I wasn't sure if this was the real life, or maybe just one of my fantasies. It was her, Lorriete Lovegood, and me, Louis Delacour Weasley, and we were dancing. She looked absolutely stunning, her dirty blonde hair bouncing up and down, her huge green eyes with golden spickles in them, her pitch black straight eyebrows above them, her pitch black eye  lashes around them, her smile like she didn't have a care in the world... She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

And I had dreamed of dancing with her so many times, I couldn't believe I was actually doing it. It was like only us two were here. Heck, I didn't even notice how awful my dance moves were. "You're good," she smiled at me. "You're amazing," I said without even thinking about it. I felt so drawn to her, as if she was a magnet. I suddenly felt an urge, and got mad at myself for even thinking such a thing... But... Who knows? I thought. With my nosy family we probably wouldn't be alone for too long. I had to take my chance! But, but... Maybe I should buy her a couple of drinks first? I felt bad for thinking this way, but if she would reject me I'd be devastated.  Just... just to loosen here up a little... I wouldn’t buy her much... 

"Hey Lori... You fancy... You fancy getting a drink?" I asked. Loriette looked at me like i had just offended her great ancestors.

"You want to stop dancing?" She said, shocked.

"No! I mean... Only to buy a quick drink... I mean, only if you want to... I mean, forget everything I just s-"

"Sure!" she said, smiling. While I looked at her like she was a History of Magic test, she took my hand and led me to the bar. For some reason Loriette didn't bump into anyone, and since I was so closely behind her, I didn't either (I did receive one bloody hard elbow between the ribs though) She was making her way to the non alcoholic drinks , so I quickly jumped in.

"Hey wait! Loriette! It's my treat, so let me choose what we'll drink?"  

She turned around, glared at me, and then almost unnoticeably nodded. I cautiously made my way to the bar, with a small grin on my face. Loriette ate and drank anything. I'm not joking. I could put Hippogriff shit in her spaghetti and she wouldn't notice. So I ordered two glasses of the Muggles equivalent of strong Butterbeer, (hey, at least it wasn't the Muggle equivalent of Firewhiskey) and walked back to the table where she was standing with a dreamy expression on her face. We drank it up pretty quickly, (Loriette loved it) and I bought her 3 more drinks after that. 

"Here you g-- Shit!"

"Hmm?" Loriette said, looking up at me with her huge eyes and adorable face, as she was just about to take the glass I handed her. Fact of the matter was, that I had just spotted James and Fred at the bar, accompanied by two attractive woman,even though one looked like she had two watermelons glued to her chest. Both Fred and James looked high. Idiots. Anyway, the reason I panicked was that if they spotted us, or if Loriette spotted them, they surely would come here or she would go there,and they would get mad if they saw Loriette with an alcoholic drink. And they would get about 10 times as mad if Loriette told them I had bought her 4 drinks already, wich she surely would do, and then everything would be ruined.

"Hey Loriette, let's go to a place even more quiet?" 

"Why?" she asked.

I casually moved until I was blocking her view from James and Fred (Thank Merlin that I'm so tall, which figures with Bill and Fleur as my parents, though) "C'mon, just... Please?" She looked at me like I offended her great ancestors again.

"I'm sorry, fine,we can stay here," I sighed, stressing like mad. I was close to hyperventilating.

"Sure," she said again, grinning. Maybe the girl wasn't mad. Maybe she was just joking around all the time. We will never know.

"W-well of we go then," I said. This time I took her hand, and made my way through the mass of people. I bumped into alot of people though, and because of that Loriette did too, resulting in several awfully cute "Ahh!'s" and "Oof!'s". We had entered a door outside of the club but still inside the building, which contained another door and a metal staircase that went up for about 15 meters. I sat on the stairs and gestured for Loriette to sit next to me. 

She did while I tried to calm myself down. "Louis?" she said, shocking me because I was so deep in my thoughts.

"Y-yeah?" I said, my voice 2 times as high as normal. This was not going well.

"Are you alright?"   She looked at me genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, ofcourse I am! I am... I am... With you..." I muttered the last part because of complete embarassement and regret of saying it while I was saying it.

"That's really cheesy," she said dryly.  

