's nostrils!" Fred cried,protecting his frail butt from their flames.

Granddad waved his wand and the Skrewts disappeared. "They were bloody illusions?" Dom panted, peeking to the closet she had hid in. "Merlin's lousy mustache!"

Granddad told everybody the plan,and we were ready to go -- after about 3 hours. We walked the whole way, and I felt this was a stupid idea more and more. Either mum or dad would be able to talk some sense into Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur, I reckoned. But I didn't see them anywhere. I did see Nana Molly however, so I lowered my tempo and started walking next to her.  

"Hey Nana Molly, where are mum and dad?" 

"They've... They've gone for a walk with Uncle Harry, dear. They'll join us in a while." 

It wasn't her words that bothered me, it was her concerned face. I didn't get the chance to ask more though, because Loriette suddenly grabbed my arm and enthusiastically told me about some kind of magic trick from Al, and that I simply had to see it. I immediately forgot about my parents strange absence. 


 "Harry, this is ridiculous! Where are we going?" Ron groaned.
I could have stopped walking a long time ago, but I was procrastinating the point where I was left with no choice but stopping . Using Homenium Revelio nonverbally, I knew that there weren't any people in close proximity to the three of us. I stopped walking (we were in a small dirty alley), and non verbally cast Muffiato, so nobody would be able to listen in on us.
I gulped, and turned around, now facing my two best friends, who both had barely changed. Or so I had thought, at least. I always thought I had changed the most, because the sides of my head hair had turned mostly grey, whilst Ron and Hermione had barely changed... Physically that is. But my grey hair was nothing compared to the 180 Ron and Hermione had made, and it pained my heart. 

"You guys... I know," I simply said. 

"What in Merlins name are you talking about? Why did you drag us all the way here, refusing to explain why?" Ron souned very grumpy indeed. Hermione however was completely quiet, and looked at me skeptically. Knowing her, she already suspected what was going on.

"What the hell happened you guys? You two loved each other to bits... You still do. I saw the look in both your eyes when you said "I do" at your wedding. How can you suddenly hate each other now?"  I started rambling. Everything that had been eating out my mind came out at once, and I could not stop it. 

"What's more, you didn't care to inform your best bloody friend about the troubles in your relationship? I always tell you two everything, yet you were hiding something so big from me? How can I even trust you now?" I knew that my feelings weren't the priority here, but I couldn't help feeling hurt.  

"Harry... I'm sorry, but this is none of your business. Can we join the others now?" Ron said, looking another way.

"None of my business?" I repeated angrily. I looked at Hermione, and she was looking extremely sad, in contrast to Ron who looked about two times as angry as me. "Don't you have anything to say about this, Hermione?" I asked her angrily. But the raw pain on her face kinda shocked me, as she looked me straight in the eyes, although she bravely tried to hide it.

"Its none of your business Harry. You can't force us to love each other." 

"I won't, because you two already do!" I yelled. I was properly pissed off right about now. But now only at Ron; since Hermione looked so hurt I figured Ron somehow started this shit.  

"After all these years, there's one thing I never quite understood Ron. Here you have arguably one of the most amazing Witches ever, and she's in love with you, and instead of being grateful, you constantly-" 

"One of the most amazing Witches ever, huh? Then, what am I?"


I was so surprised by this question, I didn't know what to say. "Well y-you are-" 

Ron glared at me, his eyes two blue slits. "Least loved by his mother, who craved a girl..."* He sang,and I was taken back to that day, so many years ago. I was freezing my arse off, having just retrieved the Sword of Gryffindor with Ron's help. I made Ron overcome his fears by letting him destroy the Locket, but neither of us expected how the Locket would defend itself. Two weird angel like versions of Hermione and me spawned out of the black smoke emitting from the Locket, and for the very first time I got to see what had really been bothering Ron for years. 

"Ron, you know that that's not true," I said uncomfortably.  

"Always overshadowed..."* He continued, glaring at me, his face a mask of pure hatred. I had never seen him look at anyone like that, let alone at me. 

