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Chapter Four: Magic Carpet Ride (pirated off of Steppenwolf) Author: TomFoolery
Draco and Hermione’s affections grew as the weeks came. It was like seven years of hatred had just *poof* disappeared. They were hopelessly, sadly in love. Harry and Ron had little time to be jealous that Hermione had shacked up with their enemy, for Cassie and Janelle had seen to that. It was uncanny really how Hermione had Draco, Harry had Cassie, and Ron had Janelle. Everyone had someone special! But things seemed too perfect, and Cassie expressed her affections one morning at the breakfast table. “It is just getting so boring around here! We need to spice things up! I know, let’s have a karaoke party!” Janelle and Ron didn’t look over from their intense snogging. In fact Janelle and Ron were going at it so sensuously that a few people at the Gryffindor table were beginning to look disgusted as her fingers ripped through his sexy red hair and the pair of them made animal noises through their close-knit kissing. Hermione and Draco were looking into each others’ eyes with the most sickening puppy dog look. “No, I love you more!” Draco said with a sweet smile to Hermione. “No you don’t pookie poo! I love you more!” Hermione exclaimed. “No, I love you more!” “Awwww, Draco, you’re so sweet to me!” Hermione said finally as they began feeding each other helpings of toast and eggs, neither taking their eyes off the other. The only two people who had heard Cassie’s idea was Harry (who immediately nodded his head in undying devotion to Cassie) and Dumbledore. “I think it’s a great idea!” Dumbledore exclaimed. With a single sweep of his wand, the House tables were put against the walls and the students in the Great Hall stood around in confusion. “Here’s how we’ll do it.” Dumbledore began. “I’ll put songs in the Sorting Hat (which appeared miraculously out of no where, and you can draw them out! Who wants to go first?” Hermione pushed Draco forwards and he went nervously over to Dumbledore and drew out “Milkshake” by Kelis from the hat. “I am not singing that song!” he said angrily. “Do it for me Drakie poo?” Hermione cooed. “Ok, only for you my bride, my love, my other half!” Ron and Harry were doubled over in laughter as Draco sang the song. “ My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard And they're like, it's better than yours Damn right it's better than yours I could teach you But I have to charge” Ron and Harry, along with many other students in the Great Hall were nearly blue in the face from laughing so hard. Once Draco was done, he got off the stage, humiliated, and Hermione lovingly petted his head and showered him with gross (oh, I mean delightful) public displays of affection. Next it was Janelle and Cassie’s turn. Cassie drew out Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and amid cat calls and even Terry Boot trying to shove a dollar bill down Janelle’s pants, they sang out the seductive lyrics. Then Snape sang Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” No one really knew how much that man really loved performing until just then when he screamed out the lyrics “ Billie Jean Is Not My Lover She's Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One But The Kid Is Not My Son She Says I Am The One, But The Kid Is Not My Son” “I don’t think that Snape can get any lover, let alone one that would pop out one of his kids…” Harry whispered to Ron, who nodded in agreement. When Harry had to sing Missy Elliot’s “Work it” was when Draco got his turn to laugh. Ever since Draco and Hermione had professed their eternal love for one another, things between Harry, Ron, and Draco had become great. They were all the best friends in the world, and liked to play around with one another like great old chums. “ Is it worth it, let me work it I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it If you got a big ***, let me search it And find out how hard I gotta work ya I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it…” The whole Great Hall was laughing fit to burst but Harry was clearly enjoying himself. Once the song was over, he began to sing again, and Cassie jumped on stage with him and they both sang it as a duet. The night went on and everyone was having the best karaoke party Hogwarts had ever had. Actually, it may have well been the first karaoke party that Hogwarts had ever had, but it was fun nonetheless. When Draco and Hermione went to their private room, they fell asleep kissing on Draco’s bed. “I love you Hermione. I would die for you! Will you marry me?” Draco said softly as the two of them began to fall asleep in each other’s arms. “Oh yes Draco! I love you so much. I will!” And with that they fell asleep.

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