"I know..." I sighed. 

"So?" she asked. 

"Soooooo..." I said. 

Shit. Shit shit shit. I had already pretty much fucked up. But as I quickly peeked at her face (she was looking at me, still waiting for me to answer) I realized how stupid I had been. She was just 14. Sure, she would be 15 in a few weeks, and I was 15 as well, but she was waaaay more innocent than me. It was stupid of me to... To... I looked at her lips. In books and movies, they always just do it... Should I ?

"You're sweating like crazy Louis," Loriette stated. Should I go for it? Should I? But how... What if she'll reject me? What the fuck will I do then? I noticed Loriette had stopped looking at me with that question mark on her face, because she was looking at me with a serious expression now. Oh Merlin... She must have noticed me staring at her lips... I felt my face going just as red as dads chest hair. But her expression was exactly the thing I loved and hated about her so damn much. You never knew where you stood with her, you never knew how she would react (If she would even react at all) ...you knew nothing. I don't even think the drinks have had any effect on her. But just for this one time... I wished she would show me where I stood.

My intentions were clear, so couldn't she at least show me if she liked my intentions? Merlin, I'm pretty sure we've been staring at each other without saying a word for at least a minute now! I can't take this tension anymore! "Louis," Loriette said, and I couldn't find any particular emotion in her voice, but my heart jumped anyway. "I..."  


"Ah! Here are you...guy's..."  

Loriette and me both looked at a baffled Hugo. His eyes where rapidly shifting from me to Loriette, me to Loriette, like he was watching a tennis match on fast forward. I only now noticed my face was about an inch away from Loriettes, and Hugo was pretty damn oblivious to things like this (just like his father) but even he knew what was going on, judging by the look on his face. 

But all my emotions turned into bloody hot Weasley anger on the spot, when I realized Hugo had just cockblocked the only chance I was gonna get in a million years to get with Loriette. "Bro, I have to talk to you in private for a sec," he said, grabbing my arm and fake smiling to Loriette. Lorriete stayed where she was, sitting on the stairs and smiling back at him. 

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he said angrily, as soon as he closed the door, pushing me in the chest. "What the fuck do you think you're doing huh?!" 

"No, what the fuck do you think you're doing, you twat!" I hissed, refusing to get embarrassed, as I pushed him in the chest so hard he smacked against the wall.

"You were coming onto her!" he said accusingly, pointing at me. "You were trying to get with her!" 

"No I wasn't!" I yelled without thinking, only to realize that was exactly what I had been trying to do. "And what if I was?" I said when Hugo looked at me with a "Cut the bullshit, mate" face.  

"What if I was? What if I was?! She's family mate! Are you out of your bloody mind?! Since when are you into incest?" 

"She's not family!" I said, although I could not help feeling bad and even guilty. "Her family is just friends with our family! We're not blood related!"

"It doesn't matter! We bathed together with her when we were kids! It's just wrong!"

"It's not! We were kids, for Merlin's sake! Now get off my back mate. I haven't even done anything."

"Yet!" he said, frowning. Even for him, he seemed way to angry. Even James wouldn't have been so angry if he caught us. Hugo looked left quickly, to the door were Loriette was sitting behind, with an annoyed expression. 

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute!" I said as I finally connected the dots. Suddenly I felt like bursting out in laughter. "Y-you like her too!" I yelled, pointing at him.

"N-no I don't! I'm not into incest!"

"That's just the excuse you've been using for yourself to not admit to your feelings." 

He looked at me a bit insecure, biting his lip, a trait he and Rose had inherited from their mother. "Really Hugo, you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon." 

I patted him on the back, grinning, but he smacked my hand away. "I fancied her first. Too bad lad," I smirked. 

"I didn't come here to chit chat. Its already past twelve. We need to get home. Teddy is waiting outside for you so he can Apparate us," Hugo shamelessly changed the subject. 

But he got me, I didn't want to suffer Nana Molly's wrath. We called Loriette and made our way out of the club. On my recommendation, we let Loriette lead, and just as expected we didn't bump into anyone. However, I ended up regretting my words when I noticed Hugo's eyes making full use of their perfect view on Loriette's behind while running. The wanker. 