"Least loved by the girl of his dreams, Hermione Granger, and how could she love him? How could she, how could any woman choose him over the one and only Chosen One, the Boy who Lived, the one and only Harry Potter?"* 

"Ron... What are you saying?" I said, breathing heavily. This was not going well.
"I'm fucking sick of this, Harry. I'm sick of being mistreated like this, by literally everyone. You know, when you and I had been Aurors for nearly 2 years? I told the Head of the Auror Department I could not work for a while, because my girlfriend was pregnant and close to giving birth. "I didn't even know you had a girl, Weasley! So who is she?" He asked me. I told him, and you know what he did? He laughed for 5 minutes straight Harry. He was convinced I was joking. The great Hermione Granger could never date such a not-talented idiotic loser like me, I guess. But I'm not taking that bullshit anymore. I'm gonna start fucking valuing myself." 

I could not find any real faults in what he said, and that made me feel awful. All my anger was completely gone. I felt horribly sorry for him.
"Ron, please mate,you know that's not true. You're an amazing guy and you've done so much-"
"Cut the crap Harry. A while ago I overheard two colleagues at work talking about our Horcrux hunt. They said that both you and  Hermione had been irreplaceable, but "Honestly, Ron could have been replaced with anyone. Heck, he could have been replaced with someone better, someone who wouldn't have left them halfway through." I'm not taking any bullshit of you people any longer. You all look down on me and whats more, you all think Hermione is this perfect being or something, and I'm worth nothing. Its funny, because for a long time, I thought so too. You people, all of you, constantly make me feel like I'm Hippogriff shit. But trust me Harry, Hermione isn't. She's no fucking saint, infact, she's anything but one." He was breathing heavily and I only now noticed he had moved so much he was now only 1 meter away from me.
"If only you knew..." he said, disgusted, "If only you knew how she really is. What that... How she... That... That bitch-" I hit him. Hard. 

He nearly fell to the ground, looking at me completely shocked. To be honest, I was quite shocked myself. Hermione's jaw dropped . 

"Don't...you...call...Hermione...a bitch..." I breathed. 


 He hit me square in the jaw. His punch was way heavier though, and I could not help falling to the ground. I quickly got up, but before either of us could do anything Hermione cast a PROTEGO! Between us, so strong I fell to the ground again, and Ron fell as well.  

"Hermione... Remove that damn shield..." Ron hissed, glaring at me.

"Ron, Harry hasn't done anything wrong. And Harry, no matter what you say, its not gonna work. Please, cut it out you two," Hermione said, her voice lightly shaking.  

But my blood was boiling. "Ron, you're telling me I shouldn't wronly acuse you of anything, but you're not exactly acting like a guy who has done nothing wrong," I said. "What the hell did you do to Hermione?"  

Something on his face snapped, and in one lightning fast movement, he broke Hermiones shield spell, making her sore through the air because of the power of his destruction spell and landing 4 meters away. Then he tackled me and started punching me. I tried to defend myself, but his punches were like earthquakes to my brain, and quickly I was close to losing consciousness. "Ron stop! You'll kill him!" I faintly heard in the distance.  

I saw a blur that probably was Hermione trying to stop Ron, but Ron shook her off. And then-- A disgusting sound of metal to flesh and the punches stopped.
I felt warm air flow over my  bloody (literally) face, which turned out to be Hermiones spells. When my vision returned, I saw that she was silently crying. "...Huminum Medicium..." she sniffed almost inaudibly , and my face was back to normal. She hadn't been able to get rid of my terrible head ache tough.
"Ron...?" I asked, my voice raspy. I wasn't sure if I had passed out at one moment or another. She looked to her right, so I did too. Ron was laying on the ground. Hermione had hit him with a heavy pipe. We kept looking at him, without saying a word, for minutes. But then, his hands twitched, and he regained consciousness. He turned around, looked at me, then at Hermione with his face completely expressionless, and Apparated.  


As expected, our museum visits were boring as fuck, but luckily they were both short-lived. Even Granddad Arthur and Al weren't particularly interested in the Muggle museum, and it was Muggle.

So we made our way over to the fun fair, and everybody was excited for this. Its basically a small attraction park, in the middle of the city. How could you not like that? 

