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Chapter Fifteen: Total eclipse of the heart

"Once upon a time I was falling in love but now I'm only falling apart, there's nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart..." Total eclipse of the heart by Sleeping at Last


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island –09:07 A.M

Hermione opened her eyes when she felt light shinning upon her face; she turned to her side and buried her face into her pillows.

"Miss is awake"

Hermione groaned; "Yes I am" she croaked. She then pulled her face away from the pillow when she remembered something, she sat up from her bed and furrowed her brows; "How did I get here?"

"Master bought Miss here when Miss fell asleep last night" Didi replied.

"Oh, I see. Where's Draco?"

"Master is waiting for Miss in the living room, Master needs to go back to London today"

Hermione let out a dejected sigh; "I know" she replied. She then scooted towards the edge of the bed and planted her feet at the floor; she hauled herself up and began walking towards the bathroom. "Tell Draco I'll be down in a minute, I'll just freshen up a bit."

Didi bowed and disapparated with a loud crack.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 5:15 A.M.

Lucius turned to his side with the intention of pulling his wife closer to him but was met with an empty space; he groggily opened his eyes and sat up from the bed. "Cissy?"

"I'm here"

Lucius shifted his gaze towards the voice and saw his wife sitting on the love seat close to the fireplace; "What are you doing? Why are you awake so early?" he asked.

"Draco is coming home today, I need to prepare something for him" Narcissa replied.

"It's too early to prepare love, come back to bed" Lucius cajoled.

Narcissa shook her head; "I can't go back to sleep-I seem to have this nervous energy surrounding me that's keeping me from resting" she admitted.

Lucius sighed; he threw the duvet off of his body and stood up from the bed. He made his way towards his distraught wife and kneeled right in front of her; "You have to relax love, I know you're nervous for today, I am too but we have to rest in order for us to be there for our son when we finally break the news, he'll need us to be there for him."

Narcissa stared at her husband's face for a moment; "You're right" she whispered.

Lucius stood up from his perch and offered his hand; "Come back to bed, we still have a couple of hours" he said.

Narcissa accepted his hand and let Lucius pull her to her feet.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island –09:31 A.M

"Will Mimi get me or will my mother send a portkey?" Draco said as he stares at the house elf.

"Mimi will be here to give you the portkey Master"

Draco rolled his eyes; "Do you know what time Mimi will be arriving?" he asked.

The tiny elf shook her head; "Didi has no idea Master"

"You're all packed" Hermione said as she enters the living room.

Draco turned towards her and smiled; "Yeah-I don't have the slightest idea when Mimi will arrive" he replied.

Hermione smiled back; "You excited to go home?"

Draco pursed his lips; "Not really, this thing Mum told me about is keeping me in pins and needles, I don't know what to expect" he admitted.

Hermione stood right in front of Draco; "I'm quite sure it's not that serious-don't worry your pretty little head about it"

Draco smirked; "You think I'm pretty?" he teased.

Hermione rolled her eyes; "You already know that" she replied.

Draco stared at Hermione for a moment before pulling her into a hug; "I will miss you Granger and I'm hoping that you'll also come home soon" he said.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Draco's waist and buried her face into the crook of his neck; "I will miss you too and yes, I'll come home as soon as I'm ready" she replied.


Hermione pulled herself away and turned her head to the side; "I think Mimi is here" she said while eyeing the new elf standing a couple of feet away from them.

Draco followed Hermione's gaze; "Yeah-that's her" he replied. "Are you here to bring the portkey?"

Mimi curtseyed before plucking a little drawstring bag from the front pocket of her apron; "Yes Master, Mimi is here to bring Master Draco back"

Hermione felt the familiar tightness inside her chest but she tried her hardest to mash it down; she swallowed the lump in her throat before letting out a smile. "I think that's your cue to leave" she said.

Draco turned towards Hermione again; "Yeah-I guess so," he replied. He then took a tentative step closer to Hermione, gazing into her eyes intently. "Can I at least have one more kiss before I get whisked away?" he asked.

Hermione shifted her gaze to the elves staring at them.

Didi noticed her Mistress's discomfort so she walked towards Mimi and disapparated with her wordlessly.

"Now we're alone" Draco whispered.

Hermione licked her lips nervously; "Yeah, we are."

Draco slowly placed his hands on Hermione's cheeks, not breaking eye contact; "Can I kiss you now?" he asked.

"I guess so..."

Draco didn't need to be told twice, he pulled Hermione's face into his and began pouring all his feelings into the kiss.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England –9:14 A.M.

"Your pacing will not help your nerves at all love, so I suggest you sit down beside me" Lucius said calmly.

Narcissa paused her halting and gnawed at her lower lip; "I can't help it Lucius! Draco will be home in a couple of seconds and I still don't know how to break this news to him!" she said with panic.