It was as if all happiness had faded away and I was left only with darkness and despair. While it was choking me with it's rotten stinking hand, it's head was inches away from mine, sipping my soul away. Never in my life had I felt this cold. But it wasn't even the physical part. It were the underlying thoughts I had had for a while suddenly jumping to the surface, as I was unwillingly taken back 3 years ago.  

It was the famous candle-filled room, The Great Hall. My very first day of Hogwarts. 


"Goooooosh this is so booooring! Can't we just eat already?" Thirteen year old James Sirius Potter complained.

"Shut up you twat! You can only think about food, can you?" Thirtheen year old Rose hissed.

"Hey Rose, are you sure I won't need to bring my Charms book to class tomorrow?" I asked, for the 3rd time.

"Yeah yeah Molly, Merlin. I don't think I even opened my Charms book at all in first year. There's no way you'll need it, let alone on your first day of class," she assured me. "And if you somehow happen to need it anyways, you'll be sitting beside Lily Luna Potter anyway. She'd bring her book to Charms even if the teacher had begged her to not bring it. Charms is one of, if not the most important subject to becoming a Healer-"

"Shusssh! The song is about to start!" James hissed, with his index finger to his lips and an annoying smirk on his face since he had just shushed Rose Weasley. 

The Sorting Hat began his song about battle and trouble up ahead (seriously, when Voldie was around at least it made sense) and when it ended headmistress McGonagall called forth the first years. According to my parents stories, this was how it had been going for years and nothing had changed, really. Hagrid was waving at us and grinned. We all grinned back and Fred made a tea drinking gesture and mouthed "Tomorrow?". Hagrid smiled and gave us two thumbs up. It was Lily's turn, and she walked over to the hat calmly, in contrast to the first years before her. We all knew where Weasley's are sorted. The hat barely touched her head before shouting "GRYFFINDOR!" 

She calmly walked back. "Man I'm hungry," Hugo sighed. Another couple minutes went by, and Fred and Hugo started playing miniature Wizard's Chess. Hugo was already humiliating Fred after two minutes. With Hugo, there was no contest.


I made my way to the hat, thinking: At least we're almost done... 

I sat down, and the hat fell over my ears.  "So where shall we put you young lady? Another Weasley I see." Uhm well the standard Gryffindor is fine, I told him in my mind. "I'm sorry but you don't posses those qualities. No, you are a through and  through... HUFFLEPUFF!" 

Instead of the usual clapping, the room fell in complete silence. A Weasley being sorted into Hufflepuff? Shameless mutter arose among nearly all students. I was shocked. Hagrid even spitted out his drink. All Weasley's had been sorted into Gryffindor except for Albus, but Uncle Harry had warned us all ages ago he suspected that. Al showed Slytherin qualities from a young age, and 'Slytherin qualities' weren't necessarily bad at all. For one, he was ambitious enough to ask out the girl who had rejected Teddy Lupin. Anyways, I was one of the more overlooked Weasley's and was expected to be a standard Gryffindor. 

But... Hufflepuff? Anything else would've been better... Ravenclaw at least meant you were intelligent... Slytherin meant you were cunning and ambitious, plus the great Severus Snape had come from there, a national hero. But Hufflepuff, they only had, what? A hot guy and Rolf Scamander? Rolf was a dork anyway! When I walked to the Hufflepuff common room,everyone was talking about me. I also realized i didn't know anyone here and i hadn't bothered to try and make friends outside of my family yet... I fell asleep in tears. 

What was the worst was my letter the next morning. I could just feel my parents utter disappointment through their words. I felt like the worst of worsts...... 

I was thrown back into reality. Have to... Wand... I tried taking out my wand out of my pocket but since my hands were so sweaty it slipped and I heard the awful sound of wood falling on ground. Now I was absolutely done for... 

I felt all power flow out of my body and got incredibly tired. I wasn't even struggling to break out anymore. Forget it, a voice in the depths of my mind said. It's useless anyway. Just let it go. What do you have to live for anyway? Who would miss you anyway? 