Granddad gave us all 50 bucks (Muggle galleons) to spend. And as he did, suddenly I got an amazing idea. If I were to find Loriette quickly, we could spend the day going to attractions together! But where was she...? 

"Hey! Hey Hughs! You coming with us or nah?" Dom asked me. Behind her stood James, Fred and Rose, looking at me expectantly. However, they could kiss my arse. Yesterday they had no problem leaving me alone all the time. 

"No," I simply said, and I walked away with dignity. "The bloke must be on his period," I heard Fred whisper to a nodding James, only we all heard him since he... Sigh... Was whispering pretty damn loudly. 

However, I kept walking on until I realized that I was now completely alone and still had no clue where Loriette was or where to find her. And if I didn't find her, I might end up looking for her all day, only to find her minutes before we had to leave. The annoying bee's circling around my head didn't help much either. 

But before the panick could really kick in, I spotted two familiar faces; Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey, his wife. They were standing at a game booth, and Uncle Percy was trying to shoot 3 moving pigs with a toy gun to win his wife a teddy bear. Only he was doing humiliatingly bad and the sheer look of dissapointment on Aunt Audrey's face was hilarious -- had she really expected any different? 

Holding in my laughter, I walked up to them and asked if they knew where Loriette was. "Why? You fancy her?" Aunt Audrey asked, wiggling her eyebrows knowingly.

"What? No!" I said hastily, my ears turning bright red. Darn that woman.

"Percyyyy! Little Hugo here has a crush on Loriette!" Aunt Audrey said excitedly, clasping her hands together.

"Whaa...?" Uncle Percy said, his glasses nearly falling off of his nose, and sweat falling down his bald head. He really took shooting 3 toy pigs with a toy gun too seriously. 

"She's at the rollercoaster over there, love," Aunt Audrey said, winking at me.

"Urghh... Thanks," I grunted, making my way to the rollercoaster. I peeked over my shoulder while running,  to see Uncle Percy giving money to the man behind the booth for another round, and Aunt Audrey grinning at me and still wiggling her eyebrows. Ugh. And then she bloody mouthed "Succes!". Why did I have to be born into this family? 

Arriving at the roller coaster I finally saw Loriette, and she was accompanied by... Fucking Louis. He constantly beat me to anything involving Loriette. 

"Hey there!" I panted angrily, out of breath because of all the running.

"Hugo!" Loriette exclaimed excitedly.

"Hugo!" Louis grunted, not bothering to hide his annoyance.  

"You guys taking this roller coaster? I'm in!" I said, giving Louis an evil smile. But he smiled back even more evil.

"Sure, but its only two seats. You'll probably be paired up with some random weirdo." Shit he was right. But then the guy from the board said via a speaker that this particular roller coaster was defect and would be closed immediately. 

"Too bad," Loriette said happily. 

"Fuck nooo," Louis sighed, facepalming. 

"Fuck yes!" I grinned. 

"So how about we get some ice cream?" I smiled, fully enjoying my cockblocking. I wasn't going down without a fight.

"Yeah or maybe that drink what Louis bought me yesterda-" "Ice cream's good!" Louis said hastily, making me give him a suspicious look. What kind of drink did he buy her? 

"I'll go to the Ice Cream stand, you guys wait here!" Loriette said, and she was off.

"Would you cut it out already mate?" Louis said, annoyed. "I was first!" 

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Louis," I grinned.

"She doesn't even fancy you, mate!" Louis said.

"How do you know?"

"Well, lets just ask her!"  

Loriette returned with three Ice cream cones, and I was starting to panick. Had she told Louis that she didn't fancy me or something ? 

"So Loriette, who do you fancy the most?" Louis asked casually.

"You," she said simply, without even blinking. 

My whole world fell apart and came crumbling down, all on my head. I felt tears burn in my eyes of such direct rejection, and honestly, I'd rather have had someone shove a knife in my leg; it would've hurt less. Louis looked at me expectantly, and I felt a red mist before my eyes. 

"You really love that, huh, you twat?!" I said, furious,and I pushed Louis in his chest. If he says one word, one fucking word, I will punch the shit outta him I thought in rage.  

"You're such a fucking twat !" I yelled, and  I took his body and slammed it against a table. Loriette's expression was unchanged, like she expected this to happen. Louis yelled in pain, and I took off before I would really go livid.  

