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Disclaimer: Everything you recognise belongs to JKR

AN: This story was writen for Ilia's Every Word Counts Challenge and is exactly 500 words.


I wonder what life would be, if I chose you and you chose me. Would I still be standing here on the lake shore, all alone with you beside me, or would we be somewhere else, together, inseparable.

Winters bitter chill bites into my cheeks. I shiver and tremble, caught in its icy grasp. The chill pierces through to my soul, leaving me cold and frozen, unable to feel anything but the numbing sensation that flows through my body and threatens to still my heart. I pull my coat tighter around myself and hold you closer.

My future was destroyed with my breaking heart the day you gave me the news. We've been friends for years, inseparable. We've laughed and cried together, fought and made up, and always we were there for each other. I never looked at you as more than a friend as my heart was too afraid to lose you. But as my world crashed down the day you uttered those words, I realised the lie I had made myself believe. I loved you with every fibre of my being, but it was a love that would never be.

In that moment, forever disappeared. My dreams were left in ruin and tatters. At no time had I ever thought I'd have to spend my life without you. I just stood and stared at you, not wanting to believe. But your face said it all. Nothing could stop my flood of tears.

The wishes of those left behind will always be for one last hug, one last kiss, to hear your voice again and whisper the words unspoken. How could I be so blind to live my life in fairytale dreams and not see that my reality lay with you.

This was your last wish to me, to bring you to this spot, where the small ripples gently lap upon the pebble shore of the inland lake. We came here often, making the short journey through the bush to the secluded lake that no one knew was here.

Tears lace my eyes as I stand there gazing at the distant lake shore. I should be here with you but instead I'm all alone. What is here for me now? I turn at every shadow hoping it's yours, I hear a song or smell a scent and the mind drifts immediately to you.

Darkness took me the day you left. I lost hope, lost my dreams, lost all sense of tomorrow. I'm blinded as I stumble through the darkness on a path I did not see, deafened by the silence where your voice should sing and suffocated by the empty space, that void, where I want you to be.

For now I will never know what life could have been, if I chose you and you chose me. I open the urn and the wind embraces you, taking you up into the cloudless sky. All you wanted was freedom upon the breeze. It was your final wish to me.

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