My body completely froze. The voice was right. I held my head still, waiting for the last bits of my soul to be sucked out when-- 

Suddenly it was gone. I fell to the ground and lay on my face, and suddenly saw the streetlights and the stars again, in the corner or my eyes. Even though I was still cold, I felt my hand buried under my chest heating up because of my desperate heart pumping crazy amounts of adrenaline into my system. "What...just...happened..." I whispered, and for some reason I had nearly completely lost my voice. 

And that's when about 3 meters in front of me Lily and Victoire appeared. "Molly there you are!" Victoire sighed, relieved. She then looked at Lily accusingly, who was looking at the ground ashamed. "I'm sorry Molly, I shouldn't have been so harsh," she said, but it sounded genuine. 

"How did you two find me?" I asked, for some reason. "An amazing man once told my father that magic always leaves traces. Since you are a witch in a completely muggle place, you weren't that hard to find with some magic." Is that so? "And Nana Molly marked all of the Weasleys with a special Tracking Spell. But that's besides the point. What are you doing laying on the ground?" Victoire asked. 

"I was attacked!" I said. "I was attacked by a Dementor!" Victoire and Lily looked at me, absolutely baffled. 

"Are you taking a piss?" Lily asked.

"That's not something to joke about Molly," Victoire said frowning.

"You guys, I know it sounds strange but I'm serious," I glared at them. They needed to believe me. 

But by the looks on their faces, they didn't. "Oh my god... Why the fuck would I lie about something like this? You guys, I swear, I --" 

"Yea well we need to go Molly. You can tell the rest of the family later," Victoire said quickly, without looking at me. But if these two didn't believe me, I wasn't positive about how the rest would react... 

I took her hand, and we left off. 




I was awoken by a soft kiss on my lips. I slowly opened my eyes, and my face was tickled by long red hair. "Good morning love," Ginny whispered, softly kissing me again. The morning sun gently touched our room, and I heard birds chirping happily. It truly was a beautiful morning.

"Morning my angel," I smiled back at her. Ginny had hardly changed ever since we started dating about 26 years ago. Not physically (she had acquired a few laugh wrinkles though) and not mentally.

"Hey Harry, I was thinking," she whispered into my ear, wrapping her whole body around me. "That maybe we can... You know." 

"Now?" I chuckled. But she was serious. She grabbed her wand from the counter and muttered "Muffiato," while pointing at the door,and proceeded to lock it with another spell.

"Come on... Its exciting," she grinned at me hopefully. Like I said, she hadn't changed one bit. She still had the sex drive of a teenager. 

I smiled and was about to kiss her when my mind snapped and I was brought the the unbelievable reality. I jumped out of our bed, with both my hands on my head. "Harry? What's wrong?" Ginny asked concerned. Ron and Hermione are going to divorce... Ron and Hermione are going to divorce... And what's more, they somehow absolutely hate each other... Merlin's eyebrows! What was I gonna do? I had to do something... I was the only one who knew about it... I was their best friend... I was the only one who could save their marriage. And poor little Hugo and Rose... They didn't expect a thing. I got a look of determination on my face. I knew what I had to do. And I knew only I could do it. I was going to confront them about it. Ron and Hermione. And I was gonna do it today. 

To be continued... 

Author's note: Thanks for reading this chapter of A Weasley Vacation! I hope I got you excited about the Dementor attack, which, spoiler alert, has everything to do with the main plot which will rapidly unravel from this point onwards. I feel obliged to say you should not get offended by Molly and her thoughts and opinions, nor should you dislike Lily because of her being quite mean to Molly. Remember everyone has their reasons for doing what they're doing, and who knows? You might find out hers in the next couple of chapters! *wink wink*. Anyways, Molly is a very pessimestic 14 old girl going through alot. Don't assume what she thinks about, for example, Hufflepuff, I agree with.

I for one don't think less of the Hufflepuff house -- they stand for loyality, hard work and fairness, nothing wrong with that, right? -- but she obviously does, for unlegimate reasons. But we all thought alot of stupid things when we were 14, right?

Anways, what about that cliffhanger though? Harry confronts Ron and Hermione in the next chapter, look forward to it!

And finally, don't hesitate to tell me about your favorite House and/or in which House you were sorted in a review (Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, if you're interested) Till next time and as always:

Don't Forget To Be Awesome,

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