Lucius leaned back on the couch and sighed; "There's no easy way to break this news to him Cissy, either way it will hurt. As much as we want to shield him from pain, we can only do so much and I know that you know that."

Narcissa's shoulder sagged; "I just wish that things like this wouldn't have happened."

"I know love, now will you please come here and sit beside me? We'll tell him together" Lucius cajoled.

Narcissa walked towards the couch and sat down beside her husband; she placed her hands on her lap and took a deep calming breath.

Lucius placed her arm around his distraught wife's shoulders, comforting her the best way he knows how.

Narcissa leaned her head on Lucius' shoulder.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island –01:30 P.M

Hermione grabbed Draco's bag and handed it to him; "You better leave, Mimi has been waiting for you for hours now, I'm sure Narcissa needs her house elf back home" she said.

Draco pried his bag away from Hermione's hand; "She has 5 other house elves to cater to her needs, I'm quite sure she won't be missing Mimi" he replied.

"Go now, stop postponing the inevitable."

Draco leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss on Hermione's lips; "Fine. I'll see you soon?"

Hermione smiled and nodded; "You will. Say my thank you's to your parents, staying here really helped me put things back into perspective"

Draco grinned; "Let me do better, I'll take them out-without my Mum's meddling I don't think we'd have a chance to reconnect" he said.

Hermione giggled; "Yeah? Because we both know you won't spare me any time of the day"

Draco pursed his lips; "That's not true! You on the other hand, wouldn't bother looking my way" he retorted.

"Not true."

Draco smirked cheekily; "I've always known you had the hots for me've manage to worm your way in my workplace twice already" he teased.

Hermione raised her brow; "And you just happen to land my case, every single time?"

"I'm on call, of course you'll end up with me"

Hermione huffed; "Whatever Malfoy! Haul your ass back to London, you're starting to annoy me with your pompous presence"

Draco winked; "We both know how much you'll miss my presence here, you'll just read your eyes out till you decide that you've had enough"

Hermione can't help but chuckle with his accurate assumption; she shifted closer to the snarky blonde man and turned him around. She placed her hands on his back and began pushing him towards the living room; "Enough with your delaying tactics, go now!"

Draco laughed; "Fine. Tell me you'll miss me first?"

"I'll miss you, happy now?"

"Merlin I'll miss your sarcasm"

Hermione shook her head.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England –9: 45 A.M.


Narcissa was so startled with the sound that she almost jumped from her seat; "Mimi!" she yelped.

The house elf curtseyed; "Mistress, young Master is on his way"

Narcissa eyes widen in panic; she shot up from her seat and threw her husband a look. "He's coming home! He's really coming home!"

Lucius rolled his eyes; "We already know this dear," he replied. He then turned his eyes to the elf; "He already left the Beach House?" he asked.

"Yes Master"

"Mum? Dad? Where are you?"

Lucius stood up from his perch; "We're in the study son" he replied loudly. He then pulled his wife to his side and wrapped his arm securely on her shoulders; "Calm down Cissy, take a deep breath" he ordered.

Narcissa obediently followed her husband's instruction.

The door to the study burst open admitting a beaming Draco Malfoy in; "Why are you two hiding in here? I'm expecting you standing in the foyer to greet me" he said.

Narcissa let out a nervous chuckle; "We were just about to greet you darling, how's Maldives? Did you have fun?" she asked.

Draco walked towards his parents and both engulfed them into a hug; "It was fun, thank you for drugging me with those cherries" he joked.

Lucius laughed as he patted his son's back; "Nobody does it like your Mother" he joked back.

Narcissa pulled away and planted a chaste kiss on Draco's cheeks; "I can see that you had fun" she said.

Draco rolled his eyes; "You already know that" he replied.

Lucius chuckled; "How's Ms. Granger?" he asked while guiding her wife to sit down.

Draco cleared his throat and took a seat on the opposite couch; "She's fine."

Lucius raised his brow; "Only fine?" he asked with a teasing tone.

Draco groaned; "We're not allowed to talk about it-ever" he said. He then shifted his gaze to his mother and leaned back; "So-I received your letter, what's going on?" he asked.

Narcissa averted her gaze and began fumbling with her hands anxiously; "Why don't we have lunch first? I'm a little bit hungry" she said.

Draco furrowed his brows, not liking her mother's reaction; "Why don't we talk about it first before we eat? You summoned me here in a haste, after all."

Narcissa swallowed hard; she then shifted her gaze to her husband and saw him nod subtly. She moved her eyes back to Draco and swallowed hard again; "Can-can you tell us again what happened with-Iris?"

Draco's face instantly turned serious; "Why do you want to talk about Iris?"

Narcissa opened her mouth to respond but she can't seem to compose an intelligible sentence; she turned her eyes to Lucius, silently begging for help.

"Father?" Draco asked.