Never in my life had I been this angry, and I gave me unbelievable strength. I ran out of the whole fun fair in barely a minute, and kept running and running through the city. While I was running, the hot wet tears came, and ran down my face like a waterfall. After half an hour of running at over-full-speed, I finally stopped, sat on a bench within a tunnel and cried my heart out.
I was shaking like mad. I actually thought that maybe I had a chance, but now I saw how foolish I had been. Loriette may have been the only girl I ever had a crush on, but she was bound to fall for Louis' Veela looks. Sure, he was a guy and the Veela genes are meant for women, which resulted in Louis not being handsome,but being pretty, but pretty was still better than mediocre, like me. He had dated a girl who found out she was lesbian after they broke up, which says enough. Yes he looks girlishly hot but it is still a whole lot better than how I look. And now I would have to endure them being together, rubbing their love in my face, for Merlin knows how long. Everything around me got just as cold as I felt inside -- unnaturally cold. 

I looked up, and saw that it was somehow completely dark. How long had I been here? I took out the Deluminator and clicked it. A football-sized light ball appeared, and then died out, just like that. What the--? 

And then I saw something move rapidly in the corner of my eye. Two hooded figures were flying right at me -- Dementors

I was so shocked I could not move, and the first one tackled me to the ground, while the other one grabbed my throat and started sucking my soul out. "No..." I whispered. The image of Louis laughing at me appeared in my mind, and became louder and louder. "No..." I sniffed. And then Loriette appeared next to him, and they started making out sloppily. "Oh god..." I whispered, disgusted. I was thrown back to reality,and figured I had only one chance. I gulped and took out my wand in one fluid movement. "CONFRINGO!" I yelled holding my wand in front of me, and the tip exploded .
Both the Dementors were blown away, and I quickly got up, my hair and face covered in dirt. I can't believe that actually worked, I thought. And then: Oh my god I just illegally used magic. But there was no time for that now. Both Dementors came at me again. "CONFRINGO!" 

Again they were blasted a few meters back, and I also noticed a few small burns to their cloaks.  

But The Blasting Curse was a powerfull curse that required alot of magical energy; I couldn't keep this up for long. My problem was that I didn't know the Patronus Charm , since it isn't taught at Hogwarts. 
"Expecto Patronus!" I muttered desperately, but I wasn't able to think of any happy thought, no matter how hard I tried.

I panted like crazy, watching the Dementors closely. What do I do what do I do what do I do what do I do... 

They started circling around me, with about 3 meters between us. Now I couldn't possibly watch them both. Completely random, but I really wondered if Dementors had brains at that moment. 

And than they attacked, and I yelled: "ACCENDIO!" 

I came up with that plan in a split second and it worked; the Dementors bumped into each other because I had launched myself sideways into the air, like a bullet, and was laying on the ground 7 meters from them. However, because I used too much power, my wand flew out of my hands at landing, and was now 4 meters away from me.

I quickly stood up, sweating like crazy, and sprinted towards my wand, but the Dementors were so fast it was not even fair -- 3 meters left, I heard them behind me ---2 meters, Goddammit, so close -- 1 meter, one Dementor grabbed my throat and pushed me to the ground. Now that I didn't have my wand I was completely helpless. I was done for. 

 Both Dementors were inches away from my face, sucking out my soul simultaneously. Everything faded into black. I was sure that I was dead. Then a small light appeared and everything went brighter and brighter. And then I was gone. 

To be continued ...

Author's note: Shiiiiiiit, this was one heck of a chapter! I'm sorry that there wasn't much humor in it, but for the sake of the plot it was impossible. Especially since there wasn't much to laugh about in this chapter. I really struggled writing this one though, since there were alot of things I had to make sure I wrote right; this chapter was the beginning of a turning point for this novel.

Anyways, I'd love to hear opinions, so please leave a review!

* : Every sentence in this chapter inmediately folllowed by "*" was a citation taken from "Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood", 2007, De Harmonie, Amsterdam, originally by J.K.Rowling, translated into Dutch by Wiebe Buddingh' (and then translated into English by me)


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