Lucius cleared his throat before meeting his son's eyes directly; "We're about to tell you something but promise me first that you'll listen and let us finish, can you do that?" he asked seriously.

Draco's heart started pounding erratically inside his chest, making bile rise into his mouth; he swallowed the bitter taste and just nodded.

Lucius swallowed the lump in his throat; "Iris-she's alive and she was here two days ago."


Potter Mansion – London, England – 10:51 A.M.


Harry automatically shot up from his perch and ran towards the living room; "What? What happened?" he asked while looking around the room frantically.

Astoria turned around and began waving a sealed envelope in her hand; "It's from Hermione!" she said giddily.

Harry let out relieved sigh before making his way towards his wife; "You scared me there for a minute" he complained.

Astoria giggled; "I'm sorry love, I was just so excited!"

Harry can't help but smile, he stood right in front of Astoria and plucked the letter off her hand; he then sat down on the couch and waited for his wife to sit beside him.

Astoria shifted towards the couch and plopped beside Harry; she excitedly turned to face him and stared at him expectantly. "Open it!"

Harry tore the seal open and pulled out the parchment; he quickly scanned the contents and smiled widely.

"What?" Astoria asked.

"She's coming home next week" Harry said.

Astoria's eyes widen; "Really?"



Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England –10:52 A.M.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why did you wait two days to let me know?" Draco yelled as he continue to pace like a caged animal.

Lucius sighed; "I already told you, we had to make sure that it's really her-that she's telling the truth."

Draco paused and let out deep calming breath; he placed his hands on his waist and closed his eyes. "Where-where is she?"

Narcissa stared at her son sadly; "She's staying at the Leakey Cauldron" she replied.

Draco's eye snapped open; he then stormed towards the door wordlessly, slamming it shut.

"Well-that went better than I expected" Lucius said while rubbing his temples.

Narcissa turned towards her husband and sighed.


The Leaky Cauldron – London, England –10:34 A.M.

Iris closed the book she's reading and threw it at her side table; it has been two days since she arrived at London to finally face him, two days and still no sign of Draco. Truth be told, she's scared-more than scared to see him again, not after everything that had happened, not after everything she put him through. She let out deep breath and leaned back on her pillows; she was about to close her eyes for a little shut eye but then a knock on her door prevented her from doing so. "Who could that be?" she asked herself. She then shifted towards the edge of the bed and planted her feet on the floor; she slowly made her way towards the door and pulled it open. She felt her breath hitch in her throat as her heart dropped down to her stomach; "D-Draco" she breathed out.

Draco's face instantly paled as he staggered back; she's alive-she's really alive. He felt himself lunged forward as tears pool in his eyes; he pulled Iris into his arms and buried his face in the crook of her neck. "It's really're really here" he rasped out.

Iris felt tears run down her cheeks as she wraps her arms around Draco's waist; she hugged him tightly, sobs escaping her lips.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 2:45 P.M.

Hermione took of her glasses and began rubbing her eyes tiredly; she had been reading nonstop since Draco left for London, trying her best to forget the fact that she's already missing him. "Gaaaaahhhh!" she groaned.

"Is Miss okay?"

Hermione's head snapped towards the side; "Err-I didn't notice you there" she said abashedly.

Didi just smiled.

Hermione sat straighter; "I'm okay-it's just this-book is so frustrating" she lied.

"Does Miss want anything? Didi can whip up a shake, it's hot" Didi offered.

Hermione thought for a moment; "That's actually a good idea, thank you" she said with a smile.

Didi grinned toothily; "Didi will be back" she said before disappearing with a loud crack.

Hermione leaned back on the couch and rested her head at the back; "Get a grip Mione-you're acting like a lovesick teenager" she muttered to herself.


The Leaky Cauldron – London, England –10:49 A.M.

"Here, drink this" Iris said while handing Draco a glass of fire whiskey.

Draco accepted it and took a large gulp; he winced when he felt the amber liquid slide down his throat.

Iris sat on the chair right in front of Draco and placed her clasped hands on top of the table; "Are you okay?" she asked.

Draco nodded and placed the glass on top of the table; "Yeah-thank you" he replied.

Iris licked her lips nervously; "I-I know this has been a lot to take in..."

Draco reached for Iris' hand and clasped it tightly; "I know-I'm just happy you're here" he said with a smile.

Iris swallowed hard; "I need to tell you something Draco...I need to explain why I'm actually sitting right in front of you and not-dead"

Draco gazed into Iris' eyes and felt an ominous feeling settle inside his chest; he licked his lips anxiously and cleared his throat. "Go on..."

"I-I didn't die because...I planned it"

Draco felt like he's been smacked right on the face; he hastily pulled his hand away as if he's been burned, pain etched clearly on his face. "W-what? What do you mean?"

Iris felt tears pool in her eyes but she soldiered on; "I knew you were going to propose that day and I didn't know how to tell you that I can't marry you so I ran away and disappeared..."

Draco felt the ground under him crumble as her words hit him; she planned the whole damn thing, she made him go through hell because she couldn't just say it to his face that she doesn't want to marry him. Emotions swirled around his chest; guilt, pain, longing, love-everything. His face reddens in anger and almost instantly his walls stood erect; "You put me through all of that just because you don't want to marry me? Why couldn't you just tell me?" he asked through gritted teeth.

Iris watched as Draco's eyes change from the softest of silver to stormy gray in seconds; tears ran down her cheeks as guilt gnaw at her gut. She didn't want to hurt him this way, he was her best friend-he didn't deserve what she's has done and she has been beating herself for it for years. "I-I'm sorry..." she croaked out through tears.

Draco felt his anger flare even brighter; "Sorry? That's all you have to say? You think you a simple sorry will cut it?"

Iris wiped her cheeks and tried her best to stifle her sobs; "I-I didn't mean for it to happen that way-I was supposed to talk to you after a few days to explain everything-but I got so scared-I couldn't face you after what I have done-I didn't mean for it to be that way...Draco-you have to believe me" she said desperately.

Draco let out a bitter laugh before; "You couldn't face me? Then why are you here? Let me guess, you wanted to clear your conscience?" he sneered.


"You know what, don't answer that, I'm quite sure you'll be lying again" Draco said acerbically. He then pushed away from the table and stood up; "You're very good at that anyway-after all you made me believe that you died and that you actually loved me" he said before turning on his heels.

"I loved you" Iris said quietly.

Draco shook his head; "You don't know the meaning of that word Iris because if you do, you wouldn't have pretended to die on the man you claim to love just because you didn't want to marry him. You wouldn't have waited 3 years to show your face and make amends. You wouldn't just sit tight and watch him almost lose his mind because of so much grief and pain. You wouldn't do that Iris-you just wouldn't" he said. He clenched his fist tightly and stared at Iris directly; "I loved you and I wanted to spend my life making you happy, you were the love of my life and I thought we're on the same page" he paused and threw her a sad look. "You should've just told me that you didn't want me instead of lying about all of this-I'd rather take the sting of rejection than the pain you've caused me when I thought I lost you forever. I wished I died a million times with you that day-Merlin knows how much I blamed myself but all of it turns out to be for naught. This will be the last time I want to see your face Ireland Montgomery, because for me you already died 3 years ago. Goodbye" he said before walking away.

Iris buried her face into her palms as gut wrenching sobs escaped her lips.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England –1:32 P.M.

"Where is he? It's been 3 hours!" Narcissa said as she paced back and forth.

"He's probably talking with her" Lucius replied before taking a sip of his drink.

Narcissa paused and turned towards her husband; "I still couldn't believe this is happening, I don't understand how she can do that to our son. She faked her own death for Merlin's sake, she put Draco through all of that for nothing-how can someone who claims to love our son do that? Who does that?" she asked.

"I don't know love-I really don't know..." Lucius replied dejectedly.

Narcissa collapsed on the couch; "He was so broken when he thought she passed away-he blamed himself countless times" she then paused and narrowed her eyes. "I wish she really had died that day-I wish she never came back, if I ever saw her face again, I can't promise not to strangle the life out of her" she said darkly.

"Why do you need to sully your hands when you can just flick your wand?" Lucius asked.

Narcissa shifted her eyes towards her husband and can't help but crack a smile.

Lucius smiled back; "Feel any better?" he asked.

Narcissa was about to respond but cut herself off when she heard the floo in the grand foyer chime; she shot up from her perch and made a bee line towards the door, her husband not far behind her.

Draco stepped out of the grate and let out a defeated sigh; he's still reeling from finding out that Iris is alive and from the fact that she managed to play him like a fool. How can someone do that? How can they fake their own death and put other people into misery just because they were scared? How can someone claim they love you one day and turned their back on you the next? How can his best friend hurt him this much when all he ever did was love her? He clenched his fist tightly as tears started stinging his eyes; he took a deep calming breath and reined his emotions in.

"You're home"

Draco's eyes snapped open; he turned around and saw his parents looking at him with concern. He stared at them for a moment before speaking; "I'm sorry I shouted at you, I didn't mean it" he said.

Narcissa felt her heart go out to her little boy; she quickly ran towards him and engulfed him into a tight hug. "I'm sorry love-" she whispered.

Draco wrapped his arms tightly around her petite form and buried his face into the crook of his mother's neck; he tried his best to keep his emotions at bay but when he heard the sorrow in his mother's voice, he couldn't hold it in anymore. He felt his shoulders shook as gut wrenching sobs escaped his lips; he tightened his hold on his mother as he let all of his walls crumble.

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